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We are a Scanlation Group that has 9 years of history on scanlating Manga and Manhua for the people who love it. We as a team really love manga and manhua as well that we decide to bring Japanese and Chinese manga in the English Reading community so that others could enjoy what we are enjoying now, that is to be able to read it. If you are enjoying and reading our scanlated manga then we are glad that our efforts paid off by reaching you and that to us is an accomplishment.

If you find the urge of buying us coffee to battle our sleepy nights of doing what we love, then by all means you are most welcome to do so. It will also help with paying our translators, redrawers that most of the time they do it for free. Thanks, Let’s sit down and drink the coffee that you just bought for us.



Buy Us a coffee to battle sleepy nights of Scanlating a Manga/Manhua:

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