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    We're a small team that started with one person who got quarantined, then got out of quarantine and back to to quarantine mode again for various reasons. Mainly dedicated to translate Rengoku ni Warau as our main flagship.

    Join the team and join our discord!
    >JP translators (OPEN)
    >Cleaners and Redrawers (OPEN)
    >Typesetters (OPEN)
    >Proofreaders (OPEN)

    If the position is "CLOSED" but you have prior experience, you may apply!
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    A loved one died. Momo, a high school student who lost her best friend Sayo, who had been with her since elementary school, in a sudden accident.

    In despair, she reunites with Sayo's younger brother, Keichiro, at the funeral for the first time in eight years. The secret base in the residential area, the ferris wheel dyed in twilight, and a candy shop they frequently visited. Momo and Keichiro trace the places from their memories as if to regain the fun memories of their childhood. Looking for the view of summer which was supposed to be spent with her best friend --with his sister-- with Sayo. A heartrending blue summer graffiti spun by the boys and girls who lost their loved ones.
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    The story is set 300 years before Donten ni Warau, during the Tensho Period. At Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, the battle with Orochi ensued.
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    Because I love you, I want to cherish you.

    The 1st episode in Twitter garnered over 140,000 likes. A popular manga about a couple that will make your heart flutter is released in pixiv!

    The incredibly cute daily life of the cute handsome husband x air-headed boyish wife is brimming with heart-throbbing moments.

    In addition to the too pure, too cute, and too precious daily life of the married couple, there’s their wedding anniversary, encounters, and etc.
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    Regular high school boy Toru Takahashi is in love with high school girl Yuri Otogane, but she’s not really into guys. Toru decides to win Yuri’s heart by embracing his feminine side so he enlists the help of one of his “girly” friends, Toranosuke Sagara, to help develop his sense of beauty...
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    "I’ve been searching all this time. You’re my muse.” A super serious and pushy high school student designer, Chihiro, falls in love at first sight with Michi. Every time she was touched and praised by Chihiro, she finds that her “real self” that she never knew existed begins to shine. Taking her measurements with just the two of them in the classroom, kissing her hand, and when she thinks he’s aggressive, he turns shy…!? Her heart pounds by the unpredictable Chihiro-kun! A dramatic doting love starts!!!
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    The Student Council President Ayukawa Wakana has someone on her mind. That someone is her junior in the Student Council, Sayama-kun!

    One day, Wakana daringly confesses to Sayama-kun, but her confession is returned with an overwhelmingly difficult "dating condition"...?!

    How will Wakana's one-sided love unfold--?! A popular artist's work, a troublesome pure love-comedy. Let the show begin!
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    Kijima-san, who can hear people's inner voices, and Yamada-san, whose inner voice is very loud.

    Kijima-san happened to hear Yamada-san's inner voice gushing about her love everyday at work. As time passed, he was charmed by her bright and warm personality.

    He can hear her heart, but he can't proceed. However, he can't hold back his feelings!

    A blossoming romance can be heard!!!
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    The second princess of the Kingdom of Lybra, Leonora, decides to venture the perilous undertaking of infiltrating as "Nora" into the Dragon Knight Order of the neighboring kingdom, Wahnrein, to watch over the apple of her eyes, her little sister who was married off to the crown prince of Wahnrein! However, she soon gets into a tight spot as the the commander of the Dragon Knight Order, Harvey, who is known throughout the continent as "Dragon Slayer," finds out about her real identity!! Furthermore, she seals a contract with the dragon "Aksel"?!
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    28 years ago, Tamura's parent was responsible for a mass indescriminate poisoning case while he was in elementary school, and he grew up branded the son of a criminal. After his wife dies in childbirth, Tamura heads back to Hokaido to confront his past. The mysteries surrounding his father, a police officer, goes back to the year of 1989...
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    Answer the unsolved cases! Why is Prometheus taking on the mysteries of mankind!?

    Prometheus was detained in Caucasus Mountains and continues to be tortured for 30,000 years to pay for his unforgivable sin of giving fire to humanity. During the day, the eagle devours his liver. And at night, Zeus punishes him by making him solve humanity's cold cases of history— an unbearable predicament for someone who loves the human race.
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    Tsubaki, who places an importance on "being cute," picks up a strange fluffy creature and brings it home with her. She brings it into the bath and it transformed into a naked boy?!

    What is going on?

    Is Tsubaki going to live with "Fuwa" (as in Fluffy) the alien boy??!!
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    Acting cold while pampering you, that's a tsun-sweet boyfriend.

    My dishonest boyfriend always teases me a little, then spoils me a lot. Living with such a boyfriend, my life is full of surprises but overflowing with happiness...!
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    Rudolf Turkey is a wealthy, smooth, cigar-smoking man, who also happens to be the acting mayor of the desert city of Gond Land. Gond Land is a place where money is power, and there are many casinos and show girl clubs. Rudolf gets into his share of questionable situations, such as making a bet out of foiling a bank robbery, or fighting with the mafia over the control of a club with lovely girls. With the help of his surprisingly skillful secretaries (Egumarinu and Momoko), Rudolf usually comes out on top. However, he doesn't seem to be able to get the woman he desires, a lovely woman in the town called Lapan, to fall for him!
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    A boy and a girl who are childhood friends fell in love with the same guy.
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    If you draw the Holy sword, the handsome Prince will notice you!

    Eleanor, who works as a maid in the royal palace, draws the legendary Goddess' holy sword that no one could pull it out for a thousand years and was thus chosen to be the hero who will protect the country from the Demon King. But, in this peaceful world, there's no need for a hero. If she becomes a hero, she will be unemployed?! She decides to put the Holy Sword back into place, but was caught by an handsome, stubborn prince...

    Italian/Italiano :

    Original Webnovel
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    Panic disorder, depression, developmental disorder, PTSD... Japan is said to be a country of hidden mental illnesses, where many patients suffer from mental illnesses without being able to talk to anyone. The suicide rate is one of the worst among developed countries. How has Japan fallen into this kind of situation? Psychiatrist Konosuke Yowai confronts the problems facing Japan's psychiatric care and sheds light on the shadows in people's minds.
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    The fox who has lived for a millennium will outsmart the humans?!

    In China during the Jin dynasty, it's said that a millennial fox lived in the tomb of King Yan Zhao of Zhou.

    That fox, Guangtian, goes to meet with Zhang Hua, who was well-known for his erudition, in order to compare his wisdom with the humans...!?

    A strange and humorous historical fantasy between the supernatural and the humans!
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    A dangerous love comedy between a brilliant high school student and a younger delinquent starts! Nachi, a fan of a cute male character of a social network game, decides to make use of her abilities as the top student of her grade and becomes a part-time tutor in order to earn money and pay for items in her game. However, her student, Soushi, is not only younger but also a delinquent with red hair! Tutor Nachi, who is even prepared to face even death, starts to see Soushi's cute side...?!

    Polish / Polski:
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    I love my boyfriend so much I'll tell the entire nation. I will love him as long as I live.

    Boasting? No, just fangirling.
    An enjoyable love comedy about the boyfriend-otaku who becomes crazy for her cool boyfriend as she showers him with love!

    An autobiography, pulled from the tweets of a popular twitter user (Merori) that have also been compiled and made into a novel.

    Author's Twitter
    Artist's Twitter
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    A new mission has been assigned to the Orochi subjugation unit, the Yamainu. Could this be—a gag-comedy !? The spin-off of the popular work "Laughing Under the Clouds" by Karakara-sensei has started. The work never ends. Let’s get to work, Yamainu!
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    Weak Beings. They are called Vampires.

    Set during the time of Taishou democracy. Four men are infected with the vampire virus. Their bodies are weak to sunlight, with low tolerance to strong odors, and can only consume blood. The weaknesses of these frail vampires will be compensated through the use of modern technology! The vampires, who are under the government's commands, soars above the Imperial City tonight!

    Adapted from the musical stage play reading by Fujisawa Bunou.
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    The period is Kamakura, the age of onmyoudo and monster parades. A child appeared in the shrine by Lake Biwa, Kumou Shrine, asking for help.

    And then, it's finally time for those two.

    This is Hirari and Botan's story, finally completed.

    A story following after Donten ni Warau Gaiden with connection to Rengoku ni Warau.