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Some anons like scanlating, those anons are nice

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Avatar OverlordSaiki 4 days ago
I extremely love siscon aniimo, please keep translating it.
Thank you very much for all your releases
Avatar Kalies 1 mo ago
😁how can i join?

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Avatar plasma1492 1 mo ago
thank you for Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko

FEAR St. Elmo's Fire 😎

y 8 disapear

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Avatar happisugar 2 mo ago
Is it true that you guys scanned “My Solo Exchange Diary?”
Avatar ChucklesTheJester 2 mo ago
Any plans for the other 2 spinoffs of cells at work?
Avatar nguyenvananhyolo 3 mo ago
Hello, I'm from S.T Manga which is a Vietnamese translation group. I want to translate Watashi no Shounen into Vietnamese so I write this to ask for your permission. If you agree, please send me a reply. Thank you !
Here is our group facebook:https://www.facebook.com/S.T.Manga.Daisuki/
My email: nguyenvananhyolo@gmail.com
Avatar annadonner 3 mo ago
Thank you for your hard work anons! I really appreciate your work with Kimetsu no Yaiba <3
Avatar sundanese 4 mo ago
Thank's for All Released XD~~~
Avatar Ginkox 5 mo ago
Hi!, I'm from the scan Jhoms no Fansub, we translate Kimetsu No Yaiba to spanish, I wanted to be your cleaner with the only condition that we could have the translation (jap-eng) faster in order to post out our translation faster, Thanks for your hard work!. My email: gononizuka@gmail.com, greetings.https://www.facebook.com/Jhomsnofansub/
Avatar dreminh 6 mo ago
hail 4chan
Avatar Frenzy07 7 mo ago
Avatar tsunetsuki 7 mo ago
Avatar chiruru 8 mo ago
All hail anons