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Hello! Gemelli Scans is translating an assortment of beautiful Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese Series!
We upload on Mangadex, so follow our series here to get the latest updates~

Follow our subgroup here for our manhwa projects.

If you'd like to re-translate one of our projects to another language, please let us know in our discord server.


  • Buddha Cafe
  • I was Pleased to Make a Parfait for the Demon King

  • Abnormal Hunting
  • Asterism
  • Autumn Wind and Rain
  • Constellation Chats*
  • Mu You Zhi
  • Passengers in the Eternal Night with ryu
  • Shen Ze
  • The Stars and I
  • Office Witch Falls in Love with Red Scans

    Viet Gang:
  • Diphylleia' Plan to Coup
  • Echoes of the Folks
  • Hate x Hate*
  • Hydrangea
  • Violin Trio

  • Pyxis

    * = We are caught up with the raws, and will upload new chapter whenever the raws update.


  • The Skeleton in the Closet

  • The Life of Maria Lewellin
  • The Girl and the Beast

    Viet Gang:
  • A Long Night
  • Blossom
  • Bus Ride No.22
  • I'm a Fish


    If a series we've worked on before isn't listed above, then we've dropped it! If you're interested in picking up one of our dropped series, please let us know!


    If you're interested in joining Gemelli as a:
  • Japanese Translator
  • Korean Translator
  • Proofreader (!!)
  • Cleaner / Redrawer
  • Typesetter

    Please join our discord to learn more about how to apply!

    Join the discord to receive update notifications and chat about our series!
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