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『A scanlation group dedicated to Translate mangas in english』

We are looking people to help us:
⤷Japanese/ Korean - Eng Translators (important)
⤷ Proofreaders
⤷Typesetters (important)

if you want to help us, you can contact us on our discord server/email or DM for applying
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A normal office worker, Toru Minasuki, was swallowed up by a dimensional fissure and reincarnated into a different world. Upon reincarnation, Toru was given a [skill board] by God. Make the most of it to acquire all the necessary skills! Even though he is an "inferior person," he'll make his way to the top!


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Haruyoshi, the strongest onmyoji was on the verge of death after the betrayal of his companions. Hoping to be happy in the next life, he tried the secret technique of reincarnation and was sent to a different world! Born into a family of magicians, the magic he failed to inherit was nothing compared to his previous skills as an onmyoji. “Who needs magic? I’ll survive in this world with my old techniques!”

Orignal Webnovel
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The greatest demon lord in all history, Varvatos, has reigned for several millennia as absolute ruler. Now, there's only one thing left for him to do... enjoy the life of an average commoner! When he reincarnates as a villager in an unspeakable city, everything seems to go as he expected, but there's just one small problem: even when he restrains himself, Varvatos is still too strong! In a short time, rumors about him spread, and now, all sorts of men, women and assailants are approaching him! The quiet life I'd always dreamed of seems so far away...
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Tomoya Sadoshima died after a serious accident after returning to a convenience store. Then,
after regaining consciousness in a pure white world, a woman of divine beauty emerged, she introduces herself as "The Goddess of Creation." The goddess of creation prepared a remedy for her suffering, she offers him to reincarnate a different world than his own. But it was a world in a war situation with the demon king. Begins; a story of Tomoya and his adventure to defeat the demon king and get the harem he so desires
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The day she woke up after a two-year coma, Leila heard that her engagement to the crown prince has been called off. Not only is he already engaged to Leila's sister, Rose, but she’s pregnant with his child...

Was it for nothing that I had to endure my strict upbringing?

A legendary sorcerer will be waiting for Leila when she escapes her life. But, the crown prince, who was supposed to have broken off the engagement, is still holding on to her?!
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You think my boobs are bigger?
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Tetsuya Takahashi was suddenly summoned to another world. However, his invocation was a mistake and after participating in the level review...he has the weakest [level limit], lv.1, the king seeing his limit calls him "defective" and condemns him to death! Despite being summoned against his will. Tetsuya is thrown into the valley of the monsters. There he was attacked and brought to the brink of death, and when he used his unique skill [Absorb Corpse], he gained the skills that the corpse possessed! "...Let's do it! Survive in this world, become strong and take revenge on those who were summoned. The "level 1" man who was called "defective" and "weak"... now begins the ascent to be the strongest!

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    My classmate is a clueless virgin without sexual knowledge.

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    A guy and a girl are deskmates who like each other.
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    The youngest A-rank adventurer, child prodigy Kaiser, finds three babies who were the only survivor of a destroyed village. Then he decided to give up his job as an adventurer and raise them. Over time, the girls grow brightly and show exceptional talents in fencing, magic and management. However, these girls also seem to love their father, Kaiser!

    Orignal webnovel:
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    Is this seriously the world of a "game"? If I don't romance one of the yanderes, I will die!?

    Before my reincarnation, I was a former delinquent and a top-class brawler nicknamed the "Crimson Rose" or the "Crimson Demon", who had gathered the interest of other delinquents. It's easier to talk with your fists than to talk about love, so naturally, my romance skills are zero.

    Despite this, it seems that I have reincarnated as a game's heroine, someone with a family of good standing and a gentle appearance!
    In order to protect my life while cooperating with the investigation of the incident, I will try my best to fall in love, but...

    The person herself hasn't realized it. Serina, the daughter of an Earl and a former delinquent, is cherished and loved by everyone around her. This is the story of her journey to obtain happiness.
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    While immersed in a virtual reality MMORPG game, Yuuki was transported to another world where he adopts the name of his character Grosse Hendler (Große Händler), his goal being to make the most of his unique ability [mail order] to be a great trader in another world! All this while trying to enjoy a quiet life... will that be possible for him?

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    The love story between a yakuza and a detective who both can't be honest with their feelings.

    Support the author by buying the official english release by Irodori Aqua.