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Mankin-Trad is a manga scanlation group. The series we scanlate are series that Hiroyuki Takei has done himself or has worked on. This means series such as Butsu Zone, Shaman King, Funbari No Uta, Smash Bomber, Jyuki Ningen Jumbor, Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang, Shaman King Zero, Shaman King Flowers and Jumbor. By no means is our group limited to these series.

Our scanlations are not intended to undermine the sales of an manga in any country.

The English division of Mankin-Trad is creating scanlations for Shaman King Flowers, which can be accessed in the USA. With Viz's continued effort and support of the Shaman King series, we have removed all of our previous scanlations that Viz currently has a license for distributing. For this reason, we will NEVER scanlate the Ultimo manga series. Viz is going a great job with quality releases of Ultimo series, and we will support them, and wish that you do so too.

Everyone at Mankin-Trad does supports and recommends Viz's releases of Shaman King and Ultimo. If Viz (or any other English publisher) chooses to license any manga or anime series that Hiroyuki Takei has worked on that we have scanlated, we will remove our releases at that time of announcement. Shaman King in recent volumes has reached the top 10 selling volumes of manga in the USA. We believe this is only by the support of the fans, and M-T by continuely raising awareness of Hiroyuki Takei's series. With each Mankin-Trad release is an advertisement is added to remind and encourage readers to continue their purchase of any Hiroyuki Takei manga title and/or products.

We hope you all enjoy our releases, but more importantly, please support Viz's Shaman King & Ultimo releases.
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