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    Before you give a manga a rating of 1, please read this:

    I get it. I really do. You don't like a manga or its genre and you want to punish it, it's author, the scanlating team and everyone involved with it. So, you click the 1 star rating button.

    Please don't do that.

    A 1-star rating should be reserved for a manga that has NO redeeming qualities whatsoever. The art should look like someone threw up on the page. The dialogue should be unbelievable throughout the series. The characters and their designs should be laughably bad. The plot should be riddled with holes and make no sense at all. It should be the worst thing you've ever read ... ever.

    Most manga that get 1-star ratings don't meet this criteria. Most of the low scores are the result of people 1-star-rating them out of spite.

    This screws up the entire rating system!!!

    If you don't like a genre a manga is tagged with, just skip it! But if you read one that just doesn't appeal to you and you drop it after an issue or two, please think twice before giving a one-star rating.

    Even though the story sucks, is the art good? Or, even though the art sucks, are there some genuinely funny moments and made you laugh? Is there anything at all that you can say about it that is positive? If so, give it a few points, maybe a 2, 3 or 4. But don't be that guy who 1-star rates out of spite.

    Just please don't be that guy.

    Current Projects (Too many but I have a short attention span and need variety):
    Blood Rain (chapters 50-86 remain)
    Ex-Arm (chapters 18-98 remain)
    Kareshi ga Iru no ni (chapters 5-12 remain)
    Maboroshi Panty (chapters 5-17 remain)
    Mousou Megane (chapters 17-60 remain)
    Virgin Mama (chapters 5-202 remain)

    Upcoming Projects:

    Completed Projects:
    Tomogui (Razen)

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