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Team FR qui se veut convivial et débutant dans le monde du scantrad.

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- Chronicles of Heavenly Demon

d'autre à venir

English scans

I'm new to this community , just started as new scan group . I'm doing this in my free time for fun as a college student . Thank you for reading my translation manga from Chinese.

For now :
-Villain initialization
-Poor Father and Daughter
-I Have a Dragon in my Body
-Infinite gold god
-The girls are busy today
-Reverse Hero
-Secret Love

More to come ...

Updates: Sorry, for not updating "villain initialization" , I'm almost done with all my assignment . I suppose to upload all the chapters 2 weeks ago. I still took some time off. So Going to start peace by uploading more chapters. really soon.

If you want to help me out , you can donate here :
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