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We're picking up al lot of dead/dropped mangas that are actually good, and fun to read. Want us to pick up a manga that is Dead/Dropped? Join our discord to talk to me!!!
Also We Need Japanese Translators, Apply at our Discord!
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Karuizawa fell in love at first sight with a talented and beautiful girl, he made a confession after three years. While he was delighted to receive an OK reply, the feelings of Omoi-san are a bit heavy...


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Affection Level of each Gyarus for a single Otaku. Who will our otaku-kun chose as his girl?
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The young man's new apartment is haunted, but as it turns out, even the dead have their own personal shortcomings... issues of the flesh included.

For the dead have lingering desires, and are more susceptible to the world of the living than what one may think. There's anger, there's hate, there's curiosity... and there's love too.

Here he finds a ghastly girl who observes him quietly, certainly desiring something...

(No wonder the rent is cheap!)

Spanish / Español:
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Ooyama-kun normally doesn’t get involved with Akutsu-san, a delinquent girl in his class, but for some reason she makes his house her hang-out place! Will Ooyama do something horrible to her behind closed doors or will he chase her out? But dealing with Akutsu-san’s sexy, cute behavior in such a confined space… he’s sure to get flustered! He wants her to go home, but he also doesn’t? A teasing comedy under a single roof!

Russian / Русский:

  • Yankee Musume (ヤンキー娘) is the pre-serialization name.

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    One day, 25-year-old Hasegawa Ryou wakes up to see a holographic screen floating in front of him. The screen prompts him to save/load files and an item shop, as well as his stats. It seems like he's been sucked into some erotic love game, since his stats depend on seducing women and "capturing" them.

    After finding a target and going through game-like options, Ryou thinks he knows what he has to do to "capture" his target. Surely he needs to have sex with her, right? And yet when the woman turns out to be a murderer, Ryou finds out the shocking truth: he has to capture these women and unveil their secrets! And if he fails, he dies...


  • Original WebNovel (Raw)
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    I love long hair! Tatsu Yunoki, our MC who deeply loves beautiful long female hair, heard a voice scream his name. It was Kotoka Hatsushima, and, under the impulse of alcohol, both he and she decided to date each other. All they know is that... they love each other's hair and back?! It’s not necessary to know anything else! They clash fetish against fetish, and come together in a fun and romantic comedy! And, well... What is your fetish...?

    Español / Spanish:

    Português / Portuguese:
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    Kouta Takeda is a young office worker, who at the entry level at XOX Corporation is put under the direct supervision of Kyouko Takizawa, a stunning and voluptuous woman with a fearsome reputation at the company as an inflexible and cruel boss, but Takeda has the privilege of finding out that Takizawa is no iron lady, and that she's no stranger to kindness where it's dispensed.

    Portuguese / Português:

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    All of a sudden, Miko is able to see grotesque monsters all around her; but no one else can. Rather than trying to run away or face them, she instead musters all of her courage and... ignores them. Join in on her day-to-day life as she keeps up her best poker face despite the supernatural goings-on.

    Russian / Русский:

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    "Cute" love story of girls who will stop at nothing but making the eyeless protagonist theirs!
    Illustrated by Yom on his twitter (Miru Tights author)

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    Eyama Aito, a high school student, is the victim of daily bullying. One day a strange letter arrives inviting him to a "captivity game." He may choose one person to hold captive for one month with a chance at winning a large amount of money. He chooses the ringleader of his bullies, Aya Kirishima, and the only rule of the game is to not kill her. Everything else is fair game. Eyama's revenge begins!
    • -- (7.37)
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    In the future, when music becomes illegal, an illegal hacker singer enters the stage. From the first strum of the guitar, the world will never be quiet again.
    • -- (7.97)
    • 23,480
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    • 191
    A tale of a husband who works non-stop at an exploitative company, and his adorable, white-haired wife who heals his daily fatigue when he comes home from work.
    • -- (7.60)
    • 19,631
    • 515,313
    • 73
    Mayuri-chan likes to tease her very, very close childhood friend, but she's not quite so brave when he counters her challenges exponentially!

    Watch Mayuri-chan lose WAY more than what she bargained for!(*)

    (*)clothes and dignity included

    French / Français:
    • -- (7.27)
    • 14,202
    • 579,718
    • 116
    Tights... are to be worshipped! Tights... are the universe! Tights have infinite possibilities!
    High schooler first year at the height of his youth · Uechi Daia · was suffering.
    "I'm not distracted by my thoughts, but by that girl's tights! I don't want people to know how bad it is."

    Girls wearing tights are too cute! The inevitable comedy begins!

  • Artist's Twitter
    • -- (6.88)
    • 29,222
    • 1,607,611
    • 286
    Satou Yukinari is an ordinary high school boy. However, while playing a game of pocket pool one day, he suddenly felt as if he was passing a kidney stone. But this kidney stone was shiny and pink?

    A trip to the hospital shows that Yukinari has a medical malady called Adamasu Syndrome - in short, whenever he jets his juice, a little diamond pops out of his saltshaker. Of course, it's painful as hell, to the point where even the act of popping the champagne bottle will shave off his lifespan. And of course, once his secret comes out, dozens of women flock to seduce him, their best friend now stuck inside his best friend. Can Yukinari survive when the world wants to sell his seed?

    Released in Gekkan Young Magazine

    - Twitter author: @ruarua201
    • -- (7.44)
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    • 217
    A Twitter comic by Hata Kenjiro about a couple that will be married in 100 days.
    • -- (8.40)
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    Youta wanted a friend, so obviously, he magically summoned one.

    He didn't quite count with the fact that he'd summon Mumu, a mighty and evil dragon girl, notwithstanding that due to hundreds of years of imprisonment, she's very needy, very weepy, very clingy, and lonelier than the button "9" on a microwave oven.

    A serialization will be coming soon.

    Twitter raws can be found in the URL below. Pixiv raws (which update after the Twitter release) can be found here.

    Buy the book here:

    Español / Spanish
    • -- (6.26)
    • 19,545
    • 830,501
    • 169
    Fujishirou Kousuke is an unfriendly and unsociable high school student. When he was younger, he made a promise with his childhood friend, Sayaka, that they would get married when they grew up. But one day, Kousuke is kidnapped and taken to a place that strangely resembled a prison. Little does he know, is this "prison" is guarded by a very voluptuous woman... Can Kousuke fulfill his promise to Sayaka?

    Spanish / Español:

    Russian / Русский:
    • -- (6.60)
    • 12,445
    • 437,182
    • 57
    Short gag comedy manga about a slave who wants to do perverted things with her master.
    • -- (6.62)
    • 10,125
    • 245,047
    • 106
    Two straight girls who don't get along will kiss 1 second for every 1 retweet

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    Suishoku-kun really likes his classmate, Aoba-san, but she's very cold to him for some reason. But one day he comes home to his new maid: none other than Aoba herself!

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    • -- (5.19)
    • 12,825
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    This Gyaru Will Date the Otaku in 100 Days! A daily series that focuses on an Otaku being low key(?) bullied by some hot Gyarus.

    Character based on Virtual Youtuber Saki Ouga

  • Author's Twitter

    Cancelled by author.