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Previously Magnificent Aurora Scans.

1. Join our discord to get notified for recent updates, send us feedback, and apply to be staff! We love you guys! ^^

2. We're willing to teach complete beginners everything but TL! Accepting series suggestions for our pick-up project!!

3. If you would like to translate one of our projects into another language from English or would like our raws, let us know on our discord server! ^^




If the series doesn't have a link, that's because it doesn't have a Mangadex profile yet. We'll add it soon, though.
What is the Pickup Project? It means we scanlate the first chapter to (hopefully) get it noticed and picked up by another group. (And if staff really end up liking it, we keep it.) Series marked with an asterix (*) we’ve started on the first chapter.

    Muggle's Law*
    Orange Under Star *
    Please Subscribe to the Second Floor (KR)
    The Assistant's Love Letters
    The Devil is Here* (KR)
    Harem Survivor (KR)
    Oracle Bell* (JP)
    My Highschool Junior (KR)
    10 Ways to Raise a Dragon (KR)
    Love and Wish (KR)
    Kiss Me, Please* (KR)


We have no claim to these! We're putting them here, so that people can find some cool projects. If they're not picked up by the time that we're ready to pick em up, we'll do them. Otherwise, nah. So don't feel bad; go pick them up!! If you want us to pick them up, vote yes or no on our potentials channel in our discord server!


We have no claim to these! If a series is not already picked up yet by another group, or is licensed, go ahead!


* = Only completed the free chapters, due to cost of purchasing raws past that point.
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