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We're a new, small group that does novel translations but are doing manga translations on the side. We mainly translate shoujo, josei, and manga for females!

For retranslations: DM one of the admins on our Discord server. If all of our staff is fine with it, we might be willing to give you our cleaned pages so please do consider asking, or at least credit us where credit is due.

For joining: If we’re looking for positions, please DM one of the admins on our Discord server, and include whether you want to work on the novel or manga side of things. We accept beginners or those who have no experience as long as you're very willing to learn and improve yourself. More info on recruitment statuses on our Discord or recruitment posts.

Updates: Updates will be sporadic while classes are going on for most of us. For up-to-date announcements of changes to schedule, please check on our Discord (linked above). The site linked is the site to where we host our webnovel/light novel translations.


My Idol Came To My House!
    • MelinnaZ - Indonesian
    • Phamtrang25103 - Vietnamese
    • Whitelies Fansub - Spanish

The Shut-in Lady Is A Reasonable Sacred Beast Caretaker
    • MangasIzu - Spanish

This Delinquent-kun Is Ungrateful
    • Karen N - Vietnamese