Constant panty shots, bouncing breasts and dubious camera angles are hallmarks of an Ecchi title. These titles are usually sexualized and designed to titillate, depicting perverted themes and focusing heavily on the female body. Nosebleeds, suspicious hand positions, faceplanting into bosoms, expressive and exaggerated body parts and other tropes characterize this genre. Ecchi is all about fanservice, while Borderline H and Smut titles focus more on sexual content. (Source: Anime-Planet)
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Nekoya Tsuyuri is a successful manga artist, but her personal life is a bit of a drag. Ibara Yui is a maid who's a bit prickly but kind and caring at heart. This is a heartfelt comedy between the two!
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Sunghoon was a normal high schooler until one day, he finds out he is engaged to a tiger from Korean mythology. It is foretold that the world will end unless Sunghoon marries the tiger. This story begins with the cute smile of the tiger girl.

Notice: This series reads like a manga, from right-to-left.
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Akashi Eito has failed miserably on all high school admissions exams but somehow, he receives a letter of acceptance from a school he does not remember applying for. He nevertheless happily enrolls, expecting to live the ideal school life, but his aspiration are quickly destroyed as he discovers that this mysterious school is a training institution for secret agents!

Immediately, Eito wants to return home and live a normal life with his normal family, until the director of the school makes a shocking revelation: Eito's deceased father was also a secret agent! He subsequently wants to know more about the past and memories of his father, so he decides to stay in this school. However, as a student of this institution, Eito will have to face a deadly exam made to test the skills of all new students...

Follow this story of action and espionage, in which our hero, who lacks physical strength, compensates for it with great bravery, and captivates everyone around him with the power of his courage and friendship!!
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Chu Qing, a Swordsman, accidentally entered the Fairy Realm 300 years ago. During those 300 years, he began his cultivation journey. Upon reaching the Realm of Eternity, he unexpectedly opened the Hall of Time and Space and returned to the time he was 17 years old and lived on the Earth. But, it turned out that it wasn't the same Earth he once lived in. It was a reversed world where Women act like Men and vice-versa! And hence, his journey to conquer all the strong women of this 'Reverse World' and return to his previous world began. [Written by MCITGAMER.]

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20 years ago, Weve Aliens arrived on Earth to search for marriage partners. Weve are perverted and love interbreeding. With their advanced technology, they have solved all the Earth's problems to do with the environment, food, and resources.

Gen is a student at the prestigious Human-Weve school Shinryou Academy. Due to his late grandfather's words, he loathes Weve and believes that pure humans will eventually die out if something isn't done about Weves soon. However, Gen meets the Weve girl Mirika, who falls in love with him.
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Meet Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old ex-biker. He's crude, foul-mouthed, and has a split-second temper. His unlikely goal: to be the Greatest High School Teacher in the World! Of course, the only reason he wants to be a teacher is so he can try to score with the hot students...
Before he can become a full instructor, he's got to work as a student teacher to earn his credentials. Onizuka may think he's the toughest guy on campus, but when he meets his class full of bullies, blackmailers, and scheming sadists, he'll have to prove it.

Won the 22nd Kodansha Manga Award for Best Shounen Manga
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A collection about girls trying to get the attention of the boys they like in lewd ways.

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    Kazoe, a girl sheltered from perverse content, and Hanazono, a boy brought up in a family that lives off of the perverse. As Kazoe is finally unable to restrain her curiosity, she turns to Hanazono for help.

    This is the story of the two engaging in high intensity consensual knowledge sharing.
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    She's a teacher in training and the only female at this newly established boy's school. As expected she get's a lot of attention but how will the rather green and inexperienced teacher react when they boys begin to want 'more' from her...?
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    Rito Yuki continues to be caught in over-the-top perverted scenarios, now uncensored. The alien Deviluke sisters - Lala, Momo, and Nana - still use their unique abilities in an attempt to grab Rito's love confession. Momo, in particular, has a vision: a harem of women all in love with Rito, with Momo herself in the center. After all, if everyone has an equal share of Rito, everyone wins - at least, she thinks.

    As she enacts this plan, the former alien mercenary Yami, aka Golden Darkness, struggles between her former life as a killer and her current life on Earth. Things get complicated when Mea, a girl with powers similar to Yami's, becomes interested in Rito. Just who is this new enemy?
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    Kanzaki Hajime, overwhelmed by urban girls. He then change his mind, come back to his hometown Hoshihime village, but, the girls in that village also...?!

    Portuguese / Português:
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    Uehara is a normal girl member of the student council. She could hardly believe it when discovers that president, the girl who she admires most in school, actually... is a zombie clothing eater!
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    This protagonist, the most demonically strong exorcist. Akira the S-class exorcist sent from Germany to investigate a paranormal event in a certain city in Japan. He shoots creatures from other worlds with his beautiful exorcist partner Chikage.

    Spanish/ Español

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    Living carefree at home is the greatest shortcut—my house is the world’s greatest Magic Power Spot. That being the case, both my house and I were summoned to another world by some guys who were aiming for it. However, I’ve been living in this place for many years and my body is, apparently, abnormally overflowing with magic. Due to some unforeseen circumstances by those guys who summoned me, they quickly ran away. Be that as it may, there are still some ill-mannered people who covet the magic leaking out of my house. I won’t give up my house to those people! I’m going to wield my power as I please!

    Russian / Русский

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    A story about a boy who doesn't want to see the girl who wants to see his boobs.

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    Basically Title
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    A third-rate manhwa author and the President of a large corporation head into a rather unsightly cohabitation work environment that's filled with fighting spirit!
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    Momoka who has become an arasa with zero romance experience. Frustrated by this situation, she discovers the existence of "lesbian sex" while searching for online encounters. Momoka decides to use it, attracted to having sex with a lesbian sex worker called "Riko." Riko agrees to meet her, but has a secret ...?
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    32-year-old Bushido-sama considers himself to be a modern-day Samurai. When his wife passed away due to illness, he promised to raise their daughter into a fine woman. But, for an adult male, raising a child is not an easy task. The tasks range from teaching proper table etiquette to sex education... Welcome to the life of a Samurai father.
    Die Frau eines 32 Jährigen Samurais stirbt und lässt ihn alleine mit seiner Tochter zurück. Er schwört ihr, dass er ihre Tochter gut und Weise aufziehen wird. Sehr viel Humor und wunderbare Situationen folgen.
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    Shikada Kokonotsu's father owns a rural sweets shop, and his plan is for Kokonotsu to take it over one day. However, Kokonotsu wants to be a manga author instead! One day in summer, the cute but weird girl Shidare Hotaru, from the famous sweets company, comes to pay a visit. Apparently, Kokonotsu's father is famous and she wants him to join her family's company. However, he will only agree if she can convince Kokonotsu to take over the family business
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    A young man, Naoe Tomoaki, works as a consultant at a popular Seitai therapy clinic. He is in charge of the treatment of a woman on her diet course. But the woman is an elf from a different world with sharp ears and a bow! Why are the elves, who should be slender, getting fat? And will her diet succeed!?
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    Kohinata Asunaro is your ordinary perverted high-school student who likes light novels and romance games. He has no interest in having a "3D" girlfriend and is content just fantasizing on the pretty girls of his school to create his own imaginary harem. But one day he accidentally releases Zepfur, a demon who promises to make his fantasies a reality.

    The day after, one of those girls, Furuwada Serika, is summoned by Zepfur and explained the rules of a game: the girls of Asunaro's "harem" must earn points by competing for his affection. The winner will be the one whom Asunaro chooses as his sole girlfriend… and the losers will experience an infinite loop of horrible deaths in Hell. For Asunaro, it's just a romcom fantasy coming true. For Serika and the others, it's a battle for survival. Published in Monthly Shonen Sirius.
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    In the modern age, there remains martial arts clans from long ago, all vying for power. Amidst a fight, the son of a security man meets a mysterious girl who kisses him out of the blue...

    100 anni dopo l'abbandono della Cina, allora detta il Regno di Mezzo, quella terra viene ora chiamata Murim. Rimangono però tuttora alcuni clan, esperti di arti marziali, e tutti bramano il potere. Nel bel mezzo di un combattimento, Kang Gi-Mu, il figlio di un addetto alla sicurezza, incontra una misteriosa ragazza che lo bacia improvvisamente. Ma qualcosa va storto. Quel ragazzo è speciale.
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    Saitou, a rather arrogant kid, announces his super power to his class on the first day of high school. He imagines that it will make all the girls swoon, and he'll be crazily popular. Unfortunately, his ability to bend a spoon looks more like a cheap trick than a super power, and everyone laughs in his face. Soon he learns that he is not the only kid with superpowers at the school, and there is even a Super Powers Research Club. He soon finds himself dragged into the society of a friendly invincible girl, a violent telekinetic girl, and a mind-reader. Rather than being swooned over, Saitou appears to have the least impressive ability of the group! Is there any way for him to get the happy high school life he was hoping for?
    Russian / Русский
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    Tokiwa Yasaka lives in an unusual time, and according to his dreams, it's about to become even stranger. He's been having a dream of a woman called Rein ever since the robot Deus Ex Machina III came to his home. He and Machina attend the same school, where their other classmates include a secret ninja (Kanata Kusanagi) and a sorcerer (Haruka Yata). When Tokiwa, the robot, the ninja, and the sorcerer rush to rescue the student council president from a demon, the boys find that they've all been having the same dream! What is going to happen to their world?
    • -- (7.37)
    • 4,222
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    Zhào Shì meets Luó Lìlì, a devlilish girl at his university entrance ceremony. Luó Lìlì is a Bilibili livestreamer. Zhào Shì now has to deal with his senior who teases him with broadcasts everyday.
    • -- (7.39)
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    Souta, a penniless, phoneless, destitute middle schooler, met a high school girl with a stray cat underneath a bridge...
    The girl laughed at his minuscule remaining change, and made a surprising proposal with "For this 24 yen of yours, I'll let you buy me," and then...!?

    Portuguese / Português:

    Russian / Русский:
    • -- (7.03)
    • 11,913
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    The romantic comedy manga centers on Kōta Nakamichi, who ever since he was a kid he has had female spirits obsessed with him. Kōta is searching for a job and he has a final interview, but the scantily-clad spirits surrounding him make the interview a total failure. However, his interviewer, the company president Karen Suguri, has a secret of her own.
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    Yuta is a normal high school boy living in a normal house with his parents, but his cat turned into a beautiful girl. His parents believe that the cat-turned-girl is a god that will bring great fortune to the family. Yuta has now been forced by his parents to marry his cat. Will Yuta be able to accept the fact that his future wife used to be a cat?
    • -- (8.07)
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    Mai Shintani, who works at the Kitakabane Police Station was suddenly assigned in the "Organized Crime Countermeasures Division", commonly known as the "Sotai". Immediately after that, she gained influence within her jurisdiction. The leader of expanding yakuza faction "Tatsygamigumi" Shogo Mikuro mysteriously disappeared. There's a tension in the conflict between cases of opposing Yakuza groups. And for some reason, Shintani is looking composed at the northern police station. Behind it is an absurd shocking truth?!
    • -- (7.82)
    • 8,224
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    This manga is about heavy combat/armored fighting (inspired by SCA). And of course, with girls.
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    The MC is a really poor student that loves playing games. One of his friends is a popular student detective that convinces him into helping with a murder case. After viewing the last moments of an old man being held at gun point, the scene forces the MC into a virtual reality game, dropping him off at a desert landscape with some pyramids. The MC goes with the flow, and the first thing he sees is a BOSS sand monster and a quest option. Like any MC, he expects to defeat the Boss to win, right? No, it turns out he's the last Gravekeeper and he's supposed to protect the treasure against the Tomb Raiders. That old man? He was his grandfather, and they meet in virtual reality.

    French / Français

    See Wikipedia for the anime.
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    Ryo Saeba is a "sweeper" in the city of Tokyo. He works as a troubleshooter - cleaning the streets of vermin and helping out desperate people. Sometimes he's a bodyguard, other times he's an assassin but whatever Ryo does, he does it well. In fact, his only flaw is his hormones - he loves the ladies maybe a little too much and sometimes turns into an idiot when he's near them! Thankfully, he's got people like his partner, Kaori Makimura to keep him in check.
    • -- (6.28)
    • 32,565
    • 709,071
    • 242
    Allen is a boy who is despised as a failed swordsman. One day, desperate for a duel with an elite swordsman who bets on leaving Kenjutsu Academy, a mysterious hermit asks him if he will press the "100 million year button". Can the mysterious object really help him train for 100 million years?

    Original webnovel
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    • 6,640
    • 101,897
    • 112
    After her village was attacked by a band of thieves, Rin has risen to protect her friends and the world with the help of a Magic Sword, which contains the soul of a hero...? A fantasy/action story featuring an unprecedented heroine (?)
    • -- (6.52)
    • 12,607
    • 841,573
    • 148
    Rei Yokoyamada, a high school boy who has a movie producer father. One day, while out with friends to shoot a film that he plans to enter into a film festival, a poster of Papiko, an adult video actress with big breasts, catches his eye.
    • -- (7.93)
    • 414
    • 7,565
    • 3
    • -- (7.78)
    • 1,464
    • 16,870
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    The beautiful daughter of the Farnese family is caught up in a whirlwind romance with a notorious royal playboy — it’s the scandal of the century! When the title of “Elvynee Deer” is awarded to the pure and lovely Ingrid Farnese, all of high society expects her to marry into foreign royalty. Cursed in love with a history of broken engagements, Ingrid is determined to stay put at home in Valentine Kingdom. To take control of her own future she’ll make the king’s illegitimate son, libertine and womanizer Regan Espencer, propose to her. But the problem is, Regan is the only man in the country who doesn’t want her hand in marriage! Will Ingrid survive being tossed into the throes of debauchery and reach her happy ending?

    Based on the novel by WhiteFence
    • -- (7.28)
    • 36,295
    • 2,464,627
    • 498
    Shindo Manabu is a high school student in the Elite Course of his school whose goal is to get into Tokyo University, having previously failed to get into his school of choice to follow the girl he liked in middle school. He studies constantly and tries to never lose sight of that goal. That is until his childhood friend, neighbor and schoolmate from the Sports Course Amano Megumi starts to distract him. He originally only remembered her as the tomboy she was as a kid, until they meet up again and he notices how "developed" she has become (but still tomboyish) and how much she unwittingly shows her body with her unladylike behavior. As these two get closer to each other, hilarity often ensues and subsequently, Manabu becomes more and more distracted from his goal of getting into Tokyo U... and slowly noticing the affection Megumi has for him. Can he ever hope to avoid a girl who is so stunning in heart and body? Will she ever reach his heart?... or does she already have a place in there that neither of them have discovered?

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