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Faced with doomsday, the special power inside Ling Mo was woken up. He found out that he could control zombies. Therefore he could walk through the zombie crowd safe and sound using his power, and eventually he met his beloved girlfriend - Ye Lian, but only to find out that she has already been transformed into a zombie. To help Ye retreive her memories, Ling Mo started his survival in doomsday.

Portuguese (BR) / Português (BR):
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A young man named Yang Fan was betrayed by his girlfriend while he and his sister at death's door, when suddenly, he traveled back to the past. Last time, you guys bullied me and sold me out. This time, with the power of the ring, only the strongest can survive. And I, am the strongest.
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Amamiya Hiroto is unlucky. His life consisted of misfortune after misfortune, culminating in an unlucky death during an incident on a school boat trip, trying to save a girl he barely knew. After death, he met a god of reincarnation who requested that the hundred or so dead passengers - one of them being the girl he tried in vain to save - be reincarnated into another world.

Yet a series of unfortunate events forced Hiroto to reincarnate with even less luck than before, starting with nothing but a tremendous amount of Mana. His second life, far worse than his first, came to a cruel end.

However, upon meeting the god a second time, he was informed that there would be yet another reincarnation—one that had already been set in motion and could not be stopped. Not wanting Hiroto to endure a third life filled with suffering, the god cursed him before he was reborn in the hopes that he would either die quickly or commit suicide.

Hiroto was reborn once more as a half-vampire, half-dark elf. A dhampir. Not wanting a fourth life, he is determined to live this third life with the only things remaining from his previous lives - Death Magic and his enormous Mana pool.


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    A demon world maid's cute and spooky fantasy action!

    Sumire, a nekomata, who lost her favorite master was wandering around, got lost, and arrived in a foreign country in the demon world!? With the android and undead maids, clean the demon's house brilliantly to take back "that something"!

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    Qin Yu was killed a few hundred years into the future during the apocalypse due to a misjudgment. He then traveled back in time before the apocalypse kick off, relying on his battle hardened apocalypse experience and techniques, Qin Yu rapidly developed into a formidable opponent, passing through hurdles, saving the world all while protecting his beloved sister.

    Français :

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    The daily experiences of modern monster girls.

    Original comic by Shepherd0821, uploaded to MangaDex with permission.
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    Your average everyday life of a zombie girl and her spooky friends.
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    During the year 2028, humans are practically wiped out by a plague of mutated viruses. Horrible monsters are wandering on the streets, and now Earth has turned into Hell . The lucky very few survivors hid underground, living in a subway network that is easy to guard, but the protagonist and his team had no choice but to leave the safe dungeon to escape this wasteland…
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    One day the world perished, and a group of monsters emerged to control the whole world. In this eschatology, a group of people awakened and each acquired different special abilities. They are constantly escalating in the struggle, trying to save the world. The infinite chaos mode of Daguai upgrade will be opened soon ...
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    Une vague soudaine de zombies a tout balayé. Calvin a eu la chance d'échapper à la catastrophe. Nature humaine, vie, avenir, tout s'écroule. Calvin parviendra t-il à survivre dans ce monde devenu hostile ?
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    dahulu seluruh dunia hidup dengan damai
    namun semuanya berubah
    saat bom nuklir dijatuhkan.
    Hanya JK yang mampu mengendalikan
    elemen cahaya yang dapat
    Namun saat dunia membutuhkannya
    dia menghilang

    Seratus tahun kemudian
    aku dan senpaiku menemukan
    seorang JK muda yang baru
    Seorang pengendali cahaya bernama Shion
    Walaupun ilmu pengedalian
    cahayaanya sangat bagus,
    namun dia masih butuh banyak waktu
    untuk bisa menguasai semuanya,
    Tapi aku yakin,
    Shion dapat menyelamatkan dunia
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    A beautiful fantasy love story between an undead hero and a great saint... which starts with a death flag on the first page.
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    Daily life of Maru Jeong and his friend, who take care of a zombie-looking robot girl sent by Maru's grandfather for 300m Won.

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    Zhao Yifan was transported to an alternative reality after a Zombie Apocalypse occurred. There, the surviving humans gathered together and built the "Academy" as a refuge against the zombies. However, despite the top-notch security of the Academy, it was no safer than the zombie-infested outside world. While at the Academy, Zhao Yifan turned into a mutant with the ability to absorb the powers of other zombies after he was bitten by a variant zombie. In order to protect the people he cares about, Zhao Yifan must use the powers at his disposal to find a way to survive!
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    The Evil Forces that have been hidden thousands of years have resurfaced.

    The human world once again is in Jeopardy. Young Zombie King Zhang Xia need to reunite all the powers that once topple this forces for good, and in order to love and be loved, it is necessary to turn this world upside down if that’s what it takes to conquer and defeat the enemy.
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    The final hour of the popular virtual reality game Yggdrasil has come. However, Momonga, a powerful wizard and master of the dark guild Ainz Ooal Gown, decides to spend his last few moments in the game as the servers begin to shut down. To his surprise, despite the clock having struck midnight, Momonga is still fully conscious as his character and, moreover, the non-player characters appear to have developed personalities of their own!
    Confronted with this abnormal situation, Momonga commands his loyal servants to help him investigate and take control of this new world, with the hopes of figuring out what has caused this development and if there may be others in the same predicament.
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    The end of the world is coming, terror covers the whole world, and the earth becomes a hunting ground for zombies and mutants. Zhao Tianlei accidentally obtained a mysterious super system. Although he is not a saint, but seeing the tragic situation in the world and the death of his classmates, how can he stand by and look at how Zhao Tianlei, who has a super upgrade and exchange system, leads humans Fight against corpses, restore human civilization?
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    The Sound of the alarm triggering the lockdown is the last thing Sam can remember. Sam wakes up in the middle of his classroom to discover everyone around him is dead. With no memories of how he got there, Sam tries to figure at what could have happened, but Sam doesn't just have to worry about what killed his classmates, because even the survivors are after his blood.
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    A comic about a bunch of foreign monsters contributing GDP in China.
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    "Extreme wastelands, monsters raging everywhere, the wicked are dominating this land." Only the strong can survive on this wasteland. In order to find the most important relatives in his life, the mysterious youngster has decided to embark on this endless journey."
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    Koishigawa Akane is a cute, stylish gyaru with gray hair. But she's got a glare that gives a bad impression to most of her classmates, who now keep their distance. Nishimura Chika is the only one kind to her.

    Creator-approved translation of chapter 1 by TheElusiveTaco.

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    The protagonist along with his step-mother, and 2 step-sisters(step-aunts) are summoned into another world where demi-humans are the rulers as saviors, but its not to fight against a demon lord, its to fight an Undead Apocalypse monsters called "Dead Mell" that have overrun the world and that can only be killed by using weapons made with holy silver.
    For that, a familia is made (group of 4 people) with them being the swordmaster that uses the holy sword, the guardian that uses the power of earth to protect, the healer that use the power of water to heal and the black mage that uses the power of fire to destroy.
    The role of the guardian, the mage and the healer is to support the swordmaster that can only kill the monsters.

    But to use magic powers one must offer part of your being as a sacrifice to form a contract with spirits, and the higher the sacrifice, the higher the power. Now they must choose who are the 3 that need to sacrifice part of their bodies to gain power and who will wield the holy sword.

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    [exclusive/updates on every Saturday] Doomsday suddenly occurs, and Qin An's girlfriend, who has been in love with him for 7 years, suddenly betrays him. Then, things are not as simple as they seem. Many clues slowly unravel. All of the stories are not so plain and ordinary. Qin An is unsure of what is going on and what to do. So, he embarks on his own quest, while simultaneously searching for love.
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    Zuo Tianchen is the last living human in a mutated zombie-infested city. Just when he was sure he'd died, he finds his soul returned to just before that ill-fated day ten years ago. He swears he'll protect the people important to him this time round and reunite with his past lover. Watch his struggles to survive equipped with his memory of the next ten years!

    Russian / Русский

    Arabic / العربية

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    After three years of working for a black company, Akira was exhausted both mentally and physically.
    But one morning, what he saw on his usual way to work was nothing but a town full of zombies.
    How will the former company slave, Akira, live his life in a world that has completely changed overnight!?

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    Jinu is a weak coward left in a world full of zombies, ruled by survival of the fittest. Then, there are those other survivors who would use him, or perhaps even protect him. In the midst of survivors fighting for the sake of survival, fun, and desire, what will Jinu's fate be?

    (Rose Squad Scans)
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    A new infection has spread around the planet, that turns people into undead. The story begins a few minutes before the first recorded case, and shows the struggle of six High School students trying to survive in this new world.

    Portuguese / Português:
    Uma nova infecção se espalhou pelo planeta, que transforma as pessoas em mortos-vivos. A história começa alguns minutos antes do primeiro caso registrado, e mostra a luta de seis jovens para sobreviver à esse novo mundo.

    Una nuova infezione si è diffusa in tutto il pianeta, trasformando le persone in non morti. La storia inizia pochi minuti prima dello scoppiare dell'epidemia e mostra la lotta di sei studenti delle scuole superiori che cercano di sopravvivere in questo nuovo mondo.
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    Five days after the sudden appearance of zombies... The protagonist, Masaru, who is having it rough surviving at school, is splendidly saved from this predicament by high schoolers Sekigahara Miki and Nakiri Karin. Though Masaru is at first relieved, he ends up realizing their true intentions...!! (Mangaupdates)


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    Did the world return to six months ago? This is a chance? Or repetition of despair? A catastrophe, a zombie virus that hit the Earth. Three years to survive a devastating and desperate life through dozens of death crises on a ruined planet. Eventually, I couldn't stand it anymore, and I was hit by a zombie horde and ended up. And ... when I opened my eyes again ... I was back in the past just six months before the zombie virus came into the world! In the next six months, this peaceful world will perish. And only me
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    Mitozu - a small town lost in the mountains, population 6000. Every evening at 6 heavy bell tolls start resounding down the streets. Everybody knows that after the bell sounded you must not go out until the Sun rises again. But one day this law is broken by an ignorant outsider who just returned home after 10 years in Tokyo and the horrible apparition known only as The Dark One has finally found a victim to prey upon...
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    She’s a smart, independent young woman who’s kicking ass and struggling to make her way through the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Just her luck: one day she goes out searching for food and shelter and ends up finding a boyfriend instead. And, oh yeah, because modern love isn’t hard enough…he’s UNDEAD!
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    True love isn't something you awaken to... but something closer to a nightmare...
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    A collection of connected oneshots, set within the same zombie apocalypse.
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    First issue of a canceled series; collected (in thumbnails) in Blame and So on (Artbook)
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    A world in which zombies prevail. Nat, a boy who's called a "Professor" travels with a mysterious girl. His goal, and Maggie's identity are...?! This is the start of a love comedy that's a little dark and exceptionally cute!

    Portuguese / Português:
    Nat, um garoto que é chamado de "Professor", viaja com uma garota misteriosa. Este é o começo de uma comédia de amor que é um pouco sombria e excepcionalmente fofa!
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    The story centers on Mono sanchez, a high school student from the north institute, where he will suffers many funny situations. In this web comic through history, the genres are changing.
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    An ashen-colored adolescence vividly resurrects in a broken collapsed world. Saito Ryo presents a dystopian youth romcom!
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    Three years ago, the Hero Shion sealed the Hell Gate. The Seal has been weakening ever since, sporadically letting monsters through. After a big group of monsters entered the country through said Hell Gate, Heroes were needed again.

    Touka Scott, a radish farmer and trapper in the southern town of Cheza, lives a peaceful life with his beautiful childhood friend and neighbor Yuna, but he is nevertheless prepared for sudden monster attacks. He built himself a hidden pit-trap with bamboo spikes to lure unsuspecting monsters if they ever try to attack the village. A monster attacks and Touka fails to lure it into the trap with freshly roasted bacon. Thankfully, the local Hero saves the village from the monster in the nick of time. The hungry Hero tries to grab a bite of bacon after vanquishing the monster, only to stumble into Touka's pit-trap and die.

    After causing the Shion's death, Touka is reluctantly forced to take matters into his own hands to protect the region from attacking monsters... by occupying the late hero's body!

    Accompanied by Yuna and the necromancer girl Anri (who forced him into Shion's body), together they set on adventure... and to save face.
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    Georgia 2066, en un mundo invadido por una epidemia de zombis, Ryu Kai siempre ha admirado a Croix. ¡¡Pensó que sus caminos nunca se cruzarían, pero de repente le asignó una misión!! Y los giros y vueltas serán más que inesperados...

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