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Crushing a scumbag for a single moment gives momentary satisfaction, but lifetimes spent crushing scumbags provide lifetimes of continuous satisfaction. Su Lüxia, our female lead, transmigrates into other worlds with the Second Female Lead Counterattack System, and uses elaborate schemes and tricks to beat up countless cheating bastards and bitches.

Su Lüxia: "Only a cheating bastard's tears of remorse, and the pained moans of a bitch unable to get what she wants, bring me solace."

System: "Has my host tapped into her humanity today? Nope."

French :
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The story begins with Yggdrasil, a popular online game which is quietly shut down on its last day. Our protagonist Momonga decided to stay until the last moment in his beloved game and wait for the force logout. Unexpectedly, the server did not shut down and Momonga is stuck in his skeleton body and got transferred to another world. "The powerful Overlord" needs now to discover a new world and face the continuous challenges.
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Volume 2

Volume 3
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Lark is different from the rest of the kids. He has red eyes, just like Vampires do, and he is bullied by the other kids for it. One day he meets Setz, a kid who also has red eyes and is the only one that doesn't call him a monster or bully him. Eventually they become friends, but when Lark finds out he may have to return to the orphanage, Setz decides he does not want to lose his friend and invites him to his home... The world of the Vampires.

Note: This project began as an amateur manhwa on Naver, but became popular enough that Naver chose to turn it into a professional work. The author and artist changed their pen names and restarted the series from the beginning, redesigning the artwork and part of the storyline in the process.
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In the world where only the aristocrats have the power to fight the monster – mana. A youth named Kufa is dispatched as a tutor to find Mareida's talent, a nuisance girl born in a duke's family. If she is not talented, assassinate her. – that, is the dark side of his task.
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Qin Xiaoqing, a pretty female vampire, was cursed by another jealous vampire and sent to another realm. There she met the king of the vampire who's got a hot face and a six- pack that no girl can resist. However, the curse she got made men think that she was ugly. Then how could she seduce the hot vampire king?
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Second story arc of JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken series.

Takes place in the 1930s, and follows the misadventures of Joseph Joestar, the grandson of Jonathan Joestar, as he fights vampires and ancient super beings with some help from a cybernetically-enhanced Nazi and an Italian man he has a lot in common with.
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Employee Kim Doyoon has been working for 5 years. He has one secret that he can't tell anyone else - the fact that he's a half-vampire born between a human and a vampire. One day, a single mistake turns his whole life upside down.


L'employée Kim Doyoon travaille depuis 5 ans.
Il a un secret qu'il ne peut dire à personne
le fait qu'il est un demi-vampire né entre un humain et un vampire.
Un jour, une seule erreur bouleverse toute sa vie.
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Arika is what you could charitably call a vampire "enthusiast." When she stumbles across the beautiful and mysterious vampire Divo however, her excitement quickly turns to disappointment as she discovers he's not exactly like the seductive, manipulative villains in her stories. His looks win first place, but his head's a space case.

Armed with her extensive knowledge of vampire lore, Ariko downgrades Divo to a beta vampire and begins their long, long... long journey to educate him in the ways of the undead.
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The Hero’s party was attacked by a large group of powerful devils. The party will no doubt be annihilated if this were to go on.
One member of the party, the strongest mage, Rakku (luck), decided to stop the enemies in their tracks.

Japanese Light Novel: Bookwalker
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Official Description:
Suzuka and Fuusuke live in a snowy village. Both having lost their "Beloved", it is "Blood" that connects them—. Drawn by a talented newcomer, comes a tale of two in dissonance.

HaruPARTY Description:
A woman bad with kids, and a boy bad with people, find themselves living together after losing their "Beloved". Living out in the boonies in a snow-covered village, they only have each other to hold on to in their comisery, despite the friction between them. And when the boy, Fuusuke, asks Suzuka for "Blood"...

Portuguese (BR) / Português (BR)
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Akito, a high school student who hates people around him, accidentally took a picture of a young girl during his daily routine of taking scenery pictures. He realized it was the girl who recently transferred to his school. He planned to talk to her about accidentally taking her picture, but... somehow the girl in the picture looks different?
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Amamiya Hiroto is unlucky. His life consisted of misfortune after misfortune, culminating in an unlucky death during an incident on a school boat trip, trying to save a girl he barely knew. After death, he met a god of reincarnation who requested that the hundred or so dead passengers - one of them being the girl he tried in vain to save - be reincarnated into another world.

Yet a series of unfortunate events forced Hiroto to reincarnate with even less luck than before, starting with nothing but a tremendous amount of Mana. His second life, far worse than his first, came to a cruel end.

However, upon meeting the god a second time, he was informed that there would be yet another reincarnation—one that had already been set in motion and could not be stopped. Not wanting Hiroto to endure a third life filled with suffering, the god cursed him before he was reborn in the hopes that he would either die quickly or commit suicide.

Hiroto was reborn once more as a half-vampire, half-dark elf. A dhampir. Not wanting a fourth life, he is determined to live this third life with the only things remaining from his previous lives - Death Magic and his enormous Mana pool.


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    Spanish / Español:
    Desde la erupción del Monte Fuji, las noches tanto de Japón como las de esta ciudad han cambiado por completo… Algunas de las personas que fueron cubiertas por la ceniza volcánica, se han vuelto vampiros que combaten haciendo uso de extraordinarios poderes. ¡Una sangrienta batalla a muerte ha comenzado! Y aquel que se alce por encima de todos dominará el mundo. La chica caída, Domino, ¡¡inicia su ascenso!!
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    Park Ha-yan (name meaning white) just wants to live an ordinary life, despite being born a vampire.

    Russian / Русский
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    Dokyung who happened to run into Hajin, whose clothes and lips were covered with blood, ran away in surprise, but gets caught. In this moment of danger, a cat appears and thanks to that, Dokyung runs away from Hajin and frees himself safely.

    In the next day, Dokyung, who was still upset over the things that happened the day before, runs into Hajin by chance again. In the end, as he got caught by Hajin again, he reveals his name and even his class number, Dokyung returns to his own dormitory while shaking in nervousness....

    But what's this? His dorm roommate was changed to Hajin?!
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    Haruomi and Yua grew up together but with puberty Haruomi begun to change, beginning taking pictures of girls annoying his childhood friend Yua! Haruomi though has a secret power awakening and their innocent relationship is about to change in many levels! A touch of vampire, a bit of bondage, a taste of harem and some wrestling added to mix make it quite a unique manga...

    Vol 4 is from Chap 15-20
    Vol 5 is from Chap 21-25
    Vol 6 is from Chap 26-30
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    The first official Touhou webcomic written by ZUN and drawn by newcomer Ginmokusei, featuring Satori Komeiji as the master armchair detective from the depths of the Earth.

    The first issue is currently free to read on the official Touhou web blog:
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    Normal high school girl Irie Yuunagi suddenly has her blood sucked by a strange man one night. Yuunagi wakes up as a vampire and learns that she has been added to the man who bit her, Rin's, family. She begins to learn about the rules of the vampire world from Rin.

    Other links:
    Author's site
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    First story arc of JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken series.

    Jonathan Joestar, a young wealthy son living in Victorian England, has his life destroyed by a recently orphaned Dio Brando, who was taken in by Jonathan's father. Dio, who plots to drive Jonathan to insanity and inherit the Joestar fortune, becomes an unstoppable vampire that Jonathan must fight.
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    Unable to sleep or find true satisfaction in his daily life, Yamori Kou begins wandering the night streets. He encounters a strange girl who offers to help soothe his insomnia by sleeping beside him, but it is not merely a one-way exchange...

    French / Français :

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    Lorem, an infamous and fearsome demoness, has had to settle down for the sake of Gospel, her baby boy. Try as she might, she is a loving and doting mother, but she remains fearsome to both fellow demon and human onlookers because she retains the dire reputation of her wild and terrible youth years past.

    For the sake of motherly love, she has to persevere, to learn and to thrive in a world where she's not alone. For the sake Gospel and his future.

    Feel the Love in it!

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    Fed up with her NEET attitude, a vampire debutante's parents send her out in the human world where she must earn her own food.

    The Doujinshi & Manga Lexicon (Volume 1)
    The Doujinshi & Manga Lexicon (Volume 2)
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    ENGLISH : This is a continuation of the story of Higanjima : featuring an isolated island, inhabited by warring vampires and humans, and surrounded by aquatic demons that foil any attempts at entry or escape that are not explicitly authorised by their vampiric overlord , Miyabi.

    Ryousuke, his girlfriend Kazumi, and his friend Yamaoka are shipwrecked by the demons, and wash up on the shore of Higanjima. They soon experience the monstrous cruelty of the island's vampires first-hand but, luckily, Ryousuke is able to join up with the human resistance.

    His only desire is to leave Higanjima...however, mainland Japan may not be safe for long either. If the vampiric threat is not eradicated in 47 days, then Miyabi's machinations will transform it into yet another vampire island!

    Akira et la résistance humaine sont parvenus à conquérir le temple fortifié où résidait Miyabi. Alors que les derniers survivants profitent d'un repos de quelques jours bien mérité, un groupe d'étudiants échoue sur l'île d'Higanjima après avoir été attaqué par les démons marins. Ryosuke, Kasumi et Yamaoka vont très rapidement découvrir la cruauté sans limite des vampires.

    Miyabi, de son côté, ne compte pas en rester là et se prépare à attaquer le Japon directement grâce au nouveau moyen qu'il a trouvé pour vamprisier un maximum d'humain en un temps record. Son plan nécessite cependant 47 jours avant de pouvoir être mis en oeuvre.
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    High school girl Akari was lost in a forest when she was rescued by a vampire girl named Sophie. Since then, Akari has developed a liking for Sophie, who prefers to be alone.
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    Del is your ordinary vampire boy who has never drank blood... until his one-night stand. Will this one-night stand be a mistake or a blessing?
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    The daily experiences of modern monster girls.

    Original comic by Shepherd0821, uploaded to MangaDex with permission.
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    Anzai, half vampire, and Tsukasa, a normal school girl.
    Vampires seem to be living among humans. Of course the government does not know of their existence, because their appearance does not differ from humans. They also do not need to drink blood, but when they get a craving or get angry, they can become uncontrollable monsters.
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    Introduction: Qin Fei is an ace agent in a special school. She was betrayed by her partner and lover when she was performing a mission in the Bermuda Triangle. She fell into the sea from the boat and into a crack of time and space, meeting a vampire on first day. The battle of a modern female agent against the ancient "old Draculas" in full swing.
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    Ozae is a blood-drinking monster known as a Bat. Knowing his secret, Seoho offers him a deal. Initially wanting nothing but his blood, at some point the beautiful Ozae finds himself wanting all of Sheoho. While Seoho also soon falls for the beautiful man. How will their dangerous and dizzying dance end?
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    A polite and lethargic boy was reincarnated in another world as a vampire bishoujo. In this world of swords and magic, this protagonist who was reborn replete with all kinds of cheat powers was searching for one thing??!

    "Three meals a day, snacks and an afternoon nap, I guess."

    Are you really the protagonist!? And thus begins the fantasy comedy of a vampire looking for the ideal moocher lifestyle.

    chokingyo's twitter
    artist's twitter
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    Paris, late 19th century. Vanitas is a human who works as a doctor for vampires and wishes to save them. He uses a magical book called The Vanitas Grimoire to dispel an evil curse that corrupts vampires and turns them into blood-sucking monsters. But...this very same book is rumoured to be the cursed tome that gives birth to vampires on nights when the blue moon is full. Noe is a vampire on the hunt for The Grimoire. Who, really, is Dr Vanitas? What are the secrets that he holds, and what fate do those secrets spell for the vampire species?

    Russian / Русский
    Это история о вампире по имени Ванитас, которого презирали свои же за то, что тот был рождён в ночь полной голубой луны, в то время как большинство стали вампирами в ночь алой луны. Одинокий и испуганный, он создал проклятые «Мемуары Ванитаса», которые однажды помогут отомстить всем вампирам. Так и начинается эта история.
    Сюжет сосредотачивается на Ноэ, молодом парне, который оказывается в Париже в 19 веке и преследует одну цель: найти «Мемуары Ванитаса». Внезапная атака вампиров приводит его к загадочному Ванитасу — доктору, который специализируется на вампирах и, к удивлению Ноэ, оказывается человеком. Таинственный доктор унаследовал имя и книгу легендарного Ванитаса, но сам он скрывает что-то большее... ©Nanochka
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    A little love story about a girl and a vampire girl.

    Portuguese / Português:
    Uma pequena história de amor sobre uma garota e uma vampira.

    Author's Twitter/Twitter do Autor: @akilim85000
    Instagram: @aklkwl
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    In Tokyo, suspicious cases are occurring where the victims have all of their blood drained from them.
    Mikogami Keiji, a detective who also wants revenge for his lover, killed 10 years ago, pursues the culprit, the “Man with two faces”.
    What is the identity of the silver-haired girl who observes him…?

    A new serialization by the author of Boku Girl

    Russian / Русский:

  • Author's Twitter
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    A collection of oneshots by Gotouge Koyoharu from before the serialization of Kimetsu no Yaiba.

    Included Oneshots:

    1. Kagarigari (過狩り狩り, 2013)
      A town is thrown into disarray by a mass murderer. The culprit? A vampire...
      Then one day, a young man wielding a katana appears before the killer vampire!

      The predecessor to Kimetsu no Yaiba, won an honorable mention in the 70th Jump Treasure Rookie Manga Award.
      Links: Offical Raws

    2. Monju Shirou Kyoudai (文殊史郎兄弟, 2014)

    3. Rokkotsu-san (肋骨さん, 2014)

    4. Haeniwa no Zigzag (蠅庭のジグザグ, 2015)
      He possesses a mysterious power. His job is to remove curses from others. Whenever an abnormal situations arises, Zigzag is called to work. He accepts, but it's not out of goodwill. A story about a hero? Definitely not this person!
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    ‘Tia’ is a woman who has lost her memory.

    While tirelessly toiling away as a maid at Baron Noll’s manor, Tia is suddenly kidnapped by Emperor ‘Kaizer’

    "Do you know who you are?" was the question this peculiar man asked her soon as they met.

    ‘Kaizer’ whisked ‘Tia’ away to the Imperial Palace where she lived like a member of the royal family since.

    On one full moon night however, "Tia" is drawn to something outside the Imperial Palace.

    The sight she is greeted by fills her with shock, before her stood a bloodied "Kaizer"!
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    Yi Yeon got into an accident and in order to survive, he made a contract with the Vampire. However, this doesn't finish here. The guy will dive into the adventurous and dangerous world of vampires, magicians and werewolves.

    (The art style has improved noticeably in the second chapter, and then in the sixth chapter.)
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    Hao Ren (literally means “good man”), as his Chinese name suggested, is a good man, and his ideal was to live a restful, comfortable life as a landlord. At least that was his plan before a couple of abnormal creatures rented his house.

    A remote, outdated big apartment, a bunch of rather abnormal non-human creatures, and a labor contract from the “god”, the three factors combined lead him to be the busiest landlord and most supernatural “babysitter”. The story of the most complicated, erratic and abnormal landlord and tenants started from here.

    “Ever since I put my fingerprint on the labor contract, I knew I was roped into something terrible…”

    As a person who is down-to-earth as well as a good Samaritan, Hao Ren desires to live the rest of his life as a benevolent landlord. Stumbling into a curious yet mysterious lady, he began his journey of “collecting” abnormal and supernatural tenants.

    His life only became more chaotic when he receives a labor contract from “God”. Discover the many races, myths and worlds that lie beyond what humans define as normal! This bizarre fantasy full of fun is sure to bring you on a crazy rollercoaster of emotions!
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    The story about 3 sisters and their involvement in the world of vampires & hunters...

    "9 years ago, 3 seeds were planted, and now they turn into 3 roses.
    Behind the girls have been chosen, their wings of destiny open.
    Bloodlines and hunters, roses and demons, love is like a symphony playing a melancholy tune."

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