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Ten years have passed since the end of Bakumatsu, an era of war that saw the uprising of citizens against the Tokugawa shogunate. The revolutionaries wanted to create a time of peace, and a thriving country free from oppression. The new age of Meiji has come, but peace has not yet been achieved. Swords are banned but people are still murdered in the streets. Orphans of war veterans are left with nowhere to go, while the government seems content to just line their pockets with money.

One wandering samurai, Kenshin Himura, still works to make sure the values he fought for are worth the lives spent to bring about the new era. Once known as Hitokiri Battousai, he was feared as the most ruthless killer of all the revolutionaries. Now haunted by guilt, Kenshin has sworn never to kill again in atonement for the lives he took, and he may never know peace until killing is a thing of the past.

Now in the 11th year of Meiji, Kenshin stumbles upon Kaoru Kamiya, owner and head instructor of a small dojo being threatened to close its doors. The police force is powerless to stop the string of murders done in the name of her dojo by a man claiming to be the famous Battousai. Kenshin's wanderings pause for now as he joins Kaoru to clear both their names. But how long can he stay before his past catches up to him?
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Lupin the Third and his motley crew return in Shin Lupin III! This time, several of the stories are either brand new or adapted from or to the Lupin Part 2 anime, and the beginning story was even animated by itself several years later!

Lupin the Third is the grandson of the famous literary thief Arsène Lupin, and his partners in crime include the sharpshooter Jigen Daisuke, the stoic samurai Goemon Ishikawa the Thirteenth, and the on-again-off-again lover/enemy Fujiko Mine. Their goal is to outwit enemies bigger than themselves while nabbing the world's rarest and most important items, while also outwitting the dogged Inspector Zenigata, who's made it his life's work to capture and secure Lupin. In the manga however, his relationship with the titular thief isn't as "respecting to the enemy" as you would expect, as he's attempted multiple times to kill him without shedding a tear!

What kind of sexy exploits will Lupin and his crew get up to next in...Shin Lupin III!
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In the early twentieth century, Russo-Japanese War veteran Saichi “Immortal” Sugimoto scratches out a meager existence during the postwar gold rush in the wilderness of Hokkaido. When he stumbles across a map to a fortune in hidden Ainu gold, he sets off on a treacherous quest to find it. But Sugimoto is not the only interested party, and everyone who knows about the gold will kill to possess it! Faced with the harsh conditions of the northern wilderness, ruthless criminals and rogue Japanese soldiers, Sugimoto will need all his skills and luck—and the help of an Ainu girl named Asirpa—to survive.

Russian / Русский:

  • Winner of the 9th Manga Taisho Award in 2016.
  • Nominated for the 20th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize and 40th Kodansha Manga Awards that same year.
  • Winner of the 22th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2018.

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  • In French by Ki-oon
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    A samurai is worried about the fact that his wife always seems to wear a forced smile whenever she's with him.

    French / Français:

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    It was the Sengoku Era, a time when warring Daimyō usurped each other constantly.
    There was a man whose soul was overtaken by the ways of tea and material greed as he worked his way up toward greater power and status.
    His name was Furuta Sasuke, a vassal of Oda Nobunaga.
    With his world broadened by the genius Nobunaga and his spiritual insight learned from Sen no Sōeki, Master of Tea, Sasuke travels the road of the Hyouge Mono or comical fellow.
    To live or not to live. For power or the arts. That is the question!

  • Won the 14th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award Grand Prize.
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    A mysterious mansion has towered proudly over the Tokyo district of Numanakarai since the Taisho period. Those who enter either never escape, or leave having experienced horrors untold, and with the desire to take revenge.

    The latest work from seasoned author Kazuhiro Fujita (Ushio to Tora, Karakuri Circus), a modern action/horror adventure.

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    The manga's story begins when a peasant named Hanbē asks a girl named O-haru for her hand in marriage, but O-haru confesses that she is already thinking of another man named Masakichi from a neighboring village. When Hanbē seeks out Masakichi, he finds that Masakichi possesses a sword and the skills to use it, despite being a peasant.

    Russian / Русский:
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    140 years ago in Kyoto, with the coming of the American "Black Ships," there arose a warrior who, felling men with his bloodstained blade, gained the name Hitokiri, man slayer! His killer blade helped close the turbulent Bakumatsu era and slashed open the progressive age known as Meiji . Then he vanished, and with the flow of years, became legend.

    Ten years later, a young woman's life is saved when she happens upon a strange wandering swordsman named Kenshin. The young woman accepts the wanderer into her dojo, despite his secretive past, and the two become fast friends. As their relationship grows, they meet and make more friends (as well as enemies), and they grow accustomed to their life together.

    However, one man can only run from his past for so long, and it isn't long before Kenshin is forced to face the life he thought he'd left behind. Now, together with his friends, he must fight the ghosts of his past if he wants the people he loves to have any kind of future.

    Contains a side story called Yahiko no Sakabato.
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    High-schooler Nishino Aoi is a history nut who's in the archery class at his school. Due to his skill in archery, he sometimes thinks that he's more suited to the Sengoku period of Japan. If he lived then, he imagines he might even have a girl like his clubmate Seno-san as his wife. As it is, Seno-san is his friend and the girlfriend of his childhood friend Kouta.

    When a mysterious fog covers the school, Aoi gets his chance to experience the Sengoku period first hand. The entire school is transported to a time period that Aoi pinpoints as somewhere between 1576-1582, near to Azuchi Castle. However, things are not as bright as he might have imagined. Armed men accompanying the historical figure Hachisuka Koroku attack the school, brutally murdering teachers and students. Will Aoi and his friends be able to survive this deadly era?
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    In Feudal Japan, the people of Edo are under siege by giant insects that ravage the land. The people desperately beg the government to do something about it. Thus the Insect Magistrate Office is established, gathering strong warriors to defend against the onset of pests.

    Jinbee Tsukishima is a young man following the belief that a weak warrior isn't a warrior at all and strives to be a master swordsman just like his father. To atone for a horrific incident that occurred at his fault, Jinbee seeks to take his father's place as a member of the Insect Magistrate Office. On his journey there, he meets the lovely Haru, a young woman who helps manage her family's tea house, and is forced to put his sword to good use in saving her from a grisly fate. This act of bravery earns him a spot in the Insect Magistrate. Will this rookie exterminator be able to rid the land of the horde of insects swarming in?
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    A tale of obsessive love and constant pursuit, told over a 1000 years.

    Escaping from a brother who had just ascended the throne, Yoshitsune, along with his servant, comes across a house in the middle of a desolate mountain. Oddly enough, only a young woman lives there, who seems to possess a very dark and ominous past.
    This long journey of more than a thousand years focuses on our main protagonist Kurou. It can be somewhat confusing at the beginning, but once you understand the plot this story can be quite entertaining.
    The main thrust of the story goes like this: Kurou meets a beautiful woman by the name of Kuromitsu, and begins a relationship which transcends life and memory. Kurozuka tells the tale of a journey undertaken by immortals, and those who chase after immortality.
    The majority of this story takes place many centuries in the future, after Kurou has been separated from Kuromitsu. Having lost almost all of his memories, Kurou seeks to understand why he cannot die, to rediscover his identity, and to find the woman that haunts his dreams.

    Polish / Polski:

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    Sakata Gintoki is a samurai living in an era when samurai are no longer needed.
    To add to his troubles, oppressive aliens have moved in to invade. Gintoki lives with Kagura and Shinpachi, taking on odd jobs to make the world a better place... and to pay their rent.

    Polish / Polski:
    Russian / Русский:
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    At the beginning of the Edo period (1603-1868), when people enjoyed a time of peace, Lord Tokugawa Tadanaga decides to hold a fighting tournament. In the past, matches were fought with wooden swords, but this time real swords will be used. The one-armed Fujiki Gennosuke and the blind Irako Seigen will fight each other in this tournament, even though both of them are disciples of Iwamoto Kogan — known as Japan's greatest swordsman. So begins the story of intertwining fates, conflict, and strange destinies.

    It's SHOUNEN because it's published in Champion Red, a shounen magazine for late teens+early 20ies
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    In the Sengoku Period (1579), there is a young woman who has lost everything, and dedicated herself to seeking strength and a death on the battlefield. Reiri once lived happily with her family, until the day soldiers came by after a battle. Her father, mother and brother sacrificed themselves in order for her to survive. She was only saved with the intervention of Okabe Tanpa no Kami, who had been sheltering in the village. In his service, she grew and learned to fight well, chasing her goal of a death in battle. However, her path to death may not be as short and straight as she hopes...

  • Winner of the 3rd Takao Saitou Award.

    Turkish / Türkçe:
    Hikâye 1579 yılında başlar. Ailesiyle sıradan ve mutlu bir hayat süren Reiri isimli küçük kız, başına gelen bir olay sonucunda kana susamış bir savaşçıya dönüşür. Bu olay onu yıpratsa da bulduğu motivasyon sayesinde ayakta kalır. Reiri zamanla hem fiziksel olarak güçlenir hem de mental olarak değişir. Savaş, savaşçılar, yeni insanlar ve yeni ortamlarda bulunan Reiri yaşama tutunabilecek mi? Yaşadığı trajik olayı geride bırakıp sonunda mutluluğu bulabilecek mi? Yoksa sadece ölmek için yaşamayı arzulayan, fikirleri ve duyguları olmayan biri olarak mı kalacak?

  • 3. Takao Saitou Ödüllünü kazandı.
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    Rex is a half man half dog. He was created when a drunk old man forced himself on a stray female dog in the street. Because of his father, Rex has to live his life as a freak rejected by society. So one day... he’s gonna find that man, and rape HIM.
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    Translated by Isekai Scan Team

    It’s the year 2035. A System called Eden (Virtual reality) was developed which would engage all the 5 senses of a person to give a completely immersive experience.
    It has completely changed the lives of the people and was praised as the dream-like technology
    ...but further development of this technology led the world to be connected with the Holy Sanctuary... And one day Ansei and his best friend entered that Holy Sanctuary...
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    32 Witches throughout the history fight in a deathmatch tournament so their desire will be granted

    From the author of Kakegurui

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    Sequel to Blade of the Immortal. It is set in the Bakumatsu period in the 19th century, and follows the main character Manji, who starts the story in a life of seclusion in the Tosa domain, but heads to the capital for a certain reason. The story will have him confronting the strongest warriors of the time.
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    A martial arts historical series about a peasant turned samurai and caught in the turmoil of the Satsuma Rebellion, in the first years of the Meiji Era.

    Included oneshot: Inu no Seikatsu.
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    Kiyoutsuken is a demon slayer- a human-turned-demon, seeking a way to become human again. He and his friends: Hitoji, Morino, and Kurone, also seek to aid him, along the journey of slaying demons and searching for a remedy of Kiyoutsuken's demonic ail, and possibly learn more about the demons.
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    A mahjong craze has swept Gensokyo.
    Youmu, a total beginner at mahjong (with a completely useless ability at that), has no choice but to go against the top players of Gensokyo – for her mistress' honor and her own!
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    Izu Takashi was just playing the online game -Argate Online- like usual, but he suddenly noticed something strange, his level is now...! Also he can't log out, and the reduced pain function does not work...

    Russian / Русский
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    The ordinary Mikami Satoru found himself dying after being stabbed by a slasher. It should have been the end of his meager 37 years, but he found himself deaf and blind after hearing a mysterious voice.
    He had been reincarnated into a slime!

    While complaining about becoming the weak but famous slime and enjoying the life of a slime at the same time, Mikami Satoru met with the Catastrophe-level monster “Storm Dragon Veldora”, and his fate began to move.

    Português (BR) / Portuguese (BR)

    Russian / Русский

  • Anime Season 1 on ANN
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    Our protagonist, Hisaki has time slipped 450 years back to the Sengoku Era! Upon arrival she is greeted by Miyoshi Nagayoshi, a vampire. What on earth will happen to her now? Vampires, samurai, and a high school girl; a forbidden love though time begins!
    • -- (7.28)
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    The year is Showa 74 (1999 A.D.) and the world has been through much turmoil. The streets are littered with destitute buildings, crime, and also Sex☆Machines... mechanical humans that can be used as motorcycles when charged with sexual energy. These Sex☆Machines have been in use since the olden days, however, when criminals began riding them, the police had to adapt, and began to use them as well. One of these officers is Suzuka Yoshimura, a rookie cop who doesn't play by the rules aided by the help of her Sex☆Machine "Ace". She recently heard of an exhibition that will show off a so-called "Legendary Sex☆Machine". What type of Sex☆Machine is it, and what is its goal?
    • -- (7.92)
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    A story of unprecedented rebellion begins when the destinies of the two, a lonely manslayer, Asuka Asagiri, and a mysterious girl, Souki, intersect, guided by an "antique" that possesses a mysterious power. A slashing dark fantasy of rebellion against fate!
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    One fateful day, a girl time slipped into the Sengoku Era.
    It was an abrupt enough event to be dubbed god’s whim, done to sate hellish boredom.
    The girl has no power to change the world.
    She was a very ordinary, common, and plain girl that can be found anywhere.
    And that girl can do no more than a single thing.
    Survive the Sengoku Era ——– that’s all.

    Adapted from Web Novel (Raw)
    Light Novel: Bookwalker
    Alternative Manga Raw: Pixiv Comic
    • -- (8.41)
    • 7,909
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    • 62
    In the 17th century, the Holy Roman Empire was ravaged by the Thirty Years' War. In the middle of this chaos appeared a Japanese mercenary named Isaak. His fierce battle begins!

    Russian / Русский:

    Don't miss the entertaining new series by Shinji Makari (Yugo) and Song Ji-Hyoung a.k.a DOUBLE-S (Until Death Do Us Part)!
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    Ikuto Touhohin just had a last fight with his old man, one that led him to make a rash decision to run away from home. He boards a ship, deciding to take a vacation, but the ship is suddenly hit by a huge storm--one that sends Ikuto overboard! When he regains consciousness, he realizes he is still alive… on some island. An isolated island. An isolated island with nothing but girls. Stranded on an island with only girls, no electricity, gas, radio, television… like he was back in the stone age.
    • -- (7.92)
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    September 11, 197x, In the whole Kantou region a magnitude 8-9 violent earthquake occurred. Scholars called it the great destruction of the Showa Era, but the people called it the earthquake from hell! Volcanoes erupted, buildings crumbled, Tokyo became decimated in a single day. The government, after failing to recover the city, abandons Tokyo and moves the capital. The survivors form a society with no laws. In this harsh lawless world emerges Jack, a 10 foot giant who annihilates anyone and anything in his path. The manga details his journey.

    The numbering is from the Complete Edition, with around 20 Chapters per volume.
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    Oneshot from 2020 Weekly Shonen Jump, #19
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    The "unique historical" manga Harakiri Gomen centers on a samurai with blue eyes who comes from the West and who exemplifies the creed of bushido.
    • -- (8.10)
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    During the political upheavals and social strife at the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan (1855), two parent-less brothers Yukimura Shoutarou and Yukimura Gentarou struggle to survive in these turbulent times. With their only possession being their deceased father's sword and clinging onto the wisdom of their mother's final words, the brothers seek to embark on the Path of the Warrior: Sidooh.

    Polish / Polski:
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    Ken is a modern-day chef who wakes up one morning in war-torn 16th century Japan. Faced with an impossible situation, he does what he does best – he cooks. Soon, word of his wonderful food reaches the capital, and the ears of warlord Oda Nobunaga, who immediately orders Ken to cook for him. What will happen to Ken as he finds himself stumbling around in an era he doesn't belong?
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    • -- (8.85)
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    The "true" final chapter of Vagabond by Takehiko Inoue, which was shown in The LAST Manga Exhibition that took place in Ueno Royal Museum in 2008 as well as The LAST Manga Exhibition Complete Catalogue; a printed catalogue that included all the artworks showcased in the exhibition, however due to the limited number of copies, only a very small number of fans were able to get their hands on it.
    • -- (8.04)
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    After waking up, Mikado Shuhei found himself locked in a cage in a mysterious medical facility. Without his memories, even of who he was, Shuhei now has to fight against beasts who can speak like humans. A woman calling herself Akashi Maya then rescued him from this predicament.

    Super fiction action!

  • Original Novels (on
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    Kounosuke Ryuudo is a samurai who is stuck in perpetual poverty. Looking for a job is fruitless, as he cannot wield a blade. Quite literally, in fact.

    One day, after being accosted by some criminals and wishing to only reach the sweet embrace of death, he receives a marriage proposal from a mysterious woman...

    The newest work from the author of Kasane.
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    The story of the "Three Jinnai from Edo" (Kosaka, Tobisawa, Shoji)
    Eight year of the Keicho era, 3 years after the Battle of Sekigahara (1603 AD) Okubo Nagayasu calls on Kosaka Jinnai, who is known as the best thief in Japan, to eliminate the bandit gang led by Fuma Kotaro.
    A fierce battle between the Jinnais and the Fuma clan opens its curtain !!

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