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Ragna is a dragon hunter along with his partner, the strongest dragon hunter Leo. He didn't have much talent at hunting dragons but he had decided to entrust his whole life for her. However he was shown the feel of true despair by his future self on what would happen if he stays weak as he is now. With that, it seems that the reaper of the dragons had now appeared earlier than the original history, but will it be enough to change the future?

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A young man named Yang Fan was betrayed by his girlfriend while he and his sister at death's door, when suddenly, he traveled back to the past. Last time, you guys bullied me and sold me out. This time, with the power of the ring, only the strongest can survive. And I, am the strongest.
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Today, there’ll be discoveries and encounters again. For the girls marching forward in a world in its afterlife, there are still various things to experience: The remains of an extinct civilization, other living things, as well as lessons taught by the ruins.. there is still a lot to be seen in the world. That’s why... living is still fun!

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Zuo Tianchen is the last living human in a mutated zombie-infested city. Just when he was sure he'd died, he finds his soul returned to just before that ill-fated day ten years ago. He swears he'll protect the people important to him this time round and reunite with his past lover. Watch his struggles to survive equipped with his memory of the next ten years!

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[Would you like to reverse time?] [All stats will be reset] [Please pick a date.] "February 28th, 1985. The day I was born." Wealth, I will seize all the money in the world. Monopoly, I will seize all the dungeons in the world. At this time, while the world is still peaceful.

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The Man-Killer Virus: a lethal disease that has eradicated 99.9% of the world's male population. Mizuhara Reito has been in cryogenic sleep for the past five years, leaving behind Tachibana Erisa, the girl of his dreams. When Reito awakens from the deep freeze, he emerges into a sex-crazed new world where he himself is the planet's most precious resource. Reito and four other male studs are given lives of luxury and one simple mission: repopulate the world by impregnating as many women as possible! All Reito wants, however, is to find his beloved Erisa who went missing three years ago. Can Reito resist temptation and find his one true love?

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Did the world return to six months ago? This is a chance? Or repetition of despair? A catastrophe, a zombie virus that hit the Earth. Three years to survive a devastating and desperate life through dozens of death crises on a ruined planet. Eventually, I couldn't stand it anymore, and I was hit by a zombie horde and ended up. And ... when I opened my eyes again ... I was back in the past just six months before the zombie virus came into the world! In the next six months, this peaceful world will perish. And only me

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The end of the world is coming, terror covers the whole world, and the earth becomes a hunting ground for zombies and mutants. Zhao Tianlei accidentally obtained a mysterious super system. Although he is not a saint, but seeing the tragic situation in the world and the death of his classmates, how can he stand by and look at how Zhao Tianlei, who has a super upgrade and exchange system, leads humans Fight against corpses, restore human civilization?
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This was supposed to be a romantic scene, where the shadows of the trees danced while petals and leaves fluttered in the winds... The girl I admired holding me...
I hadn't even gotten a chance to speak a word of the confession that I had practiced for so long, but... at the time, I thought that there was no need to worry about rejection because... roughly half a second later, I died.
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Imagine waking to a world where every last human has been mysteriously turned to stone ...
One fateful day, all of humanity was petrified by a blinding flash of light. After several millennia, high schooler Taiju awakens and finds himself lost in a world of statues. However, he's not alone! His science-loving friend Senku's been up and running for a few months and he's got a grand plan in mind—to kickstart civilization with the power of science!

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Follows the daily life of a professor and a robot girl in a post-apocalyptic setting.
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A ring that can freely travel between the world and the end of the world was picked up by Song Chao. The food of the world is more valuable than gold in the end of the world, and more coincidentally, there is nothing in the end of the world, just more gold! This time Song Chao made a big hit! He took a tomato from his refrigerator and sold it for ten kilograms of gold! You can even exchange food for beautiful women! Do you think you can do whatever you want with food in the last days? Sorry, as long as there is food, it can really do whatever it wants!
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Faced with doomsday, the special power inside Ling Mo was woken up. He found out that he could control zombies. Therefore he could walk through the zombie crowd safe and sound using his power, and eventually he met his beloved girlfriend - Ye Lian, but only to find out that she has already been transformed into a zombie. To help Ye retreive her memories, Ling Mo started his survival in doomsday.

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In the near future, the education system has evolved into a military competition between youths over domination of other. The stakes are high here: the winner takes all from the loser. Schools are now mobile buildings that host their students, which are able to summon weapons of varying power and shape to battle each other. Mabaram starts from the bottom in this system and won't let his school, Metro, go down without a fight. He will have to pair up with an unexpected transfer student to assimilate other schools in order to reach the tallest heights of the ranking.
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One day the world perished, and a group of monsters emerged to control the whole world. In this eschatology, a group of people awakened and each acquired different special abilities. They are constantly escalating in the struggle, trying to save the world. The infinite chaos mode of Daguai upgrade will be opened soon ...

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During the year 2028, humans are practically wiped out by a plague of mutated viruses. Horrible monsters are wandering on the streets, and now Earth has turned into Hell . The lucky very few survivors hid underground, living in a subway network that is easy to guard, but the protagonist and his team had no choice but to leave the safe dungeon to escape this wasteland…
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On his way home from his office, the main protagonist drove and ran over a big dog. At that moment, he heard the sudden sound of a voice inside his head. ≪The monster has been subjugated, gaining experience points.≫ 「Eh?」 Before anyone knew, the world has changed. Monsters appear, this is a game-like world where levels, skills, and status exist. This is an adventure where the modern world becomes fantasy and where the main protagonist has to strive hard for his survival.

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At the risk of his own life, a young man sets foot in the ruins of a devastated old world. His name is Akira, and in order to claw his way out of the hellhole that is his birthplace of Slumtown, the boy became a hunter. In the wastelands he happens upon a strange woman, standing perfectly still, stark naked.
She is beautiful, but it seems that only he can see her. She exists incorporeal, tantalizingly beyond any touch, and she tells him her name is Alpha.
Alpha won’t show even a sliver of her real intentions, but with a wide smile, she brings Akira his first commission as a hunter. Akira takes the task, if only to become a stronger hunter, and having entered a contract, their dramatic lives in the hunting profession was set to begin.

From Stories of the Boy Hunter as recorded by the Eastern Hunters’ association.
Written post-collapse of scientific civilization.
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An unknown virus broke out worldwide, degenerating humanity. Andy Biya had unfortunately died from the sudden disaster, but he unexpectedly awakened a power of reincarnation, and even met Eno Edison, a proud and aloof person who exuded a dangerous aura. Following the fateful experience of birth and death with Ino, the both of them gradually learn the secrets of each other and the world…
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When I wake up, everything is a mess. War? Extraterrestrial invasion? Whatever it is, I just need to take personal revenge.
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A parody manga of "Fist of the North Star" originally serialized in "Monthly Comic Zenon". With the concept of “What if a nuclear war does not occur at the end of the century?”, Kenshiro who lives in modern society is drawn comically. Characters other than Lin, Bat, and Yuria appear in distorted appearance. Hijinks ensue in this slice-of-life
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In the distant future, advances in AI technology led to wars being fought without human soldiers. However, at the end of the 22nd century, a mysterious aircraft called "Gayla" shut down all AI, and humanity now must relearn how to wage war. Sakamoto Teppei joins the military in hopes of becoming a soldier, where he is sent into a simulation of the Battle of Waterloo to learn how to kill people.
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In the future world, civilization has crumbled due to an experiment gone awry, most of the world has descended into tribes and factions, the people have also been divided into two types: Cyborgs, a combination of the human body and mechanical parts, the other type are Beast Spirits, a combination of human and animal DNA. Hei Tong Shi is a cyborg, who wanders between cyborgs and Beast Spirits, he fights to uncover the mysteries of the world and for himself.

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They were trained as children to become super-soldiers. Human beings literally created in a lab to fight on the front lines of a bloody war. But when the war ends, what’s to be done with the human-weapons? The subject of brutal experiments, some choose to break free and search for a cure before their own powers consume them.

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For the sake of saving her most precious person, the fourteen-year-old girl Ai Wen enters a time machine. However, before she knows it, she has accidentally travelled to the future! There, she meets Ulysses and many other previously unimaginable characters......
Note:Like most Chinese manhua this is read from left to right
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The urban exploration of two teenagers causes them to run into a mysterious "box", which encloses those infected with a virus called "corpse". In that city, there is a teacher named Katsuragi Zakuro. Which hides a secret ......
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The OREN'S manga is set in the aftermath of a great disaster, and depicts the struggle for survival of men
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Everyone in the world suddenly shrank to 3cm ...?! The consequence of this being everything in daily life becoming a threat, like rats... or even ants. A world where you can only rely on yourself. Will Baekhyun be able to complete his mission and save the world by using the unique abilities he gained?


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In the immediate future, a giant meteorite has collided with earth. All living organisms, including mankind, have been wiped off the face of the planet. The government, who had foreseen this outcome, took measures to counter the worst-case scenario. In particular was Project “7 SEEDS”, in which five sets of seven gifted young men and women were carefully selected and placed into teams (Spring, Summer A, Summer B, Autumn and Winter). Each participant was then put under cryogenic sleep in hope of preserving the continued existence of mankind.

When those men and women awoke, they found themselves suddenly thrust into a cruel world. While bereft and grieved over forever losing their loved ones, they sought to find ways to survive.

Russian / Русский

7 Seeds won the 2007 Shogakukan Manga Award for shoujo manga.
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1000 years ago, a war between humans and space witches ravaged the stars, destroying countless planets and taking even more lives. Eventually, the humans captured the most powerful witch and imprisoned her as a war criminal under the treaty. The castle where the Magic Lord is sealed away is watched over by a village where everyone has developed weak magical powers- everyone but Mugi that is. Determined to prove that he doesn't need magic, Mugi accidentally flies into the monster-infested forest surrounding the castle and is saved by a girl that he has never seen before...
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An ashen-colored adolescence vividly resurrects in a broken collapsed world. Saito Ryo presents a dystopian youth romcom!
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From pastel rhapsody:

Atelier "Paraiso."

A place which is protected by God and where people study painting.

As the war worsens, they seek their own heaven, not to be entangled in the harsh reality.
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Takeya Yuki is in love with her school. And why wouldn't she be? It's the place where she was introduced to the joys of school clubs! Or, more specifically, one school club: the School Life Club. Rii-chan the president, Megu-nee the advisor and her fellow member Kurumi are always there for her.

Yes, Takeya Yuki loves school... Or so she keeps telling herself. Because living with that lie everyday is a lot easier than facing the reality of this particular "school" and the nature of its "club activities"...

See AnimeNewsNetwork for the anime.
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Ray and Trice grew up together in this post apocalyptic world. She was his only friend. But then one day...
An unwelcomed guest arrives and Says "Glory to Humans"
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One day, a giant monster in the shape of a bug appeared over the world… with only the "Children of the Butterfly" to fight against it.
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In a world where humanity has declined, Chico travels with her brother Pino.


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After a heavy downpour, the whole city became flooded. The fish went through a mutation, its intelligence became closer and closer to human...facing off these evolved fish, will we survive?
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The children live in a beautiful world, surrounded by walls. However, one day, a boy by the name of Tokio received a message asking him, "Do you want to go outside of the outside?"

Now, from the Heaven that is starting to crumble, the children begin their adventure!
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An exciting new manga from Mori Kotaro, the artist for the manga adaptation of the famed Gurren Lagann! Humanity is plagued by the undead Reversed, and no one can stand against them. No one except... a high school girl named Shion-chan from another time? She'll resurrect this rotten world with her maiden fists! (Source: Mangamo)

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In the decade since the world became aware of the existence of magic, the world has undergone massive upheaval. However, a boy named Touta lives in seclusion in a rural town far removed from these changes. His ordinary life is highlighted by his magic-using female teacher and his supportive friends. When his tranquil daily life is disrupted, he embarks on a unique adventure.

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