Office Workers
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Wee Sukhee works at a law firm along with her crush, attorney Kang Minoh. However, a new employee named Jung Yoonhoo joins the firm and a love triangle forms...
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She's cheeky! She's troublesome! Her hair's too flashy! Her skirt's too short! Her nails are too shiny! She even decorates her ID card! She talks too much! She's way too close! She barely meets her deadlines! She doesn't listen to me! She cares about "likes" too much! She takes selfies all the time! But the worst part is, she keeps messing with me!

Section Manager Kawahara has been a serious and diligent worker for 20 years. But one day, a gal that he can't handle enters the company. Moreover, she keeps pestering him...
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An ordinary run-of-the-mill guy named Takase starts working in the Sales Department of a certain Real Estate agency, and his senpai at this job, Komai, looks more like a middle school girl than an actual adult due to her height and incredible cuteness! As they grow closer together, how will they deal with this unusual situation?
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Akira Tachibana is a soft-spoken high school student who used to be a part of the track and field club but, due to an injury, she is no longer able to run as fast as she once could. Working part-time at a family restaurant as a recourse, she finds herself inexplicably falling love with her manager, a divorced 45-year-old man with a young son.

Despite the age gap, Akira wholeheartedly embraces his mannerisms and kind nature, which is seen as spinelessness by the other employees, and little by little, the two begin to understand each other. Although unable to explain why exactly she is attracted to him, Akira believes that a concrete reason is not needed to truly love someone. On a rainy day, she decides to finally tell her manager about how she feels... But just how will he react?
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Himi is an office worker who has a habit of saying "I want to die" whenever he feels stressed. One fateful moment his wish was granted and now finds himself in an arena along with a group of people. They were summoned by the Death God Mei to play the Death Game. Only the last one standing can go back.
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The awkward, romantic comedy manga about geeks in love that inspired the new anime! Can a professional man who’s secretly a hardcore gamer and a woman who’s secretly a fujoshi date without their hobbies getting in the way, or revealing each other’s secrets?

Narumi Momose has had it rough: every boyfriend she’s had dumped her once they found out she was an otaku, so she’s gone to great lengths to hide it. When a chance meeting at her new job with childhood friend, fellow otaku, and now coworker Hirotaka Nifuji almost gets her secret outed at work, she comes up with a plan to make sure he never speaks up. But he comes up with a counter-proposal: why doesn’t she just date him instead? In love, there are no save points.
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Ira Megumi is a 31-year-old woman who is currently at the top of her career. She's a beautiful woman who's brimming with pride and totally has no interest in love or marriage.

Though the next morning, she wakes up and finds the new employee, Aoki Shun, sleeping next to her. Just what in the world happened!?
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The mostly quiet Madoka-chan likes to hang out at her window, where some salary man tends to pass by, leading to Madoka doing all kinds of activities.
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From Friendship Scans:

A fated meeting in spring leads Narita Misao on a rollercoaster of manipulation, love, and lies.
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Tanaka Iori is a worker for a company that sets unreasonable demands, on top of that she has a penchant for dating married men. What a recipe for disaster! One day she gets drunk with an acquaintance and wakes up the next morning by her side naked! What's Iori to do?

Part 1 raw
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The story of an annoying senpai and his kouhai.

1st place of Tsugi Manga Awards, Category Webmanga (2018)
8th place of Web Manga Sousenkyo (2018)

Comic pixiv:
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Kouta Takeda who just started working at XOX Corporation, meets his new boss, a beautiful woman with big breasts named Kyouko Takizawa.

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    Nakamura Kano is an OL (office lady) with a secret… she’s a “Toku Otaku,” a tokusatsu otaku who is obsessed with live action dramas of heroes, monsters and robots. She thinks they’re “JUST TOO COOL!” She’s so obsessed that she skips out on drinking with colleagues to watch it on TV and collects the DVDs, books and figurines. She lives her life by the code of the tokusatsu heroes, and constantly imagines them to help her through difficult situations. But this isn’t easy when all of her co-workers think that people who like anime and other childish things are weird, and they keep trying to make her socialize.
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    High school is traumatic enough, but as a new office lady (OL) she's terrified of men. By chance, she runs into a senior employee who also has a fear of women...?
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    Her body is male. Her mind is female. And she's a lesbian!
    The story of how she remade her life in order to be an Office Lady, previously made famous through SNS as "Patchwork of Yorippi-chan's V*gina", now made book!
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    Kine Machiko is a thirty-something office worker, who loves nothing more than watching movies and writing her review blog. She hides her passion for movies from her co-workers due to unpleasant past experiences, but she still wants friends with whom she can share her love of movies. What will be the next movie she watches? What dark, geeky secret will haunt her next? Will she ever make any movie friends?
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    Sayo is a "modern" and uninhibited woman whose greatest passion, however, is her work. Her workaholics ended up removing all the men with whom she had a relationship, who complained about how much Sayo was "married" to her work. One day, a new employee starts working in her company; Ryouichi Kiriyama seems different from any other man she has ever met, but she still doesn't know that underneath Kiriyama's facade, he hides something else... Will their relationship ascend the 'game' they've placed themselves in?
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    Yoshida was swiftly rejected by his crush of 5 years. On his way home after drinking his sorrows away, he saw a high school girl sitting on the street.

    "I'll let you do it with me, so let me stay."

    "Don't even joke about something like that."

    And so, the story of living with the high school girl Sayu began. The slice-of-life romantic comedy between a runaway high school girl and a 26 year old salaryman ensues.
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    A sweet and short oneshot perfect for the holidays.
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    A yuri anthology of office ladies.
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    Souta Takanashi gets a job at Wagnaria, a local family restaurant. He is "lured" there by a cute girl named Poplar, who looks like she's 10. However, she is in fact 17, a year older than him! Some of the crazy characters include Satou, the cool chef who is in fact in love with Yachiyo, the chief who is madly in love (admiration) with their boss, Kyoko, who can't stop eating sweets and slows down the restaurant in general. Satou's cooking assistant and "friend" is Souma, a man who can get dirt on anyone and use it against them, except for Inami, a girl who has a phobia of men and punches him before he has the chance to find out anything about her, and Aoi, a girl with fishy motives for joining the restaurant who finds Souma's one weakness... Tears. How does Takanashi, the "normal", high school, small-thing loving (not a lolicon!) teen deal with all of this?
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    The story of two office workers who seem to be ordering the exact same thing in the same diner every weekday at noon. A girl-meets-boy story born on a lunch break. Will romance ensue?
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    Yariba Eiji (29 years old with intimidating eyes), a corporate slave whose only hobbies are video games and manga, gets through life by spending his time off relaxing at net cafes. One day, he happens upon Minamisato Karen (a 15 year old high school girl) and ends up scolding her. This leads to her warming up to the 29 year old Eiji...! Not only that, Eiji's little sister (a lazy middle schooler), childhood friend (a nosy ex-girlfriend), and his subordinate (a cool and serious girl) are also becoming interested in him. Love is coming at him from every direction! Juggling between his work and his newly developed ventures into romance, will Eiji's peaceful days ever return? From the creator of Oreshura, the forbidden age gap love comedy finally gets a manga adaptation!


    1. 業務命令で女子高生と付き合うハメになった (My boss ordered me to go out with a high school girl)
    2. 大人はモテてもヒマがない (Adults do not have time to move)
    3. 社畜のいやしはJK (The healing of the company is JK)
    4. 夢のあとさき (Consequences of the dream)
    5. 消えない模様 (The pattern doesn't disappear)

    The Bunko edition does not have volume titles.
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    Isaki Aiko, a normal 31-year old office worker, had just been dumped by her boyfriend of 10 years. She treats herself to sushi in order to feel happier.
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    At age 31, office worker Chikage Deguchi feels she missed her chance at love and success. When word gets out that she’s a virgin, Chikage is humiliated and wishes she could turn back time to when she was still young and popular. She takes an experimental drug that changes her appearance back to when she was 15. Now Chikage is determined to pursue everything she missed out on all those years ago—including becoming a star!
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    Because of his naturally scary face, 35-year-old Kitakaze Tatsuo has never received a Valentine’s chocolate from a woman. His female co-workers avoid him, and people on the street fear him.

    Only the beautiful office lady Miharu Chisa is kind to him and always smiles at Tatsuo. After helping her one day, a teary-eyed Miharu gives Tatsuo a Valentine’s chocolate! He believes it’s just obligation chocolate, but when he opens it, an “I Love You” is written there! Could this finally be the beginning of a blossoming romance in Tatsuo’s wintry life, or…!?
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    A story about Shiba Occhan, or Uncle Shiba. Men who become like dogs after marriage.
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    A young salaryman finds a secret that was kept between his brother and his boss.
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    "A hero" is a job that in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, display courage and the will for self sacrifice. Would you like to work as such a hero in our company? You may transform, manipulate a huge robot or fight as a squad. Shall we realize your dream in our "Hero Company"?!
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    Hanabusa Ryouko is an office lady currently living with her boyfriend. As time went on, she slowly got more and more frustrated with him. Aside from that, her work isn't sailing smoothly either. How will their relationship develop from here on out?
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    1 - 2: The Which Is Love?

    "Sheesh. Crying over love and all -- I just don't get it."

    Nonami is stuck having to comfort Hino who was dumped by his girlfriend. Although he feels like he doesn't understand them, he's still overwhelmed by Hino's sincere feelings.
    These are heartrending yet sweet, youthful graffiti.

    3 - 5: Senno Yoru?
    ---- 6: Love and goldfish
    ---- 7: Extra from 'Senno-yoru?'
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    One shot sponsored by Funwari Liquor
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    A NEET fujoshi is forced by her younger sister to adopt a pet salaryman.
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    A humorous chronicle of the daily meeting-room problems of Yukio Tonegawa, who works as a middle manager for the whims of the evil, unreasonable business magnate Kazutaka Hyoudou.
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    A consciousness jumping from person to person every night leads the lives of its hosts for one day at a time. The next one-shot manga from the Spring 2016 Four Seasons Award winning author of Furenai Koibito (Untouchable Lover).
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    "I'll make sure you'll have a good time." 29-year-old virgin, Chiaki, housesits her uncle's big house. She enjoys her freedom living by herself for the first time, but a strange man shows up at the house suddenly claiming he also lives in the house. He turns out to be the president of the company where Chiaki works! He caresses her in the bathroom, during dinner, at the office, and melts her body...What do you mean this is a secret project of the company...?
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