Doujin are a popular type of independently produced and distributed magazine, generally made in small print runs and often written by fans of manga and/or anime, including fan-fiction based on pre-existing characters from other authors. (Source: Anime-Planet)
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Small comics taken from the author's Pixiv about Lanzhu Zhong from Love Live! ALL STARS
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A fan made manga by Kurukurumagical based on the mobile game Azur Lane that is about anthropomorphised WWII ships.
A comedic slice of life manga about headpetting shipgirls.

You can support Kurukurumagical on:
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A fanmade weekly 4-panel manga series by Take Nekonetoru based on Azur Lane. This series offers a Slice of Life side of the KAN-SEN where everyone is casually interacting with each other, except for some.

Take Nekonetoru's Twitter:

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Nekonetoru (The Artist's Circle)'s DLsite:

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Daily Chaldea is an unofficial daily slice-of-life fancomic created using art assets from the game Fate/Grand Order and building upon the existing lore of the franchise. The story follows the adventures of genderswapping protagonist Ritsuka Fujimaru and the many Servants they've summoned, with the tone ranging from comedic to philosophical. The comic is 'live' with the NA server of Fate/Grand Order, with new characters appearing in the comic around the time they appear in the game and comics often referencing recent events in the game. Enjoyment of this comic relies heavily upon the reader's familiarity with the game and its characters, so the author recommends playing Fate/Grand Order before reading this comic.

This comic is being uploaded to MangaDex by reader request and with the approval of MangaDex staff. All art is copyright TYPE-Moon / FGO Project, Aniplex Inc., Delightworks, and other copyright holders as appropriate. This comic is not for profit (through ad revenue or otherwise).

Some early use the original white backgrounds. Later comics have darker backgrounds and additional art assets for improved quality.
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i dont own kyuu chan, nor the original scanlations. all i own are my own ideas and concepts, most of which are stolen from other franchises

Japanese / 日本語
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waiting for the supplement
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Shy and introverted, Kageko Tadokoro passes her free time in class drawing instead of hanging out with her classmates. But even when her classmates approach her, it’s only to make fun of her drawings and appearance. In stark contrast, Nikaido is well-liked among her peers as she has both beauty and smarts. And while everyone makes fun of Tadokoro, Sakurako Nikaido on the other hand, is totally infatuated with her. Just one look at one of Tadokoro’s drawings and Nikaido fell in love with the art and eventually, the artist herself. When Tadokoro offers to draw Nikaido a portrait, Nikaido becomes ecstatic as this may be her chance to get closer with the girl she has been obsessing over.

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    A long strip comic series based on Azur Lane series made by Toucailao. This series offers the sight of KAN-SEN dealing with various problems they face in their daily life. From a minuscule thing like the mechanic to a huge problem like intergalactic war. Expect references, wacky interactions, comedy, fourth wall breaks, and insanity. Especially, insanity.

    The translation upload schedule for this series is: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

    Toucailao's weibo:
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    A collection of Twitter fan comics about Ichikawa and Yamada (from Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu) by Fountains Square.
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    This is the book of a "WHAT-IF" scenario during NT9 in one of those "Phases". Enjoy.

  • Melon Books
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    A short Bandori Doujin with Sayo and Hina. (Not Incest.)


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    In the year 2020, "Hybridnia" is a special town with a lot of different races located somewhere in the world.
    Journey Johanson, a 17 years-old, half British, half Chinese teen.
    He and his friends discovered the town’s church "Abbey Road" was trying to control the whole town through various dirty tricks.
    They step on a journey(not the Jojo) to stop the church and encountered various bizarre things along the way.
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    Ongoing Touhou manga from Ashiyama Yoshinori published in the Strange Creators of Outer World magazine.
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    A fan comic posted to r/AzureLane by u/Cpl_Ethane, Akagi^2 is based on the mobile game Azur Lane, which is about anthropomorphised WWII ships.
    This series is focused on Akagi-chan and her antics around the base. Note that this is drawn in an "American newspaper" style, and is read top to bottom, left to right.

    Artist's twitter:
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    This is a fanmade doujin of the events that take place after the end of owari no seraph! Or rather our predictions or hopes its a timeskip where all the characters are adults! If youd like to support the series despite it being completed message yuunoa_pheonix on twitter!!
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    A short comic by ebanoniwa detailing the relationship between Himeno and Aki from the series Chainsaw Man
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    Anthology by various artists.
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    Terazaki Kaoru is about to meet up with his online friend, Nanami. But Nanami doesn't know Terazaki is a guy in real life! He's sure to be disappointed and at least a little weirded out. But Terazaki is in for a surprise...

    (Chapters labelled "comiket previews" are previews of comiket doujin books. The rest are standalone pixiv comics for the same series.)

    Portuguese / Português:

    French / Français:

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    Based on TFS's (Team Four Star's) Mr. Popo and Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo doesn't believe that Goku will be powerful enough to deal with Vegeta and Nappa in the Saiyan saga. So he goes to Kami's lookout to discuss options, that's when Kami comes up with the idea of having Piccolo fuse with Mr. Popo! Hilarity soon ensues.

    Artist's websites:
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    Kageyama visits Oikawa to discuss the future of his Pro volleyball career.
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    random short comics for yotsuba! too lazy to make separate chapter stuff so we'll be putting them all under here :)

    We're putting links to the author's twitter on comment section. You can support them by RTing and liking the comic~
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    It's a story about when you wake up, your gender changes. The story is disjointed.
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    Wholesome(Read: Non-H) Doujin about a JC and a OL going on a trip.
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    The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization documented by the web-based collaborative fiction project of the same name. In universe, the SCP Foundation is responsible for locating and containing individuals, entities, locations, and objects that violate natural law (referred to as SCPs).

    This manga summarizes the reports of the SCPs currently under the Foundation.

    Based on the SCP Foundation
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    Ongoing Touhou manga from nva222 published in the official Strange Creators of Outer World magazine.
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    A short Love Live (Nijigasaki) doujin about Rina and Ai playing shiritori.

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    Kakashi x Naruto
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    Shiranui is worried because Kagerou has recently become cold to her. Maikaze and Nowaki suggest she learns how to pamper someone like Kagerou does to Shiranui. But... Shiranui doesn't know how to pamper someone!
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    The year is 2013 in the fictional city of Chutowan (ちゅとわん) located in Japan. After a series of unfortunate events, 23 y/o Yoh Yomi ends up living as a hikikomori (japanese term to describe reclusive adolescents or adults who withdraw from society and seek extreme degrees of isolation), being sustained by his wealthy parents with the promise of finishing his education at college.

    After receiving the news of their parents getting hospitalized, Yeri Yomi, Yoh's sister, a successful psychologist and stand user, goes to inform his brother that he may lose his source of income due to the possibility of their parents dying, but after getting to him, she discovers that his brother has been living as a hikikomori for 4 years. To help him, she starts treating him in the mental health hospital where she works.

    Follow Yoh in his recovery journey to try to fit in Japan's competitive society alongside other patients of the Mental Health Hospital while mystery regarding stand users happens in the background.
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    Toshiki and Kazu Fujiwara are brothers who live an ordinary life in an ordinary world working as insurance salesmen. While Toshiki is content with this salaryman life, Kazu strives to be part of a Guild: a registered group of individuals who hunt artifacts and capture criminals. After finishing up a quest, they begin to unravel the truth: that everything is not as normal as it once seemed.

    Author’s Instagram
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    "Fulfilling meal...a familiar view.”

    In this story, Fate and food meet in a delicious and gentle world. It’s nothing but an ordinary meal scene... Delicious meals are served at the Emiya’s dinner table every day, through spring, summer, fall and winter. -- Let's see... what's for dinner today?
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