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Like Excalibur, this Excelia needs to be pulled out of something... a pedestal. For Seiken-chan, the pedestal is her panties.

Note: Seiken means holy sword.

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    There's a small forest on the edge of town. People have long feared the forest after being told not to enter it, for they may not ever return. The reason: there's a scary wolf there...!?

    This is a story of a gentle and hardworking wolf living together with the other forest animals.

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    Writing light novels isn't all that easy, especially when you're in high school&and you have to do the cooking and the chores for your shut-in stepsister who's hardly come out of her room the past year! In the light novel business, it's crucial to have the right person illustrating your books to help them sell--and maybe get made into manga and anime! But in a world of online pen names, the author and the illustrator may still not even know each other . . . until one day they realize they've been living in the same house all along! Now the home life of confident writer Masamune Izumi and his reclusive sister Sagiri--aka the artist ''Eromanga Sensei''--will be a drama to compare with their rising careers, their restive fan base, and their rivals in the industry!

    See AnimeNewsNetwork for the anime.
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    Kinji, who lacks any kind of work ethic, is a layabout in his modern life. One day, he finds himself transported to another world–but not in a grand fantasy of a hero welcomed with open arms. He’s immediately shoved into a terrible job! Now enslaved by an evil mining company in a fantasy world, Kinji’s about to really learn the meaning of hard work!

    Russian / Русский:

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    A shut-in is reborn into another world with the promise of a peaceful life. Although born into royalty, because his magic appeared to be weak, his parents abandoned him without a thought in the forest to be devoured by monsters. However, his magic is actually inhumanly strong. Just what will he have to do to attain the peaceful life he so desires?

    Alt. Description:
    I, a HIKKI-NEET, suddenly reincarnated in another world as a prince, and was immediately deemed the weakest ever, with my life already in a pinch after being abandoned as a baby, being stared down by a huge beast!? However, I could only use one kind of magic. It was close, but I was able to avoid a "dead end" in my first few days of being born using that magic. Anyways, I just want to live a lazy shut-in life as an adopted noble with my one all-purpose magic, but...?
    A comic-adaption of a story about rising up!

    Russian / Русский

    Portuguese / Português

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    Once, a hero has been summoned to a different world in order to defeat the demon king. After the war stretching 3 years ended, the commendable hero slayed the demon king. And he was forcibly deported back to earth after being dismissed.

    "Give me a break!
    Elves in addition to beast race, dwarfs and demon race.
    Even though I wanted to make a harem in the different world I saved!
    My dream will not come true on earth, where there is no magic at all."

    Thus, the hero returns on his own.
    Without the blunder of being extradited to earth this time, he will build a harem of his own in a different world.
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    I drew a lottery at the Shopping District and won the privilege to go to another world. After drawing a lot of balls, unexpectedly I got a cheat-like skill. Silencing those who are noisy and getting hold of all the things that I want. I will satisfy all my desires.

    Portuguese / Português:
    Um virgem que ganha na loteria e como prêmio pode ir para outro mundo e escolher seu poder.

  • Japanese Light Novel (Bookwalker)
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    This is a love comedy about a highschool couple spending their time carefreely. The boyfriend, Tooru, has a habit of being a Lolicon/ is a Lolicon, while the girlfriend, Rumi, who has an appearance similar to a grade-schooler.
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    Kanzaki Hajime, overwhelmed by urban girls. He then change his mind, come back to his hometown Hoshihime village, but, the girls in that village also...!?

    Portuguese / Português:
    Kanzaki Hajime, cansado de ser provocado pelas meninas da cidade, ele então decidiu voltar para sua cidade natal na vila Hoshihime, mas o que será que as meninas do interior pretendem fazer com ele...!?
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    Yuna, a 15-year-old girl, started playing the world's first VRMMO. She has earned billions of yen in stocks and confines herself in her house playing the game without going to school.

    Today, a major update has arrived and she obtained a non-transferable rare bear outfit. But the equipment is so embarrassing that she can't wear it even in the game. Furthermore, when she answers the survey regarding the new update and relaunches the game, she appears in an unknown forest in the bear outfit. Where is this? Email from God? A different world?

    If she wears the bear outfit she's a cheat, if she takes it off she's a normal girl. Her adventure starts just like that. Yuna began doing whatever she wanted.

    Official English Light Novel
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    Made in Abyss: Official Anthology is a compendium of short comics set in the same world and with the same characters from Made in Abyss.
    It's a parallel series from the same publisher, Takeshobo, and with Akihito Tsukushi's blessing, that gathers the work of multiple guest professional artists to tell non-canon stories, with some of them being serious, while others are totally silly or humorous.
    It has been published on Webcomic Gamma, alongside with Made in Abyss, since 2017.
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    Goblin-san accidentally reached level 99... and now she keeps killing heroes.
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    Daily Adventures of the Female Hero and a Orc Shota.

    Translation approved for Tabunne Scans and Kawaii desu desu team by the author.

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    While snow was falling on a holy night, a demon with the looks of a young girl traveled into the village and watched the warm people inside their homes. The demon was surprised when an exorcist spoke to her despite the hatred between the two species; immediately the demon became attracted to the exorcist.

    A comforting story that brings together humans and demons.

    Español / Spanish
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    Four mischievous girls illegally occupy the former Traditional Tea Ceremony clubroom, in order to create the "Amusement Club." These scamps...who ignore repeated warnings—in direct rebellion with the righteous directives of the Student Council—decide to remain in the room until they finally get off their bums and do something! In this slightly sluggish manga, full of fits and starts, the four girls set off from their homes for a walk together with days full of a little this and that!
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    Worldly knowledge and artistic refinement!

    Literally wise beyond her years Hinata-chan is on a completely different level to your average toddler. But she has a secret... that she's the reincarnation of an 88 year old grandma, with her memories intact!

    Enjoying green tea on the veranda, a taste for pickles, and an old-fashioned dialect, all inclusive!

    Why has she been reincarnated? And what happened to the things and loved ones she left behind?

    A comedy full of old-wives wisdom.
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    Neneko was a "hikikomori" girl who was afraid of her surroundings because she was possessed by a "Kuda-fox". One day, she received a letter asking her, 'Will you come to our clinic to work as a miko?' Looking for a clue on how to exorcise the "Kuda-fox", Neneko started working at the clinic that specialises in exorcising evil spirits. Miko x Shikigami x Bindings! The bindings-type master servant love comedy begins!
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    Hajime has lived in fear of the monsters lurking in the shadows that only he can see. But after meeting a mysterious shadow girl who pledges to help him face his fears, he's dragged into the secret world of ninjas.
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    A little girl gets sent to another world where she does her best.


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    Light Novel (Bookwalker): Japanese
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    A screwball ecchi romantic comedy about a young potential mangaka dealing with assistants who are his sisters as they are madly in love with him.

    Portuguese / Português:
    Uma excêntrica comédia romântica sobre um jovem mangaká com potencial que lida com assistentes que são suas irmãs, e que também são loucamente apaixonadas por ele.
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    I, Tendou Haru, who was aiming to become a mangaka, somehow became a winner in life; super-rich bishoujo elementary school student, Nijou Touka, was a big fan of mine and, on top of that, she said that she was going to be my patron. Just like that, my ideal lifestyle of living off of someone had started.

    Portuguese / Português:
    Tendou Haru, que de alguma forma buscava se tornar um mangaká, se tornou um vencedor na vida, pois uma linda e super rica estudante do primário, Nijou Touka, era uma grande fã sua e, além disso, ela disse que o bancaria. Deste jeito, seu novo estilo de vida, de viver às custas de alguém, começou.
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    Follow the life of cat-girl Kurona and her friends as they meet other monsters, demons and spirits - learning how to deal with them...and with humans! [MU]

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    Well, I was reincarnated! And my father is a former hero? And my mother is a queen of the spirits!? With my knowledge of my past life and my powers in this world... I'll protect my family's happiness!

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    Little girls that look like little animals – Kon-chan, as well as her friends Baru-chan and Yume-chan. They live in the care of a human father in order to grow up, and have a very fun and exciting daily life.

    A wonderful, cute, soft and fluffy story.
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    One day, a corporate slave, Reiji, suddenly got transported to another world. He made the best of his skills to make better potions which earned him lots of money and with that money, made a drugstore! An Elf who has trouble aiming with his bow? Give him some eye-drops! A Dragon who always let breathes out fire unintentionally? Don't worry, we have cough medicine for you! Reiji's new, fun, slow life as a pharmacist in a village drugstore starts now!!

    Alternative Raw
    Japanese Light Novel: Bookwalker
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    Though 4th year elementary school student Aikawa Himeno has feelings for her classmate Ouji-kun, then why can't she properly express her feelings? Is she going too fast? Is he unable to pick up her cues? The story of a slightly precocious love comedy. ♪
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    Before I realized, I had become the guardian of a dungeon, a Demon Lord. I was suddenly in a dangerous world with giant monsters loitering around, fighting for their existence, so I thought to go about developing the dungeon in order to not die but —- for some reason I was having quite the good time…. How did it turn out like this?

    The protagonist, Yuki, having to live in that world now, uses his bold and sharp senses and spends time with a supreme dragon girl and a vampire girl; Sometimes laughing, sometimes being angry, passing days doing what he likes.

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    Kazuya Kagami never goes anywhere without the precious “Sakura Obi” his mother gave him. One day a beautiful, kimono-clad girl named Kiriha appeared before him. Kiriha naturally began to live with Kazuya in his room. Then there’s Chisato, Kazuya’s childhood friend with glasses and a ponytail, who meddles in his affairs. Soon there’s also an overprotective older sister who seems to want to take baths with him. Jumble in a huge-chested priestess, a good-looking sorceress named Kokuyoura, beautiful women, and hot girls, and Kazuya’s happy, embarrassing, confusing life begins…

    Russian / Русский

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    A 25-year-old guy has been thinking about his wasted school years when suddenly he is back in his adolescence in elementary!!
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    The enormous cave system, known as the Abyss, is the last unexplored place in the world. Nobody knows how deep down goes this titanic pit, inhabited by strange and wondrous creatures and full of mysterious ancient relics which purpose in unknown to modern man. Generations of bold adventurers have been drawn by the cryptic depths of the Abyss. In course of time those brave enough to explore the dangerous pit came to be known as "Delvers."

    In Orth, the town at the edge of the Abyss, there lives a little orphan named Riko, who dreams of becoming as great a delver as her mother was and solving the great mystery of the pit. One day, exploring the murky depths, she stumbles upon a little boy who turns out to be a robot…

  • Nominated for the 11th Manga Taisho Awards in 2018.

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    Jahy-sama (pronounced jah-hee) is an existence to be feared and respected throughout the Demon Realm.

    Well, was.

    The (former) Demon Realm No. 2 is now busy with house chores and the human realm! Her dinner is just beansprouts, and she can't afford anything except water at cafes, but she won't get discouraged!

    Note: Jahy's shirt says '魔界復興', which seems to translate to 'Demon Realm Restoration'.

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    The story follows the High-schooler Futsu Jintarou, whose confession was rejected by his crush.

    His misfortune continues, as news of a gender-change disease turns Jintarou into a beautiful silver haired girl. The shock of it causes him (her) to try to escape from reality by playing the VRMMO, Clan/Clan…

    His game character Taru uses the same girl appearance as in the Real and the Alchemy skill, which most players call a trash skill.

    He meets lots of fellow adventurers, and becomes stronger within the game world of Clan/Clan’s slogan, ‘When one becomes an adventurer, they can fight, steal, control, explore, invent, create, and do anything as they like’.

    He meets a wide variety of adventurers that help him(her) grow, Taru hides what happened to his(her) appearance as a bug to his friends who also play the game, and hides the fact that he(she) had become a girl in real life.

    When summer break is over, he(she) will have to show their face at school.

    This is about one of the best National-class adventurers, the story of the Alchemist who won a war without even taking a single step.

    When a normal high school student suddenly turns into a beautiful girl, what would they do?

    The answer is to that is to become a net-game addict!
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    • 271
    Douglas, once known in legend as the strongest magician.

    But now he is called old man, as his health slowly crumbles. Beyond just suffering from a mysterious disease that slowly, but permanently, saps his health if he uses magic, the hero's party forces him out and the adventurer's guild strips him of membership.

    Thus, in the middle of an aimless solitary journey, the ex-adventurer Douglas encounters a cursed girl, Ravi.


    Artist's Twitter: @fumi_tadaura
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    Here in the year 2×××, technology advanced by leaps and bounds in VR exceed beyond imagine.While at first it was a little strange soon became a commonplace thing in Japan. By the recommendation of my twin sisters Hibari and Hitaki, I found myself playing the VRMMO [REAL & MAKE]. While being taught playing this new game by these two people... I discovered a game that does not require to be played like others. Single-mindlessly playing or hunting, taming with full of charm, producing realistic feats with dexterity, or cooking realistic cuisine with house-husband force.It is the story of being watched by players and AI inhabitants of the bulletin board.
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    Sunghoon was a normal high schooler until one day, he finds out he is engaged to a tiger from Korean mythology. It is foretold that the world will end unless Sunghoon marries the tiger. This story begins with the cute smile of the tiger girl.

    Notice: This series reads like a manga, from right-to-left.
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    The enormous cave system, known as the Abyss, is the last unexplored place in the world. Nobody knows how deep down goes this titanic pit, inhabited by strange and wondrous creatures and full of mysterious ancient relics which purpose in unknown to modern man. Generations of bold adventurers have been drawn by the cryptic depths of the Abyss. In course of time those brave enough to explore the dangerous pit came to be known as "Delvers."

    In Orth, the town at the edge of the Abyss, there lives a little orphan named Riko, who dreams of becoming as great a delver as her mother was and solving the great mystery of the pit. One day, exploring the murky depths, she stumbles upon a little boy who turns out to be a robot…
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    A girl was given to an oni as a sacrifice, however, he had merely asked for a servant. Since the oni in question is against child labour and she has no place to go, he decides to make her his temporary "wife" in name. So the young girl and the cheerful oni begin their warm (married?) life together.

    Ogro-san disse aos aldeões que precisava de uma emprega e os aldeões enviaram até ele uma pequena garota como "sacrifício". Vendo o mal-entedido que tinha se formado, ele diz a garota para voltar pra casa, mas ela o diz que não tem para onde voltar, então ele a oferece uma chance de ficar com ele sendo sua "esposa temporária".
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    Satou Shiki, a university student, was suddenly stabbed by a slasher only to be reincarnated in Labyrinth City. In this other world, he who has awakened to [Appraisal] and [Healing Magic] does a lot of “things”.

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