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Students at the Military Academy in the 15th Hierarchical City of Torifune are studying in order to become officers or soldiers for the Novus Orbis Librarium. Mai Natsume is a boy who was transformed into a girl and she spends most of her time hanging out with her fellow female classmates. They get into loads of quirky situations that are only made more bizarre by the magic dispersed in grimoires and other objects in the school. This is a manga based on the BlazBlue fighting games. Many characters from the BlazBlue game appear at the Academy.
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Ralph, the Tyrannosaurus, is the king of the dinosaurs. However, because of a meteorite's impact, Ralph is sent 60 million years into the future only to possess the body of a honours student, Mikobayashi Kana.
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Balance Policy is about Masaomi, a young boy who is trying to restore his friendship with Kenji-kun, a boy who has been changed in an unspecified manner into a girl with newest science technology in order to help maintain the human population after some kind of fertility failure worldwide resulting in the birth of few girl babies.

From TS Anthology Change H!
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Our protagonist, Moji Shimeta, just so happens to fulfill the stereotype for being a worthless human. His inability to carry out a conversation has left him at the bottom of the barrel as far as friends are concerned.

That Shimeta fell in love with the school idol Ishikawa Yuuko, however that kind of love is absolutely, perfectly, and completely impossible. During this time, the messenger of the gods, Osaki, appeared to grant Moji's request with a price attached concerning Moji's cooperation in catching some runaway evil spirits. However to catch them all, Osaki uses Moji as a vessel to become a servent of Uganomitamanokami (aka Inari) called Youko. Lots of Ecchi situations and humiliation abound at Moji's expense.
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Eita Chinami who aims to be a man among men accidentally drinks a very expensive magical medicine that changes his gender. And the only way she (formerly he) can change back to normal is to buy again that very expensive medicine. And his friend tells him the fastest way to do that is to become an idol.
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Aliens? Magicians? What does this mean for a world where espers are fundamental to the pillars of society?
As a mysterious maiden falls from the sky, the only thing that is certain is that she is moe as fuck.
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Mia’s dream was to become the perfect wife but when that dream was about to come true... she meets and swaps bodies with a SPY. Now Mia is trapped in a man’s body and on top of that he is the legendary Ice Cold SPY who has extraordinary powers!
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One afternoon, while Makoto is at a library reading a picture book with his younger sister, he is transported into the picture book. When he wakes up, he finds himself inside the world of Alice in Wonderland and that he has become Alice! In order to return home, Makoto learns that he has to defeat the King of Hearts, and so begins a journey to the King of Hearts’ castle.
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One day, due to God's mistake, Tomoaki Akinoi's life was accidentally snatched away. Though he gratefully accepted the cheat offered as an apology and reincarnated, he was reborn as a female elf! Then time passed, and Tomoaki now works as the intelligent and beautiful receptionist named Ilya in the Luneville branch of the Guild Association. In a world of swords and magic, her job in the guild begins today.
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As a child, Yashiro Nonoyama developed an intense fear of men due to boys constantly bullying her. Now in high school, she dreams of being reunited with her first love: a girl who protected her one day from her bullies. Yashiro is in disbelief when a transfer student named Mikoto Saionji arrives who looks a lot like her first love, but she later discovers that Mikoto is actually a guy, and that he was her first love. Yashiro learns that Mikoto is rapidly turning into a girl, and the only way to counteract this change is for them to passionately make out with each other every day.
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Mori and Ayumu are a homosexual couple in college in a happy relationship. However, after Ayumu prays at a shrine for them to always be together, the shrine's deity intervenes by turning him into a girl, and now everyone except for them think Ayumu has always been a girl.
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The story revolves around a little girl named Kohina. Kohina ends up summoning a Kokkuri-san, a low-ranking ghost in Japanese folklore. The Kokkuri-san she calls turns out to be a white-haired handsome, young man. At first he had intended to merely haunt her, but soon he becomes worried about her terrible eating habit of cup ramen for every meal. He later decides to haunt her in order to protect her.
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Mitsuha is a young girl living in a rural town named Itomori and is fed up with her life. One day, her family and friends notice she's suddenly acting strange. Little do they know, a high school boy from Tokyo named Taki Tachibana found himself randomly switching places with her when he fell asleep. But he has no clue how to act as a high school girl in an unfamiliar place!

This is the story of the hit novel Kimi no Na wa. from the perspective of Mitsuha's friends and family as they deal with her strange new quirks—and avoid disaster.
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They call her Saintess, a mystical and beautiful holy figure that guides the nation. Suddenly one day, her body has switched with a flippant, crude womanizer! To conceal the emergency, she’s sent to hide at a college as a normal student. But how is that possible with a scheme to get rid of her and all these hearts aflutter at school?!
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After his father's dojo gets crushed by a man, a boy named Raichi aims to become the strongest fighter. Years later after becoming the champion, he still isn't satisfied. He finds an underground fighting ring where fighters have special abilities. The underground champion is the man who crushed the dojo! However, Raichi gets defeated before he could even face him. A strange creature offers Raichi the ability to heal wounds so he can fight against those special humans. It worked ... but he's been turned into a girl too!
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Shimura Kyuuchi, a high school boy, tries to save a cat and dies, only to wake up in the body of a catgirl in a desperate situation. With monsters attacking him, will he ever learn what is going on?
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Takao Hongauchi is a creepy, 28-year-old geek who's lived his whole life without ever going on a single date. After getting into a bicycle accident, he wakes up to find himself in the body of a college girl... a girl with a name very similar to his: Tacao Hongauchi. Apparently, their souls have been switched, and he has to go on a date with this girl's boyfriend, Tsubasa! At first, Takao doesn't know what to do... His new body reacts from muscle memory, and every time he sees Tsubasa, his heart starts pounding! Who knew it'd feel so good to be in a girl's body...?
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A long time ago there was a princess who was not afraid of the silver demon. Now after several years she has been reincarnated...
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Web Novel Raw
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A young, spunky, fearless girl named Sang is searching for the Demon School Hades. She runs into a group of misfit monsters who are all ditching classes from the same school. Sang convinces them to take her to the school ... and, since only monsters are allowed in, she 'monsterizes' herself by letting one of the misfits - a vampire - bite her. Sound pretty cool? Then welcome to the world of PhD!
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Theo has a wish, he wishes to be reborn. What if his wish came true, but he's reborn as a very cute girl? ✨ Updates twice a month.✨
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A lone wolf student with a good looking face, but a nasty personality.

Seeing Tsuki cry because the "person he likes died", Satori volunteers to introduce girls to him. At first Tsuki wasn't interested, but the time spent with Satori gradually became special to him.
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Yuriko who's in love with the Perfect School Prince Akira, meets Her mishap. Her body got swapped with an unknown uncle on the way home. What's more, the uncle identity is the father of a man who's one She loved. Thus I become a Daddy Figure of Person that I like!

Heart-Pounding Pseudo-Family under one roof with her favorite guy (in the body of an uncle ...) Romantic-comedy!

Raw : Digital Gangan Comics ONLINE
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Joonha is a normal, healthy boy of sixteen who has cruised through life without too many problems.

Imagine his surprise when a recent trip to the bathroom suddenly reveals that he's not normal at all! With a shriek of "Oh, my Gosh!!!," he finds himself missing, well, something he never thought he could live without. The impact is too much for poor Joonha and he soon passes out.

While in his half-conscious state, he overhears the incredible truth: his family is abnormal in the weirdest possible way. After puberty, their chromosomes undergo some kind of mutation, which converts their bodies into the opposite sex! Which means his father is really a woman who has been living as a man since the gene change took place. Now Joonha has to leave behind 16 years of life as a man and live as a woman. What will his childhood friend Jinhoo and the girl he has always liked, Heewon, say when they find out?!
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Taki Tachibana is a high school student from Tokyo who one day finds himself waking up in an unfamiliar house and even more disturbing, as a girl he never saw before...or has he? This is a fan creation of the unseen events of the movie Kimi no Na wa focusing on the difficulties Taki found himself in when in Mitsuha's body.

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    This is a tale full of wonderful Ancient Chinese legends. A group of beautiful female fox demons lived at the base of a mystical mountain. Among these foxes is the very special Caisheng, a little fox girl with the ability to change into a male fox demon when she matures and allow the continuation of her species. One day, she secretly went into a nearby human village and befriended a boy named Duoxi and a girl named Xiaoque, and when the little fox child is attacked by a dog, the two human children saved her! Now the two children are marked, and will remain so -- even in their reincarnated lives -- until Caisheng repays her debt to them...

    Two hundred years later, Caisheng not only becomes the most powerful fox demon but also has mastered the art of gender transformation. She begins her search for her saviors' reincarnations: the boy now known as Yunshi, and the girl as Ping'er. Not knowing Caisheng's true identity, Yunshi falls in love with the female Caisheng, and Ping'er with the male Caisheng! But Yunshi is a priest whose duty is to destroy all of the demons... what will he do when he discovers Caisheng's true nature? And whom will Caisheng choose in the end?

    (Clarifying note: Very low smut content)
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    I'm Yuu Takamine. Thanks to my dad suddenly getting a job transfer overseas, I've transferred... to a boys' school?! They won't be co-ed until next year, so for one year, I have to pretend to be a boy?! There's no way I can do that! If I get caught, I'll be kicked out! And I'm surrounded by guys, so it's like a reverse harem every day at school! But there's one boy I'm interested in...! What should I do?! I can't stop being a lovestruck girl at heart! Experience Yuu's exciting crossdressing school love life in this series of collected short stories.
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    Ryuuko and Sakurai Mei were childhood friends. After being separated for several years, Ryuuko returns with the intention of confessing to Sakurai. To his surprise, Sakurai is changed from a cheerful girl to a gloomy loner. Fortunately, a miracle happens; they body swap! Now, it's his chance to help Sakurai regain her shining smile.

    Nakamura Ryuuko y Sakurai Mei son amigos de la infancia. Después de varios años alejados uno de otro, Ryuuko regresa con la intención de confesar su amor por ella. Pero cuando se reencuentran Sakurai Mei no es la misma chica alegre y brillante que sol� a ser sino una solitaria y sombr� a. Luego de un hecho inesperado Ryuuko se propone a volver hacerla sonre� r como en los viejos tiempos pero ¿Un cambio del destino de encargará de lograrlo?
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    Sometimes, Kougyoku wishes that Judar were a girl - if he were, they could be friends, right? But you should be careful what you wish for...
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    Sequel to Divine Melody. Caisheng, the half demon fox god who can change gender at will, wanders the Earth looking for her lost lover's reincarnation, Wei Tzequi. Wei Tzequi, a former divine being, was banished from the heavens for breaking the rules, but Caisheng refuses to give up hope she will meet him again.

    But finding Wei Tzequi is only the start of Caisheng's troubles. Other beings, both demons and gods alike, want her for their own reasons. Some see Caisheng as the salvation for their own race, while others want to kill her for their own nefarious purposes. Even a fox-god from the heavens, Yuer, finds himself intensely curious with Caisheng, and decides he will take her back to the heavens in order to marry her. In order to survive, Caisheng must muster what allies she can so she can continue to wander - and find the one person she has spent so many years seaching for.
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    When Ami Won’s mother was still alive, she always told her to grow up to be an exemplary woman. And the chance presents itself now that her dad has been elected President of Korea. Thus begins this klutzy girl’s transformation into the girl her mother had always hoped she’d become.

    However, in the spotlight and imbued with a kind of social power she never expected, Ami is now beset on all sides by the jealous and the dismayed. Her cousin Bi-Na leads this parade. Bi-Na considers herself naturally charismatic and infinitely more charming than Ami Won, so she feels she deserves the role as Korea’s First Lady.
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    Fujinomiya Satoru is a pretty girl from Tokyo, transferring to a countryside middle school. There, she catches the attention of a boy named Okami Hayato who develops a crush on her. But little does Okami know that the real reason why Satoru transferred is because there is an old curse on her she's trying to break.  (From: MAL)
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    Miaka Yuuki is an ordinary junior-high student who is suddenly whisked away into the world of a book, The Universe Of The Four Gods. There she becomes the priestess of the god Suzaku, and is charged with finding all seven of her Celestial-Warrior protectors.

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