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Thermal Blood is the quintessential sentai hero. However, a surprise attack by an enemy causes his body to be... changed.
His old hot-blooded persona unable to work with his new body, he must take a different venue for fighting crime...
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September 11, 197x, In the whole Kantou region a magnitude 8-9 violent earthquake occurred. Scholars called it the great destruction of the Showa Era, but the people called it the earthquake from hell! Volcanoes erupted, buildings crumbled, Tokyo became decimated in a single day. The government, after failing to recover the city, abandons Tokyo and moves the capital. The survivors form a society with no laws. In this harsh lawless world emerges Jack, a 10 foot giant who annihilates anyone and anything in his path. The manga details his journey.

The numbering is from the Complete Edition, with around 20 Chapters per volume.
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His Majesty comes too close. He is so handsome that the embarrassed Empress pushes him away reflexively and falls with him together into the pond. It was then they swapped their bodies. The way to swap back is unknown. The most important thing is that the emperor is quite angry now!!

Before everything could return to normal, Emperor has to deal with his mean imperial concubines that he never really known and the Empress now has to mediate between those Ministers.
Having misunderstood each other, they learn to love and trust. To become husband and wife, and to love without doubt.

(The rest of the chapters are Completed officially by Webcomics)

Official Animation Page: Bilibili - No Doubt in Us
Official English: WebComics, MangaToon, Tapas
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A boy who used to be abusive to girls wakes up one day as one.

"I'll go back being a boy soon," he thought, however that was not the case. Follow Akira as he grows and learns little by little to accept the puzzling changings in her surroundings and her heart.


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In exchange for clearing off the royal family’s huge debt, Princess Violet was sent to marry Winter, the duke’s illegitimate son.

“I’ve never seen such a wonderful man before in my life.” Although Violet fell in love with her husband at first sight, their arranged marriage was destined to fail from the beginning.

“If it were easy, I wouldn’t have come here. Just this once together…..”

“Do you realize how much money has been moved while you’ve stood here, wasting my time?”

Three years later, Violet wasn’t sure such a busy man would even bother to attend her funeral. When she decided to end it all…

“What’s going on….” Violet blankly stared at herself in the bedroom’s full-body mirror. The person staring back at her was her husband, Winter Blooming. Why did they switch bodies?

“I guess I’ve really gone crazy now.”
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A series of natural disasters has reduced the world to rubble, with the survivors doing whatever they must to survive in a world gone mad. But one young boy, Kakugo, gifted with amazing martial arts and a superpowerful suit of armor by his late father, has been charged with making the world (or at least his school) a safer place. But his sister has a matching set of skills and equipment, and she`s on a mission to bring peace to the world... by wiping out humanity!
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What would happen if you were your own girlfriend? One night, Luo Yuchen gained the ability to transform into a beautiful girl. As he was adjusting to his newfound power, the mysterious girl who caused all this chaos finally showed up! Now, his day to day life has become a complete mess!
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I am cute, but I was a middle-aged researcher in my previous life?!
Surviving in another world with magic and sciences!!

The orphan Ren was riding the carriage after being sold, when she got involved into an accident, and got her previous life's memories back!

"I was... a middle-aged man!"

Indeed, she was a researcher in his thirties in her previous life, and had been living as an orphan girl up to now!

Ren will make use of her talents in magic and knowledge in science to survive in this harsh world in order to escape from the investor who bought her!

Ren, a ten year old orphan girl, was en route to being delivered to a corrupt merchant. However, bandits attacked the carriage she was on and caused it to plummet down the sides of a cliff. But the impact from the accident awoken her memories from a past life. She was from a world called Earth, and was once a male researcher in his mid-thirties who had died in an explosion resulting from an experiment gone awry. According to her memories for the past ten years, she had reincarnated in another world after dying and grew up in an orphanage. In order to escape a future where she would be enslaved by the merchant, Ren will draw upon the knowledge from her past life and magic aptitude for all elements, to create new forms of magic and survive in a harsh, new world alone.

Adapted from Web Novel
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Promoted at the speed of light, the star of JK Electronics, the ultimate career woman, yet always forever alone Cha Ju An!

Kind, honest, full of vitality, and with the looks and physique to rival a model, yet bumbling fool Yoo Do Jin!

With such different personalities, one day these two… #suddenly #withoutwarning #during #officehours switched souls?!!!

Due to this switch, their lives are made a mess!!
But what is the reason for this switch?
And that reason is to match these two up by force!

By the same author as What's Wrong with Secretary Kim.
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An omnibus collection of interconnected short stories by Douman Seiman.
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A clap of thunder on a clear day sent depressed salaryman Qiu Yi ten years into the past. Now, with the opportunity to revisit highschool as a girl and interact with her former friends...and her former self...she'll encounter action, occasional romance, more tangential subplots than you can shake a stick at...and just maybe, the possibility of changing history for the better.
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In this world, when human beings reach the age of 12, their bodies gradually change to the genders they wish to be. And by the time they are 14 years old, their appearances change to reflect their genders. But by spring of my eighteenth year, I am still without a gender...
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From the author of Beelzebub.

Taiga is the heir to a Buddhist temple, while Anna is the poster child of the neighboring church. Normally these two star-crossed lovers would be just that. However, one day, Taiga discovers that Anna's church has a plan to resurrect a certain French aristocrat...
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Boys grow up fast…

The main character, Fujiwara Itsuki, quickly grew up and have now become a splendid high school girl! … Huh?!

Appearing in front of her is her close friend, Ritsu, who has just come back from studying abroad and the days pass on while she continues to leave her identity undisclosed… Where will their relationship head towards after this?!

  • Official Thailand Translation
  • Official Taiwanese Translation
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    An arranged marriage that ends in a body swap?! The quiet Princess Elissa has lived a miserable life thus far. To get away from it all she agrees to marry the war tyrant, Duke Ginger of Landall Kingdom. But by some evil curse, the new couple wakes up in each other's bodies! Between royal functions to attend and getting used to their physical changes, can they keep their cool long enough to find a way to switch back? Or will they be stuck like this forever?! Based on the hit novel.

    Elijah, la princesa del Reino de Grandia, su único objetivo en la vida era sobrevivir. Estaba casada con el duque de Gwen Ginger, un loco de Landel. Esperaba recibir amor, pero él ni siquiera le prestó atención. Entonces, un día, comenzó la maldición.
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    What is it like to be pushed down by the disciple you raised with your own hands? The Chaos Master of the Immortal and Demonic Worlds has taken the King of the Qilin Clan as his disciple by mistake, and is treated with love by his disciple? But she has the important task of saving the three worlds and is too busy to fall in love!
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    A romantic comedy of uncertain characters. Saginomiya Ryou, the main character, woke up as a girl one day because of the effects of an unknown sex change syndrome. Ryou, now living with this rare syndrome, meets Mizukami Nagisa on a tour of Tensei Gakuen high school. As the two find each other in a cosplay cafe, Ryou discovers Nagisa's secret.

    A (physical) mixed romantic comedy!

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    Ever since he was a boy, Matsuri Kazamaki has worked as an exorcist. Because his childhood friend Suzu Kanade attracts malicious spirits called ayakashi like moths to a flame, Matsuri is tasked with slaying any with ill intentions.

    One day, an ayakashi named Shirogane notices the budding romance between these two childhood friends. Eager to both devour Suzu and foil Matsuri’s chance at love, he performs a forbidden spell...

    The newest series by Kentaro Yabuki, creator of Black Cat and artist behind To Love Ru and Darling in the Franxx.

    Russian / Русский:
    Italian / Italiano:
    French / Français:
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    When "Nice Guy" Asai Manatsu's marriage proposal gets rejected, he thinks his day can't get any worse, until a Knight in Skull helmet tries to kill him! He's saved by a beautiful, silver-haired swords-woman and told to flee, but his nice guy impulses are too strong and he saves her from an attack, getting himself killed in the process. As he dies he wishes to be reborn in a world where people won't judge him for taking care of others...
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    Yona Ryouma, a normal high school boy, saves a man from another world at the cost of his own life when a mysterious earthquake occurs. The man, Emillio, uses a potion which apparently saves Ryouma's life. However, he is also changed into a girl in the process. Emillio is actually the prince of this alternate world and he declares Ryouma as his wife, presumably on the context of saving his life. But what about Ryouma's life as a high school boy in his own world? And will he come to accept being the prince's wife?
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    I suddenly got hold of a feather fan, and came to an era of the Three Kingdoms which I completely do not know about. What? Gender equality? Girls can join the army? You, you and you, why are you all girls!? An interesting story unfolds in a familiar and yet, also unfamiliar time. But perhaps this is the Three Kingdoms, the true Three Kingdoms!
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  • Creator-approved translations by Hachirumi Scans.
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    Simo Häyhä's adventures continue after the Winter War.

    In June 1941 Finland launches an attack to reclaim the territories lost to the Soviet Union in what ended up being called the Continuation War.
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    Reid, one of the six great heroes of legend, lost his life during a fight with a demon. Floating around in the afterlife, he met a suspicious goddess who assured him that he would live once again. When Reid opened his eyes, he discovered that he was reborn as a baby. Moreover, as the daughter of his former fellow comrades.

    While Reid initially struggled to become a hero in his former life due to his half-demon heritage, he realizes that he has been reborn as the daughter of the legendary hero and the powerful saint. With the experience he gained from his past life, as well as the talents inherited from her parents, Nicole aims to become a hero yet again.
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  • Creator-approved translations by Hachirumi Scans.
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    His cute kouhai turned into a guy to get closer to him.
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    Tohru Jin is a middle-management employee who has lost his place in a game company. He died in an unfortunate accident, and when he woke, he found himself in the world of a game he had once designed. Now reincarnated as a little girl in "Rune Fantasia". He should be able to live a cheat-like life in this isekai... right?
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    As the master of the School of Unholy Arts and as the undefeated Unmasked Demon, MookHyang unfortunately falls to a strange fantasy world by the magic of his enemies (School of Blood Arts). In the new world of elf, sorcerer, knight, and dragon, MookHyang’s adventure of finding a way back to his old world (Murim) unfolds.

    Russian / Русский

    Brazilian Portuguese / Português Brasileiro
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    He became a magical girl, and his magical girl form fell in love with his buddy.

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    Ye Xuan is a professional attorney, but in the inside he is actually a scum. After an incident when he is toying with a girl, he encountered and made acquaintance with a system....
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    Keidai Saeki is a high school student who remembers his past life in Pompeii, living as the Italian warrior Sirix. His friends around him are all also reincarnated - although they don't quite remember things the way he does. Keidai's wife from the past? She's now a middle school boy - while his best male friend is now a cute girl?!
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    Hinata Tachibana, a beleaguered 32-year-old office worker, and his handsome best friend Tsukasa Jinguuji were summoned to another world by a naked goddess. However, because of the goddess's mischief, Tachibana was turned into a peerless beautiful girl?! To get back his body, he has to go on a journey with his best friend to defeat the demon king!!

    However... will they be able to keep their hands off each other!?

    "An older man that became a beautiful girl" and "A handsome older man"! Let the madness-filled another world journey rom-com begin!!
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    She has everything to prove. He must pretend to be another. In this Empire where everything is about appearance, she is the scapegoat for the whole people. Everyone believes she is cursed because of the color of her hair: black raven hair symbolizing the devil and his curse. Her opponent as Empress is her opposite and has silver hair. But in this world, appearances are very often misleading...

    Official French Translation
    Official Thai Translation
    Official English translation on Comico's Pocket Comics app
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    When I woke up in the morning, my brother became a sister! He thought they were swapped, but only he remains in his sister's form and they look identical!

    French / Français:
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    My first time is getting stolen…?! A geeky boy, and a hot chick… This is our little H change★story?!
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    The protagonist, an egocentric man who's led a successful life as the CEO of a company in modern society is murdered and reborn as a beautiful lady named Parril Hall Mcgryued from a noble family in a fantasy world. Once he wakes up, (now in the body of Parril,) he finds out that he's now in the body of an "inferior being" and that all his wealth, achievements and successful life have vanished. Therefore, he decides to rebuild everything from scratch and make it to the "top of the pyramid" in this parallel world.

    Republished (reboot) Version

  • Korean Raw
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    "When I woke up this morning there was a beautiful girl, but that was... me!?" - Idol Otaku Aisaka Yousuke wakes up one morning and realizes he's now a beautiful girl named Aisaka Yoko. Now with his new appearance and his great Idol knowledge, he will attempt to become the number one idol.
    • -- (8.02)
    • 6,832
    • 132,245
    • 45
    The manga follows an "angelic" beautiful high school girl with a certain secret she has been hiding from everyone, and an idle young male hikikomori (one who abnormally avoids social contact); the highlight of his day is seeing Mari at the convenience store. The story begins as Mari wakes up in her room, but something feels amiss about the room and even her own body.

    Polish / Polski:
    • -- (8.83)
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    • 95
    From a young age, Minami Harusumi has had recurring dreams of Veronica, a princess whose kingdom is on the verge of destruction. He believes them to be recollections of his past life, and that he is her reincarnation. Because of this, he is ridiculed by his classmates. One day, when the mockery escalates into bullying, he rediscovers magic—something Veronica had studied and used. Reassured his past life is not merely a fantasy, Minami tries to learn more about his past memories and the reason behind them...

    Official Polish
    Official Chinese
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    • 288
    A young girl fights on the frontlines in war. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and nearly transparent white skin as she flies through the air and mercilessly strikes down her enemies. Her name is Tanya Degurechaff and speaks with a young girl's lisp while she commands the army. Tanya used to be one of Japan's elite office workers, but because of a wrathful god was reborn as a little girl. Prioritizing optimization and career advancement above all, she will become the most dangerous entity among the Imperial Army's sorcerers.

    Adapted from Light Novel of same name.

    Manga and Light Novel Licensed in English by Yen Press as "The Saga Of Tanya The Evil."

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