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A salaryman's life gets turned upside down due to a dramatic tragedy, and now he is going to have a summer adventure the entire city will never forget.
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A story about an ordinary boy named Mekh, whose life is about to change the moment he accidentally hit the infamous and easily-misuderstood girl named Saran.
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One day Sakura, a socially withdrawn otaku, saves the life of the Amogumi’s leader. How in the world did she become the highest ranking wife?!
The leader declares to the three grandsons that, “The person who defeats Sakura-san will become the next leader”.
The eldest son is weak but kind, the second son seems fierce and aggressive, and the third son is a level-headed intellectual. The three of them are all highly skilled and stubborn in their own ways…
How is this shut-in the ultimate wife?! Jeez, no thank you. “Yakuza Harem”, start!
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Yuri, a college student, is saved by Ouya Toshiomi, the young leader of the Ouya group when she’s being forced into consuming illegal drugs at a party. Since then, even though she doesn’t want to get involved with the internal dealings of the Yakuza, she can’t help but fall for Toshiomi’s surprisingly gentle smile. This is the story of two people who are attracted to each other, but the courtship of a man who lives staking his life may be too fierce and crazy… “Yuri, it might be our last night, so let's get crazy together.”
The most dangerous love ever, begins.
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In their closed-off underground village, Kamina and Shimon chafe at the limits imposed by the village elder. Yet all this will change, when Shimon stumbles across a fantastic device - just as the village's peace is broken by a violent intrusion.
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A continuation of the manga "Ultimate Path Private High School", this story follows Toratora Tora on his quest to become the most notorious gangster in all of Japan. When he encounters Schoolcap Masa, the boss of the Gokumasa family, he immediately admires him and joins the family on their rampages. Full on both laughter and violence, the manga takes reader everywhere from a juvenile reformatory all the way to the halls of the Diet.
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Japan has been ruined for several years, and several "things" roam the cities. The world has ended and the meal begins, and Ryoko's stomach is empty. A menu battle action series begins.
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Kurosaki Mafuyu was a juvenile delinquent and head of her gang before her subsequent arrest got her expelled from high school. Now that she's transferred to a new high school, she's determined to become an "ultra-shiny, super feminine high school student." But with a new friend like Hayasaka-kun and a homeroom teacher like Saeki Takaomi (who may be more than he seems), will Mafuyu really be able to live a girly-girl high school life?
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A collection of short stories based in the Devilman universe written by various authors.

[Full author/artist listing: Egawa Tatsuya, Hagiwara Reiji, Hiromoto Shinichi, Ishikawa Ken, Iwaaki Hitoshi, Kanzaki Masaomi, Kaze Shinobu, Kuroda Iou, Miyama Noboru, Nagai Go, Nagano Noriko, Otomo Katsuhiro, Tajima Sho-U, Terada Katsuya, Tori Miki, Yasuhiko Yoshikazu, Yumeno Kazuko]
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Jo Pae, who is not really a sane boy, in this current era, wants to become emperor of Korea... His first step when he enters high school is to become the leader of the strongest school there is. Unexpectedly, he actually takes down all of the school's yankees.

Jo Pae is now the enemy to kill! All rival schools want his head, whatever the means!
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A shy, bashful, and nervous girl tries to survive in a high school for delinquents. The "abnormal" comedy begins.

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    A story that depicts stray cats as yankees, ready to brawl on the dangerous streets of the city!

    Этот прогнивший мир суров. В нём для защиты собственных территорий не отказываются и помахать кулаками. Однако, их борьба не только из-за упрямства и гордости. В этом мире им не на кого положиться. Жить или умереть – у них с этим всё строго! Ведь они бродячие коты.
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    Shou, a vigilante that's out trying to straighten the corrupt Japanese Government through terrorism with his "One man, One kill" code of action.

    Polish / Polski:
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    What would happen if you took a normal three-year old Japanese kid, flew him to Nevada, and then raised him on stories of feudal Japan? "I'm Doushirou" would happen. Now, twelve years later, Doushirou is back in Japan and is facing the difference between what he's been told all his life and what his own eyes and ears are telling him.
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    “What the hell are you doing, me?”
    Already half of his high school life is over and none of his hopes and dreams have been fulfilled yet…
    This is how Yuuhi Nagi, who has no friends in his classes, has been living his uneventful empty life – until he got dragged into this unexpected crisis!
    This is how the lives of the four people who are most likely to repeat a year, and the person who will help them succeed, are connected.
    This is where this bittersweet coming of age story begins!!
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    From the author of Pashiri na Boku to Koisuru Banchou-san, comes another cute yankee oneshot!
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    A guy fell in love at the first sight with the school #1 delinquent. He steeled himself and asked her out, but...

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    Être la mort n’est pas facile. L’âme du voyou qu’il poursuit est toujours en fuite, il déteste son travail à temps partiel dans un restaurant de ramen et pour couronner le tout, les dieux ont décidé de le renvoyer !
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    Tooru Sawada not only goes to the same school as his young aunt Sugako but has to live with her under the same roof! Somehow Tooru always ends up being dragged into his beautiful and mischievous aunt's pranks and shenanigans.
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    Russian: Манга сингл про любовь между двумя девушками
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    Takahara Jin is a former biker gang delinquent. From the day of his entrance ceremony in High School various problems occur that can get him expelled. From these problems, the power of his arm is noticed and in exchange for not being expelled he must join the baseball club.

    This series follows Jin as he looks away from his past and gives baseball his all.
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    Nishikado Taketora is a high schooler with piercings, blond hair, and scary facial features. Even though he only wants to be normal, he keeps getting involved with yankees. Despite of all that, this fierce tiger spots someone that's totally his type!
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    Retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood story in a modern setting.

    Note: Read from left to right.

    Eric Martin's Twitter: @ericmartinDOOD
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    Class representative Marui, an ordinary high school boy, finds Hachiyo face-down by a river bed. Even though Hachiyo was regarded as the school’s strongest delinquent, Marui secretly has a crush on her. However, when Hachiyo wakes up, she suddenly can’t remember anything about herself?
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    Delinquent girl, Reina, makes ghosts fuck off.
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    Takahiro is the adopted son and secretary of an important Japanese politician. Already uneasy about his position in the eyes of his disapproving father, it doesn't help when Takahiro gets himself kidnapped by American gangsters. While his captors wait for the ransom demand to be met, Takahiro has to while away the days under the watchful eyes of his assigned guard, Jack. As the days turn into weeks, something like friendship develops between them. But will it lead to more...?
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    Yuu developed feelings for Aoyama, who saved from him ex-delinquent days. Everything has been going well until the appearance of Nobunaga who seems hell-bent on ruining Yuu's life. But what is Nobunaga really after…
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    Yuu is a high school kid who doesn't really fit anywhere. To find a place he can belong, be accepted, he will do anything. However one thing leads to another and he is forced to fight to keep his place, his holyland.
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    Kotaro has always admired the life of the "honorable outlaw" that he's seen so often in the yakuza movies of his youth… and it doesn’t hurt that he's set up to inherit his grandfather's role as the local yakuza boss! One day, after witnessing the quiet florist, Toraji, capture a purse-snatcher single-handedly, Kotaro declares him the ideal Big Brother he's always looked for in the syndicate. From that day on, Kotaro stalks Toraji at his flowershop, all the while falling in love. Toraji's dark past, including a criminal record from his affiliation with the yakuza, has hardened his heart against relationships…but will the ever-doting Kotaro help plant the seed of love to blossom once more?
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    Aki tries to find the guy who helped him at the station three days ago. The only clues he has are the showy blond hair, the school uniform, and the weird stuffed toy.
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    Yue Yao, AKA Bai Fei, is disguised as a man and hiding among the largest underground family in the city — the Ling Family — to become the Young Master's right-hand person. Using her identity as a 'brother,' she became acquainted with the carefree Young Master Ling Ye, until a particular assignment arrives where Ah Fei, who is dressed as a woman, couldn't resist her own inner desires and kissed Ling Ye while drunk...
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    Author's Twitter: @ishigamiakira_k
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    In a city where the law has been rendered non-existent, Yuki and his best friend Tetsu break into the offices of the Seidoukai to steal, in a desperate attempt to finance his ailing brother's hospital bills. They ultimately fail but instead spark the interest of the mob's young leader, Kazutaka Hyodo, who offers Yuki a deal he can't refuse: pay him a visit at his office once a week and all hospital bills will be taken care of. Yuki accepts without hesitation and in order to keep his end of the deal, starts paying Hyodo the visits he asked for...

    Note: From volume 6 onward chapter numbering diverges from the magazine version.
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    Kirara is seen as a cute and girly boy by others. However, he wants to be a cool and manly guy! So when two tall and cool boys move in nearby, he starts to follow them around to learn how to be manly. As they grow up together, Kirara realizes that his feelings towards the younger brother, Ken, isn't just simple friendship.
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    Follow the adventures of Zack, a crazy boy with even crazier strength who loves to fight! What starts out as an innocent boxing match soon leads Zack into the world of invincible demon-possessed teenagers, acid-spewing mutants, and craven, bloodthirsty cultists! If you're looking for a manga that just bleeds insanity, then you've found it!
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    New Student by the name of Masato Takasaka transfers to a school full of delinquents which is currently undergoing a battle between the various student activities committees, his fleeting expectations of delicate and loving school girls and a peaceful school life go out the window, the moment he meets the declared queen of the school Onizuka while walking down a hallway, what will happen to the school life he dreams of in this romantic/comedy of two unlikely partners in school full of delinquents.
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    Guren High is where all the biggest and baddest delinquents hang out, so it's the perfect place to recruit some of Earth's mightiest warriors to fight off an alien invasion, right? There seems to be a misunderstanding, though; they're only the heroes in delinquent manga, and that's where recruiter Harmony learned everything she knows about Earth!

    Note: This series is published in Comic Gene, a shoujo magazine which is marketed as "shonen manga for female readers". Please do not edit the demographic to shonen or seinen.
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    Delinquent student Torao is tired of losing to the school's top dog, Inudzuka Ryouhei. One day, before his latest challenge, Torao accidentally drinks something from a vending machine that turns him into a girl! Worse yet, Inudzuka has fallen completely head over heels for her! What will Torao, now Torako, do to change back and ward off Inudzuka's advances?
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    Always-surrounded-by-friends Ryuunosuke and lone wolf Kagetora are leaders of opposing teams and they have a cat-and-dog relationship.

    One day, they end up doing erotic things: "This can't be. I'm sharing a secret with this guy." There are also plans to move far away, and things get complicated. As these two who cannot seem to grow up consider their friends, hometown, family and their feelings for each other, they take their first clumsy steps into love.

    This volume also contains the story of adult love between a younger manga artist and his Do-M editor! Even though his body was held captive "for the sake of producing ero manga", the manga artist discovers a pleasure switch that even he didn't know about…

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