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This dark and intense drama is set in a boy's high school where Kujo becomes the official leader of a gang. Kujo must constantly defend his position by playing a dangerous rooftop game with the other boys vying for his position. This manga has also been made into a film which has shown in various festivals throughout the world.
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Akumetsu is the story of Shou, a vigilante that's out trying to straighten the corrupt Japanese Government through terrorism with his "One man, One kill" code of action.
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This school is known for its football club Ranzan, a refuge from the heads of the largest departments. To avoid disbanding the club, the manager using the new football coach: Tetsuo Kuroki. He will choose to form teams with the strongest students. And indeed, four of them come to integrate the school. Among them Shingo Narita, a student is turbulent but not a bad person who does not hesitate to fight to defend his colleagues. When he proposed to join the soccer club, a sport he practiced a few years ago, his enthusiasm took over. Through sport, Professor Kuroki will teach them that there are other solutions that come from a single blow
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A story about an ordinary boy named Mekh, whose life is about to change the moment he accidentally hit the infamous and easily-misuderstood girl named Saran.
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Hiroshi Shinanogawa is a teenager who loves reading mangas about delinquents. He wants to be a badass like the guys in his favorite comics: "Rokudenashi BLUES", "Shounan Bousouzoku," "Crows" and "WORST." In his last summer of middle school, he decides to become a delinquent. He leaves his prestigious private school and drops out to start living as a delinquent. Now he is a member of the gang that rules Komae Kita Middle School, hiding the fact that he is a noob at being a delinquent. He stays and fights together with Iguchi Tatsuya, a leader of a gang and a delinquent who Hiroshi aims to become like.
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Jo Pae, who is not really a sane boy, in this current era, wants to become emperor of Korea... His first step when he enters high school is to become the leader of the strongest school there is. Unexpectedly, he actually takes down all of the school's yankees.

Jo Pae is now the enemy to kill! All rival schools want his head, whatever the means!
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A story where students face off against teachers to bring down the tyrannical education system.
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The romantic relationship between a naive yankee girl and a boy with seemingly no common sense.
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Tooru Sawada not only goes to the same school as his young aunt Sugako but has to live with her under the same roof! Somehow Tooru always ends up being dragged into his beautiful and mischievous aunt's pranks and shenanigans.
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Megumi Amatsuka, a rough and tumble nine-year-old boy, always dreamt of becoming the "manliest man on earth." Upon receiving a book of magic from a sorcerer whom he saved from a group of local thugs, Megumi summons a genie in order to make a wish. But due to a sick twist of fate, the genie turns out to be an evil one, and Megumi winds up being the "womanliest woman on earth"! Six years later... Megumi is the most desirable girl in school, but deep within her hot-mama facade is the same trash-talkin,' punk-stompin' boy.
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Tentai Senshi Sunred is a powerful, battle tested hero of many years. He has sold his super bike, which is seen in the opening credits. Now he smokes a lot, is effectively unemployed, and lives by the grace of his girlfriend, Kayoko Uchida. His arch enemies in the Evil Florsheim Army are still trying to take over the world. Under the direction of their local leader, Vamp, they help members of the community, run a cooking show, assist Kayoko Uchida whenever possible, and try to attack the ever powerful Sunred.

All in all, a light parody of the japanese Henshin Hero generation.

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    Kazuki has always felt a barrier between her and her mother because her father, who died when she was still a child, was someone her mother hated; she wasn't a child born out of love. One day, Kazuki is persuaded by a friend to meet Hiroko-san, the girlfriend of the head of the motorcycle gang "NIGHTS". And there, she meets Haruyama...
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    The story of Kuraku Asuka, a tough junior high student who gets involved with the gang scene in the Kabuki Chou Ichibangai, a rough area of Tokyo.

    Adapted into 1987 OVA.
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    After a four-year absence, Ishida Kotori (QP) returns to the city where even his face instills fear amongst the locals. Trying desperately to move away from his once violent past and live an honest life, former classmate and now high profile gang member, Azuma Ryou, has other plans for QP's future..
    QP: Soul of Violence is written by Takahashi Hiroshi and set within the same universe as his other works, Crows and Worst.
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    This is the story of a terrible kidnapping and gang rape crime committed against a 17-old-girl, by 17-year-old boys. Why did such a thing happen? Why was no one able to prevent it?

    BIG WARNING: Not for the faint hearted, based on a real life case.
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    The One Year War is entering its final stages and the Federation is finally catching up to The Principality of Zeon with Mobile Suit production. The only problem is that Federation pilots are inexperienced. To help solve this problem, the Federation drafted instructor corps to train pilots. These corps have only the cream of the crop as the members. And here is where the Canadian country ace, Yuji Alkana, takes the stage, as he is enveloped in a conspiracy weaved in the Federation ranks.
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    Harumichi Bouya transfers to a Suzuran mid-year, but this isn't just any school, it is known as Crow High, where all the delinquent students attend. Bouya just wants to be the number one fighter in school and in doing so he sets off a chain of events of high school gang warfare in the area.
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    In their closed-off underground village, Kamina and Shimon chafe at the limits imposed by the village elder. Yet all this will change, when Shimon stumbles across a fantastic device - just as the village's peace is broken by a violent intrusion.
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    16 years ago, Japan was swept by a series of natural disasters that destroyed all modern society. Momoka lives with her grandmother who makes a living selling pieces of the old technology. It's Momoka's job to dig up the "treasure" from the junk yard. But, things get harder since some punk mutant(?) oni claim the junk yard as their own. The battle is on as Momoka battles the oni for a piece of the action with her friends Monkey, Dog, and pet bird, Kiji.
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    A salaryman's life gets turned upside down due to a dramatic tragedy, and now he is going to have a summer adventure the entire city will never forget.
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    The story follows the high school delinquent Masaya Funebashi, better known as "Devil Ma-kun" who is trying to reform his image by joining the tea ceremony club.
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    One of the first Super Robot manga and the one that introduced most of the traits of the Mecha genre. Constructed with the Super-Alloy Z, Mazinger was built by Professor Juzo Kabuto as a weapon against the Mechanical Beasts of the evil Dr. Hell. Koji Kabuto, the grandson of Professor Kabuto, becomes the pilot of Mazinger Z when his grandfather is killed, and battles from there on against Dr. Hell and his allies. This is the first series that introduced the concept of a pilot inside a Mecha, which all series from then on have followed.
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    The lead character, Jimmy (Katsuya Oonishi) is an art student at Bara-Gaku ('Bara Juuji Gakuin'; Rose-Cross Academy). When he was little, he almost drowned, but was saved by a tattoo artist. From that day, Jimmy vowed to become a tattoo artist (because tattoos signify 'a hero' to him).

    Jimmy's a decent person by nature, but because of the people he hangs out with, he's considered a delinquent. Banko, his partner-in-crime, is a shrewed kid; he sells information on the popular girls (phone numbers, likes and dislikes, etc) in the area. Despite the delinquent exterior, Banko is actually really smart and has broad general knowledge.

    As the story progresses, Jimmy and Banko meet new people and they form a gang of their own; along the way they bump heads with other gangs from other schools/districts. This manga is not the typical highschool-slice-of-life story; it's got a rougher edge! This manga depicts some high school delinquents trying to get through high school life and gang fights. Okay no, mostly just gang fights.
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    The series is the continuation of the series Crows. The setting is still around the delinquent school, Suzuran.

    Hana Tsukishima is a country boy that recently moved to city. He is a good guy, ingenuous and honest, but he is also very strong. His goal is to become the "strongest student" of a school of thugs led by clan-logic, strength hierarchy and fights.
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    Stories set in QP's universe.
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    Tanaka Manabu is a geeky student, on the way to school he meets a girl carrying a bloody bat. That girl is Ryuuzaki Reina, leader of the school's female delinquents. It's love at first sight. A gag manga (with a combination of 4koma and normal page) about having a yankee dere-dere girlfriend.

    Note: In the title of this series, "yandere" isn't refering to this term, but to the "yankee"+"dere-dere" combination.
    Yandere Kanojo came out in two editions. One is the "magazine version", Yandere Kanojo (Joker); and the other one is the "online version", Yandere Kanojo (Online).
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    Toshiura Akiko is an overweight delinquent girl who's very good at fighting, and loves to eat. She's bothered by the fact that she isn't very popular. She's also bothered by the fact that she can't remember anything that happened during 3rd year middle school.
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    Tanaka Manabu is a geeky student, on the way to school he meets a girl carrying a bloody bat. That girl is Ryuuzaki Reina, leader of the school's female delinquents. It's love at first sight. A gag manga (with a combination of 4koma and normal page) about having a yankee dere-dere girlfriend.

    Note: In the title of this series, "yandere" isn't refering to this term, but to the "yankee"+"dere-dere" combination.

    Yandere Kanojo came out in two editions. One is the "magazine version", Yandere Kanojo (Joker); and the other one is the "online version", Yandere Kanojo (Online). Chapters are numbered to follow how they were numbered in the volumes, if you notice the numbers in the chapters don't line up with how they are listed, that is why.
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    A side-story to Worst. Each chapters delves deeper into the backstory of some characters and reveals the story of their past. The first part goes on about the Umehoshi brothers, the second reveals how the forming of the Armament took place, and so on...
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    Rokudenashi Blues (ろくでなしBLUES, "Good-for-Nothing Blues") is a boxing-themed manga series authored by Masanori Morita that was serialized in the Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1988 to 1997. The story stars Taison Maeda (前田太尊 Maeda Taison), delinquent student of Teiken High school (帝拳高校) who wishes to become the world boxing champion. The manga follows Maeda (and his friends and rivals) as he struggles through three years of high school while becoming one of the strongest and best known high school fighters in all of Tokyo. Not just a pure action manga, Rokudenashi Blues is filled with humor and well-crafted story arcs about honor, friendship, and the pressures of being a delinquent student in Japan. Short gag-stories with chibi versions of characters are published as "Rokudenashi Buru-chu". Rokudenashi Blues has a wide-arching cast of characters that live in and go to school around Tokyo that must deal with the pressures and struggles that come from being involved in the delinquent struggles of honour and strength.
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    Hayame leads a modest, peaceful life as a housewife. One day she meets a jackass student named Issei, but thinks little of it.
    As Hayame's life falls apart around her, Issei makes an unexpected proposal which will turn her life upside-down.

    Tachibana Oreco's Twitter: @oreco730‏
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    The 4th part in Lupin the third franchise based on his adventures in San Marino and Italy, reuniting other characters of the franchise including Jigen Daisuke , Goemon the 13th and Mine Fujiko.

    Adaptation of the fourth part of the anime.
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    This is a spin-off story of the manga GTO(Great Teacher Onizuka). This takes place directly after the Teshigawara arc[after he was shot by him]
    After Eikichi Onizuka was shot by the former teacher Teshigara, he was sent to the hospital. Shortly afterwards he escape...
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    The main crew of White Base from Kidou Senshi Gundam, including the 19-year-old Bright, the good-looking office lady Sayla, and moody teenager Amuro lead peaceful, slow-paced lives in the same apartment building.

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