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  • 12,975
  • 527,376
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Seton Academy, a school full of animals where, thanks to population decline, there are fewer humans than any other creature. Mazama Jin, an animal hater and the only human male in his class, falls in love with Hino Hitomi, the only female human, the moment he lays eyes on her. However he soon finds himself entangled with various other creatures after he reluctantly joins the 'pack' of Lanka the wolf, the only other member of her pack.
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Nineteenth-century USA:
Red is the last living survivor of a Native American tribe that was slaughtered by white men. On a long journey in search of revenge, he travels with Ieroh Itou, a samurai who ran away to America after being defeated in the Seinan civil war, and Angie, a mysterious prostitute. The bonds of friendship between the three are touching.

Although it is all fiction, the story seems very real as it is based on actual battles between US Army troops, Apaches and other native tribes.
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In the early twentieth century, Russo-Japanese War veteran Saichi “Immortal” Sugimoto scratches out a meager existence during the postwar gold rush in the wilderness of Hokkaido. When he stumbles across a map to a fortune in hidden Ainu gold, he sets off on a treacherous quest to find it. But Sugimoto is not the only interested party, and everyone who knows about the gold will kill to possess it! Faced with the harsh conditions of the northern wilderness, ruthless criminals and rogue Japanese soldiers, Sugimoto will need all his skills and luck—and the help of an Ainu girl named Asirpa—to survive.

Russian / Русский

  • Winner of the 9th Manga Taisho Award in 2016.
  • Nominated for the 20th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize and 40th Kodansha Manga Awards that same year.
  • Winner of the 22th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2018.

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    • -- (9.16)
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    The heartwarming tale of a cat who wants nothing more than to be loved and the old man who adopts him.

    2nd place of Tsugi Manga Awards, Category Webmanga

    Polish / Polski:
    • -- (9.31)
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    Winner of the 2018 Manga Taisho Award.

    In a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, herbivores and carnivores coexist with each other. For the adolescents of the Cherryton School, school life is filled with hope, romance, distrust, and uneasiness. The main character is Legosi the wolf, a member of the drama club. Despite his menacing appearance, he has a very gentle heart. Throughout most of his life, he has always been an object of fear and hatred by other animals, and he's been quite accustomed to that lifestyle. But soon, he finds himself becoming more involved with his fellow classmates who have their own share of insecurities and finds his life in school changing slowly.
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    The story is set in a Japan that is ravaged by plague-like rust, and details the journey of the strongest mushroom hunter Bisco Akaboshi and young doctor Milo Nekoyanagi and their search for the legendary medicinal mushroom “Sabikui”, believed to be the cure for the rust.

    In 2018, Sabikui Bisco won the 'Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi!' award.
    • -- (8.74)
    • 1,986
    • 51,706
    • 22
    The story of a hedgehog that finds its way into a man's house that can talk with animals.
    • -- (8.53)
    • 5,043
    • 135,664
    • 49
    Looking for peace, Gen decided to attend high school somewhere far from his home, in another prefecture, where his distant relatives run the local temple, which will become Gen’s new home and the start of his new life shared with his older female cousin, Chion.

    Polish / Polski
    • -- (8.65)
    • 3,006
    • 60,277
    • 19
    A fun life with a mysterious cat who is able to talk to both humans and cats! I'm actually able to understand the feelings of the cat! A life comedy with a cat!
    • -- (8.12)
    • 1,693
    • 23,251
    • 28
    These are interesting times in the empire of Varnia. The imperial army may have broken the back of the invading army of Nebel, but at tremendous cost. The living weapons born of past wars with the magic-wielding tribes of the south still prowl the ancient forests. And ever since the battle with the Nebelese in the northern pass, an avenging phantom has stalked the trails of Varnia, leaving carnage in its wake: The immortal warrior, the last knight of Orgonne... And they call her Slayer Volte.
    • -- (7.15)
    • 15,169
    • 279,357
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    Kazusa Yuu, a Japanese high school student interested in food and camping, dies in a traffic accident and ends up reincarnated in the wilderness in another world. He must learn to survive in an unfamiliar environment, learn the powers he was granted and the magic of the world that is based on eating other creatures, and rescue fair maidens in distress to feed them and build up his harem.
    • -- (6.77)
    • 1,071
    • 19,841
    • 13
    Spinoff of Murenase about a bonobo student and a cow nurse.
    • -- (0.00)
    • 38
    • 772
    Sol is a normal university student. Suddenly her boring student life is about to change when she takes in a cat named Hong Jo. What kind of secret does her cat Hong Jo have and what will happen to Sol's life because of it?
    • -- (8.31)
    • 965
    • 12,206
    • 4
    Ch. 1 - Oni x Mountain Goddess
    Ch. 2 - Welcome to the Zoo Bar
    Ch. 3 - The Sacrificial Bride
    • -- (8.59)
    • 7,517
    • 128,154
    • 33
    An isekai series from the creator of Hellsing. The story of Drifters begins during Japan's Sengoku Period (~1467-1600), a time of constant warring between the island's states. A samurai on the verge of death suddenly finds himself thrown into another, fantastic world, alongside important military figures from history. It's time to battle in a brand-new world war.
    • -- (8.35)
    • 1,418
    • 39,033
    • 28
    Kaiden - A mysterious ability user who hides inside the body of a street cat. He is later picked up by Jiwoo after being injured after a fight with another ability user. He has a stubborn and bossy personality. Jiwoo - an energetic and talkative high school boy who loves cats. He is very kind and also seem to have a special ability.
    • -- (8.09)
    • 206
    • 2,565
    • 2
    The age when marine life becomes huge and begin to attack the city.
    High school girl "shark girl" confronts these huge creatures!
    Average high school student, Natsuzo, knows the secret of this shark girl!!!
    • -- (7.38)
    • 673
    • 40,444
    • 6
    Living the high school life, being admired by all the other species in his school, Rurikawa (Wolf. Alpha. Male.) meets a lower species, Kyougokuin (Rabbit. Beta. Male.) As soon as their eyes meet, Rurikawa thinks, "I want to breed this beautiful creature." He's suddenly unable to control his urges as he's turned on. In a world where men can also become pregnant, this series tells the story of high school boys being led around by their instincts and fate.
    • -- (7.98)
    • 848
    • 5,619
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    The one who protects the princess is the beasts that can transform into humans!?
    Yoseph the bear, Ludwig the hound, Miers the Canaria and Lichart the white horse, are the only friends Yulia, Vek Kingdom's first princess, has. Inside the tower which she can't escape from, Yulia spends her days leisurely with her friends reading books and listens to stories. One night, accused of assassinated the king and queen, Yulia escaped into the forest with her friends, her favorite book and a little bag she got from her mother.

    "When you’re in serious trouble...this will save you..." Remembering her mother's words, Yulia opens the bag. Inside the bag is rainbow powder...?!

    Fantasy romance of Love and adventure of the Princess and the beasts who are chased by the Kingdom. Popular Otome Game "The Beasts and the Princess" long-awaited comicalize!
    • -- (8.05)
    • 171
    • 1,048
    • 3
    • -- (8.08)
    • 60
    • 790
    • 1
    After helping an unusual kid, Tsukasa's unrequited love interest Kairi transforms the latter into a squirrel. This happened because Tsukasa made a wish to the mountain god saying, "I want to be with Kairi forever"!? Now the two of them have to stick together and figure out how Kairi can revert back to his human body.
    • -- (8.04)
    • 87
    • 2,038
    Two stories centering around people whose cats helped them through difficult times.

    Story 1: What "Fuu" Taught Me - A star model in full height of her career suffers an accident that leaves her paraplegic in a wheelchair. She has no will to live, but finds strength in the family pet cat.

    Story 2: What "Black" Told Me
    • -- (7.85)
    • 54
    • 2,504
    • 2
    After the devastation of WWIV, humans have become virtually extinct and left the rest of the animal kingdom for themselves. Several decades of evolution later, the animals have grown in both population and human-like intelligence. Bucky is the last human on earth, and not everyone is a fan of his human history. He faces constant harassment and discrimination from his animal classmates to which he dreams of eradicating. It's not until he saves an all-powerful killer whale that his simple act of kindness becomes an endless cycle of pandemonium.


    Après la dévastation de la 4e guerre mondial, les êtres humains ont pratiquement disparu et ont laissé le reste du règne animal dominer le monde. Plusieurs décennies plus tard, les animaux sont devenue l'égal à l'homme. Bucky est le dernier humain sur terre, et tout le monde n'est pas fan de son histoire humaine. Il fait constamment face au harcèlement et à la discrimination de la part de ses camarades de classe animale. Ce n'est que lorsqu'il sauve une orque que son simple geste de gentillesse devient ...
    • -- (8.78)
    • 10,709
    • 305,082
    • 112
    All Ruri Midorikawa wanted out of college life was an escape from the shadow of her best “frenemy,” Asahi Shinomiya. Despite her best intentions, Asahi has always made Ruri’s life miserable… so it’s no surprise things go sideways when the two of them are summoned to another world together!

    Now alone in a completely unfamiliar world and betrayed by the only people she thought she could depend on, our hot-headed heroine swears vengeance…
    (From: MU)

    Adapted from WN (raw) / LN (published by Arian Rose) of same name.
    • -- (8.56)
    • 1,205
    • 107,094
    • 19
    Harry is a hedgehog who wants to be hugged. Garu is a wolf who looks intimidating but has a kind heart. Peta is a penguin who wants to fly. These three, alongside many more characters, walk through life as they try to reach their goals.
    • -- (7.91)
    • 303
    • 10,255
    • 7
    Mariko, codenamed "Rose Marie" is a division leader in the private anti terrorist group CAT (Counter Attack Terrorism). She lost her husband and son in a terrorist bomb attack at an airport. Also suffering injuries in the blast, she was left with a scar that looked like a rose flower on her chest.
    • -- (7.98)
    • 312
    • 6,057
    • 11
    In 2755 AD, the latest model spaceship Xebec departed from the City of Nemexis in the Nemexis Star Sector. Due to an accident at the moment of its warp jump, it had to perform an emergency landing on the mysterious planet, Garaga.
    The Planet Garaga is a brilliantly written genuine S.F. story that tells of the unimaginable adventures that take place on that twisted world.
    • -- (8.30)
    • 41,047
    • 1,199,663
    • 159
    Iwatani Naofumi is summoned to another world to become one of the 4 heroes, namely the Shield Hero. Starting out with poor popularity and labeled as the weakest, Naofumi found himself betrayed on the 3rd day of his adventure. Losing faith and money, all that left is just his shield. Vowing to exact revenge to those who had betrayed him, Naofumi's path is...

    Manga adapted from the light novel series written by Yusagi Aneko and illustrated by Seira Minami.

  • Anime Season 1 on ANN
    • -- (6.82)
    • 4,147
    • 411,842
    • 136
    A story set 30,000 years ago, starring the Cro-Magnon, by the duo behind Kami-sama no Iu Toori.

    The story follows Akuu, the Cursed Child, born during the night of a blood moon, said to bring calamity upon all and his attempt to fight destiny.
    • -- (8.40)
    • 5,968
    • 58,336
    • 39
    After various things happened, I got an ability from God and reincarnated to another world! While being watched over by my high-spec family, the super ordinary me fully enjoyed other world life. Using the ability I received from God, I had a daily life of just fluffing and petting fantasy animals. There are some shady movements too, but while being led by the nose by God, I’ll do my best at various things with my cheat-like comrades!
    • -- (7.93)
    • 272
    • 9,242
    Sungjoon's not doing great, but life is looking up. His job at the convenience store pays enough for him to afford his own place. A tiny, smelly, and laughably cheap place, but he loves it. He loves it right up until he walks home and finds it on fire.

    Unfortunately, things get worse as he realizes he doesn't know anyone in the city who can help. Wait, no... that's not right. Actually, he does know Lee Hyo-in. A rich kid from his university who is, coincidentally, looking for a roommate. Well, not a roommate. More of a... dog.
    • -- (8.34)
    • 6,888
    • 67,195
    • 39
    She worked herself to death in her past life, but then she was reborn in another world as the villainess Ronia! As expected, her engagement is broken and she's expelled from society, but now she takes that chance to live peacefully, and even opens a cafe with the help of her fairy comrades, which is becoming unexpectedly popular with beast-kin...?
    • -- (8.02)
    • 110
    • 2,535
    • 1
    Oda and Hasegawa are childhood friends bound by a very special secret: Oda’s a third-generation pig farmer on a farm that raises FLYING PIGS. But when a nosy reporter starts investigating tales of upward-mobile porkers in the area, the two must band together (and thereby grow closer in doing so) to protect Oda’s family’s livelihood as well as the good-luck-giving swine.
    • -- (8.07)
    • 319
    • 6,402
    • 1
    A.D 70 The mightiest empire Rome started conquering the world. The whole Europe was havocked by Roman's foot. In Ablion, in order to protect their homeland, the Bravest Wyvern fought a bloody battle against the invader...

    The term Bestiarii (闘獣士) refers to those that fought against beasts, whether through voluntary combat or execution, during the Ancient Roman era. Bestiarius refers to a single Bestiarii.

    Officially published:
  • In Italian by Panini Comics under the Planet Manga imprint
  • In German by Egmont Manga
  • In Spanish by Milky Way Ediciones
  • In Brazilian Portuguese by Panini Comics/Planet Mangá
  • In French by Kazé
    • -- (8.16)
    • 245
    • 10,185
    • 8
    The first mouse appeared on the night of a full moon over two thousand years ago. A timeless children's song among the humans tells how it made powerful mice companions and legions of war mice. Then it declared war on all humankind. Pai'yan is on of the king's honored 7 heroes, renowned for his skill in fighting the mice. He comes home after a long campaign to find his young son kidnapped by the Magic Mouse, and his son's pet kitten Toraji transformed into a half-human cat mix. Now Pai'yan travels with Toraji, searching for any word that could lead them to the Magic Mouse and his missing son.

    An 11-volume series (ongoing).
    • -- (8.06)
    • 968
    • 7,381
    • 3
    In the deep regions of the Touhouku area, the comedic story of the miko of bears, 14-year-old Machi, and her childhood friend, the talking bear Natsu, takes place as Machi struggles to qualify for city-life with Natsu's assistance.
    • -- (8.13)
    • 488
    • 9,823
    • 7
    The Republic of Torimania…
    The only place in the world where winged humans live. The capital is Torima. The official language is Japanese. Their famous product is bird manju. A young girl chooses this mysterious country for her studies abroad. Who will she encounter in the Republic of Torimania, and what will she find there?
    • -- (8.30)
    • 404
    • 6,408
    • 1
    When he was 4 years old, Moegi Masayuki was traumatized by a large dog. Ever since then, he has had a fear of large dogs and a dislike for any dogs. At his sister's insistence, he has to take her dog to obedience training. There he meets Kurosawa Kanata, a police dog trainer. Soon Masayuki forgets his fear of dogs, blinded by his curiosity towards Kanata-sensei. Will the prince-like office worker and the socially awkward dog trainer fall in love?
    • -- (7.88)
    • 9,612
    • 249,999
    • 72
    After dying in a mountain climbing accident, a 28-year-old man finds that he is reincarnated in an alternate world... as a POLAR BEAR.

    After taking a time to get acquainted with his new body, the main character soon learns that he can fight better than 'A-KUMA' from Street Fighter after he BEARS witness to a beast girl being hunted by the army and gets ARCTICked off. The question is: is this new life a blessing, or a c-URSUS MARITIMUS? (From baka-updates)
    Russian / Русский
    • -- (7.55)
    • 6,037
    • 266,508
    • 108
    People have been created that are human-animal hybrids, and powerful businesses bet on the outcome of their duels. College student Nomoto Yuuya's casual acquaintances ask him to drive them around to pick up girls one day, which he soon finds out means by force. The girl they kidnap is an animal-human hybrid named Hitomi, who slaughters all of them except Yuuya. Hitomi is a honey badger, which has been called the most fearless of all animals. Now Hitomi is assigned to stay with Yuuya, for his protection!
    Killing Bites are underworld duels between human-animal hybrids. One beast who knows no fear will fight in this animalistic world full of fear and insanity. This ultimate battle of the beasts will shock you to your core!

    See AnimeNewsNetwork for the anime.

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