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Winner of the 2018 Manga Taisho Award.

In a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, herbivores and carnivores coexist with each other. For the adolescents of the Cherryton School, school life is filled with hope, romance, distrust, and uneasiness. The main character is Legosi the wolf, a member of the drama club. Despite his menacing appearance, he has a very gentle heart. Throughout most of his life, he has always been an object of fear and hatred by other animals, and he's been quite accustomed to that lifestyle. But soon, he finds himself becoming more involved with his fellow classmates who have their own share of insecurities and finds his life in school changing slowly.
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The heartwarming tale of a cat who wants nothing more than to be loved and the old man who adopts him.

2nd place of Tsugi Manga Awards, Category Webmanga

Polish / Polski:
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Little stories about a boy named Ken and his daily life in 1976 with his stay-at-home mother, working father, cat Momo… and sometimes a duck.
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Ai is a middle school boy surrounded by mysteries. It's almost impossible to harm him, for one. Then there's a girl that appears next to him when he sleeps, a girl who doesn't breathe. Finally, there's a portal in an alley in his town that only he can see. One day he enters that portal and finds himself transported to a whimsical world that holds the answers to his mysteries.
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After rigorously training for three years, the ordinary Saitama has gained immense strength which allows him to take out anyone and anything with just one punch. He decides to put his new skill to good use by becoming a hero. However, he quickly becomes bored with easily defeating monsters, and wants someone to give him a challenge to bring back the spark of being a hero.

Upon bearing witness to Saitama's amazing power, Genos, a cyborg, is determined to become Saitama's apprentice. During this time, Saitama realizes he is neither getting the recognition that he deserves nor known by the people due to him not being a part of the Hero Association. Wanting to boost his reputation, Saitama decides to have Genos register with him, in exchange for taking him in as a pupil. Together, the two begin working their way up toward becoming true heroes, hoping to find strong enemies and earn respect in the process.

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    Because some groups use the web version of the manga while others use the magazine version, the numbering won't match between different languages.
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    The one who protects the princess is the beasts that can transform into humans!?
    Yoseph the bear, Ludwig the hound, Miers the Canaria and Lichart the white horse, are the only friends Yulia, Vek Kingdom's first princess, has. Inside the tower which she can't escape from, Yulia spends her days leisurely with her friends reading books and listens to stories. One night, accused of assassinating the king and queen, Yulia escaped into the forest with her friends, her favorite book and a little bag she got from her mother.

    "When you’re in serious trouble...this will save you..." Remembering her mother's words, Yulia opens the bag. Inside the bag is rainbow powder...?!

    Fantasy romance of Love and adventure of the Princess and the beasts who are chased by the Kingdom. Popular Otome Game "The Beasts and the Princess" long-awaited comicalize!
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    Follow Anna's daily life with her bodyguards!
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    Nineteenth-century USA:
    Red is the last living survivor of a Native American tribe that was slaughtered by white men. On a long journey in search of revenge, he travels with Ieroh Itou, a samurai who ran away to America after being defeated in the Seinan civil war, and Angie, a mysterious prostitute. The bonds of friendship between the three are touching.

    Although it is all fiction, the story seems very real as it is based on actual battles between US Army troops, Apaches and other native tribes.
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    In the early twentieth century, Russo-Japanese War veteran Saichi “Immortal” Sugimoto scratches out a meager existence during the postwar gold rush in the wilderness of Hokkaido. When he stumbles across a map to a fortune in hidden Ainu gold, he sets off on a treacherous quest to find it. But Sugimoto is not the only interested party, and everyone who knows about the gold will kill to possess it! Faced with the harsh conditions of the northern wilderness, ruthless criminals and rogue Japanese soldiers, Sugimoto will need all his skills and luck—and the help of an Ainu girl named Asirpa—to survive.

    Russian / Русский

  • Winner of the 9th Manga Taisho Award in 2016.
  • Nominated for the 20th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize and 40th Kodansha Manga Awards that same year.
  • Winner of the 22th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2018.

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    As humans and demons continued endless wars, the mixed forces of various races, the anti-human allied special operations unit and the cross company, were developing local battles in a dense jungle. The captain of the third company, Dill, is bringing up children while running on the battlefield. It is a nemesis child to defeat. It was a small little human child.


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    On the way home from school, Kashiwagi Aki is kidnapped and finds herself in a world populated entirely by beastmen. She ends up in a pet store where the overzealous and impulsive wolfman Zinovy becomes infatuated with her and buys her on sight. Thus begins their strange and chaotic, albeit incredibly cute life.
    • -- (7.17)
    • 16,887
    • 371,833
    • 68
    Kazusa Yuu, a Japanese high school student interested in food and camping, dies in a traffic accident and ends up reincarnated in the wilderness in another world. He must learn to survive in an unfamiliar environment, learn the powers he was granted and the magic of the world that is based on eating other creatures, and rescue fair maidens in distress to feed them and build up his harem.
    • -- (8.82)
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    Short chapters about funny & weird interactions between cute girls and animals.

    Pixiv link :
    Twitter link :
    • -- (7.81)
    • 221
    • 5,234
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    Humorous observations and stories about the author and her hamsters.
    • -- (8.48)
    • 5,814
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    • 56
    Looking for peace, Gen decided to attend high school somewhere far from his home, in another prefecture, where his distant relatives run the local temple, which will become Gen’s new home and the start of his new life shared with his older female cousin, Chion.

    Polish / polski
    • -- (8.00)
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    A human girl named Mika moves to Rokushokuchou, a town inhabited by the race of people known as beastfolk. In this unfamiliar place amidst the beastfolk, poor, bewildered Mika receives help from Kei, an ill-mannered dogperson! But it seems there's something about Mika's smell that makes beastfolks' hearts race...

    Official site (Japanese):
    • -- (8.34)
    • 14,211
    • 633,096
    • 168
    Seton Academy, a school full of animals where, thanks to population decline, there are fewer humans than any other creature. Mazama Jin, an animal hater and the only human male in his class, falls in love with Hino Hitomi, the only female human, the moment he lays eyes on her. However he soon finds himself entangled with various other creatures after he reluctantly joins the 'pack' of Lanka the wolf, the only other member of her pack.
    • -- (8.59)
    • 1,099
    • 29,040
    • 6
    A collection of short stories that involve anthropomorphic animals and their troubles with coexisting with different species. Itagaki Paru's debut manga.
    • -- (8.05)
    • 2,056
    • 43,076
    • 14
    Tsukasa Asuka decided to go to London for a short time, the place of his birth, to find the disappeared mother and the girl from his vague memories. There the boy meets one "Beast" and inadvertently gets involved in the battle. This is a story about a boy, swirling ancient city, and magical beasts.

    Цукаса Асука решил на короткий срок поехать учиться в Лондон, место своего рождения, чтобы отыскать исчезнувшую мать и девочку из своих смутных воспоминаний. Там мальчик встречает одного «Зверя» и ненароком ввязывается в битву. Это повесть о мальчике, которого захватил древний город, и волшебных зверях.

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  • This series "Bestia" is NOT to be confused with another series with the same name, "Bestia" aka The Deadly Poison of Love
    • -- (8.24)
    • 43,745
    • 1,389,936
    • 171
    Iwatani Naofumi is summoned to another world to become one of the 4 heroes, namely the Shield Hero. Starting out with poor popularity and labeled as the weakest, Naofumi found himself betrayed on the 3rd day of his adventure. Losing faith and money, all that left is just his shield. Vowing to exact revenge to those who had betrayed him, Naofumi's path is...

    Manga adapted from the light novel series written by Yusagi Aneko and illustrated by Seira Minami.

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    • -- (7.92)
    • 191
    • 6,451
    • 5
    Sol is a normal university student. Suddenly her boring student life is about to change when she takes in a cat named Hong Jo. What kind of secret does her cat Hong Jo have and what will happen to Sol's life because of it?
    • -- (9.16)
    • 23,617
    • 1,110,012
    • 213
    The everyday life of Nakano, a salaryman working for an exploitative company, is suddenly intruded upon by the Kitsune, Senko-san (800 Years Old - Young Wife). Whether it be cooking, cleaning, or a Special Service... she'll heal his exhaustion with her tender care.
    • -- (8.04)
    • 136
    • 3,382
    • 2
    Short stories about two white cats who have no respect for others and are just plain cruel. Dark humor warning. Also features a standalone chapter with human characters.
    • -- (7.60)
    • 1,982
    • 25,856
    • 14
    Kang Ha Ji was a lovable, friendly girl who fell victim of bullying by the school's most popular girl because of her childhood friend Hong Min-Joo. Then one rainy day after an attempt to save a black cat from jumping into the road. She fell through a dimension crack and was transported to Cat's Kingdom.
    "Did I found myself in a situation that's waaaay over my head because I met the Prince of this Kingdom?"

    Fantasy Romance manhwa of an adorable cat's Bride.
    • -- (7.57)
    • 2,467
    • 23,451
    • 21
    The age when marine life becomes huge and begin to attack the city.
    High school girl "shark girl" confronts these huge creatures!
    Average high school student, Natsuzo, knows the secret of this shark girl!!!
    • -- (8.09)
    • 335
    • 4,402
    • 5
    A girl makes the acquaintance of a monstrous creature who believes himself to be quite human.
    • -- (8.42)
    • 15,858
    • 612,404
    • 145
    A young man, Naoe Tomoaki, works as a consultant at a popular Seitai therapy clinic. He is in charge of the treatment of a woman on her diet course. But the woman is an elf from a different world with sharp ears and a bow! Why are the elves, who should be slender, getting fat? And will her diet succeed!?
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    • -- (8.81)
    • 13,495
    • 382,123
    • 135
    All Ruri Midorikawa wanted out of college life was an escape from the shadow of her best “frenemy,” Asahi Shinomiya. Despite her best intentions, Asahi has always made Ruri’s life miserable… so it’s no surprise things go sideways when the two of them are summoned to another world together!

    Now alone in a completely unfamiliar world and betrayed by the only people she thought she could depend on, our hot-headed heroine swears vengeance…
    (From: MU)

    Adapted from WN (raw) / LN (published by Arian Rose) of same name.
    • -- (8.43)
    • 11,274
    • 150,427
    • 62
    She worked herself to death in her past life, but then she was reborn in another world as the villainess Ronia! As expected, her engagement is broken and she's expelled from society, but now she takes that chance to live peacefully, and even opens a cafe with the help of her fairy comrades, which is becoming unexpectedly popular with beast-kin...?
    • -- (0.00)
    • 14
    • 1,154
    • -- (8.41)
    • 9,293
    • 126,373
    • 67
    After various things happened, I got an ability from God and reincarnated to another world! While being watched over by my high-spec family, the superordinary me fully enjoyed other world life. Using the ability I received from God, I had a daily life of just fluffing and petting fantasy animals. There are some shady movements too, but while being led by the nose by God, I’ll do my best at various things with my cheat-like comrades!

    Twitter: Author, Artist, Char. Design.
    • -- (7.57)
    • 5,480
    • 125,993
    • 41
    Kang Jun, a prince of a small nation of the East, was taken as a hostage after his country was defeated by the West. There he meets Rosaline, the Queen who held great power and has absolute sovereignty over the country. As Rosaline’s spoils of war, she took him for herself and now lives in her castle. One day, however, Kang Jun discovered Rosaline’s political secret. And instead of keeping her secret, Kang Jun takes advantage of it and tries to use her power to rebuild his own country.
    • -- (7.41)
    • 586
    • 20,451
    • 4
    Cute animals operating in operational operations. From the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan over the Falkland-war to the US invasion of Grenada, it follows the actions of multiple soldiers during the events of the late '70 and early '80.
    Also glorious bears of Motherland yelling Urah!

    Read left to right.

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    • -- (7.50)
    • 821
    • 46,978
    • 8
    Living the high school life, being admired by all the other species in his school, Rurikawa (Wolf. Alpha. Male.) meets a lower species, Kyougokuin (Rabbit. Beta. Male.) As soon as their eyes meet, Rurikawa thinks, "I want to breed this beautiful creature." He's suddenly unable to control his urges as he's turned on. In a world where men can also become pregnant, this series tells the story of high school boys being led around by their instincts and fate.
    • -- (8.58)
    • 1,236
    • 108,874
    • 19
    Harry is a hedgehog who wants to be hugged. Garu is a wolf who looks intimidating but has a kind heart. Peta is a penguin who wants to fly. These three, alongside many more characters, walk through life as they try to reach their goals.
    • -- (7.23)
    • 13,596
    • 425,215
    • 47
    Kazami Shingo was summoned into another world. The purpose for that summoning was "to make the territory more prosperous." To sum it up, it's a typical "summoned into another world thingy" -is what Kazami thought at the time. "But, I'm only a mere veterinarian." However, never underestimate a fantasy world. This world has dragons, monsters, and many other races. The difference of language, magic, food, religion, common sense and many other aspects different from the Earth are endless. Even so, the veterinarian becomes a public servant and for the time being performing autopsies, medicine making, and improving agriculture. Not as a hero, not as a doctor, but as a veterinarian, and this is the story of how he do his best in making this another world as his new house.

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  • Original Web Novel (Raw)
    • -- (8.01)
    • 366
    • 4,192
    • 3
    What would you do if the dog you picked up transforms into a human that wants to do "stuff" with you?

    Ma Sung Jun does part-time job at animal adoption cafe. One day, after finishing his shift and going home, he finds a lost dog of mysterious species. In usual cases, he likes cats more than dogs, but for some reason he takes the dog home. He calls the dog Tani and leaves his home to get things he needs to take care of Tani. When he comes home he finds Tani is no longer a dog?
    • -- (9.11)
    • 4,206
    • 140,937
    • 39
    Nine centimeters (3.5 inches) tall, the tiny girls Hakumei and Mikochi live in the forest. Living in a house in a tree, riding insects and birds, and making umbrellas out of leaves, they live a happy and comfortable life. Follow their tiny but lovely lives as they live their day to day in a fantastic world of inchlings, animals, and strange happenings.

    Chapter 39 is next after 34. No chapters were skipped, as we switched to using Harta magazine raws, and the chapters from the magazine use a different numbering system.

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    • -- (8.09)
    • 1,008
    • 8,161
    • 4
    In the deep regions of the Touhouku area, the comedic story of the miko of bears, 14-year-old Machi, and her childhood friend, the talking bear Natsu, takes place as Machi struggles to qualify for city-life with Natsu's assistance.
    • -- (7.02)
    • 442
    • 6,029
    • 9
    This story takes place in a world where humans and beastmen coexist. Our protagonist, a Dog beastman, was a former gangster who's fallen on hard times, living on the streets and scraping by on what he can get.

    On one particular rainy day, he tries to fall asleep in an alley before being found by an eccentric 'Yamato Nadeshiko' type of girl. She offers him a home to sleep in, in exchange for him becoming her bodyguard. He doesn't think much of it until he sees her home and it's explained to him by the servants in it that she's the daughter of a Yakuza boss and has a sadistic personality. On top of all that, almost all her servants are beastmen as well!

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