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Jung-woo is stuck in a reincarnation cycle along with his nemesis, Shin-Ryong. Ever since he was little, he had a dream.
He wanted to become strong enough to conquer Murim.

However, things did not always go the way he planned. Shin-Ryong defeated him on every occasion.
At this point, Ha Jung-woo had been reincarnated 5 times and was defeated yet again.

When he is reincarnated for the sixth time, he is born into the modern world.
Being born into a new world changes Jung-woo's goal, as Murim is gone.
Yet he continues training in order to defeat Shin-Ryong.

Ultimately, he prioritizes the goal of becoming stronger to defeat Shin-Ryong, while trying to adapt to this modern world where he has a family and goes to a school like a normal person.
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In the world of Kouhei Horikoshi's Boku no Hero Academia, nearly everyone in the world has powers known as "Quirks". Normally, the law enforces the rule that citizens cannot use their Quirks out in the open, and that privilege is reserved only for registered superheroes. However, a select few have chosen to reject this rule. They are known as vigilantes - people with the hearts of heroes, but the reputation of villains.

This is their story.

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    Marufuji Enta has a crush on Kenzaki Ameri and as they visit the same class for the first time the best day of his life starts! Ironically, he gets kidnapped until a mysterious hooded girl appears in front of the gangster's car in the name of justice!
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    In the middle of the 21st century, the world was on the brink of World War III. But superheroes from across the globe appeared and helped bring an era of peace. With the crisis averted, the Heroes returned to their home countries where they now help with domestic matters. This is the story about the young Japanese heroine named "Shy"...

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    During a late-night, there was a bizarre murdering case in an alley of a small town. A few youngsters met a psycho murderer on their way home after a night-shift. After fighting, they found out that the psycho murderer was invulnerable. At that decisive moment, an ‘angel’ appeared and killed the evil. However, who was the ordinary-looking ‘angel’ that gambled with the devils? The kindness and evilness of humans will not only determine the success or failure of the gamble; it will also determine the fate of all humans.
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    Zip up and get your robot on! A new type of robot-action series! World-famous handsome mechanical engineer Koshiro Tatara and scary-looking musclehead Kaname, these polar opposite twins both fell in love with the same girl's smile. Since then, they compete daily to see which of them can make her smile more. But one day, tragedy suddenly strikes Koshiro... A new robot battle action manga with a totally unlikely duo from Yusaku Shibata, creator of Yoakemono!

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    A new serialized spin-off of Boku no Hero Academia focusing on Deku and friends fighting together along with Pro Heroes. Written and illustrated by Yoco Akiyama, author of the Melissa Shield one-shot titled "Kitto Daremo ga Dareka no Hero" (Everyone is Surely Someone's Hero) and the Watashi no Hero Academia 4-koma spin-off.
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    Follows the life of an average part-time hero who manages to win every battle with a single punch. This ability frustrates him as he no longer feels the thrill of fighting a tough opponent, which leads him to question his past desire of becoming strong.
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    Rex is a half man half dog. He was created when a drunk old man forced himself on a stray female dog in the street. Because of his father, Rex has to live his life as a freak rejected by society. So one day... he’s gonna find that man, and r*pe HIM.
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    After rigorously training for three years, the ordinary Saitama has gained immense strength which allows him to take out anyone and anything with just one punch. He decides to put his new skill to good use by becoming a hero. However, he quickly becomes bored with easily defeating monsters, and wants someone to give him a challenge to bring back the spark of being a hero.

    Upon bearing witness to Saitama's amazing power, Genos, a cyborg, is determined to become Saitama's apprentice. During this time, Saitama realizes he is neither getting the recognition that he deserves nor known by the people due to him not being a part of the Hero Association. Wanting to boost his reputation, Saitama decides to have Genos register with him, in exchange for taking him in as a pupil. Together, the two begin working their way up toward becoming true heroes, hoping to find strong enemies and earn respect in the process.

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    Because some groups use the web version of the manga while others use the magazine version, the numbering won't match between different languages.
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    Kinnikuman (Muscleman), a weak and clumsy super hero, constantly getting into wacky situations. As the series progressed, the story began changing from comedy to action as Kinnikuman battles stronger and stronger foes in the wrestling ring. The series continually introduced new Super Human characters, known as Chojin, who would challenge Kinnikuman and his friends for various purposes.

    Received the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen manga in 1985.

    The original run was from 1979-1986 and ended with Vol. 36. The series directly continued in 2010.
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    One day, a four-year-old boy came to a sudden realization: the world is not fair. Eighty percent of the world's population wield special abilities, known as "quirks," which have given many the power to make their childhood dreams of becoming a superhero a reality. Unfortunately, Izuku Midoriya was one of the few born without a quirk, suffering from discrimination because of it. Yet, he refuses to give up on his dream of becoming a hero; determined to do the impossible, Izuku sets his sights on the elite hero training academy, UA High.

    However, everything changes after a chance meeting with the number one hero and Izuku's idol, All Might. Discovering that his dream is not a dead end, the powerless boy undergoes special training, working harder than ever before. Eventually, this leads to him inheriting All Might's power, and with his newfound abilities, gets into his school of choice, beginning his grueling journey to become the successor of the best hero on the planet.

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    High School outcast and Spider-Man fan Yu leads a life of unfulfilled expectations. But after finding the Legendary Webslinger's suit in an alley, his life makes a big change! What could be lying in store for this aspiring young lad!
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    The sequel series that directly follows after the Demon Seed arc of Kinnikuman Nisei. A new threat shows up in mysterious villains calling themselves Time Chojin appearing and disappearing after they issue a foreboding boast to the New Generation Justice Chojin. Not long after, they find out the Time Chojin planned to travel back into the past to kill the Legends in their prime to erase the New Generation from existence.

    The New Generation travel back to the past to stop the Time Chojin but they inadvertently earn the distrust of the Legends and interfere with the end of the Universal Chojin Tag Tournament, causing another tournament to be organised so another ultimate tag team can be decided, which goes on for the whole series.
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    Follows the life of an average part-time hero who manages to win every battle with a single punch. This ability frustrates him as he no longer feels the thrill of fighting a tough opponent, which leads him to question his past desire of becoming strong.
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    Tenkawa Toichi is a normal, ordinary high school boy, except he has a secret identity - he is a member of the evil Phantom Organization, going by the alias Wolken. They are planning to conquer the Earth, but is being met with opposition from the so-called Angel of Judgement, Mighty Heart (Who, coincidentally, is a classmate of Toichi, Maishima Kokoro). Surprisingly, Mighty Heart is so weak that even Wolken's underlings can beat her easily, but they only figure out her ultimate weapon after Wolken accidentally comes into contact with her body...
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    Mysterious monsters attack the people of Japan, but heroes are there to protect them with powers that run on a rate of yen per second. For Hiasa Sen however, there are much more important things to worry about, like catching sales on groceries, his many part time jobs and most importantly, taking care of his little sister. When danger approaches however, he has a secret power of his own, but it may be more trouble than it's worth.
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    While searching for a brave candidate to become a magical girl and defend the world from evil, a mythical creature finds Kayo Majiba, a cute young lady who seems like the perfect fit. But when this newly turned magical girl proves to be a crude delinquent who goes berserk in a conflict, it becomes clear that this may have been a terrible mistake. Now evil—and any innocent bystanders—will face the rage of a magical girl gone wrong!

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    The unemployed Chiaki is the eldest of three brothers.
    With no parents, he starts job hunting to support his two younger brothers.
    Chiaki witnesses a young woman being sexually assaulted and tries to help, without knowing that this behavior would change his destiny.
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    After Japanese-American FBI agent Taki Kazuya and Kamen Rider 1 defeat a bat monster, they decide to contact the former riders including Stronger to investigate the appearance of monsters attacking them and civilians. Their investigation reveals the coming of an alien empire out to destroy the Earth, finishing the work that Shocker and other terrorist organizations have failed due to their defeat at the Rider's hands.

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    Summary: The common people only know of ‘Lu Ban‘s Book*,’ but they most certainly don’t know about ‘Gong Shu’s Book’ that they are one and the same/that they can be traced to the same origin. The greatest heavenly master steps foot into the mortal world. He embraces a beautiful woman in his arms and mind, what’s more stirs up some trouble in a big city thousands of miles away. Adapted from the novel, ‘The Millenial Heavenly Master,’ with new chapters released every Wednesday and Saturday.

    *T/N: Lu Ban and Gong Shu are the same person, a Chinese structural engineer and inventor during the Spring and Autumn period of the Zhou Dynasty. Lu Ban’s original name was Gongshu Ban.
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    A fanmade comic by Cminglap, depicting Saitama vs a Godlike entity.


    Author & Artist:
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    The manga tells us the story of a bloody rain that mutated every human blood . The main character , in order to save his sister and to clear his name . He will go on a reversal ring and fight with a group of super villain ( criminals ). What he does not know is that a huge conspiracy is still waiting for him .......
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    Leader of hero squadron "Gerato 5 (Five)" aiming for world peace, Aikawa Fudou and fight leader of secret society "Gecko" aiming to conquer the world, Magahara Desumi ... there was a deep “fate” between the two of the organization ... !!

    >tfw you’re the leader of a Sentai Hero Force but you’ve fallen in love with the evil team’s commander
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    When teenager, Rem Snart, discovers an ability to transform... into some kind of monster due to an attack by a villain who may have a connection to his father who went missing 5 years ago he gains new hope of finding his father!
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    A young boy who wants to become a hero, Universe, one day meets a real hero who he admires?
    The young boy who wants to become a hero, Universe, Instead meets The hero Sword, and thus their story begins.

    Un jeune garçon qui veut devenir un héros, Wuju, rencontre un jour le vrai héros qu'il admire?
    Le jeune garçon qui voulait devenir un héros, Wuju, devint à la place l'épée du héros.
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    A special 2-parter spin-off of My Hero Academia focusing on Deku and Bakugo during their second year in middle school that will act as tie-in to Heroes: Rising. Written and illustrated by Yoco Akiyama, author of the Melissa Shield one-shot titled "Kitto Daremo ga Dareka no Hero" (Everyone is Surely Someone's Hero) and the Watashi no Hero Academia 4-koma spin-off and fully supervised by Kohei Horikoshi, author of the original series.
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    An omnibus collection of interconnected short stories by Douman Seiman.
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    There is something different about Mikan who's a fifth grader in elementary school. Together with a rabbit looking alien called Rabi she's protecting the planet as a hero of justice!
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    Yuri x Tokusatsu

    The evil Kaijin organization, Antinoid, and the Hero of Justice that fights against them, Rapid Rabbit. Through strange circumstances, former Antinoid general, Honey Trap and Rapid Rabbit have begun living together. The curtains rise on the pair's unfolding slapstick yuri comedy.

    Fighting to protect love and justice. Fighting to protect her (very close) daily life with Rapid Rabbit!
    Their battle has only just begun!

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    Tsubaki Sadamitsu is a young punk and Leader of the Corpse Gang who, after a chance encounter with an alien robot, is forced to take up the task of capturing rukeitai (intergalactic criminals). His job is made harder with the appearance of the Vulture, a last ditch effort to keep the rukeitai under control.
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    As a part of the Marvel + JUMP collaboration, the creator of "Vocchi-Men" brings Ant-Man to Japan!
    After discovering that his daughter, Cassie, is going to be studying abroad in Japan, Scott Lang decides that he will do whatever he can, big or small, to protect her— even if that means going to Japan as Ant-Man. Let's watch as adventures await him in a foreign land.
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    Im Translating this myself

    Please help.

    if you want to help then comment on the comment section.
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    Kentaro and Takeshi are two freshmen who are periodically called upon to transform themselves into monster-battling superheroes, complete with capes and armor... but there's much more than meets the eye...
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    From the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kazuki Takahashi, Secret Reverse is a comic that is part of the Marvel + JUMP Collab. A two-part series that feature the famous heroes, Tony Stark and Spider-Man, in which they must go to the Japan Game Convention in Tokyo to face off against a formidable foe— a creator of a card game called SECRET REVERSE! Are the cards in their favor? We'll find out!
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    Shin Kazamatsuri was a motorcyclist. His father, Dr. Kazamatsuri is a scientist who hopes to find a way to cure the incurable, strengthening the human body through genetic alteration.
    Shin becomes a volunteer for his father's experiences but unfortunately his partner, Dr. Onizuka has other plans in mind for his research while Shin needs to protect the people he loves from the mysterious organization known as The Foundation and CIA of Dr. Onizuka's obscure plans ...
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    The Marvel X JUMP Collab gets 2 spooky 4 you in this hilarious OneShot by "The Emperor and I"'s MATO!
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    What do you do when a team of evil superpowered wrestlers from another planet threatens the health and safety of the Earth? Organize a team of GOOD superpowered wrestlers, of course! Kid Muscle, the son of legendary wrestler King Muscle, rockets to Earth and finds an evil wrestling gang called the DMP tearing the place apart. The punks on the DMP are the weirdest, nastiest, most outlandishly powerful musclebound freaks the galaxy has ever known. Kid Muscle's only hope: form a team that's even wilder. Lazy and cowardly, the Kid sure doesn't look like the universe's last great hope, but when something upsets him -like, say, EVIL - he busts out in muscles just like his old man! The only possible result is earthshaking, bodyslamming, ultimate-powered action that sends our entire planet sailing over the top rope!
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    Junichiro Koizumi. Prime Minister of Japan, or God of Mahjong incarnate? Watch him clash with other world titans such as George W. Bush, Kim Jong Il, and Vladimir Putin in the one force that matters in the political world: mahjong.

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