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She used to be an immortal. She gave up her immortality for eternal love, yet was betrayed by the one she loved. In a twist of fate, she was reborn as a princess in another world. Now, she is faced with the ever-impending danger of being sacrificed by her cold-blooded father to her brother. Can she find a way to rewrite her destiny...?
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The God’s Tombs started to appear around the world. Due to the relics within these tombs, many were able to wield these legendary power for themselves, while others became enslaved to these users. However, a Tomb Raider appears with the purpose of robbing these relics. The Tomb Raider King. “God damn it! Did that bastard already loot this place as well?!” What you own belongs to me. What I own definitely belongs to me. This is the story of a revived Tomb Raider who will do whatever he can to claim all the tombs and relics for himself!

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(Fais par le même studio et dessinateur que Solo Leveling)

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The heartwarming story of two different girls brought together over a cat, as they learn about each other, spend time together, and heal one another.
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The hostess Yi Xiang and her friend Qiao Mai Mai met the mysterious girl Zhong Yi, caught in the terrifying conspiracy of the ancient cult Chaos Hall to resurrect the Chaos King, so Yi Xiang also knew the other side of the world, and the beautiful girl embarked on the road to save the world!
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Fang Haotian is a young boy who is deeply in love with a girl called Ningyu, but her parents are opposed to their relationship. Ningyu is arranged for marriage to another man. Can he become strong enough to take back his beloved Ningyu from this man?
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.

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10 years ago, after “the Gate” that connected the real world with the monster world opened, some of the ordinary, everyday people received the power to hunt monsters within the Gate. They are known as "Hunters". However, not all Hunters are powerful. My name is Sung Jin-Woo, an E-rank Hunter. I'm someone who has to risk his life in the lowliest of dungeons, the "World's Weakest". Having no skills whatsoever to display, I barely earned the required money by fighting in low-leveled dungeons… at least until I found a hidden dungeon with the hardest difficulty within the D-rank dungeons! In the end, as I was accepting death, I suddenly received a strange power, a quest log that only I could see, a secret to leveling up that only I know about! If I trained in accordance with my quests and hunted monsters, my level would rise. Changing from the weakest Hunter to the strongest S-rank Hunter!

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    Born as the eldest daughter, she was raised and educated only to become Queen. Even though she had excellent fencing skills, she was not allowed to wield a sword. Nevertheless, she was happy. As Queen of the Kingdom of Mont, she was able to stay with her beloved King. But her happiness did not last long. The king betrayed her and condemned her. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself on the witch hunting ground outside the castle! People are calling her a witch and are trying to kill her. What is even going on?
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    The main character, Jong-Seok Lee used to be your average, run of the mill person. The only thing remotely interesting about him is the fact that he’s always at local book stores. All of that changes when he suddenly encounters a completely blank book and foolishly accepts what’s asked of him...
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    At a young age, she was a genius medical doctor who was imprisoned by her grandfather. But just as she managed to escape her shackles she met with misfortune and crossed over to another world. Now she's the overbearing, yet good-for-nothing, eldest daughter within the Duke's family. Everyone ridicules her for having no spirit familiar, and even her fiance takes joy in bullying her! But so what? I've got my accupuncture needles, so even if you're on deaths door and begging me, I might not help you! And that man, don't come near me! I may have saved your life, but I didn't ask you to repay with your body!
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    After a night of heavy drinking, I found myself transmigrated inside a novel as the villainous Empress Yulia, who will be executed for treason in three days.
    This is a project to find a way for the workaholic empress to live, to exact her revenge and prevent treason from happening.
    Will I be able to become a good and wise ruler?

    The constitution of an unexpected empress.
    The turbulent reign of the straightforward and gentle looking, but iron-fisted Empress Yulia.
    • -- (7.86)
    • 185
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    After a fateful encounter with a mysterious man in the subways, Won-Ho transgresses into a Hollow.
    • -- (8.19)
    • 472
    • 12,060
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    Kyuho Je wants out. Hot, rich, and with a plan, he’s looking to get out of his family’s multinational mega corporation because, seriously, business is boring. He’ll need help to make more money quick - savvy money launderer Kangha Nam (codename: Smurf) is perfect for the job! But it’s not easy keeping Kangha close with paparazzi and family constantly on watch, and Kyuho will need more than kidnapping and contracts to keep him in his grasp. Will he get more (and want more) than he bargained for?-
    • -- (8.05)
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    • 7,523
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    Andrew is the only daughter of the famous Grace family. She also has an incurable disease. Due to her family's high status in society, Andrew grew up with no friends save for her maid, Herta, whom she has become intensely infatuated with. Little does she know, her family is responsible for ruining Herta's life. Can Andrew break the hierarchy and be with her? Or will Herta end her suffering first...
    • -- (7.98)
    • 3,274
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    A mysterious bottle of perfume, a great change to the past. A mute woman, cursed from birth, enters a dreamland through a bottle of perfume in order to obtain a tyrant’s tears to save both of their souls. A cruel tyrant, is it possible for a mere mute drudge to obtain his tears?
    • -- (8.28)
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    Song Yuanxun, an indifferent homophobic, matched with Fang Zhaomu, who he hates, on a dating app! Unexpectedly, he found out that Fang Zhaomu is clingier than he thought...
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    Choi Moonhyuk used to be a fighter for an illegal club. He will do anything to protect his brothers. On the day of his supposed 15th consecutive win, he ends up losing and is sold to Daebuho's son, Seo Yeonjin. In accordance to the shameless Yeonjin's plans, Moonhyuk ends up being his mad dog and winds up under his leash.
    • -- (8.00)
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    Mukbang & daily life combination:
    It's better to eat together than eat alone!
    (Hour of Lunacy)
    • -- (7.40)
    • 1,787
    • 41,805
    • 14
    During the year 2028, humans are practically wiped out by a plague of mutated viruses. Horrible monsters are wandering on the streets, and now Earth has turned into Hell . The lucky very few survivors hid underground, living in a subway network that is easy to guard, but the protagonist and his team had no choice but to leave the safe dungeon to escape this wasteland…
    • -- (8.13)
    • 6,627
    • 204,980
    • 37
    What's your brother like? To Miao, her brother Fen is someone who would tease her and make her go ballistic 100 times a day. There's rarely a peaceful day as the two are fighting every single minute. However, when trouble comes, Fen becomes a caring brother who protects his little sister at all costs.
    • -- (8.26)
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    "A special human girl is born once every one thousand years, and the one that marries her will become the one true king.“

    Ever since Shin Jiahn and Yiahn’s mother passed away, the two have become different and distant people. When Yiahn is kidnapped to become the mysterious Goblin Bride, though, Jiahn vows to bring Yiahn back home no matter what. Even if it means venturing through the land of human-eating monsters ruled by four cruel brothers — who all aim to become king by taking the hand of the Goblin Bride for their own.

    From the author of Flow, on LINE.
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    Henry Morris was an 8-circled wizard who was a legend- one of the founding fathers who helped his friend become the king of a unified empire. After the son took over the throne, Henry was executed with the false accusation of leading a rebellion against the empire. He then wakes up in the body of young Henry Morris, the eldest of a baron family, who also happened to have the same name. Henry turns his life around by again relearning magic and also swordsmanship in order to become the first magic swordsman, all for the sake of revenge.
    • -- (7.18)
    • 2,900
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    • 19
    An ordinary young man's bloody journey of ascension from ordinary to extraordinary, and from the trough to the peak. In the 16th generation of the Shangguan family of Shangguan Xu, he is ever-changing and looks like a ghost. He comes and goes without a trace. He discovered the correct method of practicing the family martial arts, and changed his life.
    • -- (8.07)
    • 261
    • 18,572
    • 2
    Aquí están los componentes clave de nuestra historia: Dos chicos inusualmente guapos (conocidos como Gran maestro y Joven maestro), una iglesia abandonada, un negocio de compra de sangre, una chica joven sin hogar llamada Hansoo –Quien inconscientemente se ha metido a sí misma en este negocio–. El Gran Maestro quiere que Hansoo se vaya de la iglesia tan pronto como sea posible, pero resulta que cada uno de estos personajes necesita algo de los otros. El Gran Maestro necesita clientes por sangre (y la sangre de Hansoo lo antes posible); El Joven Maestro necesita un vínculo con el mundo de los humanos, y cualquier cosa que moleste al Gran Maestro (consultar: Hansoo); y Hansoo necesita mantenerse alejada del Gran Maestro el mayor tiempo posible para quedarse en la iglesia hasta que pueda encontrar un lugar que pueda pagar por ella misma. Parece que estos chicos tienen mucho tiempo en sus manos, pero… ¿Cuánto tiempo tiene Hansoo para averiguar en qué se metió?
    • -- (8.05)
    • 1,012
    • 6,501
    • 5
    Romeo Montague, a boy thrown into the attic with disgust after an accident five years ago. Although the world knew him as a boy unable to move due to a horrid afflicted illness, he lived a happy and fruitful life as a hermit in the attic. Only his cousin, Benvolio, and the housekeeper, Miriam knows the truth.

    But his peace breaks when Miriam's brother, Abram, enters the mansion.

    "I'll get you out of this room on your own feet!"

    "You don't need to make such promise."

    Romeo begins to solve Abram's various troubles with a single thought and determination to preserve his peace in the attic.

    Meanwhile, an unexpected adversary appears in front of him half-heartedly.
    • -- (7.67)
    • 479
    • 6,603
    • 1
    When Fang Lin bought a new smart phone, he found out the phone app gave him a special social network with the immortals. In a dog eat dog world, Lin is taking a stairway to heaven with this special social network.

    Source: MangaToon
    • -- (6.77)
    • 21,133
    • 1,074,144
    • 242
    Chu Qing is a sword expert cultivator, who 300 years ago accidentally entered the fairy world. During those 300 he began his cultivation journey. At the time of reaching the realm of eternity, it was not expected that he would instead open the hall of time and space and return to earth at the age of 17 years. But when he saw the situation, it turns out it was not the earth he once lived in, but the world was reversed between the roles of women and men. How was his journey to find a way to return to the original world, and defeat and conquer the strong women in the world ...

    Portuguese (BR)/ Português (BR):


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    • -- (8.05)
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    A story that reincarnates as a happy <supporting> in a friend's novel, but takes on the misery of <the main character>.
    • -- (7.23)
    • 1,009
    • 20,523
    • 11
    Xiao Zheng was forced into signing a marriage and employment contract after a one night stand with the female executive of New Arcana Group.
    During this time, he encountered many interesting female workers which he named them based on their unique characters…

    Ice Goddess… Tyrannosaurus / Overlord Flower… Gentle Boss… Mischievous School Girl…
    • -- (7.72)
    • 3,931
    • 72,028
    • 15
    A kiss that has changed her fate by luck? Or by misfortune?
    A poor girl's hardcore romance that unfolds in an exclusive private high school
    • -- (7.85)
    • 1,508
    • 27,883
    • 14
    This is a story of an exceptional boy, Lu Xiao Yi who wasn’t destined to follow the path of a cultivator. After resigning to his ill-destined fate, a couple of mysterious dices appeared suddenly, and he gained mysterious abilities. Entrusted to rekindle the fallen deities’ mission, the young boy’s life hence begun to change!

    Official Korean Translation
    • -- (7.76)
    • 2,651
    • 24,410
    • 34
    When I opened my eyes, I had become the heroine of a romance comic!

    I may have become the heroine, but I prefer the second male lead!
    • -- (7.63)
    • 4,246
    • 71,354
    • 61
    Ling Chen lived as a villain for 35 years, but in the final battle with the hero Ye Muxue, he "initialized" reset-reborn back to 17! what? Do you think he wants to be human again? Less talk! Of course, it's time to kill Ye Mu, who wasn't super powered at that time!
    • -- (8.82)
    • 3,192
    • 62,737
    • 16
    Upon catching a baby bird that stole his wallet, an angel suddenly fell from the sky! This is the sweet and mysterious romance of the lonesome Suho, and the angel called Taker who said it was Suho's fault his wings got injured, and he would stay with him so he could take responsibility for it.
    • -- (8.10)
    • 1,090
    • 15,032
    • 5
    There are people who own an object that shouldn’t exist in this world ‘OOPARTS’. They live in a border outside the world (Out), where many special stories are happening.
    • -- (7.80)
    • 280
    • 6,968
    At the end of a dark alley lies a store selling lights that is frequented by strange people. The owner of the store isn't at all surprised about their frequent visits, but he warns one of his regular customers – a girl who buys lightbulbs – to be careful of these people... What is it that has happened to them?
    • -- (8.89)
    • 15,424
    • 255,932
    • 98
    King Grey has unrivaled strength, wealth, and prestige in a world governed by martial ability. However, solitude lingers closely behind those with great power. Beneath the glamorous exterior of a powerful king lurks the shell of man, devoid of purpose and will.

    Reincarnated into a new world filled with magic and monsters, the king has a second chance to relive his life. Correcting the mistakes of his past will not be his only challenge, however. Underneath the peace and prosperity of the new world is an undercurrent threatening to destroy everything he has worked for, questioning his role and reason for being born again.

    Official English Novel: https://tapas.io/episode/571162

    Portuguese / Português

    Français :

    German :
    • -- (8.08)
    • 1,476
    • 21,175
    • 18
    What has a vampire who just woke up from a long sleep encountered... A zombie?!
    • -- (7.43)
    • 1,951
    • 32,397
    • 29
    When he opened his eyes, he had a knife in hand and there was a female corpse lying next to him. He couldn't remember anything, who he was, why he was there, and why he had superpowers. In a panic, he could only try to avoid police pursuit and investigate the matter in private. But when he came face to face with the truth, he didn't know what he should do anymore...

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