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"Azure" is an online game that has been operating for ten years, and the ten-year-old player who has been in the service has also received a big gift from the game! Just after he clicked on it, he was... He even became the weakest monster in the game?
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Luo Luo lost her memory in a car accident. She was rescued by something not human. Her journey into a fantasy world has just begun.
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"One day, my girlfriend suddenly transformed into a man?!"
A fantasy-romantic comedy about a guy whose girlfriend turned into a boy and the messy antics that follow suit.
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Poisoned to death by her own betrothed?! Eunha didn’t wake up in a novel’s story just to get killed off again as an unfortunate extra! To change her story she needs a cover… 6 months pretending to be the fake fiancée of the novel's male protagonist, Duke Noah Wynknight. But will this cold-hearted, angel-faced demon of a man really help her avoid another ill-fated ending?!

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Aaron and Bagas are very close friends, but apparently, they are being suspected by everyone!

Does this mean their friendship will be tested?
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Nothing is impossible with the system in my hands! I want the most beautiful woman! I want to be the most powerful person! I want to have the noblest of statuses! I aim to conquer everything under the sky!

French / Français
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A world divided into Pels and Spinels.
Unlike the Pels who have wealth and fame, the Spinels live as their accessories.
Rowell, a Pel who became a duke at an early age after the death of his parents, treasures the pendant given to him by his parents when he was young.
However, the Spinel named Dev stole the pendant while escaping from the slave market and he suggests exchanging the pendant for a prize…!
The Pel Rowell and the Spinel Dev’s risky relationship begins!
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Wen Tianhe mengira dia akan menjadi presiden sombong. Tanpa diduga, pada akhirnya, ia menjadi suami presiden dominan.
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Shi Xia Ben is the envy of the president 's wife, but did not expect that behind the scenes is a contract marriage. The three-year deadline is approaching, but the president of Ao Jiao has proposed "let's really do a fake show". What if my husband does not act according to the contract?
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Even if you die, even if you are reborn…
You will never be able to leave me.

Unable to accept the emperor, who is engulfed in obsession and madness, I killed myself.
But a hundred years passed by…
and I was reborn, as if it was fate, as if fate played tricks on me.
And with my past memory intact at that!!
I vowed never to see him again, but I hoped that at least he would’ve forgotten all his memory…
Could I not have escaped him even with death…
I face the reincarnation of the emperor once again.
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When Jeongha, the temperamental young son of a wealthy businessman was suddenly stricken down with a mysterious illness, his father scrambled to look for a cure. But the debilitating affliction persisted. Desperate and out of option, the father sought out help from a temple up on a misty mountain to save the life of his only son. As he stood waiting at the foot of the mountain for the temple people, he was approached by a village elderly man. The man told him that if the problem was small, he would be met by young temple people. If the problem was average, he would be met by middle aged people. And if the problem was grave, he would be met by elderly people, in which case he would need to prepare his heart for the worst. But on the rare occasion where a child came down to meet him, he would have to beg for his child’s life as if his own life depended on it. As the elderly man was leaving, the temple people arrived. Who came down from the temple to find the father?
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The definitive source of lore, background, and epic saga of Honkai Impact 3rd, a 3D anime-style ARPG game developed and published by miHoYo.

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1952: 1st Honkai Eruption in Berlin
2000: 2nd Honkai Eruption in Siberia
2014: Honkai Outbreak in Nagazora

Honkai is a corrupting force that manifests itself as supernatural disasters, monstrous creatures, plagues, and Herrschers who can bend physical laws on a whim. Human civilization has been at war with the Honkai since the very beginning. The Valkyries are the mightiest warriors of humanity. They are our only hope.

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Volume Guide (by chronological order)
Ancient Era. Volume 0.01. Fu Hua's Empyrean tales. (DONE)
Ancient Shenzhou. Volume 0.011. Blade of the Empyrean. (NEW + Ongoing)
1476 AD. Volume 0.1 Elan Palatinus (DONE)
2000 CE. Volume 0.2: Second Eruption (DONE)
2012-2013 CE. Volume 0.21: Gemini - Origin (DONE)
2012-2013 CE. Volume 0.3: Azure Waters (DONE)
2014 CE. Volume 1: Escape from Nagazora (DONE)
2014 CE. Volume 2: St. Freya High (DONE)
2014 CE. Volume 3: Sakura Samsara (DONE)
2014 CE. Volume 4: Final Samsara (DONE)
2014 CE. Volume 5: AE Invasion (DONE)
2014 CE. Volume 6: Moon Shadow (DONE)
2016(?). Volume .22: Gemina Invasions (COMEDY)
2015 CE. Volume 7.1: London Holiday (DONE)
2015 CE. Volume 8: Second Key (DONE)

Visit the official site HERE to learn more (and download) the action-packed 3D anime style ARPG Honkai Impact 3 that this entire manga is based on. The game is a great place to learn more about the Honkai-verse.
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Hwa Gok is just a normal university student, until he sees a girl being attacked by the popular Lee Bin, and jumps in her defence. The only problem is that Lee Bin is more than meets the eye…
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What would the experience of being simultaneously chased by 4 god-like men with weird personalities be like? An ordinary university girl, Mo Li, is confessed to by 4 unfamiliar men. When she finally pulls herself together, she finds that these 4 'unfamiliar' men have unexpectedly integrated themselves into her life somehow. So then how will she make her decision on who to choose?
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Resentment from another's unwillingness? Or is it my own? After an incident, Ye Limei, a student of sculpture, finds herself stalked by a resentful spirit in one of the sculptures in the boarding school. Supernatural and unstoppable events start occurring one after another... After Ye Limei discovers the secret behind the sculpture, she instead uses the power to her own advantage -- killing those she had long held a grudge against. With each bout of satisfaction, her mind slowly gets consumed by the spirit of enmity.
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[Adapted from webnovel of the same name] She is a chinese forensic medical expert, reincarnating into the only daughter of a family. He is the Emperor's grandson, aloof and carrying a debt of blood. A banquet allows her elegance and talent to bloom, additionally forming the bonds of love between them. For her, he paved a beautiful path to live up to her absolute brilliance. For him, she conspired against the world to help him on the path to the throne... A forensic medical expert, reincarnating and counterattacking, encountering the Emperor's grandson...achieving being together for the rest of their lives.
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[Adapted from webnovel 'The Phoenix who replaced the bride: Tyrant Prince's Private Doting of the Bewitching Empress'] During her childhood, Liu Rushuang almost lost her life at the combined schemes of her father and head matriarch. Ten years later, she returns to plan her revenge holding the highest position in a well-known assassination organization by the name of 'Bloody Repose'. However, she is suddenly hounded by a tyrannical lord of some nation Han Moze. Will her revenge go off without a hitch? And what sort of thrilling story will she have with this tyrannical lord?
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In order to fulfil her mission of bringing peace to her homeland, the Uyghur Princess Amelia travels to Chang'an and marries Emperor Dezong of Tang's ninth prince, Li Qian. While she had been considered very capable in her homeland, the complex and foreign customs of the Tang court are something else entirely; and although she had not expected love in a political marriage, the sheer disinterest and arrogance of her husband is very hard to handle, no matter how capable and handsome he may be. Securing peace between the Uyghur Khaganate and the Tang Empire is not going to be easy, especially with the rebellion taking place in Tang.

Na esperança de unir Uighur e Tang, a Princesa Aimala deve se casar com o 9º príncipe de Tang. No entanto, Aimala está longe de ser uma princesa comum: antes de conhecer o Imperador, ela troca de lugar com sua pobre empregada para ter mais liberdade! Mas parece que o futuro marido dela não é muito tipico: ao chegar ao palácio, ele não aparece para conhecê-la! Que futuro espera esse casal que nada pensa sobre o casamento e qual será o destino de seus países trancados na guerra?!
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Unpopular young star Mo Ji meets by chance a man, Shen Yi, who bears a remarkable resemblance to himself. At their first meeting in the largest Jiangnan clubhouse in Hongcheng, a misunderstanding occurs between the two. Shen Yi thinks this pretty-faced boy that looks like an internet celebrity, is wanting to take the opportunity to seduce him. Mo Ji thinks this old mister that stinks of money wishes to sign him via the casting couch. From this misunderstanding, love, hatred, affection and enmity is born.
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Louann, working as a maid of the mansion, accidentally finds out the lady of the house's scary secret on her first day of work and she's now invited to a strange meal...
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Song Yuanxun, an indifferent homophobic, matched with Fang Zhaomu, who he hates, on a dating app! Unexpectedly, he found out that Fang Zhaomu is clingier than he thought...
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"Do you want to live as Estella instead of Estien?"

A member of the famous Arthur family that possessed skilled swordsmanship which went into ruin, Estella.
Disguised as the male Estien she lived as a regular knight, hiding the exceptional talent she inherited to avoid discovery, but one day the crown prince makes an unexpected offer...

Based on the Original Webnovel by HAN Mint
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In a wondrous yet different primitive world, you have a shape-shifting saber tooth tiger and a kung fu panda (literally) but when darkness befalls them, only the one who shines the brightest can save them. Follow the talented engineer, Yan Jin who witnessed flying cavemen and yet isn’t the slightest bit disturbed by it since he knows for sure that he himself, is the real caveman over there. Read on as he awakens the ancestral power of the divine fire for the glory of the tribe.
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Down on her luck having graduated from a scammy university with no job prospects Xiao Jun doesn't have a lot of hope for the future but everything changes when a strange creature slinks out of her air conditioner. Could this be the start of a beautiful relationship?
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Zero was mankind’s first real superhero. Under his watch, countless other superheros appeared and followed in his footsteps. However, after 5 years of war, Zero disappeared without a trace.

Note: this is not your usual chinese manhua, please read them from right to left (similar with japanese format)


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...Can you see these messages?

While trying to find the owner of a lost phone, an ambiguous "Unknown" starts texting you! As soon as you enter the studio he mentioned, you see a bunch of hotties?!

We invite you to <Mystic Messenger>!

Based on the otome game developed by Cheritz Co., Ltd
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Though Chichi the cat looks very cute, he has one goal: eradicate humanity and take over the world! He decides to recruit comrades to aid him in his quest, but it looks like world conquest won't be that easy?! Follow the adventures of Chichi the ~tyrant~, Dunno, the dog who loves humans, and Kaiser Kang Taeshik, the hard-boiled wild hamster, as they face many hardships on their path to absolute dominion!
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Set on a path to tragedy and misfortune from a young age, Aseph Randell is doomed to die a villain. That is, until the mysterious Elzay Tiathe appears in his life with a promise: "I can save you." After having vivid visions of him for so long, can Elzay untangle the twisted fate tied to Aseph... or will they both be dragged down together?
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A bad boy on the surface, a good kid on the inside; A bully on the surface, but a mischievous little devil on the inside. Two teenagers with different lives and different personalities develop a wonderful friendship by sheer chance. How will they make it last? "Untouchable" is here to answer that!
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The entertainment world's big shot Feng Yue pairs up with up-and-coming actor Xiang Shu Jian; will they have a sleazy love story? No, this is between a beautiful boss and a new, hot internet celebrity! Please give me a love like this!
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Mae-hwa, who had secretly been in love with Jae-won throughout high school, finally made up his mind to stop loving Jae-won and forget about him after graduation. But at the first party after entering university, he found out that Jae-won was also there! Mae-hwa tries to keep his distance from Jae-won. Jae-won tries to get closer to him. Will his hidden feelings finally be discovered? Jae-won finds out how they can get along in the future...

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The Sword is the victim of betrayal: The love of his life killed him on their wedding night. However, the will of the heavens is unpredictable. Instead of following his body in death, he founds himself reincarnated. Let's look at Mu Yuan, who bears the deep hatred of the blood and his thirst for revenge. Now he is preparing to return to the Spirit Domain, even if it means killing in its path!

L’Épée est victime d’une trahison : l’amour de sa vie l’a tué le soir de leur mariage. Cependant, la volonté des cieux est imprédictible. Au lieu de suivre son corps dans la mort, il se retrouve réincarné dans le monde humain. Suivez Mu Yuan, qui envahi par la colère et sa soif de vengeance, s’apprête à retourner dans le Domaine des Esprits, quitte à tuer sur son passage !

A espada é vítima de uma traição: o amor de sua vida o matou na noite do casamento. No entanto, a vontade dos céus é imprevisível. Em vez de seguir seu corpo na morte, ele se vê reencarnado no mundo humano. Siga Mu Yuan, que é dominado pela raiva e sua sede de vingança, está se preparando para retornar ao domínio espiritual, mesmo que isso signifique matar em seu caminho!
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By any chance, can you spend the night with me?
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Two friends from high school, and their comedy.

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Raoul, who had defeated the demon king as the strongest hero, should have become the savior of the world.

Having his treasured companions and family killed by power-hungry aristocrats, he was executed with false charges brought against him by the princess. Just before his life collapsed, at last, his heart fell into darkness.

...I'll tear those traitors from limb to limb. Burn them at the stake. Sever them to pieces. Skewer them. I'll kill every one of those bastards without mercy and make them taste hell's suffering.....!!!

Obtaining the power of darkness, Raoul was revived. Sneering, he vowed revenge.

“Oh, I’m looking forward to it – from now on, I'll bask in their blood as I please.”

Several days after the hero's revival in the imperial capital where flowers bloomed in profusion, the parade that would advance towards tragedy began.
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Zhang Gong decides to learn light magic, a magic few show interest in and eventually becomes the legendary Grand Magister. While trying to end the continent’s east and west separation in order to unite all of the different races, he becomes every race’s Child of Light.

Other Languages:
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Olga, la hija de un rico comerciante en Inglaterra, siempre ha soñado con cruzar el mar con su padre y su hermano amante del océano. El día antes de cumplir 18 años, Olga descubrió el aviso de una búsqueda del tesoro en un pub y declaró su participación.
En un intento por convencer a su madre, aceptó a regañadientes un compromiso con un soldado llamado Oscar. Sin embargo, su barco se encuentra con una tormenta violenta, dejando a Olga y su grupo varados en una isla desierta. ¡Los personajes principales de esta historia son Olga, su hermano Noah, su prometido Oscar y el alcohol!

For as long as Olga can remember, she's dreamed of setting sail and chasing down the hidden treasure that her father always told her about. But after her father and older brother go missing at sea, that dream seems like it too will be lost forever. That is, until pirates charge into her quiet English village, turning everything upside down! Now with a rag-tag team of sailors, can Olga finally unravel the mysteries of her family's disappearance and discover the treasure she always dreamed of?
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