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"I know you won’t be satisfied with anyone but me."

I know we shouldn’t be doing this… But when his tongue licks those places I can’t help but want it somewhere deeper.

One day, Karen realizes that she’s been reincarnated as the villainess in an otome game. Furthermore, following the plotline, her engagement to the prince will be broken and her family ruined. In order to avoid the worst end, she locks up her feelings towards the prince’s bodyguard, her childhood friend Hansel. But one day Hansel saves her when she’s in a tight spot and her locked up feelings start to overflow. He passionately kisses her while saying “Forget about this,” but her heart and body are already his.

Chinese / 中文:
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In the year 2030, the end of the world happened with many people dying mysteriously, while the lone survivors were controlled by an app named “81 Fatal Questions”. After answering various questions and clearing the instance dungeons, survivors will be rewarded through the app. By competing against Death, only the ultimate winners will have a chance to survive. The genius heroine who has had a “bad luck debuff” since birth, takes her comrades with her on her journey. Can she clear the game and survive until the end?
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The story follows the High-schooler Futsu Jintarou, whose confession was rejected by his crush.

His misfortune continues, as news of a gender-change disease turns Jintarou into a beautiful silver haired girl. The shock of it causes him (her) to try to escape from reality by playing the VRMMO, Clan/Clan…

His game character Taru uses the same girl appearance as in the Real and the Alchemy skill, which most players call a trash skill.

He meets lots of fellow adventurers, and becomes stronger within the game world of Clan/Clan’s slogan, ‘When one becomes an adventurer, they can fight, steal, control, explore, invent, create, and do anything as they like’.

He meets a wide variety of adventurers that help him(her) grow, Taro hides what happened to his(her) appearance as a bug to his friends who also play the game, and hides the fact that he(she) had become a girl in real life.

When summer break is over, he(she) will have to show their face at school.

This is about one of the best National-class adventurers, the story of the Alchemist who won a war without even taking a single step.

When a normal high school student suddenly turns into a beautiful girl, what would they do?

The answer is to that is to become an online games' addict!

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The MC is a really poor student that loves playing games. One of his friends is a popular student detective that convinces him into helping with a murder case. After viewing the last moments of an old man being held at gun point, the scene forces the MC into a virtual reality game, dropping him off at a desert landscape with some pyramids. The MC goes with the flow, and the first thing he sees is a BOSS sand monster and a quest option. Like any MC, he expects to defeat the Boss to win, right? No, it turns out he's the last Gravekeeper and he's supposed to protect the treasure against the Tomb Raiders. That old man? He was his grandfather, and they meet in virtual reality.

French / Français

See Wikipedia for the anime.
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Wan Jia was betrayed by one of his own teammates in the virtual reality game, "King of Gamers" (KOG) and lost his qualification. However, In his final moments before being removed from the game, he was transported back one year earlier to the day that "King of Gamers" launched. Already a master of the game and possessing in-depth knowledge of the content of the game, Wan Jia orchestrates his return to the "King of Gamers" to not only to punish the traitorous teammate, but also achieve victory!
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29-year-old programmer Suzuki Ichirou finds himself transported into a fantasy RPG. Within the game, he's a 15-year-old named Satou. At first he thinks he's dreaming, but his experiences seem very real. Due to his use of a 3-time-use special power (meteor shower), he ends up wiping out an army of lizardmen and becoming very high level. He hides his level and plans to live peacefully and meet new people, though developments in the game story (like the return of a demon king) might get in his way.
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Regaining the memories of his previous life, Cyril realised that he was an otome game’s character, the villainous daughter– Sophia’s butler. At the rate things were going, Sophia would eventually have the prince stolen away from her by the heroine, fall into darkness, and be executed. Wanting to save the villainous daughter he was so fond of, Cyril moved to eliminate all the factors that would cause her to fall into darkness, raising her up to be a talented and beautiful girl who could win the prince’s love, however…

Original Web Novel
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On his way home from his office, the main protagonist drove and ran over a big dog. At that moment, he heard the sudden sound of a voice inside his head. ≪The monster has been subjugated, gaining experience points.≫ 「Eh?」 Before anyone knew, the world has changed. Monsters appear, this is a game-like world where levels, skills, and status exist. This is an adventure where the modern world becomes fantasy and where the main protagonist has to strive hard for his survival.

Russian / Русский

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    Her memories of being a military otaku in her previous life awaken and she remembers she’s in the world of an otome game she played in her previous life.

    And what’s more, she’s what people refer to as a ‘villainess’.

    In the game, the villainess is destined to face a destruction ending, but this girl is different.

    If you don’t want to be destroyed yourself, you have to destroy them first!

    In this way, our protagonist who is obsessed with recreating the power of modern weaponry using magical techniques by taking advantage of the magical talent bestowed upon the villainess, realizes it at last.

    The heroine? The prince? Shaming her family? Being exiled from the country?

    If only a bad end is destined for her, then she has to crush it through sheer firepower!
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    Reset, and game set.

    When I opened my eyes, I was in a different world. I had become the game's villainous princess who was feared by all. Not to mention... Completely naked men I didn't even know were approaching me left and right!

    “Are you cold? Shall I warm you up with a hug?”
    “Oh? Have you not had enough yet?”

    Seriously, what’s up with this situation? And just how the hell am I going to get out of this freaking game?!

    Official Indonesian Translation

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    [Shin Youngwoo (Username: Grid)]
    The world's greatest VR game <Satisfy>

    Whether in reality or in the game, misfortune has always befallen upon him...
    An unexpected reward he discovered during a quest, 'Pagma's Rare Book'.
    Changing into a one of a kind, strongest, Legendary class amongst +2 billion users.

    "How are you still alive...?!"
    "Well, it's nothing complicated..."

    "I'm Overgeared."



    Official French release on Delitoon
    Official Indonesian Translation (Kakaoid)
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    For some reason, he was invited to another world after he rolled the gacha like he usually does.
    The gacha from the social game is available in his trusted smartphone.
    It was a convenient and cheat tool that can give out equipment and beautiful girl characters.
    He now aims to create the world's strongest army of beautiful girls in another world.
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    The protagonist fell asleep while playing an online game. However, he awoke in a strange world with his game character's appearance. In a state of shock, he noticed that he was equipped with nothing but his strongest weapon and armor. To make matters worse, our hero's appearance was changed by the special avatar skin『Skeleton』when he enter this new world. The protagonist wanted to live without drawing attention, but he got acquainted with the dark elf Ariana and received her request.

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    Bookworm - Soo-Hyuk. Reading fun number one, always looking for a new way to read books. Even joined new game <Pangea> so no one could disturb him from reading books. The moment Soo-Hyuk finished reading his first book and closed it, he received notification: Wisdom +1 level ....


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    I reincarnated into the world of an otome game as the villainess, “Ophelia.” I thought I'd be able to enjoy a peaceful school life, but to my dismay, I found myself subjected to constant harassment at the hands of the wicked, vindictive heroine; and to top it all off, I’m plunging headlong into the dreaded Bad Ending — hold up, as if I’d meekly submit to such a fate! If that’s how it’s going to be, I’ll tap into the top secret "cheats" known only to those who've played the game and carve out the 'Villainess Route' of my fantasies!! But for some unfathomable reason, the capture targets seem to be doting on me far more aggressively than in the original story…?

  • Original Web Novel
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    Free Life Fantasy Online… a.k.a. FLFO.
    Tsukishiro Kotone receives this game as gift from her little sister and starts playing.
    The character’s race she has selected was… one of “Inhuman” races for enthusiasts.
    A race said to be bad even among Inhuman races that are known to be difficult – a Zombie.

    Big Tiddies Onee-san playing Dark Soul VRMMO as Undead Princess.
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    The protagonist is a player of a VRMMOFPS game who ends up falling off the map, and ends up being transported to a fantasy world retaining his in game equipment and user interface.
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    The King's Avatar Manhua Adaptation Rerun.

    Widely regarded as a trailblazer and top-tier professional player in the online multiplayer game Glory, Ye Xiu is dubbed the "Battle God" for his skills and contributions to the game over the years. However, when forced to retire from the team and to leave his gaming career behind, he finds work at a nearby internet café. There, when Glory launches its tenth server, he throws himself in to the game once more using a new character named "Lord Grim."

    Ye Xiu's early achievements on the new server immediately catch the attention of many players, as well as the big guilds, leaving them to wonder about the identity of this exceptional player. However, while he possesses ten years of experience and in-depth knowledge, starting afresh with neither sponsors nor a team in a game that has changed over the years presents numerous challenges. Along with talented new comrades, Ye Xiu once again dedicates himself to traversing the path to Glory's summit!
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    Penelope Eckart reincarnated as the adopted daughter of Duke Eckart and the villainess of a reverse harem dating sim. The problem is, she entered the game at its hardest difficulty, and no matter what she does, death awaits her at every ending! Before the "real daughter" of Duke Eckart appears, she must choose one of the male leads and reach a happy ending in order to survive. But the two brothers always pick a fight with her over every little thing, as well as a crazy crown prince, whose routes all lead to death. There's even a magician who's enamoured with the female lead, and a loyal slave knight! But somehow, the favourability meters of the male leads increase the more she crosses the line with them!

    This is Penelope’s survival story, who’s been dropped in an insane reverse harem dating sim!
    Türkçe / Turkish

    Official Simplified Chinese Translation
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    The best-known VR game in the world, 'Kaillan'. A certified game addict well known in the virtual world, Ian. Despite having a Level 93 Archer character in the top leaderboards of Kaillan, Ian decides to delete it despite everyone around him telling him not to. All to convert to a hidden class he obtained by chance. The class he chose is the most worthless class in Kaillan, the Summoner class. If he wants to avoid getting an F in college, he needs to level up to his previous level within two months... Kaillan is notorious for its very cruel leveling system, where it is said to take over a year to reach level 100. His struggles to reach level 93 in only two months unfold... Level quickly, thoroughly and persistently. The legend of the 'Taming Master' begins!
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    The cat lover teenager Meng Changji travels through truck kun! and is bound by a cat system in a parallel world. What is the cat system? I have a big giant kitty as a system! the cat system uses the road not taken! It is the practice that does not take the usual path! When you are kidnapped, other people are looking for opportunities to escape, but this young master walks away while he slaps you right up in the face! haha!. When this Emperor meets a pretty girl for a competition invitation, others used male chauvinistic ways and strength to conquer her, and this young master...this young master acts like a cat really oh.. I'm so weak.. Of course, it's important to hold her thighs if she's stronger! Strong waifu is the best waifu! don't you know this?! This Emperor does not practice according to the routine, harvests the cultivation value like a miser. By the way..did this Emperor mention I might be the future god of the cat too? eh..just a hunch. Ahh..cats are so cute. I just wanna pet them all day! Ahhh!!! my System is a CAT!!! This is life! Thank you Cat God!

    Russian / Русский

    French / Français
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    When Zhang Tianling a typical Chinese Otaku plays a game late at night like any usual Otaku with a hikikomori tendency does, he accidentally migrated to a different world and became the founder of the sect in the game he played with all the max stats and skills. Everything seems perfect, right? OP character and skills? what could go wrong? but what he didn’t expect... this sect is now poor and destitute, and only the sect master and one disciple are left. Where are all the people? Even the mountain gate is rented? Wait, the landlord is coming here to collect a debt?! Fortunately, the system I have is still working. Sect Simulator huh? this could work!
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    In the world of the game 'Aola Star', he is hailed as "No. 1" and has dominated the rankings for years, using the strongest Yabi to fight his way to the top. In the real world, he is a nobody at the bottom of the social ladder who holds a secret crush on the school goddess.
    One day, the two worlds begin to intersect... but which one is the true 'real world'?
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    In this era of martial arts, those who don't awaken their martial arts are known as primitive humans. Xiao Wudao is an arrogant and disrespectful child. His father is a rich man while his adopted brother is a martial artist. One day, his brother turned on the family and killed everyone. Suddenly, Xiao Wudao found himself awoken one year before that faithful day. Now, he will protect his family and won't redo the mistakes in his past life.
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    In this era of national martial arts, Chen Ji originally thought that as long as he worked hard to practice martial arts he would be able to get rid of campus bullying, stay with school flowers and live together, and reach the pinnacle of life. However, he discovered that this world is not what he imagined. It's that simple...Nesta era de artes marciais nacionais, Chen Ji

    originalmente pensava que enquanto trabalhasse duro para praticar as artes marciais, ele seria capaz de se livrar do bullying no campus, ficar com as flores da escola e permanecer no auge de sua vida. No entanto, ele descobriu que este mundo não é o que ele imaginou. Não era tão simples quanto pensava…
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    Anise suddenly gets a message on her phone one day asking whether she'd be willing to lend her their aid. As if responding to her thoughts, it chooses for her and she finds herself suddenly summoned into the world of an otome game. While Anise is dumbfounded at her situation, Hime, the girl who is summoned with her declares, "I'm the Saintess!" As a result, Anise is treated as useless and driven out.

    If things were to continue to go on like this, then the general of the neighboring country will die, Hime, as the saint, will take over, and a tragic ending will be met. To avoid that and take her life into her own hands, Anise resolves to save the general, change the scenario, and just settle down somewhere. That was what she planned, however...

    Original Web Novel (Japanese)
    • -- (7.88)
    • 18,846
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    What if your life is just like playing a game? What if you can upgrade your status and gain more levels? A fantasy world is coming right at you!

    Han Jee-Han, a normal high school student, suddenly develops a special power where his entire world is shifted into a game-like setting. He can see the power levels of people, look at the stats of a seemingly normal item, get abilities, and even level up! Follow Han Jee-Han as he discovers how to use this power, and maybe even where it came from.
    • -- (7.35)
    • 24,991
    • 672,982
    • 172
    26-year-old Jung Si-woo never had any friends, because there was nothing interesting about him. He lived an average life as an average person in an average world. But suddenly, the earth faced a great change when Mysterious floating 'Sky Castles' appeared. The 'Sky Castles' granted some people wings and powers, but unfortunately, Si-woo wasn't one of them.

    26-letni Jung Si-woo nigdy nie miał przyjaciół, ponieważ nie był ciekawą osobą. Żył przeciętnym życiem w przeciętnym świecie. Nagle ziemia stanęła w obliczu wielkiej zmiany, kiedy pojawiły się "Zamki Niebios". "Zamki Niebios" obdarowywały niektórych ludzi mocami oraz skrzydłami, niestety Si-woo nie był jedną z tych osób.

    • -- (7.80)
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    • 12,477
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    Sonnya's brother Milo is missing, and the only clue she has to his disappearance is a mysterious text message. She discovers Milo is somehow involved with the now-defunct RPG game, "Freak-Quency," which was stopped for good reason: players were disappearing. To her horror, she also finds that the game is no longer confined to computers, and has found a new home in the world of the living. Just what was Milo mixed up in? Finding Milo means she'll have to play… and it's anyone's guess what the game has in store for her.

    • -- (8.67)
    • 21,935
    • 410,368
    • 151
    Hwang Jae-Ho joins a game and wants to open a flower shop, thus begins his long journey of being a florist in a virtual world.

  • Official Indonesian Translation

  • Original Web Novel (Naver)
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    “The son of god Gula has returned.”

    I was lost in the world of gambling.
    I turned my back on my family and even betrayed my lover.
    I wasted every day of my life.
    It was the life of trash.
    The reality told me thus - that I would amount to nothing no matter what I did.
    In order to change my pathetic life, I chose fantasy, instead.
    Even then, it was the same story.
    I wondered if salvation would come at the end of the long road.
    But, I was forced to kneel down in defeat in front of a powerful entity.
    The tower I built up with my own hands crumbled into nothingness.
    Just for once, I dearly wished to know the truth about myself.

    – Come closer, my child…

    I will not hold back this time.

    Russian / Русский

    Italian / Italiano

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    "Where am I? What... am I?"

    Gold Armored Sword Dragon, the boss monster of Demon Palace's 7th floor and the Guardian of the Abyss, becomes self-aware and awakens in a game world!

    Gold Armored Sword Dragon (or Geum-gab Do-Ryong) is a giant dragon covered in golden scales, but he takes on a human form once he withstands a set number of attacks. He's a rare character in the game, "New Legend of Mir", a supposedly authentic martial arts game.

    Dorothy, the girl who call him "Geum Ryong" (Gold Dragon)... Jeok Chan-Woon, the attack force's leader and commander of the Red Blood Group... and Gepetto, who goes by the nickname, "Dumplinghead Girl"...

    Their story takes place inside the world of Murim within the virtual-reality martial arts game, "New Legend of Mir"!

    Story adapted by: Black Salt
    Art by: Black Salt, Grinbi
    Original novel by: Jwa-Baek, Jin-San
    • -- (7.41)
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    • 27,772
    • 13
    When a mysterious heartbeat is detected under the seas of Japan, Luminous, Caesar Gattuso and Johann Chu, (also known as the Ace Team of Cassell College) get sent on a mission to Tokyo, where they must cooperate with Cassell's Japanese branch, led by the conflicted Chisei Gen.
    After an unexpected turn of events, the trio will find itself in the middle of a hybrid mafia war.

    Adapted from the original novel which has also been turned into a game.
    • -- (7.08)
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    • 16
    Jiang Siming suddenly discovered that the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds he played was different from others. He can find fragments of various colors in the game. After synthesis, he can turn into various kinds of treasures such as skills, attributes, talents, money, antiques, even medicines, exercises, etc. Relying on constantly picking up pieces in the game, Jiang Siming completed a life counterattack and made a fortune!
    • -- (8.35)
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    • 315,990
    • 161
    Started as a two-part oneshot about a guy accidentally transported to an Otome game by his sister. To get out, he needs to clear a love route but he tries his best to find another way.

    Summary from Niconico:
    Because of his little sister, high school student Tarou (alias) is transferred to an otome game as the heroine. The more he tries to avoid the handsome love interests, the further he advances into their love routes!

    In the end, will he be able to return to his original world?!
    And will he be able to protect his chastity?!

    Now serialized monthly in Shounen Gangan starting Jan 2020.
    • -- (8.64)
    • 4,062
    • 69,462
    • 62
    The comic adaption of the super popular novel from syosetu ni narou.

    Hizutome Rakurou loves shitty games. His next challenge is Shangri-la Frontier, the god-tier game with a total playerbase of 30,000,000. Gathering comrades (scum) in an expansive world and meeting with old enemies along the way, he will change the fate of every player.
    • -- (8.02)
    • 3,274
    • 64,402
    • 17
    It is the year 2100 A.D., and humans have developed a virtual reality game with a realism level of 99%. Feng Lan, due to a bet with her twin brother, vows to succeed in playing the game without using her "female benefits." Due to this, she becomes the first and only female to play as a male character in "Second Life." As her infamy rises as a bloodthirsty warrior, can she keep her identity a secret from her real life acquaintances whom she has beaten up?
    • -- (8.89)
    • 37,172
    • 769,829
    • 459
    Ordinary office worker Oohashi Rei wakes up in the body of the protagonist of her favorite otome game, Revolution. To her delight, the first person to greet her is also her favorite character, Claire Francois–the main antagonist of the story! Now, Rei is determined to romance Claire instead of the game’s male leads. But how will her villainous lady love react to this new courtship?!



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  • Official English Novel
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    Due to a mistake on his student’s part, a super Martial Artist had received a wrong class in an online game and had become a mage. He who was used to curbing violence with violence and using strength to subdue strength could only make the best out of his mistake. Taking on a new lease in life, he became a violent close combat mage. When strength and magic came perfectly together, a new gaming path had been opened by him!
    • -- (8.00)
    • 41,950
    • 1,108,793
    • 213
    KUZUNO Sekai was transported to a medieval fantasy game-like world (isekai). He was given a game controller with the ability to stop time and a 3 days countdown timer. Now he has to figure out the mechanics of this game world and clear it in time.

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