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If I can succeed it's OK to use bugs or any possible way! A story of reincarnated ultra-high obesity young lord.

Portuguese (BR) / Português (BR):
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Developed by “God’s Domain Technologies”, virtual reality has taken the world by storm. The virtual world “Eden’s Paradise” is described as a mysterious and flawless universe, and has become the place that every gamer dreams of. Those, in reality, feel disappointment towards the real world, or want to escape from it, or are possessed by greed, or have dreams, or simply feel boredom - people with all these reasons challenge the trials to enter Eden’s Paradise one after the other.
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When you succeed at everything you try, you have no choice but to seek challenges elsewhere, like in a game. By using the trash jobs that no one pays any attention to, with the right attitude you're bound to accomplish your goals! even succeeding at the most impossible of quests, the main character bets everything he has. "With my skills I'll beat this game!"

Russian / Русский
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Licca Belmonte has grown up in the lap of luxury in an ambiguously-European, sort-of-1800s-ish country, when all of a sudden her family adopt a mysterious young runaway… but when Licca tries to befriend the boy, a mysterious screen appears in front of her, telling her all she needs to know to talk to him!
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The MC is a really poor student that loves playing games. One of his friends is a popular student detective that convinces him into helping with a murder case. After viewing the last moments of an old man being held at gun point, the scene forces the MC into a virtual reality game, dropping him off at a desert landscape with some pyramids. The MC goes with the flow, and the first thing he sees is a BOSS sand monster and a quest option. Like any MC, he expects to defeat the Boss to win, right? No, it turns out he's the last Gravekeeper and he's supposed to protect the treasure against the Tomb Raiders. That old man? He was his grandfather, and they meet in virtual reality.

See Wikipedia for the anime.
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An unknowing Sudou Kaname is invited to try out a new mysterious mobile app game called "Darwin's Game", but later realizes that he's in for more than he's bargained for when he finds out that there's no way to quit the game.
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One day, 25-year-old Hasegawa Ryou wakes up to see a holographic screen floating in front of him. The screen prompts him to save/load files and an item shop, as well as his stats. It seems like he's been sucked into some erotic love game, since his stats depend on seducing women and "capturing" them.

After finding a target and going through game-like options, Ryou thinks he knows what he has to do to "capture" his target. Surely he needs to have sex with her, right? And yet when the woman turns out to be a murderer, Ryou finds out the shocking truth: he has to capture these women and unveil their secrets! And if he fails, he dies...


  • Original WebNovel (Raw)
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    A homosexual sorceror and a seductive priestess cross paths in an Online RPG.



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    Terazaki Kaoru is about to meet up with his online friend, Nanami. But Nanami doesn't know Terazaki is a guy in real life! He's sure to be disappointed and at least a little weirded out. But Terazaki is in for a surprise...

    (Chapters labelled "comiket previews" are previews of comiket doujin books. The rest are standalone pixiv comics for the same series.)

    Portuguese / Português

    French/ Français
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    [Shin Youngwoo (Username: Grid)]
    The world's greatest VR game <Satisfy>

    Whether in reality or in the game, misfortune has always befallen upon him...
    An unexpected reward he discovered during a quest, 'Pagma's Rare Book'.
    Changing into a one of a kind, strongest, Legendary class amongst +2 billion users.

    "How are you still alive...?!"
    "Well, it's nothing complicated..."

    "I'm Overgeared."

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    For some reason, he was invited to another world after he rolled the gacha like he usually does.
    The gacha from the social game is available in his trusted smartphone.
    It was a convenient and cheat tool that can give out equipment and beautiful girl characters.
    He now aims to create the world's strongest army of beautiful girls in another world.
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    Seko Daiko, a second-year high schooler is an extreme cheapskate. Taking down all the light bulbs in the house, making his siblings eat baked bread crust for breakfast... He would do anything just to save an extra penny.

    Daiko was sure he could keep this thrift lifestyle going forever until... The world's fate depends on him spending money on a mobile game?! (from MangaUpdates)
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    Iride Akatsuki has unlocked hidden content in the game he's playing (Naka no Hito Genome), and it turns out that this content is a real-life game! He soon wakes up to find that he has been kidnapped and taken to a strange place, along with a number of other teammates. Each of them specializes in a certain sort of game, like cultivation games, fighting games, puzzle games, etc. A llama-headed 'teacher' gathers them after level 1 is cleared to explain how the game will proceed. Will this group of gamers succeed, and make it back to their real lives?
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    Honjou Kaede was invited by her friend, Shiromine Risa to play a VRMMO.
    I don’t hate games, but painful things are a little……no, I hate it very, very much.
    Eh!…the pain would be reduced if I placed stats on defense power?
    Then, the only place where I can place it, is there right? Right?
    Solidly fortify everything into defense, now here I come!

  • Japanese Light Novel: Bookwalker
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    Penelope Eckart reincarnated as the adopted daughter of Duke Eckart and the villainess of a reverse harem dating sim. The problem is, she entered the game at its hardest difficulty, and no matter what she does, death awaits her at every ending! Before the "real daughter" of Duke Eckart appears, she must choose one of the male leads and reach a happy ending in order to survive. But the two brothers always pick a fight with her over every little thing, as well as a crazy crown prince, whose routes all lead to death. There's even a magician who's enamoured with the female lead, and a loyal slave knight! But somehow, the favourability meters of the male leads increase the more she crosses the line with them!

    This is Penelope’s survival story, who’s been dropped in an insane reverse harem dating sim!
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    The lonely e-sports team manager Ài Dé suddenly found himself transported five years back in time. A road of making smurf accounts, crazy star players, and crushing other famous teams awaits him! His only goal? To become World Champion!

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    The early days of the virtual reality game, Arena.

    Meleegod was the strongest ranked player! He deleted his character and suddenly left. In order to restore his bankrupt family, he returned to Arena!

    “Do you want to create a character?”
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    KUZUNO Sekai was transported to a medieval fantasy game-like world (isekai). He was given a game controller with the ability to stop time and a 3 days countdown timer. Now he has to figure out the mechanics of this game world and clear it in time.

    Regarding censorship

    Russian / Русский

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    Acting pretentious is his hobby! Being the ultimate rich player, he’s used to spending “expenses” around others on the down-low, having the most extravagant equipment and armor. In the gaming world, there's nothing that can't be solved with money!
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    Leon, a former Japanese worker, was reincarnated into an “otome game” world, and despaired at how it was a world where females hold dominance over males. It was as if men were just livestock that served as stepping stones for females in this world. The only exceptions were the game’s romantic targets, a group of handsome men led by the crown prince.

    In these bizarre circumstances, Leon held one weapon: his knowledge from his previous world, where his brazen sister had forced him to complete this game. This is a story about his adventure to survive and thrive in this world.

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    "THE NEW GATE", an online game that trapped its players and turned into a death game, was now releasing the thousands of players that had been dragged into it, thanks to the efforts of Shin, one of the most powerful players. But after having defeated the last boss and freed everyone, he was swallowed up by a strange light and found himself inside the game world 500 years in the future and unable to leave.
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    Tiararose was supposed to be disengaged and exiled from the country.

    “This was the Otome game I had played!” She realized on the day before the story’s ending――…….

    Shall I wait for the judgment? But, I did not do anything too cruel……. Thinking so, the ending continues.

    But, during the judgement――something that was not possible in the game happened. The neighboring crown prince courted the villainous daughter Tiararose.
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    Wan Jia was betrayed by one of his own teammates in the virtual reality game, "King of Gamers" (KOG) and lost his qualification. However, In his final moments before being removed from the game, he was transported back one year earlier to the day that "King of Gamers" launched. Already a master of the game and possessing in-depth knowledge of the content of the game, Wan Jia orchestrates his return to the "King of Gamers" to not only to punish the traitorous teammate, but also achieve victory!
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    When countless of my classmates were addicted to the super popular game “Battle of the Gods”, I was not tempted. This game is highly realistic, based off of powerful historical generals and mythical figures, where they battle against each other!
    Your potential determines your fate, the winner becomes the king while those who are defeated, eat dust.
    Analysis failed…..
    What’s with this situation? Is it a bug?
    My profile can’t be matched with a character???
    In that case, congratulations on triggering the game’s hidden story!
    I accidentally…... Opened it.....
    • -- (7.82)
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    The Priest is a demon?!
    • -- (7.31)
    • 7,704
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    Sakamoto Ryouta is an unemployed 22-year-old who lives with his mother. In the real world, there may be nothing really special about him, but online, he's one of the world's top players of the combat game "BTOOOM"!

    One day, he awakes in what appears to be a tropical island, though he has no memory of how or why he has come to be there. While wandering around, Ryouta sees someone and calls out for help. The stranger responds by throwing a bomb at him! Now Ryouta realizes both that his life is in danger, and that he has somehow been trapped in a real-life version of his favorite game! Will Ryouta be able to survive long enough to figure out how and why he ended up here?

    Russian / Русский
    • -- (6.82)
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    • 25,571
    • 11
    In this era of martial arts, those who don't awaken their martial arts are known as primitive humans. Xiao Wudao is an arrogant and disrespectful child. His father is a rich man while his adopted brother is a martial artist. One day, his brother turned on the family and killed everyone. Suddenly, Xiao Wudao found himself awoken one year before that faithful day. Now, he will protect his family and won't redo the mistakes in his past life.
    • -- (7.71)
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    An unfortunate girl living in modern times travels to another world and by chance, receives an amazing power. She is able to attract the hearts of many and captures the hearts of the four Crown Princes from four different countries. As she travels down this path, will she be able to succeed in becoming the master of an imperial harem?
    • -- (8.34)
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    The main character is stricken by a rare condition that affects only two people in the entire world, bulimia.

    He organizes his daily meals to survive, but his hope of survival grows dimmer as the days go by.

    He consults a doctor, who suggests playing the Alternate Reality Game 'Athenae', where he can eat as must as he wants without gaining any weight.

    This is the story of him playing the game to eat all the food he can't enjoy in his normal body!

    A Gourmet Fantasy Life!
    • -- (8.03)
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    ENG - Arcana Fantasy, the game which took over the world, traps your consciousness in the game once you login. Can the numerous victims be able to escape the boundary between reality and the virtual world? This is a tumultuous adventure of the main protagonist Yun and his growth in another world.

    RUS - Увлечение мобильной игрой "Аркана Фентези" охватило весь мир. Однако геймеры оказались в ловушке: их сознание не может покинуть игру. Смогут ли игроки преодолеть тонкую грань, отделяющую реальность от фантазии, и выбраться из игры? Главного героя по имени Юн ожидает приключение, полное опасностей.
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    Aikawa Eri dies in a traffic accident after staying up all night playing an otome game. She reincarnates as Eris, the villainess of her favorite game. In order to avoid the bad end, she tries her best to change the story, but as expected, it’s hard to rewrite fate…

    She is abandoned by the prince. Even more, her life almost ends when she is attacked by a gang of thugs, but a young man appears...

    Will the antisocial prince change her destiny? This is the reincarnated villainess’s rebirth romance fantasy!

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    Collection of 4koma comics based on the Persona 3 Portable game, made by various artists (Hi no Tama)
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    • 1
    Collection of 4Koma comics based on the Persona 3 Portable game, made by various artists (Action Comics).
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    Kosuke found himself in a whole different world. WHAT?
    Standing there with the wilderness to the east and a forest to his left, he decided to make good use of the occurrence, and tests his knowledge, to where he finds this amazing crafting ability, just like the games from his orginal world!


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    • 1,541
    Collection of one-shot stories based on the Tales of Zestiria game, made by various artists.
    • -- (8.00)
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    • 629
    • 2
    Collection of one-shot stories based on the Persona 4 The Golden game, made by various artists.
    • -- (7.27)
    • 5,978
    • 258,684
    • 82
    In the aftermath of a car accident, Yang Ning has inexplicably added a set of abilities. He seems to have entered a game-like system. In the real world, there are attributes and tasks, warehouses and shops, and the ability to identify and view antiques. He used this ability to leak in the antiques market
    and gain dominance in the market. What else will he do? oh pretty girl. Come and buy my wares! i promise i won't cheat you!
    Maybe? Shut up system! don't you dare cheat me too!
    • -- (7.48)
    • 1,749
    • 27,750
    • 16
    Xie Yu kept himself closed because of the death of his friend, immersed in the game world, until one day a mobile game called the ultimate game appeared on his mobile phone, when he learned that the game can achieve all the wishes, even the dead Can be resurrected, with 100 million points as the goal, and the second life of the dead house begins!
    • -- (7.78)
    • 12,634
    • 133,445
    • 40
    On her 15th birthday, Hinase Kaede, a young girl who was working as a part-timer, perished in a traffic accident. Upon her death, a self-proclaimed “God” appeared, declaring that Kaede would be brought back to life. However, Kaede’s happiness was short-lived and her soul was thrown into Erika, the villainess of an otome game! In the original game, Erika became a saint candidate alongside the heroine, committed evil deeds over the course of the candidacy, and ultimately faced condemnation. Thus, Kaede decides that she will not get close to the main characters of the game so as to avoid the bad end, but yet——?

    This is the long-awaited fantasy story of a villainess who makes every effort to avoid falling into ruin.

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