Yuri is a genre that depicts homosexual relationships between women. Japan typically uses this single category for all forms of these relationships, sexual or not. In the West, the term Shoujo-ai categorizes stories that focus on the emotional aspects of the relationships, while Yuri categorizes more of the sexual aspects and explicit content. As Anime-Planet's audience is mostly based in the West, we use the Western definition for both Yuri and Shoujo-ai. (Source: Anime-Planet)
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Scriptwriter Sakuma Elly and rookie voice actress Inuzuka Wako. The two of them are pretty much like this.
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One day, a jobless Koduka Chiyo is wallowing in self-pity and trying to escape from reality when her landlord bangs on her door — she's three months behind on rent.

Her landlord's solution?
"Please have sex with me."

Thus the two begin living together — a romance comedy that appears to start with sex.

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    After being hospitalized, Sana, meets a mysterious girl at the vending machine named Kousaka Ayane. They are both interested in each other and start spending time in their rooms. With every meeting Sana experiences new emotions which she hasn't felt before. After Ayane's doctor tells her that she is going to leave hospital she meets Sana one more time...
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    Yamada is the plant appointee, tending the school's garden of flowers on her own. She isn't the slightest bit athletic and she's actually quite clumsy. However, that doesn't stop her from having feelings for the star athlete in the class next-door, Kase-san. Slightly shy, Yamada is reluctant about her feelings for the enthusiastic Kase-san. Slowly but surely, the pair are helping each other to grow in confidence for both themselves and their budding relationship, each blush and brush of the hand at a time.
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    In a world where Humans and Demons are in constant wars. Human adventurers seek to challenge the demon tower, home of the demons, which boast over a hundred floors, thousands of strong demons and generals. and at the top of towers lair the mightiest demon lord.
    All adventurers seek to take the demon lord’s head to ends the never ending war and restore peace to mandkind. However, a young mage girl wishes to take her hand and propose her.

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    Collection of Shoujo Ai & Yuri Oneshots from Galette
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    The newest female supermodel Zhong Xiao was caught by reporters on the night before the big show quarreling and kissing her female friend, causing an uproar in the country! After intensely fighting with herself, she finally decided to come out. However, the modelling industry was also hit hard, and when Zhong Xiao began planning to leave the Chinese market, she received an invitation from a designer who was returning to China-- Bai Fumei..........
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    Normal high school girl Irie Yuunagi suddenly has her blood sucked by a strange man one night. Yuunagi wakes up as a vampire and learns that she has been added to the man who bit her, Rin's, family. She begins to learn about the rules of the vampire world from Rin.

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    This is a story between a businesswoman and an apprentice worker.
    She is a businesswomen. She is realistic and knows what is best for herself.
    She is an apprentice. She is optimistic and initiative.

    While at the same time (second pair )...
    She is a secretary who does not know where her life leads. Under life's pressure, she met her colleague who could not care less about her own life. Together, it became a game of cat and mouse...

    More characters will be revealed in later chapters.
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    Sezaki Airi and Hanamura Hinako. In the class they are in different groups and castes with no interaction, but they have a secret that they cannot tell anyone else. The girls' secret is that of love, selfishness and fetishes....

    Airi y Hinako son dos chicas jóvenes que provienen de diferentes grupos y castas y viven un amor secreto. Un beso en un laboratorio de química después de la escuela, una caricia discreta o una mirada lánguida. Nadie debería saber su relación ...

    S x M relación y fetiche por el vómito err ... eso es todo.
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    Yamada and Kase are now college freshmen living separately in Tokyo, and trying to sustain their loving relationship in an environment that is more open than what they're used to.
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    Short story about a succubus meeting a loli.
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    This is the story of Misora Haebaru, an 18 year old karate expert from Okinawa who went to Tokyo to enter the entertainment industry in hopes of supporting her family. She gets tricked into being a gravure idol who wears lewd clothing and is forced eventually to enter the AV world, but she wont go down without a fight.
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    Mayumi lost her fiancee to the only person she called a friend. Throwing everything away, running from it all, and starting a new life in the countryside was her plan, but what awaits her is a blonde yankee, Rin (the manager of the housing complex Seagull Villa), that she doesn’t deal well with. A story about the daily lives and the relationship between these two women as well as the people in this seaside town!

    Portuguese / Português:
    Mayumi é uma jovem mulher ferida pelo fim abrupto de seu caso de amor. Para esquecê-lo e começar uma nova vida livre dos fantasmas de seu passado, ele decide mudar-se para uma cidade rural, onde trabalhará como professor na escola secundária local. Sua nova casa será a residência "Umineko", onde ele conhecerá Rin, a estranha administradora do lugar que mora com uma criança. Uma história sobre o dia a dia e a relação entre essas duas mulheres e as pessoas desta cidade litorânea!
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    Uta, a teenage girl living with her older brother Reiichi and his wife Kaoru, experiences a feeling of great turmoil and unrequited feelings after realizing the fact that she has fallen in love with Kaoru. Even after consulting her friend a few times, Uta just can't get the thought of Kaoru out of her head and the consequences that could leave their relationship tumbling towards a dark road.
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    Collection of short stories featuring Akane and Rikka from SSSS.Gridman.
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    The stage is a modern school that fosters female officers, "Girl's Only Army School".
    A girl, Indou Shinobu, who came out from the countryside, meets Kagami a high-class senior student.
    Contrary to her high-handed attitude, Kagami occasionally shows kindness to Indou.

    Portuguese / Português
    O palco é uma escola moderna que promove oficiais do sexo feminino, "Girl's Only Army School". Uma garota, Indou Shinobu, que saiu do campo, conhece Kagami uma estudante de alta classe. Ao contrário de sua atitude arrogante, Kagami ocasionalmente mostra bondade para Indou.

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    Chihiro Sakai is a novelist who is in a slump, and fatigued and disheartened, she heads to a pet store to relieve some stress. There, to her dismay, she finds that she's allergic to the cats that she adores, so another woman at the pet store offers herself as a "pet". Delirious from the fatigue, Chihiro accepts and they head together to her apartment.

    After collapsing in her bed, Chihiro wakes up to a clean apartment and a warm meal from Nagisa Wataya, the beautiful and peppy woman she took as a "pet"... However, Nagisa has some... interesting quirks...

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    Kaburagi Aya, a highschool student who is at the bottom of the school caste, and Kurosaki Sei, a teacher who was oppressed by a trauma from the past, get to know each other through a dating app. With ulterior motives from both side, the relationship between them gets distorted gradually...

    Portuguese / Português:
    Kaburagi Aya, uma estudante do ensino médio que não conseguiu fazer amigos, e Kurosaki Sei, uma professora que foi oprimida por um trauma do passado, elas se conhecem por meio de um aplicativo de namoro. Com segundas intenções de ambos os lados, a relação entre elas se distorce gradualmente... Mas o que será que as aguarda?

    Es la historia de una estudiante de preparatoria y una maestra de preparatoria que se conocen mediante una app similar a Tinder. El nombre de la estudiante es Kaburagi Aya, una chica introvertida de 16 años que se registra en la ya mencionada app pretendiendo ser una estudiante universitaria, y de esa manera conoce a una mujer un poco mayor que ella llamada Kurosaki.
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    Русский / Russian:
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    In the middle of the school day, on the second floor of the gym.
    This is where the two came to skip class, and it's where their friendship began.
    A story of two high school girls, playing ping-pong and chatting as they spend the heydays of their youth.
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    Maka is your typical highschool girl, living in Austria.
    Her Father gets himself in a huge debt, and has to flee. He drops off his daughter at the airport and drives away.
    Maka has to travel to Japan, to live with her Mother, which she hasn't seen for many years.
    And thus, the adventures of Maka-Chan begins!
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    A peek into the "everyday nudity" of high school girls. Virgins’ Empire is a look into the lives of seven high school girls attending an all girls school. We follow them as they grow relationships with one another. Some more intimate than others.
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    In order to make a living, the vagrant Eastern girl Bai Chun became the "living mannequin" of queen Alice. Planning to make a quick buck and then escape, Chun inadvertently became embroiled in a conspiracy of those vying for power while trying to leave. Can the temporary union of East and West avert disaster? Find out in Chun and Alice~
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    Ooguma Satomi has never been in a relationship. One day, she fell in love with a handsome younger boy in her class, without knowing that he... is actually a girl.
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    (Chapter 1 spoilers)

    Dressing stylishly, wearing makeup, falling in love...

    Uno Hinako is an OL who yearns to be such a "normal" woman. However, lacking the confidence in herself to pursue a "normal" romance with a man, she finds herself unable to take the first step.

    Caught between her fear of entering into romance and anxiety over being alone, while walking at night, Hinako broke down and cried for help. Reaching out her hand to Hinako just so happened to be her serious senpai from work, Satou Asahi...
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    Kisshioin Tsubaki, a beautiful lady reporter of the occult, wants to satisfy her intellectual curiosity by having a hands-on experience with every Yokai she can find.
    Follow her in her travels, accompanied by her trusted cameraman Yokomizo-kun.
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    Usa Ayano is a middle-school girl who is kinda-sorta bad at physical activities. One day at gym class, she sees another girl in her grade, Hoshihara Chika, a transfer student who muddles through the dancing lesson like she couldn't care less.

    Ayano, intrigued by how mysterious Chika is, tries to approach the new girl, but gets pushed away. That is until she later discovers Chika's secret...

    Uran of the "Mujaki no Rakuen" fame brings you a story bringing together youth, JCs and dancing!

    Usa Ayano es una chica de secundaria que es bastante mala en actividades físicas. Un día en la clase de gimnasia, ella ve a otra niña en su grado, Hoshihara Chika, una estudiante transferida que se mete en la clase de baile como si no le importara.

    Ayano, intrigada por lo misteriosa que es Chika, intenta acercarse a la nueva chica, pero se aleja. Eso es hasta que más tarde descubre el secreto de Chika ...

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    Natsuno Hanabi gets a little more than she bargained for when she moves back to her hometown to start high school. Stuck between her childhood friend and a mysterious beauty, is this love triangle going to define her new life!?
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    "Let's stick together from now on, in high school!"

    Taking place in the rural countryside of Japan, Koharu's excited to begin high school life along with her friends Minori and Nanaya. To her surprise, a beautiful girl who just moved from Tokyo is also in their class! Unbeknownst to her, Koharu is soon to be reunited with an old friend. Are these girls' feelings for each other just that of regular old friendship? Or perhaps is there something more? Cherry blossoms, convenience stores, homework, clubs, tests and chores. Normal and wonderful days lies ahead!

    Portuguese / Português

    German / Deutsch
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    The funny romantic story of how Qiu Tong and Sun Jing met and fell in love.

    Also contains insert art of the characters by the author.
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    A Bandori doujin about a girl (Kokoro) who can no longer see smiles.

    Note: The 2020 April Fools Special has been moved to here: https://mangadex.org/title/46769/april-fool-s-collection-2020

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    Volume 2

    Volume 3
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    Asuka Mori is infatuated with a certain someone. That certain someone being the person who makes up half of her DNA; her mother, Ayako.

    Contains yuri and incest themes.

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