Yaoi, also known as Boys' Love or BL in Japan, is a genre mostly written by women, for women, that depicts homosexual relationships between men. Japan typically uses this single category for all forms of these relationships, sexual or not. In the West, the term Shounen-ai categorizes stories that focus on emotional aspects of relationships, while Yaoi categorizes more of the sexual aspects, such as Smut, or explicit content. As Anime-Planet's audience is mostly based in the West, we use the Western definition for both Yaoi and Shounen-ai. See BL for a list of both titles. (Source: Anime-Planet)
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Vol. 1: Senpai, Danjite Koidewa!
Yanase has worked as a 3D CG designer all across the world. Now back in Japan, Yanase is training a newbie by the name of Kaneda Yuki. There's only one issue: Kaneda is super unfriendly towards Yanase, leaving Yanase frustrated and disappointed. With a new project where they will have to work side by side, how can these two overcome their different personalities?

Vol. 2: Senpai, Danjite Koidewa! Brush Up (sequel)
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Venus loses his memories after an accident and dreams the same dream every day. In his dreams, the same person appears. Two people who want something back. Do they meet by coincidence? Or is it inevitable?
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What would you do if the dog you picked up transforms into a human that wants to do "stuff" with you?

Ma Sung Jun does part-time job at animal adoption cafe. One day, after finishing his shift and going home, he finds a lost dog of mysterious species. In usual cases, he likes cats more than dogs, but for some reason he takes the dog home. He calls the dog Tani and leaves his home to get things he needs to take care of Tani. When he comes home he finds Tani is no longer a dog?

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  • Original Webtoon (Naver) <Adult>
  • Original Webtoon (Naver) <Non-Adult>
  • Original Webtoon (Lezhin) <Non-Adult>
  • Original Webtoon (kakao)
  • Original Webtoon (BookCube)
  • Original Webtoon (Mr.Blue)
  • Original Webtoon (RidiBooks)
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    Hwa Gok is just a normal university student, until he sees a girl being attacked by the popular Lee Bin, and jumps in her defence. The only problem is that Lee Bin is more than meets the eye…

    Un humano, un licántropo o un vampiro, ¡¿qué soy?! Completamente ignorante de la existencia de estos depredadores, Hwa Gok sigue con su vida cotidiana... Es decir, hasta que Lee Bin le da la vuelta a su vida mordiéndole en el cuello, provocando un torbellino de eventos que ninguno de ellos podía prever.
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    Dongmi Lin—Nickname “Control Freak”, a college student who likes to control other people. One day he moves into a new dorm and meets an uncontrollable dorm mate, and f****d with him. His brain starts to uncontrollably generate fantasies...
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    Unless they find a family that will love them, the stuffed animals in a certain shop keep growing until they're larger than life! Which is exactly what happened to the cute teddy bear Rio. He loves the boss and his friends who live in the store, though, so he hasn't been lonely. Then, one day, a new shopping mall calls up, looking to make Rio their mascot! Except... Rio would rather stay with his boss. In order to make this happen, he asks the owner (who happens to be a magician) to turn him into a human, but the magic doesn't last long! The two of them have to figure out how to make it last before the mall comes to pick him up if he's to stay that way...! This is a pure love story between a teddy bear-turned-boy who doesn't know what love is, and his hot-and-cold boss!
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    Wei QiuYu, who just entered his 30s, has fine features and a successful career, but he is still single? You may have already guessed the reason...

    In a forced blind date, the brother who attended in his sister's place turns out to also bat for the same team? This marks the beginning of an ill-fated attraction! The cheerful puppy wolf pursues the difficult general manager. Faced with the pressure of marriage from his parents, will QiuYu be able to drop his facade and come together with his mutual love?
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    1-4) Capture the Prince
    Keeping their promise, Koga met Iku-sempai up in high school after a short separation. Now, closer than before, Iku becomes aware of a hidden feeling of his, and struggles to keep it there, hidden. Koga, on the other hand, aims to prove that he adores Iku to the point of strong love. In the midst of love confusion, Iku, wanting to hide his feelings from Koga, treats Koga very meanly, yet at the same time is annoyed that Koga has yet to realize his feelings. Oh my, this is really a tough journey for Koga to Capture the Prince!

    5) Kuroki-kun's Situation

    6) Sister Complex (Shotacon)

    7) Princely Circumstances
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    [Fluffy Bear Scans x Meraki BL]

    Art student Lee Kyungeun is seeking a place to breathe from a suffocating, chaotic drinking party. He falls in love at first sight with Joobin who even when exhaling cigarette smoke, creates a picturesque image shrouded in a strange atmosphere.

    On the other hand, Joobin sees ghosts of his past in Kyungeun. He recalls a friend in his painful memories but...

    As Kyungeun starts to work as a model for Joobin's photography, the two start to grow close, beginning to understand each other as time passes. Where will their relationship lead to?

    [Spanish Translation by Meraki BL]

    El estudiante de arte Lee Kyungeun está buscando un lugar para respirar de una fiesta sofocante y caótica. Se enamora a primera visa de Joobin, quien, cuando exhala el humo de su cigarrillo, crea una imagen pintoresca envuelta en una extraña atmósfera.

    Por otra parte, Joobin ve fantasmas de su pasado en Kyungeun. Recuerda a un amigo con dolorosos recuerdos, pero…

    Cuando Kyungeun comienza a trabajar como modelo para las fotografías de Joobin, los dos se acercan y comienzan a entenderse a medida que pasa el tiempo.

    ¿A dónde llegará su relación?

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    Average student is in love with star student who may not be the person he seems.
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    Series of connected stories centering around couples at a boys school.
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    "Happiness does not exist for gay men who fall for straight men.
    I'm happy just being by his side — was what I was thinking up until…"

    Sakisaka, stationed in the second Sales Division, has an unrequited love for Toujou, his directing senpai. He had no intention of confessing his feelings. However, Toujou has been awfully touchy-feely lately… Is there a glimmer of hope? Please don't let it be a misunderstanding! Which path will these vexing feelings flow down to?
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    [From Kidari Studio's Penis Navidad Collection]

    Hojun the hotelier didn't believe in the tale of Santa Claus since his childhood. That fact remained the same even after he’s reached adulthood. But one day, on the day after Christmas, he met a strange man who asked him if he believes in Santa.

    [CAUTION: Served to you by BL Bakery while it's still piping hot!]
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    “You... never changed. The feeling of your lips... The way your hands gather, as if praying when you're tense.... looking like a fool.” Exceptional looks, top of the department-- Jeong Dojun, who entered the Business Department in 2018, thought his college life would be stable... But soon ended up meeting Song Jaehee again in their University Dormitory. When I was in high school, there was something I just couldn’t figure out..."Can't you leave me alone?!”..."Just ignore me, and walk away.” Song laughs at Jeong, who just wants to run away, “I'm done.” Song, whose arm was broken because of Jeong, is offering a contract instead of a settlement... "For four weeks, will you be my lover?"
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    “Kuroi-kun, won’t you go on a date with me?”
    The Wakagashira of the Kuroguro group, Kuroi Kengou, has a troublesome childhood friend. The lawyer, Shirakaba, has been with him since they were born. Whenever he has time, Shirakaba comes to flirt with Kuroi. To get Kuroi’s attention, this courageous man even married a woman for a month. Shirakaba, who pushes forth his overflowing love, and Kuroi-kun, who puts up with it, their relationship is warmly watched over by the Kuroguro group’s men.

    Then one day, Shirakaba announces he has taken on the position of the Kuroguro group’s legal advisor, and tensions rise between them!
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    "I'm tired of girls, so I'm curious about men"- Sanjou, the popular guy who always gets the girl in the small country town he's from actually likes to talk about his hobby, which is listening to techno music. However, there's no one around him who is interested in it. One day, he learnt that his favorite DJ will be playing at a venue near him and faking his ID, he snucked into the club. To his surprise, his classmate Igarashi is there as a DJ!! In this classroom of music, my body will be violated by the sounds played by this dark-eyed guy.
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    Jung Rin is the former leader of the so-called failed group 'Pantetosan'. 3 years after his contract ended, he lived as an ordinary unemployed man, rather than an idol. One day, Pantetosan's once youngest member, currently a rising actor in his 20s, Yeon Seoho, met Rin.

    "You wrote this, right?"

    Seoho pushed a book towards Rin, and proposed to him with an elegant expression.

    "If you wrote this, do you have any thoughts in making this into a movie?"

    Rin kept rejecting but it was difficult to resist Seoho's stubborness.
    He then made a proposal to Seonho...

    "From now on, 5 times...."
    "5 times?"
    "I want...you to go out with me on a date."

    "I know well that you can act well, it won't do if I can't check it by myself,"

  • Original Webtoon (kakao)

    Jung Rin es el exlíder del fallido grupo llamado 'Pantetosan'. Tres años después de terminar su contrato, vive como un desempleado común y corriente, en lugar de como un ídolo. Un día, el miembro más joven de Pantetosan, actualmente un actor en ascenso en sus 20´s, Yeon Seoho, se reúne con Rin.
    “Tú escribiste esto, ¿verdad?”
    Seoho empujó un libro hacia Rin y le propuso algo con una expresión elegante.
    “Si tu escribiste esto, ¿no tienes intención alguna de convertirlo en película?”
    Rin siguió rechazándolo, pero era difícil resistirse a la terquedad de Seoho.
    Entonces le hizo una propuesta a Seoho ...
    "De ahora en adelante, 5 veces ..."
    "¿5 veces?"
    "Quiero ... que salgas conmigo en una cita."
    "Sé que puedes actuar bien, pero no servirá si no puedo comprobarlo yo mismo".
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    A submissive, quick-tempered hunter and a sly, dominant vampire! The genius hunter, Bai Mu, a little-known celebrity, accidentally got captured. He soon realized the one who captured him was a young vampire, who also turned out to be his childhood best friend. Since then, he was unable to escape, nor hide away, since all the possessive vampire wanted was to make Bai Mu his. “Mu, I’ll give everything I have, just to make you mine again.”
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    Juheon left me when I was a lost 19 year old.
    Kang was wrecked by an unexpected imprint.

    The doctor said that the only solution was to find the person who had imprinted him, as soon as possible. I have been wandering for seven years, looking for someone, so that at last I could know...

    It was Juheon who tightened the leash that I couldn't unravel.
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    Seki is head mechanic at a car company in which Takami is the top salesman. After a chance encounter at work that involves Seki taking care of a spot of bother for one of Takami's clients, the two begin meeting regularly after work to dine together. Takami soon admits that he thinks of Seki as a good friend. Seki, however, knows that his own emotions are somewhat more complicated...
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    Hyun, who had no usual contact with him, is embarrassed by the voice actor's cheonggyeong-wall edifice, famous for his rich alpha. However, in order to avoid marriage and good, the contractual romance is concluded, and one day the two of them have a hot night of sweet pheromones. Their future steadily began to worry about each other...?
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    Ever since high school, Sang Hwa has had a crush on his seemingly perfect best friend, Ryuh Han. Feeling both inferior and lonely, he delved into Lessa, an MMO slowly declining in popularity and an escape from Ryuh Han.

    In game, he stumbled across newbie "Mighty Mirae" - real name Gwon Lee Gum - and the two become fast friends as "Idealize"/Sang Hwa helps to train him and invite him to his guild. Yet, Mirae hyung still remains a distant, mysterious person until they decide to meet in real life.


    "Yes...? Uh, Mirae hyung?"

    No way, is this gangster really that hyung?!
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    A world divided into Pels and Spinels.
    Unlike the Pels who have wealth and fame, the Spinels live as their accessories.
    Rowell, a Pel who became a duke at an early age after the death of his parents, treasures the pendant given to him by his parents when he was young.
    However, the Spinel named Dev stole the pendant while escaping from the slave market and he suggests exchanging the pendant for a prize…!
    The Pel Rowell and the Spinel Dev’s risky relationship begins!
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    Succubus, beautiful beings that seduce human males to consume their energy, they are the super idols of the devildom. Spica, a little demon who yearns to become a succubus, and so he breaks the law to travel to the human world alone. There he finds a human male to attack. He tries to steal his energy by having sex but the human thinks the whole situation... is just a dream?!

    Súcubo, un ídolo súper perra del mundo de los demonios, que seduce a hombres, con una figura hermosa y se priva de su energía. Spicus, un pequeño demonio (aprendiz de súcubo) que anhela ser un súcubo, viola la ley y llega al mundo humano.
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    "There's something I wanted to do! Take old photos again!!" Lee Hyuk and In-seo, who grew up together from birth, accidentally take old photos again, and then impulsively kiss one another. Since then, Lee Hyeok tries to avoid inser, but his mind is filled with only the kiss he had with Inser... What if you and I become less familiar with the word us than others? This is a little odd love comedy between Lee Hyuk and Inseo.
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    This is the story of two gamers, Jeong Dong Woo (Another) and Cha Su Jin (Honey Milk Tea), who met each other in an online game. Dong Woo falls in love with Milk Tea and the two get virtually married. One day, they decide to meet in real life. However, upon the arrival of Honey Milk Tea, Dong Woo discovers that his beloved wife is a...
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    "There's no way that I'm an omega!"

    Hyesung lived his whole life believing that he was an alpha. Then, he met dojin, a dominant alpha who knew right away that he was an omega. Hyesung, who couldn't accept that he was an omega, was willing to do anything so he could turn into an alpha...

    An omega who wants to be an alpha, and an alpha who hates omegas... this is a drama, set in Omegaverse, about two incompatible characters who get entangled with each other's lives.
    • -- (7.73)
    • 955
    • 13,418
    • 5
    In hopes of getting close to his estranged friend SeGun, NanWoo decides to work part time at the bakery run by SeGun. However, NanWoo, who visits SeGun during his rut, manifests as an omega for the first time in his life. The two intoxicated people indulge in a moment of physical ecstasy...
    • -- (8.36)
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    "Mouth is the second sexy body part".
    The famous cheerful guy, Saikawa had tried to rip off the gloomy kid, Sayama's mask.
    After that day, he had captured Saikawa's attention and Saikawa had volunteered to teach him for the upcoming examination but with one condition, Saikawa can do whatever he wants with what is hiding under Sayama's mask.

    He hates it when people touch his bare face, lips and inside his mouth, but he cannot say anything when Saikawa touch them.

    The combination between Saikawa's harassment and the awkward mask boy's behaviour, this manga will pack with sexual tension between these two.
    • -- (7.94)
    • 185
    • 2,041
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    "I, Kang Heon, was forced to take over the compilation of the Daemuljeon by the Archbishop. I happened to get into an incident with Eijin from the Western Continent."
    Heon and Eijin who decided to complete the Daemuljeon in order to protect their past mistake and family secrets.

    The amateur editors of the Daemuljeon, Kang Heon and Eijin!
    • -- (8.06)
    • 302
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    Death's job isn't really his favorite, but it's not like he could change it. It doesn't help that he's attracted to his opposite who seems to detest his very existence.


    • -- (7.84)
    • 432
    • 12,059
    The Chilseok festival is coming soon and there will be a gathering at the Hotel Ojakgyo to celebrate the event. However, in reality, the event is actually for alphas and omegas come together to have an orgy!

    Im E-Jun is a rare, high- quality omega. Omegas of his stature are desired by many. Even so, Im E-Jun has always liked his close friend, Kang Do-hoon, who is an alpha. However, Sihun, another alpha, has his eyes set on Im E-Jun.

    What is to happen when the day of the festival finally comes?
    • -- (7.95)
    • 1,066
    • 24,558
    In order to get the headlines, the entertainment reporter Li Shu Zhen, while secretly follows and takes picture of the "Baseball World's Most Popular Superstar" Liu Xian, unexpectedly photographed his "nude photo"? Later on he discovered that Liu Xian is his former alumnus, not to mention he's the junior of the baseball department. Falling into deep thoughts, whether the secret was made publicly into the headlines... At the same time, Liu Xian proposed a secret transaction with Li Shu and the transaction was actually...
    This time are you ready to catch the "strikes" of the nonstop heart beating series?
    • -- (7.83)
    • 250
    • 5,512
    • 1
    Choi Hyun climbed the mountain in search of a special guardian tree for his parents who were angry with tiger hunting. And the mysterious man who appeared in front of him, Takmyeong. Instead of curing his parents' illness, he asked to visit himself in the mountains for 100 days.
    • -- (7.92)
    • 345
    • 4,759
    • 2
    Chijiwa was a promising university athlete, but after an injury leaves him unable to play, he lives a listless and idle college life. Then he meets Izumi, a pub owner who also happens to be gay. Izumi is curt and speaks bluntly, but he has a kind heart. As Chijiwa and Izumi get to know each other, Izumi’s past heartache begins to resurface...
    • -- (8.21)
    • 2,728
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    Two unrequited loves ended because of a marriage.

    Kwon Yuri met Lee Sunwoo, his homeroom teacher, while he was still in high school at the wedding ceremony of his cousin - whom he’s had a crush on for years.

    He found a little comfort in the fact that he was not the only one who was not happy about the wedding.

    Yuri thought Sunwoo's tears were for his cousin, but he soon found out that it was his brother-in-law that Sunwoo had a crush on for a long time.

    Original Webtoon (PG version)
    • -- (7.81)
    • 272
    • 6,328
    • 3
    Yu Cheng, a man with a deep understanding of the psychology of men. The success of the card was accompanied by a rich N-generation dandy who had a bad brain and a bad temper, and played men in the palm of his hand. Friends turned their backs, brothers became enemies, companies went bankrupt, and when the game of revenge was about to end in his absolute victory, the sudden truth brought his whole world to pieces.

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