Also called paranormal, supernatural events are those modern science has difficulty explaining. Supernaturally oriented titles are often steeped in folklore, myth, or Urban Legend. They may involve strange or inexplicable phenomena, Psychic Powers or emanations, and/or ghosts or other fantastic creatures. Supernatural events are those that lie at the edge of our understanding - they are easy to believe in, but difficult to prove. (Source: Anime-Planet)
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Asta and Yuno were abandoned together at the same church, and have been inseparable since. As children, they promised that they would compete against each other to see who would become the next Emperor Magus. However, as they grew up, some differences between them became plain. Yuno was a genius with magic, with amazing power and control, while Asta could not use magic at all, and tried to make up for his lack by training physically. When they received their Grimoires at age 15, Yuno got a spectacular book with a four-leaf clover (most people receive a three-leaf-clover), while Asta received nothing at all. However, when Yuno was threatened, the truth about Asta's power was revealed, he received a five-leaf clover Grimoire, a "black clover"! Now the two friends are heading out in the world, both seeking the same goal!

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Gardens, isolated from the world, home to the mystical. What resides within their walls? Gods and deities? Charming vixen spirits? Ghouls and apparitions? An amalgamation of fiends, demons, beasts, and spectres, the Mystic Gardens descend and stir the world into chaos. Amidst countless creations and endless dangers, can the millions struggling to survive within the Gardens construct a safe haven for themselves?
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Jahy-sama (pronounced jah-hee) is an existence to be feared and respected throughout the Demon Realm.

Well, was.

The (former) Demon Realm No. 2 is now busy with house chores and the human realm! Her dinner is just beansprouts, and she can't afford anything except water at cafes, but she won't get discouraged!

Jahy's shirt says '魔界復興', which seems to translate to 'Demon Realm Restoration'.

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    Tousuke Rokudou is a loser, and everyone knows it. He gets picked on at school, gets snide looks from passersby, and can only muster up the courage to complain in secret with his equally hapless friends. Looking to turn his life around, he desperately uses an ancestral artifact passed down in his family for generations: a scroll that is capable of subduing all demons. However, in the modern age, it has a different effect: it makes all bad girls fall in love with him.

    ...And then, things go ballistic when he meets the delinquent beast-on-a-girl's-body Ranna Himawari, who hopelessly falls deep for him.

    See Rokudou traverse through a school life filled with delinquents, turf wars, backstabbing, and as the song goes, "Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting"!!!
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    Yona is the sole princess of the Kingdom of Kouka, living a luxurious and carefree life as a princess should. She has it all: the finest clothes and cosmetics, the most divine sweets, a loving emperor as a father, and the hottest cousin crush, Soo-won, any girl could ever hope to have. Now, if only her bodyguard, Son Hak, weren't so annoying towards her, and if her hair weren't so red...

    But her nearly perfect world quickly shatters as the man she loves, Soo-won, murders her father and the path to his ascension to the throne is assured. Son Hak escapes with Yona, and they lead a life on the run from that point on.

    See AnimeNewsNetwork for the anime.
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    Ongoing Touhou manga from Ashiyama Yoshinori published in the Strange Creators of Outer World magazine.
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    Short stories all centering around farewells in life. Story 1, "Sister's Departure" A boy has mixed feelings about his older sister moving out to live with her recently wed husband in Tokyo. Story 2, "Pareidolia at Dawn" Hakushio is a succubus who resides in a forest. Hakushio is perplexed by Niwa, who has no heart and wants to know what love is. Story 3, "Spring, a Storm, and a Curtain Call" Kaya and Shono are two girls in the theater club who are mulling over their future career paths. Story 4, "Loop" A textless story showing footage of a young woman. Story 5-6, "Nectar Afterglow" Fuji is a Nectarist, turning corpses into nectar for grieving families as a funeral ceremony. Story 7, "Life of a Flower" A man becomes a famous painter even though he feels he is nothing special.
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    A collection of stories inspired by Grimms’ Fairy Tales.

    Story 1, G's Diary: A girl with no memory of who she is spends her days working in a house she has no memory of entering.
    Story 2, Frau Trude: A headstrong girl wants to meet the infamous Frau Trude.
    Story 3, The Summer and Winter Garden: A beauty lives with a beast in a bespelled mansion.
    Story 4, Little Red Riding Hood: A girl in the woods is on her way to grandma's house.
    Story 5, The Frog King or Iron Heinrich: A princess finds something she wants and sets about getting it.
    Story 6, Little Brier-Rose: A man moves into a new apartment only to find it has a secret.
    Story 7, The Bremen Town Musicians: Four scoundrels head to Bremen to become town musicians.
    Story 8, Rapunzel: A woman has a recurring dream that she is Rapunzel.
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    In Tokyo, suspicious cases are occurring where the victims have all of their blood drained from them.
    Mikogami Keiji, a detective who also wants revenge for his lover, killed 10 years ago, pursues the culprit, the “Man with two faces”.
    What is the identity of the silver-haired girl who observes him…?

    A new serialization by the author of Boku Girl

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    Those who appear in Da Quan’s dream will inevitably face death. But the strange man in his dream suddenly appeared in the real world. Since then, his dreams started changing… Turns out that man can control the dream world!
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    [The Dungeon is resetting.]
    Once a Dungeon has been explored and its traps are activated, it resets itself for the next ‘users’. But those resets don’t apply to me?! The only existence that has become free in the endlessly resetting dungeon. Armed with absolute grinding, Jeong Dawoon ‘the Bug’ begins his dungeon exploration!


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    Angel Beats! -The Last Operation- will reveal why the Afterlife Battlefront members came into this world.
    New Angel Beats! manga series serves as the "true arc."
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    The great snow-covered kingdom of Bistron, legend has it that an evil witch lives in the Black Forest at the edge of the kingdom… That very witch, Veronica finds herself summoned by the ruler of Bistron through his messenger of noble blood, Ignatius.
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    Takemichi is a 26-year-old unemployed virgin who learns that the girl he dated in middle school, the only girl he ever dated, has died. Then, after an accident he finds himself in a time leap back to his middle school years. He vows to change the future and save the girl, and to do that he aims to rise to the top of the Kantou region's most brutal delinquent gang.

    Winner of the 44th Kodansha Manga Awards for best shounen in 2020.
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    The world as we knew it ended. Radiation covered the world aboveground and turned it into hell. And humanity headed deep into the underground. Using the world’s most developed underground network as its backbone, they built an underground city. The last hope of humanity, the underground city of SHINDORIM. And we, who could not enter the underground city, were left behind in hell. So we had to get strong. And we did.
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    This maid is bothered by her master's attention, so much that she can't keep her composure... literally.

    Toy too much with the maid, and she'll show you things about herself that you didn't ask for.

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    Due to the invasion of Disas—enigmatic creatures of soil from the land of the dead—mankind, who was on the verge of crisis, was saved by the efforts of magical girls who had obtained a mysterious magical power...

    Three years later, new incidents suddenly occur, tearing apart the normalcy of the girls who had each returned to their normal lives. The saviours of humanity, those magical girls called "The Magical Five" now live each day fighting for their lives, even as they are trifled with by fate...
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    One day, Kouki Nakagawa was determined to declare his love to Ayumi Fujisaki, his childhood friend. Suddenly, a mysterious girl appears before them and mentions that she is Kouki's girlfriend, leaving both perplexed.
    After trying to talk to Ayumi again, Kouki confesses his love to her; But Jindou, the mysterious girl, appears to warn Kouki that if he does not accept to be her boyfriend and does not forget Ayumi ... The world will be destroyed!

    Portuguese / Português:
    Um dia, Kouki Nakagawa estava determinado a declarar seu amor à Ayumi Fujisaki, sua amiga de infância. Só que de repente, uma menina misteriosa aparece diante deles e menciona que ela é a namorada de Kouki, deixando ambos perplexos. Depois de tentar falar com Ayumi novamente, Kouki confessa seu amor para ela; Mas, Jindou, a menina misteriosa, aparece e o adverte dizendo que se ele não aceitar ser seu namorado e não esqueça a Ayumi... O mundo será destruído!
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    Min Jung Woo uses his ability to spot unfortunate events and tries to stop them, which leads to him becoming a terrorist feared by the people.
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    Overbearing loyal dog devil x high mighty calm and cold swordsman, as a pair of lover's forced to part in their previous lives, in this life at last both of them meet, the cold swordsman has lost the memories of his past life, the domineering devil turned into an attached, loyal dog, you don't like my devil's appearance? Then I'll become a cute pet and accompany you! Want to eat sweet candy? Come and follow this super sweet candy series!
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    Ye Ming, the rising star of Family Ye is regarded as a genius among his peer cultivators. But he was schemed by his jealous cousin and the latter cut his meridians, crippled his abilities and hamstrung him ruthlessly. But Ye Ming never gives up because he'd sacrifice everything for take revenge for his deceased parents who were murdered by Family Huang. But he doesn't know that he is considered a pain in the neck to Family Ye and a big conspiracy is looming out of the darkness...

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    In order to find their teacher who had suddenly disappeared, Yotsuki and Kotowari went on a journey, visiting six of her friends as she instructed them to.

    Blessed with the gift of magic, with the search as their goal, the girls' incident-filled fantasy story begins.
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    Meet Lily. As a succubus, she is tasked with finding men every day, taking control of their dreams to steal their vitality. In return, Lily will fulfill any desires they have, no matter how perverted they are. And as the succubi population rate decreases, Lily finds herself more and more overworked in order to reach her rising quota.

    One day, she enters the domicile of an exhausted corporate drone. Lily promises to make the man's wildest dreams come true, but what he asks for shocks her.

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    A romcom centered around two childhood friends: Tarou and Umi.
    It took four tries professing his love, but he finally gets a 'Yes'.
    Not long after, Tarou finds that Umi only has 100 days to live!

    Alternative Raw
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    Tsukishiro Sou chose to enter the same high school as his childhood friend Kashiwagi, for whom he secretly has feelings for. He happily spends each day at school with her, despite knowing that she chose to go to this school to chase after her first and current love interest.

    Sou's eyes possess a special ability inherited from his vampire father, called "Temptation." Its power allows the user to make anyone their "captive" just by making eye contact with them. These "captives" will do anything for their "master" no matter how dangerous or unfavourable it is. Sou sealed this power because it led to the death of his mother, but it unexpectedly ends up activating. A story of a pure, dark love twisted by the power to control the hearts of others.
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    What does one consider to be a monster? A horrible bloodsucking vampire? Frankenstein's creation? Shuichi Kagaya has a secret. Other than having great grades and being skilled at sports, he isn’t what one would call normal. In fact, Shuichi cannot even be considered human. One fateful morning, he woke up as a monster. With brute strength, an abnormally strong sense of smell, big fluffy paws, and the depression and self-hate that comes after losing one's humanity, his life was suddenly flipped upside down. Claire Aoki, the girl he had decided to save, now holds his secret over his head. Claire is a sadistic and utterly twisted girl, with no sense of empathy toward the lives of others. Before meeting Shuichi, she was in the search of monsters, hoping to find her monster sister. Despite becoming a monster, Shuichi naively continues to hold onto his human morals, but how long can one last in this insufferable way of living?
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    In the aftermath of a car accident, Yang Ning has inexplicably added a set of abilities. He seems to have entered a game-like system. In the real world, there are attributes and tasks, warehouses and shops, and the ability to identify and view antiques. He used this ability to leak in the antiques market
    and gain dominance in the market. What else will he do? oh pretty girl. Come and buy my wares! i promise i won't cheat you!
    Maybe? Shut up system! don't you dare cheat me too!
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    Amane Mikiko, better known as Mikki, is an elementary school student who moves a lot and has to transfer schools often. As soon as she makes friends, she has to painfully say goodbye to them. She is determined to not make any new friends at her new school, but it doesn't exactly go her way... especially when she meets a boy with the head of a cat! But hold on... he only looks like that in her eyes?!

    Volumes include the oneshots:
    • Kumorizora Ue no Hou
    • Retake
    • Chounouryoku Shoujo Kurane
    • Hoshikusu Yori Ai Wo Komete
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    Lorem, an infamous and fearsome demoness, has had to settle down for the sake of Gospel, her baby boy. Try as she might, she is a loving and doting mother, but she remains fearsome to both fellow demon and human onlookers because she retains the dire reputation of her wild and terrible youth years past.

    For the sake of motherly love, she has to persevere, to learn and to thrive in a world where she's not alone. For the sake Gospel and his future.

    Feel the Love in it!

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    Après un accident de voiture, Tae Min se retrouve dans le corps de Siwon, victime d'intimidation à l'école. Tae Min n'a cependant pas l'intention de se laisser tourmenter et commence à se défendre, mais rencontre WooJin, un vieil ami du passé.

    Que s'est-il produit entre ces deux-là dans le passé et comment cela affectera-t-il leur avenir ?
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    Luchiru is a Majin who lives beneath the surface of the earth.

    He was sent to the surface of the earth as a Spy to gather information in order to defeat the humans living on the surface.

    But the problem is Majins have a different understanding about Humans, they strongly believe that the Human Race is far more superior than the Majins in every sort of way, but in fact it is the other way around.

    How would Luchiru survive in the Human World where he has a different point of view on the strength of Humans, where he strongly believed that just a touch would make him combust and be disintegrated in an instant?!
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    Shinpei returns back to his hometown to attend his sister and friend's funeral. Things seem to be going fine, until the next day, where he sees something that shouldn't exist...
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    After the death of his parents, a young Mirai Kakehashi is left in the care of his abusive relatives. Since then, he has become gloomy and depressed, leading him to attempt suicide on the evening of his middle school graduation. Mirai, however, is saved by a pure white girl named Nasse who introduces herself as a guardian angel wishing to give him happiness—by granting him supernatural powers and a chance to become the new God.

    In order to earn the position, he must defeat 12 other "God Candidates" within 999 days. Soon, Mirai begins a struggle to survive as a terrifying battle royale erupts between himself and the candidates looking to obtain the most power in the world.

    Officially published:
  • In english by VIZ Media, and on MangaPlus
  • In french by Kazé
  • In italian by Panini Comics
  • In german by Tokyopop
  • In spanish by Norma Editorial
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    « That eye projects death—till the day life is saved with these hands…! » Isshin, a lone wolf protagonist, has an ability that allows his eyes to “see how much time a living being has left, that is, their lifespan”.

    One day he meets a girl at a new school he transferred to. He accidentally looked into her time, to see that she only has “78 hours” left. Will he be able to overturn her deathly fate and save her…?!
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    Shintarou Jagasaki, who is a neighborhood police officer, lives with his girlfriend while working a job that is killing him slowly with annoyance. It looks like he will end up marrying soon and live a boring life with a nuclear family - a grim future for a guy with dreams! One such day, a mysterious monster appeared on the train and he suddenly can shoot with his right hand like Master Buppanatsu, the eggplant mascot of his city!
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    In a large mansion lives a boy, an aristocrat who was cursed by the witch to "let everything he touches die." With him is his maid Alice, who besides serving him, likes to tease him. The boy who is interested in her doesn't mind the teasing, but not being able to touch her is painful!

    If they are unable to hold hands, how will their love ever bloom?
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    What should you do when a 1000-year-old imoogi named Bari suddenly appears in your apartment and demands you pay for the sins of your ancestors? Help him become a dragon, of course! Young Yoo's life is on the line as he teaches Bari the ins and outs of getting along with humans in order to prepare for the Nakdong River Dragon Exam. Will Young be able to help Bari pass the exam and become a full-fledged dragon?
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    The boy I met that day is a grandpa now, and I can’t be a grandma with him because I’m a demon. Why are you a human and I’m a demon?

    A slightly painful tale of a boy carrying darkness and a demon who doesn’t know love.
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    Izuna has been living the life of a double, devoting it to represent Princess Kisara of the East country, who has always had a very weak health. Even within the East country, a very few within the Royal Palace knew about Izuna's real identity. And the only one who called Izuna by her real name was the real princess.

    Izuna's time of serving as Princess Kisara's double was supposed to come to an end once it was decided that Princess Kisara would be marrying to the Crown Prince of the West country to bring peace between the two countries. However, just a few weeks before the marriage ceremony, Princess Kisara's health suddenly turned worse. The Princess realized she had failed to set Izuna free of serving a life of a double. She apologized repeatedly at her deathbed, leaving the two countries' peace on Izuna's hand.

    Now Izuna will probably have to lead the rest of her life as Princess Kisara, marrying a person from the enemy country. She vowed to fulfill her precious Princess's dying wish. However, she vowed never to fall in love with her future husband. But, what exactly awaits Izuna in the West country?

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