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An excellent and very educational series. About a newlywed couple who are virgins and their comedic ups and downs in learning how to have sex. Not really a hentai, though there are scenes which can be called hentai. Tastfully rendered taboo themes. A funny "how to" guide for sex illiterate and experts.
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A Twitter series by the creator of "Osananajimi ni Najimitai", this story is about Ine and Shouzou, two pensioners well into their 80s who are mysteriously returned to their 20s one night.

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    Harry is a hedgehog who wants to be hugged. Garu is a wolf who looks intimidating but has a kind heart. Peta is a penguin who wants to fly. These three, alongside many more characters, walk through life as they try to reach their goals.
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    Haruma's first impression of the new transfer student, Chitose, would be striped panties. Running into her in the hallway, Chitose's panties greet Haruma before they even know each other. Immediately, Haruma finds himself attracted to this mysterious panty girl, only to find out that she is transfering into his class AND she's going to be the new house keeper at his apartment. Let the skirt flying romance comedy begin.

    Portuguese / Português
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    Akebi Komichi lives out in the countryside with her family.
    She's won entrance to the prestigious Roubai Academy middle-school for girls and now she wants only two things --
    to wear the school's sailor uniform and to make a hundred friends!

    Officially Published:
  • In italian by J-POP as "La Divisa Scolastica di Akebi"

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    Shogo Ban is now a chef at Ristorante Legare. As the Yokohama branch of the Trattoria Baccanale he used to work at, he has been entrusted with the responsibility of head of the pasta section. Rejoin Ban as he struggles to meet the expectations of work and develop his personal relationships.
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    Tiararose was supposed to be disengaged and exiled from the country.

    “This was the Otome game I had played!” She realized on the day before the story’s ending――…….

    Shall I wait for the judgment? But, I did not do anything too cruel……. Thinking so, the ending continues.

    But, during the judgement――something that was not possible in the game happened. The neighboring crown prince courted the villainous daughter Tiararose.
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    The story of Kuno Chiyo, a tsundere with the power to see the future, and her friend Kishida who likes her.

  • Creator-approved translations by TheElusiveTaco.

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    Xiao Man, the beloved heir to the north area's martial arts club, suddenly decides to transfer to a south area high school to pursue "him." However, on her first day as a transfer student, everyone—including the teachers—mistakes her for a male delinquent. How will she get the boy she likes to see her as a love interest instead of a "buddy"? Venture into the life of Xiao Man!
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    Mu Zixing met a beautiful boy, Sinan, when she was five years old. He became her childhood friend. During their first meeting, Zixing was rejected by Sinan while she played with mud. Zixing grew to believe that she was hated, but did not know that Sinan, who was enraptured by her infectious cheerfulness and smile, had slowly fallen in love with her. And this love only grew deeper and deeper with time.

    This series will be getting an official run in August!
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    A fan made manga by Kurukurumagical based on the mobile game Azur Lane that is about anthropomorphised WWII ships.
    A comedic slice of life manga about headpetting shipgirls.

    You can support Kurukurumagical on:
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    The modest yet adorable life of a cat and his owner.

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    We know Victoria's secret... But do we know Mahiro-chan's secret?
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    A spin-off of Kanojo, Okarishimasu starring the adorable supporting character, Sumi Sakurasawa!
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    Ayuha Samaru, Ayu for her friends, is a girl who believes to have no luck in love since she has always been rejected.
    One day, when she doesn't have enough money to pay the bill on a restaurant, a handsome boy comes to her rescue. Ayu feels really excited about this incident but the day after it, she finds out that handsome boy is actually her new math teacher, Hiromitsu, and he is treating her bad...?
    What's going to happen between these two? Ayu's real lessons will start!

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    The Young Master treads carefully, as his new maid is doing stuff for him that makes him flustered and uncomfortable. What is this teasing woman scheming!? ...Is it love!?

    Posted on twitter:
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    Yumi is a shy and maybe a little awkward business woman who's unsatisfied with her work life. One day she finds a ragged stuffed doll on the side of the road. She names it Kurumi and decides to clean him up and finds herself forgetting about her problems and enjoying life again.
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    MF Ghost takes place in the 2020s, when self-driving cars are ubiquitous in Japan. Centered around Kanata Livington, a Japanese driver who goes back to Japan after graduating at the top of his class at a racing school in England. MF Ghost also focuses on the MFG, a racing circuit on public roads that has garnered attention worldwide.
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    Seto is a completely ordinary and somewhat boring high school student. Yet, for whatever reason, his errant gyaru classmate Anjou just won't leave him alone!

    The serious Seto and energetic Anjou make a contrasting duo, but Anjou doesn't seem to mind, as she has too much fun teasing him. On the other hand, Seto has a hard time dealing with all of her endless antics; little does he realize that his humorous reactions are precisely the reason Anjou enjoys his company.

    But... just how much of her flirting is merely an act?

    Based on the author's eponymous web comic.

    Russian / Русский:
    German / Deutsch:

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    Official manga adaptation from the mobile game Azur Lane about anthropomorphized WWII ships. This series centers on Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Navy.
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    Futaba Igarashi is a diminutive office lady who finds that her towering and boisterous work senpai Harumi Takeda always gets in her hair, but he always has her back, he always keeps her company, and she starts noticing that her heart is slowly veering towards him...

    1st place of Tsugi Manga Awards, Category Webmanga (2018)
    8th place of Web Manga Sousenkyo (2018)

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    Takatori Eri is a high school girl with the dream of being a reporter.
    Her after school life is full of minor mysteries and drama that she attributes to a supposed "meteorite" fragment she found when she was little.
    It does ring somewhat true, as interesting things keep happening around her.
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    Tanaka Iori is a worker for a company that sets unreasonable demands, on top of that she has a penchant for dating married men. What a recipe for disaster! One day she gets drunk with an acquaintance and wakes up the next morning by her side naked! What's Iori to do?

    Part 1 raw · Part 2 raw · Part 3 raw
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    Years after Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, Takagi and Nishikata are married and have a kindergarten-aged daughter named Chi. See how much some things have changed, and others have curiously stayed the same!

    Note: The volumes collect the chapters in a different order than the web version. The chapters here follow the web numbering without any volumes.
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    Being kind to girls is the most important thing to 17-year-old Iida Harunari. As the kind of guy to carry the bags of all the girls in his class with him to school each morning, those around him sarcastically called him the "ultimate gentleman Iida". One day, he encountered a beautiful girl with a strange aura, Kageura Sari, but he noticed a cursed-looking monster emerging from her body. Iida was going to hurry and flee, but wasn't something amiss...? He was cursed by the heroine?! The new sensation of horror-rom-com!
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    One day out of boredom, Tanaka decided to give her classmates nicknames based on their quirks. Her friend Kikuchi became “Ota” for her nerdy interests, and her other friend Saginomiya became “Robo” because of her expressionless personality. In retaliation, her friends decided to name Tanaka “Baka”. These are the ridiculous days of three high school friends claiming (or not) the height of their youth.
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    The romcom vibe manga,references about anime, film, music and all,
    The pretty girl and the handsome guy in the school are auctually 残念, strong-roast: ON
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    The love story between a yakuza and a detective who both can't be honest with their feelings.

    Support the author by buying the official english release by Irodori Aqua.
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    This manga's story has gone farther than the main manga's story. Read at your own risk!

    A spin-off to the main series telling about how Hajime and the others spend their daily life outside the seriousness of the story. Leave the seriousness to the main story, and enjoy this comedy side of the story!
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    Keiichi, a high school student, is childhood friends with the cool and popular Souta. Despite always being swayed around by Souta who does things at his own pace, it was a relationship where he could always be next to and say anything. However, recently, Keiichi’s heart starts to beat fast because of Souta who said “It’s fun to be around Keiichi,” with a smile on his face. Keiichi tried to deceive his captivated heart by thinking “It’s not love,” but that lie is noticed by his junior, Sakuraba…?!
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    I was reborn as a princess in the world of an otome game, with memories of my past life.

    Wait, what? I'm the heroine's love rival? No way! I have zero intention of falling in love with any of those losers, because I've set my eye on a support character--the Commander of the Royal Knights!

    Except the heroine--after being reincarnated in this shitty game where the support characters are way better than the love interests--is threatening to destroy my own life with flags, and I'm determined to strike them down!
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    Fukatsu Michitaka, a boy who just became a high school student, can't differentiate people at all because of his prosopagnosia (Face blindness). However one day he runs into a girl whose face looks completely different from the rest. So in order to cure his illness and accomplish his dream of becoming "normal," he starts to get close to her.

    Russian / Русский
    Мититака Фукацу — парень, который недавно стал старшеклассником, не может различать людей, но все из-за его прозопагнозии (лицевая слепота). Однако, в один прекрасный день он натыкается на девушку, чье лицо выглядит совершенно иначе, чем у остальных. Для того, чтобы вылечить свою болезнь и осуществить свою мечту стать «нормальным», он начинает сближаться с ней.
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    A screwball ecchi romantic comedy about a young potential mangaka dealing with assistants who are his sisters as they are madly in love with him.

    Portuguese / Português:
    Uma excêntrica comédia romântica sobre um jovem mangaká com potencial que lida com assistentes que são suas irmãs, e que também são loucamente apaixonadas por ele.
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    Hadam, who has just come back to school, learns that Erin, a French exchange student, will be living with her due to an administrative error.

    Will Hadam and Erin be able to conquer their grades and overcome their language barrier to understand each other's feelings?

    A tightrope romance that starts under one roof!
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    The boy of her a girl's manga artist? To the eyes of high school student Chiyo Sakura, classmate Umetarou Nozaki--brawny of build and brusque of tongue - is a dreamboat! When Chiyo finally works up the courage to tell Nozaki how she feels about him, she knows rejection is on the table...but getting recruited as a manga-ka's assistant?! Never in a million years!
    But for someone who makes a living drawing sweet girly romances, Nozaki-kun is a little slow on the uptake when it comes to matters of the heart in reality. And so Chiyo's daily life of manga making and heartache begins!

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    Leslie’s life as the youngest daughter of the Sperado noble family was always used for the betterment of her sister, Eli, who is betrothed to the Crown Prince of the kingdom. After a failed attempt to extract the black magic within Leslie by sacrificing her to transfer it to Eli, Leslie knocks on the door of the monster Duchess Salvatore and, battered, bruised and desperate, pleads for the Duchess to adopt her?!

    Español / Spanish

    Türkçe / Turkish

    Official French Translation
    Official Japanese Translation
    Official Indonesian Translation
    Official Chinese Translation
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    Yiyoung is building a startup with his college friends. They get a chance to present their proposal to SJ Corporation, one of the leading companies in the country. But in the meeting room he sees Kang Daehyung, the extremely handsome company big shot that's so very much his type, and Yiyoung's heart starts to race...! Can pretty-faced Yiyoung win both in love and his career?
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    A delinquent boy and a cat-like girl.
    Though he declares that he will chase her out for sure today, they are living together again today.

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