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Spanish: ¿Que trucos puede usar el perfecto rico de segunda generacion para recuperar el amor de su antiguo superior? Presencia este magico amor que es como los fuegos artificiales

France: Comment un homme riche et parfait peut-il courir après son misérable premier amour ? L'histoire de cet amour féerique, comme un feu d'artifice ! Si chaque relation doit être entretenue, qu'est notre amour ? Le mien est un feu d'artifice. C'est court ? Non, c'est extraordinaire !
En tant qu'incroyable et riche jeune chef d'une grande famille, les femmes et le mariage sont pour lui de vulgaires jeux. Mais aussi infaillible soit-il, il a en fait été abandonné dans sa vie universitaire, par un garçon dont le père est mort jeune. En se rencontrant une nouvelle fois, il décide de ne pas le laisser une seconde fois.
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Ye Feng Wu, a capable male actor who debuted after filming in an X-rated movie, is known as the pinnacle of the age of beauty in the entertainment industry. During a vacation in Europe, he met the mysterious rich man, Augustine, and an intimate and dangerous relationship began. Emotions, gambling, wealth, dark past and a hidden truth...
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Yamato and Kakeru are childhood friends. While Yamato gets good grades and is good looking, Kakeru's grade are below average and his appearance is pretty plain. Even though they are childhood friends, Yamato is in a higher level than Kakeru, and Kakeru thinks of Yamato as a "good guy." One day they are alone in their classroom and Kakeru asks Yamato, "Do you like someone?" to which Yamato murmurs "Kakeru."
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A guy unexpectedly receives chocolate from his classmate Sentarou Yamanaka on Valentine's Day. If that wasn't surprising enough, Sentarou does this while dressed as a girl.

Author's Twitter: @kuranonn
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Su Yuan, a poor student, in order to not place any additional burdens on his family, accidentally got himself enrolled into a college named, Ogus University. But soon he discovered that this institution was actually established for the protection of monsters (demons); and the physically weaker humans, in order to protect their lives, had to form partnerships—called PAL—with those monsters. Furthermore, as a result of his unique scent, many are drawn towards him in hopes of becoming his PAL; and at same time, he is also subjected to various attacks. That was, at least, until the day he rescued a fox covered in blood from head to toe, only to then discover…

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Lanka Norman, the youngest Emperor ever to reign, was betrayed by Jan Gray. With the grace of God, Lanka was returned to the time when he was six years old. To avoid the same disasters recurring in this new life, little Lanka is determined to stay away from that terrible guy this time- all to survive! “But wait… Isn't the kid being bullied over there, Jan Gray? Damn, he came over! Is it too late to escape?!”

Después de la sucesión de Lanka, fue traicionado por Jian Grey, su amigo de la infancia, convirtiéndose en el emperador más efímero del imperio. Afortunadamente, Dios le hizo volver a cuando él tenía seis años. ¡El pequeño Lanka, quien comienza de nuevo su vida, esta vez está decidido a mantenerse alejado de ese tipo terrible y mantenerse vivo! ...¿Eh? ¿El niño que está siendo intimidado no es Jian Grey? ¡Oh Dios, me está viendo! ¡¿Es demasiado tarde para correr?!
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Being reborn after a cruel death, Bai Ye seeks revenge, and incidentally becomes the master of the Nuwa stone. Bai Ye does everything he can to receive the trust of his apprentice...
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Waking up from a car accident, Bai Tong realizes that he has been unexpectedly reborn as a 4-year-old. After getting his heart and body played with, in his previous life, he vowed to keep away from playboys in this current lifetime! However... who actually is this playboy? Hazy memories from his previous life, unusual pheromones, and suspects that constantly target him... Can Bai Tong unravel the truth behind his previous life?
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"Handsome people are the best!" Jiho caught Jungmin's eye- a returning student at the freshmen welcoming party... Be it for women or men, Jungmin is actually a major Ul-ppa* (*Korean slang for someone who is weak for beautiful and handsome people) and he finds Jiho extremely attractive. That was the extent of their first meeting, but for some reason, their strings of fate kept getting tangled with each other?!
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Poverty-striken Yang Jinghua dies in an accident. The moment he wakes up, he seems ten years younger. At first, Yang Jinghua thought he was reborn. However a white-haired, rich and handsome man, named Duanmu Xi, reveals the truth. In order to stay in the world, Yang Jinghua must become Duanmu Xi's soul image and therefore, creates a soul contract that binds both their souls.
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Having a two-faced bitch as a love rival isn’t scary… What’s scary is that the bitch has the upper hand—reincarnating as his little brother! Due to his "little brother," his lover was snatched away, his grandfather suffered a terrible death, the family business was taken over, and on top of all that, he was chained and thrown into prison.

However, on the night before his release, he got laid by a man in the midst of confusion and became pregnant. After he got out of prison, he came back anew; he opened a restaurant and made a fortune while raising his child. He lived a vibrant life, but certainly didn’t forget to deal with his horrible ex and bitch.
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Entrez dans la vie quotidienne de Salam, le politicien populaire et son secrétaire, Yazad, où le mariage n'est ni la fin, ni l'épilogue de l'histoire d'amour. Ensemble, ils gèrent leur relation après leur mariage, travaillent pour établir leur propre place dans le monde et gèrent tout ce que la vie leur réserve. Chaque jour les rapproche encore plus, car ils continuent d’être l'un pour l'autre à travers les bons, les mauvais et les stupides moments.
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The prince of hell and the son of Hades, Ha Ji-wook (Haderius) appears in front Song Si-hoo, a student from the music department and names him as his bride. A reckless love story of the prince of hell that fell in love with a mortal!
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Gu Bai, carrying his painting board behind him, has moved into an amazing apartment.
He noticed that the neighbor to his left is a headline queen, and on his right is the infamous acting king. On the upper floor, there is a supermodel living on the left side and a gold medal lawyer on the right side. And across his room, is a powerful big shot who is constantly featured in finance magazines.
The ordinary Gu Bai will soon begin an unusual day.
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After a plane crash, the young master of a rich family found himself on a deserted island, then, he accidentally resurrected a merman! This merman is not just any other ordinary wild merman, he’s the high priest of the deserted Island tribe! The arrogant young master is not only trapped on this desert island, but also forcibly experiencing the “transformation ruse” and is forced to hatch an egg?! "Is this young master going to lose his face?!" This primitive tribe is so scary, I can only rely on the merman brother to save my life...
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Shu Yun, shining star that was born in the ballet world and gifted opera Huadan Tong Yang are connected by a twist of fate. "I'm certain you're the light I want to pursue." One is the family's pride, the other a muddy white jade; looked down upon because of his low social standing when he's actually a hidden gem. Completely different paths but when the East and the West meet...when Beijing opera and ballet meet; two lives will be changed forever.
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"Rising to the Azure Sky", a manhua serialized by Golden Orange Comics, follows Ling Yufei after he overcame many obstacles on his journey to become a pilot. However, sudden policy changes made by his company dashed his dreams with the introduction of his new captain, who's younger than him and is airborne trained?! Under these circumstances, Ling Yufei can only rely on his wits and partake on this Romance Airline...

Skyhawk Airlines's romantic plot is about to take off, coupled with the amusing shenanigans of both pilots as well as their onboard cabin crew!
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As the grandmaster who founded the Demonic Sect, Wei WuXian roamed the world in his wanton ways, hated by millions for the chaos he created. In the end, he was back-stabbed by his dearest junior brother and killed by powerful clans that combined to overpower him. He incarnates into the body of a lunatic who was abandoned by his clan and is later, unwillingly, taken away by a famous cultivator among the clans—Lan WangJi, his archenemy.

This marks the start of a thrilling yet hilarious journey of attacking monsters, solving mysteries, and raising children. From the mutual flirtation along the way, Wei WuXian slowly realizes that Lan WangJi, a seemingly haughty and indifferent poker-face, holds more feelings for Wei WuXian than he is letting on.

Polish / Polski:
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Long ago, a young boy named Libra Brian wandered into the vampire Lasombra's castle and became smitten, swearing that one day he would marry him. Libra grew up to become a vampire hunter, but his love for Lasombra never faded and the two eventually become lovers. Hundreds of years later, the vampire awakens from a long sleep to find his human paramour still alive, but to Libra's dismay, Lasombra has lost all memories of the love they once shared, and the vampire now believes his long-time human companion is actually an enemy plotting to kill him! How can Libra rekindle their romance and help his amnesiac lover learn to navigate the modern world when every move he makes is considered a plot to destroy him?
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In March, when the new semester begins, Han Seok, who was attacked by a cat on his way to school first meets Han Ki Woon, who takes care of the cat that attacked him. The two meet again in the same classroom by chance and Han Ki Woon, who hits the wall like he's strangely frivolous, continues to be interested in Han Seok!
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How important is reincarnation? Do souls actually exist after death? How will meeting Shi Chenhua change Xia Ke's misfortune? An unspeakable and thrilling part-time job, exorcisms that embrace the soul, another fateful encounter…and a pair of hands hidden in the dark.

A guarded young man with psychic abilities who lacks love asks an extremely lucky and bright college student: "Will you become my lucky charm?"
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Xiang Qihong, a college student who has been unwilling to go to school for a long time, was entrusted by a university professor and a friend one day to help take care of their nephew! So now all of a sudden there's an older student/neighbour who had an elusive personality. Can Xiang Qihong get along well with the other party if he is so used to living alone?


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Who would've thought that rivals, the academic tyrant, Xu Sheng, and the top student, Zhao Zhan, would exchange bodies a few times and then start to like each other secretly! After many clueless situations the two became closer to each other, after they experience some funny stories and incidents, they finally understand their feelings for each other.
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Gay Min Su and lesbian Hyo Jin marry, each for his/her own purpose, but what will be the outcome for these two and their respective lovers?
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"We first touched each other so lightly and tenderly. You and me, we just look a little different, that's all."

Note: "Monotone Blue" is the serialized version of a one-shot named "Escalate", published in the "Kemono/Jingai BL Special" anthology.
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A popular guy who's secretly interested in cosmetics asks to practice makeup on his dull childhood friend... and he ends up looking cute?!

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    Hikaru dreams of becoming a chef. However, nothing’s going right in his life – he’s just been dumped, and has few job prospects. This all changes the day he goes to pick up his nephew from kindergarten when he instantly falls in love with a new teacher there. But, before Hikaru can declare his feelings, his nephew says, "Sensei’s going to be my wife in the future!" Is Hikaru’s rival in love really his five-year old nephew?
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    Goraihou Academy — A world leading bourgeois school where mysterious creatures gather. In order to protect the academy, the members of the student council with attractive appearances and fickle personalities stand up to…?!

    We meet Sakuragawa Shinya, Goraihouji Tadato, and Mashiba Naoki. Handsome and talented Shinya is more or less the main character. Together with Tadato, the president of the student council whose father also happens to be chairman of the board of directors for the school, and Naoki, who is always hitting on an uninterested Shinya, Shinya discovers the haunted secrets of Goraihou Gakuen.

    Things begin to change when a dark creature is discovered hiding within the school. The trio go to investigate and find Gen-san. And from there on they solve mysteries and hauntings and other paranormal events within the school.
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    Just as he was entering high school, Nanaki Koga experienced a certain accident and fell into a deep coma. After two years, he finally woke up.

    However, he found that the world had changed. While he was unconscious, a sudden craze hit Japan: crossdressing. Now the newest fad, approximately 90% of Japanese people dress up as the opposite gender.

    And so Nanaki re-enrolls in his all-boys school, in which every student wears a sailor fuku. And as luck has it, Nanaki has a surprisingly feminine face...
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    Nam Joo Won is a high school teacher with a phobia of students. On the first day of classes, Joo Won runs to the faculty bathroom to find shelter from his students but encounters the class delinquent, Lee Tae Gyum. Why won't this kid leave him alone?
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    Have you ever thought about our world being a little bigger than it seems to be? What if there is a special part that is hidden behind a great barrier? A barrier that normal people aren't able to pass through. That however, goes not for the creatures on the other side...

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    He was the high and mighty creator of the world, who had his memories stripped away in order to live like other mortals. But unfortunately, he was mistaken for a cutesy little idiot.

    The world was dangerous and cruel, so to protect himself, he bought a cheap guard, even though the little guard seemed a bit foolish, gullible, and didn't know any martial arts . . . Eh? How come the rumours make the little guard seem like some bloodthirsty and vicious monster?

    Cute and fluffy like cotton candy. Underdog shadow guard X Clumsy AF Gary Sue. If it's not sweet then I'll eat my keyboard!
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    Heath Swanson, an 18 year old high school dropout, runs away from his home in San Diego, California to make a fresh start in New York City. Along his travels he meets Eve, another troubled teen who latches onto him. Although annoyed by his presence and idealistic dreams of life in California at first, the two form an inseparable bond. Living among artists in SoHo, the two help and support each other as they try to make a living in the city.
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    Maeda Jun is an author who likes peace and tranquility. While walking through a cemetery at night, thinking about the 'cute love' that his readers are after, he was possessed by a spirit.
    Kawakami Yukio is a deliveryman who noticed the spirit possessing Maeda but kept quiet thinking it had nothing to do with him.
    Maeda, still unaware of his spirit passenger, goes out into the night for a walk once again. There in the darkness his gaze is caught by a woman dancing alone. But she has a secret...
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    While travelling across Japan, Kitahara Minami is pushed off a boat by a beautiful woman he met for the first time. After managing to swim to an island, Minami comes across a bespectacled young man who pronounces, “You pass.”

    The young man, Yuunagi Tenma, is the owner (guard) of Paradise Isle and since Minami reached the island without dying, he qualifies to be hired. A stunned Minami is told by Yuunagi, “From this day forth, you shall be my manservant!”

    So he starts working on the island alongside beastfolk, some of whom are part-dog, others part-bird.

    One day Minami spies Yuunagi bathing in the sea at night. Yuunagi says it is a ritual to welcome ‘guests’ (customers). What exactly does Yuunagi mean by 'guest’, and what is the purpose of the island? Puzzled by all these mysteries, what will Minami do?!
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    Fujishima Takara, a high school student, will soon start living in a dorm due to having lost all of his family except for his father, who's always away for work. Takara has to share a room with Hosaka Kiyomine. Living together isn't easy, and many rows ensue. Kiyomine is very introverted, while Takara is just the opposite. At first, the two get on each other's nerves because of those differences. But things turn towards friendship and later on towards love.

    Polish / Polski:
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    Milliana, the daughter of a duke in some remote region, used to enjoy a fujoshi lifestyle in her previous life in modern Japan. However, living in another world is pretty inconvenient., and on top of that, there are no BL books! Aiming for moe and pleasant life - including iron manufacture, communication, papermaking, and printing techniques - she begins a period of technological reformation! However, the Black Demon General Matisa busts into her life as the groom. With a bride who can freely use contemporary technology and a groom who unfolds her otherworldly cheat-like ability, here is the long-awaited unique reincarnation fantasy manga adaptation!

    Note: The author passed away in a traffic accident in August 2017, leaving the source material for the manga, the novel incomplete. Vol 8 of the light novel was the last release, in June 2017. Vol 8's synopsis suggests the story was still meant to continue.

    Original Web Novel
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    Lin Tian-Yu is the president of the student council and the disciplinary committee, and Xu Ze is a high school freshman. During a regular classroom inspection, Tian-Yu finds Xu Ze sleeping during morning self-study and reprimands him. Their seemingly ordinary encounter ends up changing the lives of the two greatly.

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    Third Prince Jing Shao was victorious in war and always surrounded by countless beauties. However, he was wrongly framed and lost everything. Yet the only person who followed him was the unfavoured male concubine that he neglected for years...... After his reincarnation, Jing Shao decided to start afresh and chase after his male wife. Although it seems things will not go as planned, chasing a wife is harder than he thought!

    شاهزاده ى سوم جينگ شائو کسی که همیشه پيروز جنگ بود و اطرافش با زن هاى بيشمارى احاطه شده بود. اگرچه كه، به اشتباه براش پاپوش ميدوزن و همه چيزش رو از دست ميده. با اين حال هنوز هم يك نَفَر كنارش ميمونه.همسرِ مردِ بيمارش كه براى ساليان سال اونو رها كرده بوده...

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