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Jonathan helps his brother interview a serial killer, but little does he know that said killer has a special interest in him...
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Adapted from Yu Xiao Lan Shan's novel with the same name (Di Wang Gong Lue).

In the mist of troubled times, the Emperor of Chu, Chu Yuan, and the Xi Nan King Duan Bai Yue supported each other, and led countless generals and soldiers from the Great Chu to the bloody battlefield. Finally, in exchange for the country's integrity and the well-being of the people, together they wrote a magnificent song of iron and blood.

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By chance, Fang Tang came across Ah Shu, someone he noticed long ago. The two became classmates and intimate friends. A refreshing and pure love school life manhua.
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A chance meeting in a library.
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In a dormitory-style school where talented young boys are gathered, Tatsumi has the best grades and is the "president's favorite." However, his place was just stolen by the pretty boy Azuma, who is rumored to be getting the president's attention. Tatsumi is irritated by this, but he is forced to yield to Azuma, whose personality completely changed from the harassment he's been receiving.

Ever since then, Tatsumi has been scared of Azuma. Coincidentally, he ends up in the same room as Azuma and slowly realizes where his fear comes from…
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Due to the second marriage of their parents, Jaeun and Jihan become brothers. His strict alpha father took a look at Jaeun, and expelled him from the family for being an omega. And now, Jaeun and Jihan are interacting for the first time, only after becoming adults...
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This is Ishiko's first BL manga.
Akimoto is the owner of a small variety shop. One day, an unsociable picture book author called Laurence shows up at his doorstep. Laurence came to japan due to work, and Akimoto's friend asks him to look after him. He's the author of Anneli, a book Akimoto holds dear.

По просьбе друга Акимото, владелец книжного магазинчика, поселяет у себя Лоуренса, нелюдимого автора детских книжек с картинками, который приехал в Японию для работы над новой книгой.
Со временем Акимото узнает, что это он создал "Аннели", книгу давно живущую в его сердце.
Параллельно развивается история отношений восторженного и искреннего Ежонка с мрачным и холодным мистером Вороном.
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Работник магазина Таканаси, проходя ночью мимо парка, увидел одиноко сидящего школьника, который является постоянным клиентом магазина. Беспокоясь о его безопасности, Таканаси приглашает его к себе. Что это? Счастье ощущать кого то рядом? В сборник также входят истории о студентах из разных школ,и о мальчике видящего духа.
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Bin He has an unrequited love for his best friend, Hai. During their Uni graduation trip, Bin He was feeling down because his best friend is finally going to pursue the girl he likes. They decide to have a friendly diving competition. While diving , Bin He sees a man chained to a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea. Beneath the sea begins an anaerobic love. What will be born from this fateful meeting?
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When Luo Yunjuan was little, he was the stand-in for his sister in a commercial where he had to crossdress and be kissed by the child star, Aoyue. Now, Yunjuan aims to have a profession that will earn him a lot of money so that he can pay for his sister’s medical expenses. One day, he’s approached by a man saying he has a way for Yunjuan to get rich fast and gives him his card. The man is actually a director for a talent agency, the same one Aoyue works for. The two have their paths cross once again, and now what will happen to them and their careers...?

Uma história divertida sobre um seme extrovertido e gentil junto com um uke fofo e poderoso. Ao Yue, uma ex-estrela infantil, sofreu uma recente decaída de popularidade. Para salvar a carreira dele, a companhia decide formar uma boy band com o Ao Yue como o líder.
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Qiao Yu, the man I humbly guarded for more than 10 years,unexpectedly cheated infront of me!
This is not the worst part. While I was fleeing from the difficult situation, I had an accident with the elevator. I fell into darkness together with the elevator. When I woke up again, I'm back to where I first meet him!
Qiao Yu, if I'm unable to avoid meeting you once again, I'll make sure to protect my heart and never to fall in love with you again! Remember!
It's not wise to provoke your bamboo horse
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From living under the same roof to then being classmates?!

Ever since his parents passed away, Haebom has been living in Taesung’s house. And now, being a 12th grader, he enters the same class as Taesung, which makes the whole situation way more awkward. Living together 24/7, Taesung and Haebom's relationship is bound to change.
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A girl goes to the seaside on her class field trip and accidentally meets a mysterious handsome boy, after talking, she hears a dramatic story about a bird and fish, finally the kind girl decides to help the bird fulfill its last wish.
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Popular idol Juna is forced to leave the group due to a homosexual scandal. Half a year later, he enters campus as "Han JunRan", a university student. However, by a twist of fate, his roommate turns out to be his number one anti-fan!? Living together with his anti-fan will turn out to be a complicated experience...
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To avoid accepting two simultaneous confessions from Xia Yiyi and Qiu Mang, Tang Tang told them he wasn't into girls. Due to the two girls' unwillingness to back down, they told Tang Tang that he must show them evidence that this was true. To cover up his own lies, Tang Tang decided to seek help from his friend Chen Qingye so they could put on an act to help Tang Tang get away from the unwanted confessions. Though constantly showing restraint, Chen Qingye always ended up accepting Tang Tang's propositions.
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“Come on in! It’s your first time at a boarding house, right?” The unemployed Sulwon has taken over his parents’ boarding house so they could return to their hometown to farm. A story about life with boarding house tenants of all kinds!
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God has run away? The world is in chaos? Michael goes to the human world to look for an old friend, and save the world together, but the reincarnated Lucifer can no longer remember him……

And the reason turned out to be because Michael himself sealed his memories and powers away! To awaken him now……he must #%¥#……forget it, even if he has to cry and grovel, he will bury the pit that he dug himself!
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Il se passe toujours des choses étranges autour de Bai Xi fils d'une famille riche.
Pour cette raison, ses parents le forcent à engager un garde du corps mystérieux, Han Zhuo.
Ce garde du corps est aussi doué sur un champ de bataille qu'à la cuisine, et devient très vite la mascotte de la famille!
Cependant, derrière cette douceur, se cache une énorme conspiration, des gens super-puissants, des transformations humaines, une vie extraterrestre et d'autres informations qui briseront la routine de la vie de Bai Xi... Une crise se prépare...
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Ordinary high school student Lu Qing Yu and the elegant university teaching assistant, Cheng Jing. Their encounters was definitely not by chance or just a coincidence. Due to their previous generation's old grudges and grievances had made them unable to live tranquilly and peacefully. He, who took great pains and had ransacked his brain over trying to make the star fall from the sky, but was enthralled and mesmerized by the star instead; The other him who was ignorant, trusted him wholeheartedly and faithfully, staying completely oblivious to the fact that this was all just a trap meticulously and carefully designed especially for him...
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Hirano, a second-year in high school, lives in a dormitory on campus. He has recently become roommates with Kagiura, a first-year. Kagiura is a hard-working student on the basketball team, though he does have difficulty getting up in the morning, leaving Hirano to be his support system in that regard. They get along great, and Hirano is very fond of his earnest, straight-forward roommate. What he doesn't know is that Kagiura is pretty much head over heels in love with him.
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Shin, born to a race of winged messengers, faces life as an outsider due to the tiny deformed wings on his back. Flightless, he endures ridicule and loneliness. His people tend to the needs of the Gods who reside in the same mountains, and unexpectedly, he is tasked with the care of the mysterious God residing at Mountain 32. A troubling future looms ahead as Gods and Messengers have begun to disappear without trace. What danger awaits Shin and his people, and the Gods they care for?
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The manga follows the daily lives of Kou, a slightly quirky man, and his wife, Yukio (often called Yuki), who is a cross dressing man. Read as this married couple handles the trouble that comes with cross dressing in modern Japanese society.
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The freeter, Yui, found a stranger in a tattered state along the road. His name is Toshiki, a man with a strange appeal. Yui couldn't leave him alone, and so, he accompanied the stranger back to his house. Upon getting there, Toshiki revealed to be wilful, and Yui decided to go along with him. The next morning, however, he found that he has been trapped inside Toshiki's house.

Yui a trouvé un étranger en lambeaux sur la route. Il s’appelle Toshiki, un homme au charme étrange. Yui ne pouvait pas le laisser seul et accompagna donc l’étranger à son domicile. Le lendemain matin, il se retrouva cependant coincé chez Toshiki.
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1: Mizuki Tama –『両片想いトラップ』
2: Serizawa Nae –『恋の奏』
3: Asakura Kamui –『図書室の秘め事』
4: Kouki. –『せいしゅんの塔』
5: Kuju Siam –『クロスポイント』
6: Ootsuki Kurumi –『不本意喧嘩番長たちの憂鬱』
7: Sasaki Ima & Takase Roku –『青春レミニッセンス』
8: Ibarame Hisa –『ロストランド・スクール』
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It's stuck deep inside me and I can't get it out of my head. Mafuyu's voice is an insane and dangerous weapon.

That day, I started to feel that playing the guitar and playing basketball – both of which I liked very much previously – was becoming boring.

Uenoyama meets Mafuyu, who's holding onto a broken guitar. The moment Uenoyama finishes fixing the guitar, Mafuyu becomes completely attached to him. However, hearing Mafuyu's song by chance leaves a deep impression on Uenoyama.
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Li Miaoyu used to be a delinquent, but one day he woke up as a pink cat.Now he has to live as a house cat together with his way too affectionate master.
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The cute and funny adventures of a boy and his best friend.

Note: The webtoon story starts at chapter 42. The earlier chapters contain insert art of the characters by the author.

Polish / Polski:
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Tougo Ushiwaka reunites with his childhood friend and first love Ren Ryuugasaki after about 10 years. However, Ushiwaka had been traumatized to discover that Ryuugasaki, who he had thought was a girl, is actually a guy with a fondness for cross-dressing.
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This is a collection of one-shots from Dowman Sayman. It contains short stories about serial killers finding love, historical figures brought back from the dead, a clever take on the the September 11th attack, yaoi fan-girl ghosts making suggestions to the men she watches, and everything in between.
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Choi Kanggo was born with a sensitive nose that can smell through a person's feelings. But when a boy who likes him approaches..?!

(Snow Flower Scans)
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The school’s famous troublemaker—— Gu Ze! Originally only on 30-day class duty, student union vice president Ye Ruchuan ‘changed it a little’, making it 300 days... Two people fighting a battle of wits for whether to be on class duty or not! As the shocked bad guys go their separate ways, Gu Ze and Ye Ruchuan gradually start to get to know each other in the middle of a hateful godlike manipulation, and slowly cultivate an understanding of each other..... delinquent vs. vice president! The daily life of a 17-year-old trying his best to skip class duty!
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A collection of BL stories that take place in a world with six genders (Omegaverse).

Xiaomi, an omega, has been in love with the popular Jiang Xi, an alpha, since middle school... Even though they both changed over the years as they graduated and started living different lives, Xiaomi's feelings have not changed. It is painful to experience an unrequited love for 10 years, is it not? But what will happen when Xiaomi brings an intoxicated Jiang Xi home to his bed after their university's graduation party, knowing that Jiang Xi will soon be going abroad?

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Once upon a time, in the desert of the Rahan Empire a dragon blessed the land with rain and was worshiped as a symbol of reconstruction that brought new life to the country. The dragon dissappeared and the people waited for its return for over a hundred years. One day, news of a dragon's offspring were spread. The crown prince is told to face the dragon, as people feared it was going to destroy them, but when he went to face it all he found was a child, a semi-god dragon child at that. A priest proposed for the child to always stay in a Shinto shrine in order to not be noticed by anyone. They would wait for the child to grow until it could transform into his original form. However, on the eve of the Dragon's Festival, a young and beautiful boy, "Suu", accidentally finds the kid in a barn... Time passes and Suu becomes the love interest of two men who look rather familiar to him...
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Through his older brother’s experiences, Jung Yohan already knows how a gay, unrequited love can miserably end. Determined to save his club senior from that same fate, he aims to help him in his quest for love. But being a Cupid isn’t as easy as it sounds. (Snow Flower Scans)
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A scary stalker is after me!!!! What could be his ulterior motive?
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Seungwoon has decided that it's time to leave his lonely days behind to adopt a newer more cheerful high school life, which is when he meets Hae-in. The two are seemingly different, but Seungwoon can't help but be drawn to him. Throw in monsoon, fights, and the task of growing up, will their friendship survive?
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Lee Jae Won, an 18-year-old student, starts to feel awkward towards a classmate of his, Han Ka Ram. Every time they meet, he feels nervous. Is it love, or..?

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