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In a classroom after school, Sawaki of the Athletics club and Mizutani of the going home club practically almost never spoke to one another before then. Their relationship started by an intense kiss by Sawaki. In a locked-room infirmary, library, home, and school trip… They deepen their love timidly but passionately. A story about secret lovers that will move your heart endlessly!
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In order to repay a favor, Yu Le ended up being a scapegoat, severely insulting the school idol Gu Yan.
Gu Yan has been glaring at him, from the beginning of class, all the way till the day's end.
In order to get his "revenge", Gu Yan kept finding trouble with Yu Le.
Originally, it was just to teach Yu Le a lesson, but who could have expected the "revenge" would actually change. Gu Yan felt that Yu Le was gradually pleasing to the eye, making it harder to make a move...
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When Ume was five years old, he fell in love at first sight with his next-door neighbor, Hara-chan. From then on, 20 years has passed, and Ume has found himself becoming a sex friend of his unrequited love. However, Hara-chan’s actions and feelings towards Ume have slowly become even more confusing?
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In a dream, the salaryman Touji met a number of “friends” in strange clothes, and an “enemy,” the high schooler Souta. Thinking “It’s only a dream…” Touji, going with the mood, ends up kissing Souta. But it seems that the inhabitants of this dream world also exist in the real world!?
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Popular idol Juna is forced to leave the group due to a homosexual scandal. Half a year later, he enters campus as "Han JunRan", a university student. However, by a twist of fate, his roommate turns out to be his number one anti-fan!? Living together with his anti-fan will turn out to be a complicated experience...

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Daisuu is a manhua artist who has been grew up in a nursing home. He lives a lonely and boring life everyday without any interactions with others. One day, mysterious Myou, who has cat ears, appears and changed Daisuu's life. Even though Myou always causes trouble, Daisuu's heart is filled with warmth that he never experience in his lonely life. This is an everyday comical life between Myou and Daisuu, as well as revealing mystery revolving Myou gradually.
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In the morning of his first day of going to work, novice teacher, Tada Haruyuki got into trouble with the principal… and he got fired immediately! On the day that he was finally appointed to another position, he encounters a little boy with round eyes on a snowy mountain road. The little boy shows him the way to his new school, but no matter how he looks at it, the school seems weird?! What exactly is waiting for Haru here?!
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In a world where every one has a power kept in them that manifest on their bodies in a form of a tattoo; there rises a corrupted group that runs the world toward demise and whose there to stop them?! Literally no body , so our best shot is a guy who don't remember a thing and and he has a super cool powers and his name is ............ Let's Know that together!!
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As the grandmaster who founded the Demonic Sect, Wei WuXian roamed the world in his wanton ways, hated by millions for the chaos he created. In the end, he was back-stabbed by his dearest junior brother and killed by powerful clans that combined to overpower him. He incarnates into the body of a lunatic who was abandoned by his clan and is later, unwillingly, taken away by a famous cultivator among the clans—Lan WangJi, his archenemy.

This marks the start of a thrilling yet hilarious journey of attacking monsters, solving mysteries, and raising children. From the mutual flirtation along the way, Wei WuXian slowly realizes that Lan WangJi, a seemingly haughty and indifferent poker-face, holds more feelings for Wei WuXian than he is letting on.

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Lee Jae Won, an 18-year-old student, starts to feel awkward towards a classmate of his, Han Ka Ram. Every time they meet, he feels nervous. Is it love, or..?
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"I don't want to go home or back to school."
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On dit que les humains sont incapables de cacher 3 choses :

COMPROMIS, PAUVRETÉ ET AMOUR. Xiaomi (omega) a toujours été amoureux du populaire Jiang Xi (alpha) depuis le collège...même si au fil des ans son apparence a changé mais ses sentiments non partagés ne font que s'intensifier avec le temps...Être en amour non partagé pendant 10 ans est douloureux n'est ce pas ?. Mais que se passera-t-il quand il amènera les Jiang Xi déchirés après la fête de remise des diplômes de leur université chez lui et dans son lit... ? Même après avoir su que Jiang Xi va bientôt partir à l'étranger... ?
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The story is set in "No. 6," a future model city in 2013. Raised as a top-ranking elite since the age of 2, a boy named Shion lives in an exclusive area in No. 6. On the night of his 12th birthday, he rescues a boy who calls himself "Nezumi" ("Rat"). Nezumi ran away from the city's Special Security Area. From that moment on, Shion's life is changed forever...

Adapted from the novel series of the same name.
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A parallel world fantasy of the kin of dragons - the curtain opens!! What exists at the ends of the earth - one day, a child of the water dragons meets...?!
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Tales of Abe no Seimei's youth. Collection of short stories & one-shots.
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This is a story about Myunghan, who has just entered high school, Sihoo, his childhood friend, Seungchan, who suddenly appears between the two, and the strange triangle that develops between the three of them.
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Patalliro is the story of the young boy king, Patalliro, and his many misadventures as he avoids being assassinated by various beautiful boys with the help of his bodyguard, Major Jack Bancoran, of England's Information Bureau. Later they're joined by the hot-blooded Maraich, and a beautiful jealous and hateful relationship blossoms between him and Bancoran.
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The manga follows the daily lives of Kou, a slightly quirky man, and his wife, Yukio (often called Yuki), who is a cross dressing man. Read as this married couple handles the trouble that comes with cross dressing in modern Japanese society.

Portuguese / Português
O mangá segue a vida cotidiana de Kou, um homem cheio de manias, e Yukio (ou Yuki), que é um homem que se veste como mulher. Acompanhe como esse casal peculiar lida com os problemas cotidianos que sofre alguém que se transveste no Japão.
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"Handsome people are the best!" Jiho caught Jungmin's eye- a returning student at the freshmen welcoming party... Be it for women or men, Jungmin is actually a major Ul-ppa* (*Korean slang for someone who is weak for beautiful and handsome people) and he finds Jiho extremely attractive. That was the extent of their first meeting, but for some reason, their strings of fate kept getting tangled with each other?!
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Edward, a young priest, meets a veteran who's under a vicious curse. Before very long he finds himself falling in love, and makes a vow to save and protect Cliff no matter what.

This is the love story of a young priest who wants to save his hero, the veteran.
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Ogata and Takatsuki are very much in love with each other, but neither has any intention of pursuing an intimate relationship. Why, you ask? No, it's not because they're both men, nor is it because of interfering family members or obligations to girlfriends / wives. It's because they're both seme!
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This is a story about music, friendship, love, and growth. We choose a life that we want and pledged an oath. Never giving up to look for dream's heaven.
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Leo x Takumi three-part Pixiv doujinshi with a Luigi's Mansion crossover theme.

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3 (Bonus)
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    'Chris Oh' who became Top Star Cheon Jaesung's stylist one morning, meets him for the first time with huge expectations. However, unlike his screen image, he doesn't know a thing about fashion! To teach him about fashion Chris goes to his house and he discovers something very surprising...?
    Soon, Chris learns about Jaesung's secret and now his heart won't stop pounding.
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    In the Hare Tokidoki, Wakabasou series:

    V.1 - Ara ara

    V.2 - Maa maa
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    Contains side stories for Mizuiro to Pinku, Sore kara Daidai and Oboreru Koi no Itade.
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    Pairing: Iwaizumi x Oikawa
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    Even idols will fall in love! Yu and Hinata are members of the popular idol group ‘ru 2 sh!’. These two people seem to be on good terms on the media, but actually they fight like dogs! One day, Yu, who is going to be taken home drunk by playboy actor Ogura is saved by Hinata!
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    The cute and funny adventures of a boy and his best friend.

    Also contains insert art of the characters by the author.
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    Poverty-striken Yang Jinghua dies in an accident. The moment he wakes up, he seems ten years younger. At first, Yang Jinghua thought he was reborn. However a white-haired, rich and handsome man, named Duanmu Xi, reveals the truth. In order to stay in the world, Yang Jinghua must become Duanmu Xi's soul image and therefore, creates a soul contract that binds both their souls.
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    Through his older brother’s experiences, Jung Yohan already knows how a gay, unrequited love can miserably end. Determined to save his club senior from that same fate, he aims to help him in his quest for love. But being a Cupid isn’t as easy as it sounds. (Snow Flower Scans)
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    An extra issued as an apology note by Inariya during the Comiket at the end of 2017.
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    Seungwoon has decided that it's time to leave his lonely days behind to adopt a newer more cheerful high school life, which is when he meets Hae-in. The two are seemingly different, but Seungwoon can't help but be drawn to him. Throw in monsoon, fights, and the task of growing up, will their friendship survive?
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    From living under the same roof to then being classmates?!

    Ever since his parents passed away, Haebom has been living in Taesung’s house. And now, being a 12th grader, he enters the same class as Taesung, which makes the whole situation way more awkward. Living together 24/7, Taesung and Haebom's relationship is bound to change.
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    Dame BL is "a collection of BL oneshots written by some of the lesser-known participants in the genre (and some you may be familiar with already), with a focus on less conventional settings and characters. We're very far away from high school here, which hopefully you'll agree makes a pleasant change of pace."

    1. Be Here to Love Me (KUMOTA Haruko)
    The relationship of a foot-fetishist and his cunning colleague.

    2. Kou no Kawa/River of Time (MOROZUMI Sumitomo)
    Set in ancient times, a village is near starvation due to a bad harvest. For some reason, the young chief takes care of a cursed man he finds lying in the river...

    3. Khaa Thoong (Est Em)
    Can the young Thai kick-boxer rekindle the thirst for competion in a senior boxer after his devastating defeat?

    Column 1 (AOYAMA Toomi)
    Useless Side Characters

    Column 2 (Kashima)

    Column 3 (KUSAMA Sakae)
    Terror! Kappa Lake

    4. Natsu no Saigo ni Yosete/Seeing It Through Until the End of Summer (UMEMATSU Machie)
    Two elderly men reminisce about their lives together over a bowl of peaches.

    5. Locas! (OKADAYA Tetuzoh)
    Jean-Luc fell in love through correspondence in a chat with Al. What will occur, when he will decide to meet off-line? Is it really Al that wrote to him in chat?

    6. And Robo (CHIBA Ryouko)
    A touching tale of robot clones... or something.

    7. Shinumade BL Shindemo BL/No BL No Life (Takeuchi Sachiko)

    8. Tonari wa Nani wo Suru Hito zo/What's the Neighbor Doing? (UNO Jinia)
    The unusual love a man has for his fan in the hot summer.

    9. Soldier/Through the Darkness (Zin)
    A nazi sadist and a prisoner in camp. Excitement, desire, but... what about love? Attachment?

    Column 4 (KEVIN Komine)
    Trembling Pecs

    Column 5 (COTORINO Deathco)
    Eronashi BL/A Non-Erotic BL

    Column 6 (PSYCHE Delico)
    Mixed BL Presentation

    Column 7 (YONEDA Kou)
    I want to be told that it's no good.

    10. Muhou no Shounen/A Reckless Young Man (Mochimeko)
    A story involving a Reckless Young Man and some scary faced gangsters.

    11. Ima Doushiteru/What Are You Doing Right Now? (ROTTA Ikumi)
    The funny relationship between a man who has a fetish for soft/chubby things and his fatty otaku-friend.

    12. It Must Be (MOMOYAMA Naoko)
    A story about two professional cyclists and their travails.
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    As a zombie with memory loss, school life is still a must! While fighting with his instinctive hunger for humans, he also falls in love with his destined lover. Only, it seems like not only does the lover know how he became a zombie, but he was also a schemer behind the scenes. In a SM danmei, the truth of the zombie gradually emerges.
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    Natsukawa Ryouta, a boy with a domestic disposition, is striving to make his college debut. At last, his dream of living alone has come true...!! ...or so he'd thought, until it turns out he has to room with his childhood friend, Tanaka Kazuhito, a guy with a sparkling aura?! Their mutually self-conscious, mutual pining love between roommates begins ♥
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    Spin-off of Love Lesson. Sakurazuka, a manager at an entertainment agency, has been on the receiving end of the advances by the agency’s president, Umekage, for many years. At some point recently, however, the joking confessions by Umekage have, oddly enough, started to become more serious…

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