In these manga, characters embark on a journey to explore the world or to search for something. These wanderers travel to many places and meet new people, often encountering hardships along the way, or discovering strengths and weaknesses about themselves that are revealed throughout the adventure. (Source: Anime-Planet)
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Hitaka Touko catches a thief in her room. It turns out to be Hayashida Ichisaie, a classmate. Through a series of unexpected moments, she finds herself caught up in the act of burglarizing along with Ichisaie.
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Power, body, charisma all together it shakes the mind. Provoked the gym teacher to seduce his nervous mind. The first kiss then, second kiss to seduce. Who is really the person that makes Chunja's heart thump? That person is...!!

As the school outcast, Chun ja has resigned herself to be being bullied, ostracized and just generally ignored. All this changes one day, however, when she becomes involved with the new gym teacher and the school rebel, Seo Lu, and eventually finds herself drawn to both of them.
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Kakusho Bizarre adventures in the world
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A new continent named Magmell suddenly appears in the ocean, and a new age of exploration begins. Explorers venture to the island to find previously unknown lifeforms and resources, but experience one disaster after another.
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Souma Kenichi is in a bit of a pickle. A group of thugs has cornered him on the side of the road and seem very intent on his life. Desperately fighting them off with the longsword he can summon at will, he is saved when a famous teacher of the Miyazaki School and his student intervene on Souma's behalf.

Confused but grateful, Souma learns that the sword he wields is called a "shinbuki", or true weapon. Stronger than any steel blade, a shinbuki is created by channeling inner energy into your surroundings and materializing it into a weapon.

Normally, learning to wield these supernatural weapons takes years of training under a master. However, a coveted few like Souma are born with the ability to wield shinbuki at birth, and master its use at a startling rate. These rare prodigies are called "Tensaiji".

Hunted by a mysterious organization intent on eliminating him before he can become a threat, Souma has little choice but to accept his benefactor's offer of free admission into the Miyazaki School.

Note : This manga read from left to right
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Esta historia sigue las aventuras de un puerco que, tras ser golpeado por un rayo, adquirió habilidades sobreporcinas convirtiendose asi en un cerdo ninja.
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Included works:

1. Osana Najimi no Majo ni Tsuite (幼なじみの魔女について)

2. Ai-kun to Wasurenagusa (藍くんと忘れな草)

3. Nami no Hazama ni (波のはざまに)

4. Scissor Reset (シザーリセット)
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Based on the 2019 movie "Yo-kai Watch Jam - Yo-kai Academy Y: Can a Cat Become a Hero?' by LEVEL-5.

Mataro Tamada has just been accepted to his dream school, the elite Y Academy, on a scholarship. For years, he had aspirations of becoming a hero—someone that anyone could count on to save them from danger. There, he meets Jinpei Jiba and Sandayu Koma, two best friends who have been accepted to Y Academy on the mysterious new "YSP" criteria. Together, they join the YSP Club at school, and make it their goal to solve the school's legendary mysteries!
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The story of the endless battle between Monsters and Exorcists. Except this time the main characters are the Monsters.
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This isn't your average workplace relationship. It's not every day you fall for a girl who accidentally turns you into her love slave, but that's not half as scary as meeting her mother. Oh, and did we mention the monsters? There's lots of those.
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The setting for the third story arc. It is a virtual game world with a main focus on guns, although melee weapons like lightsabers and knives also exist. From all the games it is the most competitive one as the money earned there can be exchanged for currency used in the real world, drawing high-tier professional players to make a living from it.
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It's the translation of Shueisha's officially colored version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.
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Within the Nine Prefectures, there are many kingdoms. Rumor has it that deep in the desolate lands, masters are as common as the clouds. They have the ability to go against their fates! Outside the Savage Beast Mountain Range, in a small city called Stone City, there is only one person who goes against the will of the heavens and changes his fate.
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Can a fox successfully cultivate to get her human form back? And can she bring this handsome prince back to the 21st century with her? Let’s see!
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She has lots of friends-
but hasn't had that important conversation...

She has a boyfriend-
but there is another girl...

Family too-
Her family... the only connection is through blood.

That kind of average high school girl-
Saitou Aya is suddenly lost in Wonderland!

The white bunny boy talks like a child.
"You are my Alice. Our savior..."
Aya = Alice's "Chosen world"?
Her "real self" is...?
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1-2) Chikan Diary
Yuuto is a first year student at an exclusive private school for boys where everyone is a virgin except for the new transfer student Hachouji. As part of the student news paper it's Yuuto's job to get all the dirty details or else spend the rest of his life as a virgin!

3) Journey of Lost Love
When his lover gets married heartbroken Atsushi decides to take a tropical vacation to relieve his stress. Nothing seems to be working until pushy tour guide Rubi decides to help Atsushi out. But the only thing Rubi seems interested in seeing is Atsushi's body!

4) The Perverted Daddy Long-Legs
Orphan Mizuki is suddenly pulled off his paper route and offered a high paying job taking care of a sick company President. Mizuki's new duties for entertaining the bed-ridden, surprisingly handsome young man aren't quite what he anticipated...

5) An Awkward Kiss

6) I Won't Even Lose to Sailor Suits
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In the year 2417, an asteroid the size of the moon is on a collision course with Earth. We don't have the ability to stop it, but we are able to evacuate a large amount of the population. A few planets had been discovered that were believed to be habitable for our race...Arcadia is one of them.
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An anthology of comics, based on Sakyou Komatsu's best-selling novel, Nihon Chinbotsu (1973); A story of Japan slowly sinking into the sea, represented strictly in a derisive mode.
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It is said that deep in the city there is a mysterious scientist in a black lab coat. His name is Kolisch. No matter how strange or mysterious the occurrence he will uncover the truth through his "Absolute Science". Unknown to all, a battle of scientific experiments begins now!
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"Abnormal" is about people that live in a world that can only be seen by those who live on it, but what happens on this world will save or destroy the future of humanity. A slavery-addicted girl named Seimina Yuri find out that she is an Abnormal and starts to fight in this world for her own survival, until she discovers that the world will need a new god.
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Welcome to last XIX century in Paris, where ball gowns swirl, laughter rings through marble hallways, and jewels sparkle—both at the throats of the elite of the city, and in the amethyst eyes of one particular young man. A phantom thief is stalking the city, and nothing beautiful is safe from his clutches!

Meet Florian, the only son of an impoverished noble family who ends up indebted to the stunning, mysterious Ray Balzac Courland. He may have been sold to repay a family debt, but you can count on the fact that Ray is going to get a whole lot more than he bargained for!
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A Fantasy Fiction comic that inspired by a tale of Rama and Laksmana...
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Kamio Reiji is a new commander in the navy. He and Inazuma, the 4th ship of the Akatsuki-class; is assigned to Yokosuka naval base. However, the base is experiencing financial difficulties and Kamio seems to make it worse.
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The story begins with 4 masters who could mastered the 4 elements: Fire, Water, earth and Air.Their powers were linked and fought together against evils.But one day the jealousy and the dominance was in the heart of each of master and decide to be separated and by doing this broken the link.
In the village of fire there is a boy who believes again to the 4 masters reborn and fight together, he will do anything to see again the power of the link of the 4 masters.
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Florian and Noir take a trip to Florian's relative's castle to purchase some antique works of art. There, Florian reunites with a childhood acquaintance, Eleonora, an unhappy and somewhat confused girl. Eleonara decides that she wants to keep Florian all to her self and takes him away to an underground cave holding him captive. Noir must now rescue Florian, but with murderous intents following him everywhere and a convoluted dungeon with multiple hidden trapdoors, will Noir succeed and be able to leave with Florian?

Side story of Gorgeous Carat.
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Cuando todos pensaban que el mundo de naruto ya no pod� a seguir expandiéndose les presento mi fanmanga el cual inicia 3 años despues de los eventos ocurridos en Boruto The Movie.
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"It was a really dark night era, where people only ever talked about The Fiend with Twenty Faces. The gentleman thief Twenty Faces absolutely made sure to never hurt anybody before being foretold of having their works of art stolen. But one day, Twenty Faces found a new treasure. That treasure was...a rich man's daughter; Chizuko Mikamo was that person."

The Fiend with Twenty Faces' blood has been inherited by the daughter, Chiko!
The adventurous days filled with mysteries and illusions that Chiko and Twenty-Faces interweave, now begins.

The characters in this series have been used with permission from surviving members of the family of Edogawa Rampo, the renowned Japanese detective fiction author who had originally created the fictional characters of Kaijin Nijū Mensō (The Fiend with Twenty Faces) and Kogoro Akechi.

The series starts circa 1953, set in the Shōwa period.

Included one-shot:
Volume 1: Nijuu Mensou no Musume (pilot)
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Humankind ignored Earth's screams of pain. The result: devastating earthquakes and unknown viruses brought the human population to their knees. As money became as worthless as a piece of paper, people turned to war and violence as a means to survive. Nuclear war was the inevitable conclusion to the loss of civilization.
Our story begins in the ruins of Manhattan, now only a decaying mass of the rotting dead and the rampant wilderness. Thieves and murderers run free as if they rule the land under the banner of "survival of the fittest." One of the last living survivors of the Japanese race, Takeru, trains under his master in the ways of the Japanese samurai to bring justice and peace to his friends and family.
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"Long, long time ago... God descended down to the world engulfed in darkness. With the threads made from sheep's wool, He created one wondrous piece of cloth, gave rise to another world. That world is known as 'Divine Cloth'." This is the legend that was told from generation to generation.

Beneath the Earth of Divine Cloth is the world engulfed in darkness. There lives the creatures that were sealed by God known as Bugs. Frequently, Bugs plunge out from their world, creating holes on Divine Cloth. To fix these holes and reseal the Bugs beneath the ground, a young man and woman, Ryle and Marino, set out on their journey.
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Somewhere in this world there are this children called the "Gifted children" and is possess by a special ability .
There's a girl who is also one of the children spend her life through living in a apartment and working part-time.
But this world don't allow those children to live in peace
as She soon find herself being hunted down by some unknown group to be serve in a military force also known as Black River.
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From Seven Seas Entertainment:
Adaption of Alexandre Dumas' novel The Count of Monte Cristo. Set in the time just before Napoleon's return to power, this adventurous tale follows the trials and tribulations of Edmond Dantès. After being unjustly imprisoned on the day of his wedding, Edmond devises a plan that leads to his escape, a hoard of treasure, and a new identity: the Count of Monte Cristo. A tale of courage, vengeance, romance, and betrayal.
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One day after school fifth-grader Sawa is suddenly enveloped by a bright light, and moments later an unfamiliar landscape straight from a fantasy novel stretches out before her. With no way to return to Earth, she’s forced to accept the role of the “Dawn Hero” and save the world from being devoured by the Witch’s mist.

Sawa quickly learns no one goes by their name in this new world—only by their role in life. From then onward, she is known only as Hero. She is accompanied by Servant, Dagger, and Lady Knight on her adventure to fulfill her role as the hero who will save the world! Will this little hero be able to live up to the role forced upon her? Will she ever return home?
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The strongest soldier and a band of ferocious heroes -- fighting for their country, fighting for their people! Only death can stop them, and they will press on until their dying breaths!
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Golcal é um mangá 100% Brasileiro, criado por Cezar Calvin. A serie tem como objetivo mostrar que podemos fazer do mundo um lugar melhor através de nossas atitudes. O nosso protagonista Kevin e seus amigos Oliver e Nick estão enfrentando uma mulher muito atraente que na verdade é uma "extra terrestre" disfarçada de humana.

Eles estão investigando casos estranhos que vem acontecendo em nosso planeta. Muita AÇÃO e AVENTURA NÃO VÃO FALTAR!.
A ordem de leitura é da esquerda para a direita.
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A few years after the disappearance of the Twenty Faces, Chiko finally returned to Japan.

Sequel of:
Nijuu Mensou no Musume (Chiko, Heiress of the Phantom Thief)
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The young pirate head Sakaki met the beautiful samurai Murou... Why did Murou have the other half of the treasure island map left by Sakaki's grandfather? Why did Murou keep to himself? Could Sakaki open Murou's closed heart? And how should he handle his best friend who loved him, Juurou?
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Chiko sees the dream of the night, it's like–––––

At that time, as if people were talking about the weather, everyone was talking about the phantom thief, Twenty-Faces. That very "Twenty-Faced Monster", along with the secret treasure Anastasia Ruby, steals away Chiko who was bullied and raised by her uncle and his wife, as if they owned her. Chiko escaped from the unrelenting days of being kept, aiming to live her life the way she wants, and travels to the vast world with a mysterious phantom thief, Twenty-Faces! An emotional and magical adventure where Chiko's soft heart and bold action blossoms through various incidents that she encounters everywhere!

Side Story of:
Nijuu Mensou no Musume (Chiko, Heiress of the Phantom Thief)

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