Shoujo Ai
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Class president and overall good girl Koguma is concerned that her classmate Hino often skips classes by spending her time behind one of the school buildings. Koguma feels it's her duty to guide Hino down a better path, even if it means going along with Hino's unusual (and increasingly kinky) requests.
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Sayaka's friend, Mako, is a bit weird. And she's totally in love with Sayaka. Or maybe not?
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Uta, a teenage girl living with her older brother Reiichi and his wife Kaoru, experiences a feeling of great turmoil and unrequited feelings after realizing the fact that she has fallen in love with Kaoru. Even after consulting her friend a few times, Uta just can't get the thought of Kaoru out of her head and the consequences that could leave their relationship tumbling towards a dark road.
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Shy and introverted, Tadokoro passes her free time in class drawing instead of hanging out with her classmates. But even when her classmates approach her, it’s only to make fun of her drawings and appearance. In stark contrast, Nikaido is well-liked among her peers as she has both beauty and smarts. And while everyone makes fun of Tadokoro, Nikaido on the other hand, is totally infatuated with her. Just one look at one of Tadokoro’s drawings and Nikaido fell in love with the art and eventually, the artist herself. When Tadokoro offers to draw Nikaido a portrait, Nikaido becomes ecstatic as this may be her chance to get closer with the girl she has been obsessing over.

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    A beautiful peach blossom spirit had developed a liking to a little girl, promising to protect her at all times. The two soon began their journey through hardships, along with the feelings they have towards one another. This is a story of love, friendship, and spirits.
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    Tamuhei's short Machikado Mazoku stories released on Twitter

    Creator-approved translation by Krosis Fansub.

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    Hachi is the daughter of a beekeeper. Mitsuko is drawn to Hachi who is rough and foul mouthed but mature. She wants to follow Hachi wherever she goes; But the beekeeping business is on the move, and they are going to be separated from each other..?

    2: “Algae” — A bond is associated with the ecology of a small, inflatable pool.

    3: “Urbane, the Snow-Woman” — A girl living in the remote country-side meets an apparent snow-woman moved from the city.

    4: “Like the Weather, Love Has Its Sunny Days and Its Rainy Days” — A girl seeks to support a witch-in-training as she deals with unrequited romantic longings.

    5: “Red-Eyed Adrianne” — A would-be photographer and a model have unhappy jobs in soft-core pornography.
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    The definitive source of lore, background, and epic saga of Honkai Impact 3rd, a 3D anime-style ARPG game developed and published by miHoYo.

    App Store link
    Google Play link

    1952: 1st Honkai Eruption in Berlin
    2000: 2nd Honkai Eruption in Siberia
    2014: Honkai Outbreak in Nagazora

    Honkai is a corrupting force that manifests itself as supernatural disasters, monstrous creatures, plagues, and Herrschers who can bend physical laws on a whim. Human civilization has been at war with the Honkai since the very beginning. The Valkyries are the mightiest warriors of humanity. They are our only hope.

    Comic promotion PV
    Comic Commemorative MAD

    Volume Guide (by chronological order)
    1476 AD. Volume 0.1 Elan Palatinus (DONE)
    2000 CE. Volume 0.2: Second Eruption (DONE)
    2012-2013 CE. Volume 0.21: Gemini - Origin (DONE)
    2012-2013 CE. Volume 0.3: Azure Waters (DONE)
    2014 CE. Volume 1: Escape from Nagazora (DONE)
    2014 CE. Volume 2: St. Freya High (DONE)
    2014 CE. Volume 3: Sakura Samsara (DONE)
    2014 CE. Volume 4: Final Samsara (DONE)
    2014 CE. Volume 5: AE Invasion (DONE)
    2014 CE. Volume 6: Moon Shadow (DONE)
    2016(?). Volume .22: Gemina Invasions (COMEDY)
    2015 CE. Volume 7.1: London Holiday (DONE)

    Visit the official site HERE to learn more (and download) the action-packed 3D anime style ARPG Honkai Impact 3 that this entire manga is based on. The game is a great place to learn more about the Honkai-verse.
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    Mayuzumi Kasumi is the school Idol. However, she doesn't realize this. She just wants friends, but that's difficult when she unconsciously seduces all the girls.

  • Original Web Comic on [ Niconico | ComicWalker ] (Raw)
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    After being hospitalized, Sana, meets a mysterious girl at the vending machine named Kousaka Ayane. They are both interested in each other and start spending time in their rooms. With every meeting Sana experiences new emotions which she hasn't felt before. After Ayane's doctor tells her that she is going to leave hospital she meets Sana one more time...
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    Cute Pixiv series by 駒庭かぼちゃ (Komaniwa Pumpkin).
    Creator-approved fan translation.


    Author's Twitter: @kmnw_pumpkin
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    Yamada is the plant appointee, tending the school's garden of flowers on her own. She isn't the slightest bit athletic and she's actually quite clumsy. However, that doesn't stop her from having feelings for the star athlete in the class next-door, Kase-san. Slightly shy, Yamada is reluctant about her feelings for the enthusiastic Kase-san. Slowly but surely, the pair are helping each other to grow in confidence for both themselves and their budding relationship, each blush and brush of the hand at a time.
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    In a world where Humans and Demons are in constant wars. Human adventurers seek to challenge the demon tower, home of the demons, which boast over a hundred floors, thousands of strong demons and generals. and at the top of towers lair the mightiest demon lord.
    All adventurers seek to take the demon lord’s head to ends the never ending war and restore peace to mandkind. However, a young mage girl wishes to take her hand and propose her.

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    Collection of Shoujo Ai & Yuri Oneshots from Galette
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    Normal high school girl Irie Yuunagi suddenly has her blood sucked by a strange man one night. Yuunagi wakes up as a vampire and learns that she has been added to the man who bit her, Rin's, family. She begins to learn about the rules of the vampire world from Rin.

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    Author's site
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    This is a story between a businesswoman and an apprentice worker.
    She is a businesswomen. She is realistic and knows what is best for herself.
    She is an apprentice. She is optimistic and initiative.

    While at the same time (second pair )...
    She is a secretary who does not know where her life leads. Under life's pressure, she met her colleague who could not care less about her own life. Together, it became a game of cat and mouse...

    More characters will be revealed in later chapters.
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    Yamada and Kase are now college freshmen living separately in Tokyo, and trying to sustain their loving relationship in an environment that is more open than what they're used to.
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    Daily life of a Futanari Elf.

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    A 14 year old is going to confess to her senpai who is graduating. The next morning, she wakes as a 29 year old single woman, living with 3 sisters: a high schooler, middle schooler and an elementary schooler.
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    Perverted Unicorn likes an ultra-pure(virgin) lonely girl
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    Collection of short stories featuring Akane and Rikka from SSSS.Gridman.
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    Middle-schooler Mayuki wants to enter Ohtomo high school to join her beloved senpai Akira. Problem is: her grades are so terrible there's no way she can make it into such a high level school.

    Thus her mother hires a high school girl named Rin as a private teacher to help her daughter. Seeing how the girl looks so much more mature than her, Mayuki ends up asking Rin to teach her more than just school subjects…
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    The stage is a modern school that fosters female officers, "Girl's Only Army School".
    A girl, Indou Shinobu, who came out from the countryside, meets Kagami a high-class senior student.
    Contrary to her high-handed attitude, Kagami occasionally shows kindness to Indou.

    Portuguese / Português
    O palco é uma escola moderna que promove oficiais do sexo feminino, "Girl's Only Army School". Uma garota, Indou Shinobu, que saiu do campo, conhece Kagami uma estudante de alta classe. Ao contrário de sua atitude arrogante, Kagami ocasionalmente mostra bondade para Indou.

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    Please check the artist's own English translation at the link below.
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    In the middle of the school day, on the second floor of the gym.
    This is where the two came to skip class, and it's where their friendship began.
    A story of two high school girls, playing ping-pong and chatting as they spend the heydays of their youth.
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    Kobayashi lives alone in an apartment, until one day, Tooru appeared and they ended up living together. Tooru looks down on humans as inferior and foolish, but having been saved by Kobayashi-san, she does everything she can to repay the debt and help her with various things, although not everything goes according to plan.
    A mythical everyday life comedy about a hard working office lady living with a dragon girl.

    Licensed in English by Seven Seas as "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid."

    See AnimeNewsNetwork for the anime.
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    Miyanaga Saki is a high school freshman who doesn’t like mahjong. Ever since she was a child, she would lose her New Year’s gift money during her family mahjong game. If she won, her parents would be upset, and if she lost, well, she lost.

    As a result, she’s learned to play in such a way that her score always remains plus/minus zero: not good enough to win, but not bad enough to lose. When we meet her, she’s being dragged to her school’s mahjong club by an old friend. How will a girl who hates mahjong, yet has become adept at the game as a result of her upbringing, survive in this environment?
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    Azuma Manaka enrolled in a school filled with demis?! She’ll be learning along them. What’s more, the inari dorm which she’ll be living in is filled with demi girls?! Surrounded by eccentric girls, her school life has just begun. Everyone is different and that’s fine. Manaka’s life with the demis is starting!
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    In order to make a living, the vagrant Eastern girl Bai Chun became the "living mannequin" of queen Alice. Planning to make a quick buck and then escape, Chun inadvertently became embroiled in a conspiracy of those vying for power while trying to leave. Can the temporary union of East and West avert disaster? Find out in Chun and Alice~
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    (Chapter 1 spoilers)

    Dressing stylishly, wearing makeup, falling in love...

    Uno Hinako is an OL who yearns to be such a "normal" woman. However, lacking the confidence in herself to pursue a "normal" romance with a man, she finds herself unable to take the first step.

    Caught between her fear of entering into romance and anxiety over being alone, while walking at night, Hinako broke down and cried for help. Reaching out her hand to Hinako just so happened to be her serious senpai from work, Satou Asahi...
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    Laura, who had learned special education to become a swordsman from her A-Rank adventurer father, enters the Royal Capital’s Adventurer’s School at 9-years old. Laura was filled with expectation in her heart, and at the day of the entrance ceremony, Laura’s sword aptitude value sprang out at 107. Between normal students with only 50-60 aptitude value, Laura was definitely a sword genius. But, the magic aptitude value that was measured after that was 9999! Laura was stunned, while she didn’t know what was happening she was transferred to the Magic Department. Contrary to Laura’s will, she exerts her super-genius, and instantly became stronger than the instructors.

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    Awakening her dormant abilities as a devil one day, Yoshida Yuko aka Shadow Mistress Yuko, is entrusted with the mission to defeat the Light clan's shrine maiden, a magical girl, by her ancestor Lilith. Yuko meets magical girl Chiyoda Momo through her classmate Sata Anri, and challenges her to a duel, but loses quickly due to her lack of strength.

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    Spanish / Español

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