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Rin x Nadeshiko doujin of Yuru Camp released at C94.
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Class president and overall good girl Koguma is concerned that her classmate Hino often skips classes by spending her time behind one of the school buildings. Koguma feels it's her duty to guide Hino down a better path, even if it means going along with Hino's unusual requests.
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The daily story of some succubi.
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Honoka Aono is an attractive 17-year-old high-school sophomore. One summer day, suitcase in tow, she arrives at Musashi Koganei Station. A little away from this station, deep in a quiet suburban town, is the apartment her grandfather built. That's right – starting today, Honoka is going to be a landlord! Wearing her sailor school uniform by day and her landlord's apron after school, Honoka sets out to manage this building... which happens to be home to some very beautiful women. What kinds of heart pounding, exciting adventures await Honoka?!
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Yuina and Maya have been friends since kindergarten. They both like each other, but they both think that their love towards the other is unrequited.
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Goblin-san accidentally reached level 99... and now she keeps killing heroes.
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The continuation of Yuzu and Mei's story.
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A collection of short manga featuring the same two unnamed girls going out with each other.

Author's Twitter: @wl_yryryr
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Yuu has always loved shoujo manga and awaits the day she gets a love confession that sends her heart aflutter with bubbles and blushes, and yet when a junior high classmate confesses his feelings to her... she feels nothing. Disappointed and confused, Yuu enters high school still unsure how to respond. That's when Yuu sees the beautiful student council president Nanami turn down a suitor with such maturity that she's inspired to ask her for help. But when the next person to confess to Yuu is Nanami herself, has her shoujo romance finally begun?
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Perverted Unicorn likes an ultra-pure(virgin) lonely girl
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New shoujo manga artist Nana Futami works hard every day while being supported by Kaede Satou, her female editor who is older than her, and Mizuki Hazama, her assistant. According to the girl herself, she sometimes drums up intense daydream delusions of occupational illness! A working girls comedy set in the entertainment industry, brought to you by an author who always draws various girls.
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An aspiring manga artist joins her new high school's manga club, and decides to revamp it after learning they don't actually do much.
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A 30-year-old business man makes a wish to be a girl. A chanting object runs toward him, and the next thing he knows he has become an elementary school girl.

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The definitive source of lore, background, and epic saga of Honkai Impact 3rd, a 3D anime-style ARPG game developed and published by miHoYo.

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1952: 1st Honkai Eruption in Berlin
2000: 2nd Honkai Eruption in Siberia
2014: Honkai Outbreak in Nagazora

Honkai is a corrupting force that manifests itself as supernatural disasters, monstrous creatures, plagues, and Herrschers who can bend physical laws on a whim. Human civilization has been at war with the Honkai since the very beginning. The Valkyries are the mightiest warriors of humanity. They are our only hope.

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Volume Guide (by chronological order)
1476 AD. Volume 0.1 Elan Palatinus (DONE)
2000 CE. Volume 0.2: Second Eruption (DONE)
2012-2013 CE. Volume 0.21: Gemini - Origin (DONE)
2012-2013 CE. Volume 0.3: Azure Waters (DONE)
2014 CE. Volume 1: Escape from Nagazora (DONE)
2014 CE. Volume 2: St. Freya High (DONE)
2014 CE. Volume 3: Sakura Samsara (DONE)
2014 CE. Volume 4: Final Samsara (DONE)
2014 CE. Volume 5: AE Invasion (DONE)
2014 CE. Volume 6: Moon Shadow (DONE)
2016(?). Volume .22: Gemina Invasions (COMEDY)
2015 CE. Volume 7.1: London Holiday (DONE)

Visit the official site HERE to learn more (and download) the action-packed 3D anime style ARPG Honkai Impact 3 that this entire manga is based on. The game is a great place to learn more about the Honkai-verse.
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A little love story about a girl and a vampire girl.

Portuguese / Português:
Uma pequena história de amor sobre uma garota e uma vampira.

Author's Twitter/Twitter do Autor: @akilim85000
Instagram: @aklkwl
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High school girl Akari was lost in a forest when she was rescued by a vampire girl named Sophie. Since then, Akari has developed a liking for Sophie, who prefers to be alone.
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Gayoon decides to enroll into a high school far away from home just to be closer to Soha, her middle school heroine and idol. Gayoon finds out about Soha's loss and decides to help her by filling the role of Soha's once true friend - Happy, Soha's pet dog.
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Uta, a teenage girl living with her older brother Reiichi and his wife Kaoru, experiences a feeling of great turmoil and unrequited feelings after realizing the fact that she has fallen in love with Kaoru. Even after consulting her friend a few times, Uta just can't get the thought of Kaoru out of her head and the consequences that could leave their relationship tumbling towards a dark road.
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Scandal: Hashimoto Misaki is a member idol group Lily-Puri. Her girlfriend, Nagisa, thinks that Misaki might be too close with one of her members, Ayame. Furthermore, a magazine has been trying to break a scandal about Misaki. The magazine eventually gets just the scoop they need that puts the pair's relationship in jeopardy.
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There's no such thing as an older sister who hates their younger sister. Every older sister on the face of the Earth loves their younger sister dearly. I, Sakura Shima, have an adorable sister one year younger than me. The sister yuri comedy everybody is talking about!
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1st year high school girl Hyoudou Kudoki loves cute girls!
but she's not good with 3D girls relationship,
instead, she withdrawing herself into her childhood friend's room and play Bishoujo Game every single day,
but then, a smartphone app she got oneday has dramatically change her entry life!
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In order to make a living, the vagrant Eastern girl Bai Chun became the "living mannequin" of queen Alice. Planning to make a quick buck and then escape, Chun inadvertently became embroiled in a conspiracy of those vying for power while trying to leave. Can the temporary union of East and West avert disaster? Find out in Chun and Alice~
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Catulus Syndrome - A strange illness which causes girls to develop catlike traits. Modern science has figured out two things about this illness:

1. They're really cute!
2. There's a high chance of making girls' hearts flutter.
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Chitose Morishige is a 12-year-old seventh-grader without a friend in the world. Her father, Professor Morishige, built a robot companion for his daughter to ease her loneliness.

The only problem is that Ichika Robata, the android, is so lifelike that Chitose believes she's a normal human girl who either ran away or was kidnapped by her father. Ichika attempts repeatedly to prove that she's a real robot, with hilariously disastrous results.

Published in Weekly Shounen Champion.
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In the middle of the school day, on the second floor of the gym.
This is where the two came to skip class, and it's where their friendship began.
A story of two high school girls, playing ping-pong and chatting as they spend the heydays of their youth.
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The development of a gentle, warm relationship between a bookstore owner and a high school student.
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¡La diabla, Kuroriri, que quiere hacer caer a los humanos haciendo libros obscenos, está aquí!
¿Puede Yoko, un pobre artista erótico de manga ecchi, convertirse en un artista de manga erótico más vendido?
Una actividad de colaboración muy perezosa en la vida diaria con un maestro solitario que se retira, Reiko-sensei, y una diabla nudista.
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Shimizu Makoto, a well-paid R&D lead for an industrial firm, has a secret - she draws and sells gay fanfiction on her days off. But when her sweet summery colleague, Maekawa, accidentally enters her secret world of girls who like other girls, Shimizu has to come face to face with some serious realisations… and deal with just how much of a weirdo Maekawa is!
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The stage is a modern school that fosters female officers, "Girl's Only Army School".
A girl, Indou Shinobu, who came out from the countryside, meets Kagami a high-class senior student.
Contrary to her high-handed attitude, Kagami occasionally shows kindness to Indou.

Portuguese / Português
O palco é uma escola moderna que promove oficiais do sexo feminino, "Girl's Only Army School". Uma garota, Indou Shinobu, que saiu do campo, conhece Kagami uma estudante de alta classe. Ao contrário de sua atitude arrogante, Kagami ocasionalmente mostra bondade para Indou.

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Mayuzumi Kasumi is the school Idol. However, she doesn't realize this. She just wants friends, but that's difficult when she unconsciously seduces all the girls.

  • Original Web Comic on [ Niconico | ComicWalker ] (Raw)
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    True Vampires household who has the ability to transcend other races and once reigned as the ruler of the Ephenia continent!

    Among them, the young princess, Ristia, who has the “Strongest” power, woke up after sleeping for 1000 years and revived in a different world, that is the present day!!

    Her purpose isーーーwanting a cute little sister!!

    Even in the different world, Ristia’s ability is overwhelmingly superior and the people around her can only be astonished at how easy the job that she does…

    Now, can Ristia become an ordinary girl and get a cute little sisterーーー!?

    A fantasy story of an overwhelmingly strong vampire princess who is searching for a sister while behaving recklessly and running around noisily!
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    Abused like a slave by everyone at school, and battered by the single mother she lives with at home… That was the girl’s, Endou Himeno’s, everyday life. However one day a ‘wasp’ that stung the girl changed her fate. Her fate, and that of humanity… Piercing the ‘species’ known as humanity, a thrilling insect suspense story begins!

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    A new highschool student with a complex about her height - Tsubame.

    Being unathletic and clumsy she seeks to join a cultural club, and despite her height she gives off the persona of a small and shy girl. Enter her upperclassman, Ibis, a small girl with a big presence, who suddenly invites her to the basketball club?!
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    The third official anthology for Love Live! School Idol Project.
    Each chapter is done by a different artist.

    Cover: Yuki
    1. µ's Hospitality Operation (μ'sのおもてなし作戦) by Tokita Arumi
    2. Minalinsky and the One-day Maid Experience (ミナリンスキーと1日メイド体験) by Nanaji Yuuki
    3. Apology Tarot (ごめんねタロット) by Uzuki Ai
    4. Our Everyday! (私たちの) by Ana
    5. Photo Scandal by Kusano Houki
    6. Umi-chan's Discussion (海未ちゃんのご相談) by Mezashi
    7. My Santa (あたしのサンタさん) by Ripo Day
    8. The Person You Seek Shall Arrive (マチビトキタル) by Suzuki Kokono
    9. µ's Kitchen (μ'sキッチン) by Nakane Nata
    10. Honoka-ism! (穂乃果イズム!) by Kinosaki Kazura

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