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15 years ago the world discovered magic as well as mythical beings (basically beings from various legends) in another dimension. Humankind learned to summon these dangerous mythical beings and use their power to great effect. 7 countries formed contracts with these "Diva" and gained their alligence as a result. Diva will chose their summoners on their 14th birthday and give them a stigma. Schools have been set up to train summoners and magical swordsman (basically bodyguards that give the summoners time to cast their spell) as a result.

15 years later after the finding of magic Hayashizaki Kazuki is chosen as a summoner and given a stigma to indicate that. This is surprising since males aren't chosen as summoners due to their low amount of mana compared to females. As the first male to be a summoner Kazuki is under a lot of scrutiny by almost everyone.

To complicate matters his sister (who's a magical swordsman) is against him going into summoner school to train there as a summoner. Because summoners and magical swordsman have a cat mouse thing going on where summoners look down on magical swordsman as inferior so his sister naturally is against him going there. She'll stop him even if it means going to war.

Kazuki however is determined to thrive in summoner school and have already determined to give it his all. Even if he's the lowest ranked student (ranked E) and his fellow students intend to demean him he'll prove himself as the strongest summoner.

Adaptation of the light novel written by Mihara Mitsuki and illustrated by CHuN.

The manga is published in Monthly Comic Alive, a seinen manga magazine by Media Factory.
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After taking down Dr. Wily's previous attempt at conquering the world, he's back to his old tricks and yet again, it's up to Rockman to foil his plans!
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In the Great Orient, lies the continent called Rodenius.

One day, an unidentified flying object arrived at Qua-Toyne Principality’s airspace. The unidentified flying object defied the Principality’s common sense. But that unidentified flying object was just a harbinger of something even more shocking.

Far to the eastern sea, a group of islands suddenly appeared. The country of the islands called itself: Japan. According to them, their nation had been transported to another world.

Now finding themselves separated from their old world and must survive in the new one, how will Japan interact with the native countries of this world? Will they greet her as a friend or as an enemy?

This is a story of the country called Japan as it was engulfed in the chaotic storm of the world.

  • Basically, the Japanese version of Island in the Sea of Time.
  • For clarity, the summoned area of Japan are the four disputed Kuril Islands, Japan Home Islands (Honshu), and Ryuku Islands (Okinawa).
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    The story is set in the modern world, but there exist doors that can take people to the "other side," where strange urban legends and internet stories prove to be true. College student Sorawo Kamikoshi finds herself exploring one of these doors, and almost dies on the other side, when she is rescued by another girl named Toriko Nishina. Toriko is mysterious girl, but very skilled with a gun, and she seems to be searching for someone else on the other side. Together, both girls start to explore these doors to the other side.
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    In the year 200X, a Japanese fleet consisting of 3 vessels leave on a mission to South America. After encountering a storm, the ship JDS Mirai find itself without its escorts and in the year 1942, traveling towards the island of Midway to face the American fleet in one of largest battles in naval history. The crew of the Mirai must decide whether or not to change the course of history by involving itself in WWII.

  • Won the Kodansha Manga Award for general manga in 2002.
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    Ye Wutian, a brilliant doctor from 2089, somehow time-travels back to the year 2019 in a lab experiment explosion. He wakes up in a wild mountain, and then manages to save a girl, Li Wan'er who's been bitten by a venomous snake. With his apparently superior knowledge in medicine, Ye Wutian embarks on an amazing journey in the beginning of the 21st century...
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    Noah, the last survivor from Earth, aims for a new universe on the spaceship that was handed down to him by his mother who was a scientist. What he arrives at is a planet where living things possess magic. When he is out doing field work, he meets a girl who proclaims herself as the demon lord's daughter.

    The cyborg youth will traverse a planet full of mysteries in this iseikai sci-fi fantasy.
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    1000 years ago, a war between humans and space witches ravaged the stars, destroying countless planets and taking even more lives. Eventually, the humans captured the most powerful witch and imprisoned her as a war criminal under the treaty. The castle where the Magic Lord is sealed away is watched over by a village where everyone has developed weak magical powers- everyone but Mugi that is. Determined to prove that he doesn't need magic, Mugi accidentally flies into the monster-infested forest surrounding the castle and is saved by a girl that he has never seen before...
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    During the year 2028, humans are practically wiped out by a plague of mutated viruses. Horrible monsters are wandering on the streets, and now Earth has turned into Hell . The lucky very few survivors hid underground, living in a subway network that is easy to guard, but the protagonist and his team had no choice but to leave the safe dungeon to escape this wasteland…
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    Lin Jian, whose body is part mechanical, and Bu Xizhan, a mysterious youth, have a destined encounter when they both witness the destruction of a small mountain village. The pair somehow end up journeying together, during which it becomes clear that the two are complete opposites. The former is a straightforward and heroic champion of justice, while the latter is a secretive schemer who tries to avoid fighting as much as possible.
    Will this journey drag the pair of them to hell? Or will it result in their salvation?
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    After rigorously training for three years, the ordinary Saitama has gained immense strength which allows him to take out anyone and anything with just one punch. He decides to put his new skill to good use by becoming a hero. However, he quickly becomes bored with easily defeating monsters, and wants someone to give him a challenge to bring back the spark of being a hero.

    Upon bearing witness to Saitama's amazing power, Genos, a cyborg, is determined to become Saitama's apprentice. During this time, Saitama realizes he is neither getting the recognition that he deserves nor known by the people due to him not being a part of the Hero Association. Wanting to boost his reputation, Saitama decides to have Genos register with him, in exchange for taking him in as a pupil. Together, the two begin working their way up toward becoming true heroes, hoping to find strong enemies and earn respect in the process.

  • Because some groups use the web version of the manga while others use the magazine version, the numbering won't match between different languages.
  • Because a takedown notice was sent to MangaDex from the owners of this series, One Punch Man is currently unavailable to be viewed. The series can be read in its entirety at the official Shonen Jump website, with the first and latest three chapters available at any time and the rest accessible with a Shonen Jump membership (which costs about $2 a month and can be accessed via a VPN if you are outside the US).

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    After being held in disdain and having his life put in danger, an orphan from the Demonic Cult, Cheon Yeo-Woon, has an unexpected visit from his descendant from the future who inserts a nano machine into Cheon Yeo-Woon's body, which drastically changes Cheon Yeo-Woon's life after its activation. The story of Cheon Yeo-Woon's journey of bypassing the Demonic Cult and rising to become the best martial artist has just begun.

    La vie remplit d'infortune et d'épreuve de Cheo Yeo-Woon, bâtard et dernier dans l'ordre de succession, prit un tournant après qu'un de ses "descendant" venant du futur ait injecté des Nano Machines dans son corps.
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    The world under attack by monsters that are pouring from the 'fracture'. And the 'hunters' who hunt those monsters are the most coveted job in the world currently. One day, Oh Yunsung who works his hardest from day to day as a worker in a meat restaurant awakens an ability to automatically hunt monsters with perfect techniques and physical prowess like in MMORPG when he presses a button 'Auto Hunting' that appears in front of him...!

    Il mondo è sotto attacco da parte di mostri che fuoriescono dalle “fratture”. E i “hunter” che cacciano quei mostri . Un giorno, Oh Yunsung, che lavora di giorno in giorno come lavoratore in un ristorante , risveglia la capacità di combattere automaticamente i mostri con tecniche perfette e abilità fisica come in un MMORPG quandosi preme il pulsante “Auto-Hunting”, pulsante che appare di fronte lui...?!
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    School flowers and sisters, beautiful and powerful sisters, pure beauty teachers, all cherish their embraces ... Ordinary high school students, by chance, get a magic pen, and life has changed since then The variety is colorful.
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    Qi Leren unfortunately got a black screen when he cleared the first BE ending in "Nightmare Game". On the way on the bus to repair the computer, the bus collided with a sudden truck, and the injured passengers were taken to the hospital. When he woke up, Qi Leren found out that he was lying in the empty infusion hall, and there was no one to be seen in the huge hospital…
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    In the middle of the 21st century, the world was on the brink of World War III. But superheroes from across the globe appeared and helped bring an era of peace. With the crisis averted, the Heroes returned to their home countries where they now help with domestic matters. This is the story about the young Japanese heroine named "Shy"...

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    Due to the invasion of Disas—enigmatic creatures of soil from the land of the dead—mankind, who was on the verge of crisis, was saved by the efforts of magical girls who had obtained a mysterious magical power...

    Three years later, new incidents suddenly occur, tearing apart the normalcy of the girls who had each returned to their normal lives. The saviours of humanity, those magical girls called "The Magical Five" now live each day fighting for their lives, even as they are trifled with by fate...
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    It is said that an inexpensive name makes an easier life, but the inexpensive name and life of Wang Xiao Er, because his leg were crippled, was looked down on by friends and relatives. By complete accident, he picked up a mobile phone with a magical game inside, which allowed Wang Xiao Er to change his fate. What, the things in this game can become real? Wang Xiao Er, with a face full of smiles, said, “Aiyo, hey, then don’t blame me for being greedy. Jiang Shan, beauties, I want them all!”
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    Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! is a spin-off manga.

    It tells the story of the conflict between the Time Patrol and the Dark Empire.
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    The comic adaption of the super popular novel from syosetu ni narou.

    Hizutome Rakurou loves shitty games. His next challenge is Shangri-la Frontier, the god-tier game with a total playerbase of 30,000,000. Gathering comrades (scum) in an expansive world and meeting with old enemies along the way, he will change the fate of every player.
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    The Unrivaled Father and the Strongest Daughter.
    The father's powers that is hidden under the guise of an average D-Rank is..?
    The story of their bonds and the storm that awaits them begins!

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    Delinquent student Yuan Jingteng is loved by his friends. He tries to win over a girl he likes and lives a normal life with his father. But the appearance of an old man and a child broke the peace and quiet of their lives. The mysterious man killed Yuan Jingting with the excuse of saving the world. One year later, Jingteng miraculously woke up and was told by a secret society that he was the first person in this world to have his genes altered, Yuan Lang was only his stepfather and that the mysterious person who killed him was his real father. Facing these extreme changes, what should Jingteng do? And what kind of secret has really been hidden from him......
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    A gray Earth, where humanity was transformed into deformed beings. The curtains open on an action series where the goal is to recover a lost world, with the help of a strange-looking gun!

    An enormous solar flare caused the planet to lose all of its colors. Humans are deformed and declining in numbers. The key to reclaiming the old world lies within the power hidden in 「color」, and one 「girl」. Knowing that the few remnants of colors in the world yield a great power, Avidia, who is conducting research while protecting a girl named Chie, uses the colors to expand his own power, and throws himself in a battle against the Cult.

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    Fuuta Okeya can see ghosts. Besides that—and the bandage he always keeps on his cheek—he's a perfectly normal 14-year old boy enamoured with the new transfer student. Unfortunately, Kouko Ishigami wants little to do with him. A strange ghost that follows her, however, seems to feel quite differently. But, when Kouko sees the strange birthmark hidden beneath the bandage on Fuuta's cheek, she has a change of heart...for the worse. Not only does she denounce him as her enemy, but she claims that the birthmark is a curse she engraved upon his face during one of their many past lives.

    What happened between Kouko and Fuuta, and what is the connection to the strange, fantastical dreams that Fuuta begins to experience?

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    I bought a housekeeping humanoid, just to try it out. But it seems to do more than just normal housekeeping duties… Is it really a robot? It’s too good!
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    In an ancient era full of dangers, an isolated city without any help, human beings who lost their industrial civilization discovered, that those ferocious ancient behemoths were not the only threat…
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    Jin Tian has led a frustrating life so far, being beaten up by his classmates and having his watch destroyed. He then accuses God of not having a better life, but then his destroyed watch turns into a super futuristic watch, which shows that the future will be healthy! But what's the secret hidden in the watch? Let's see how hard-working teenagers can change their lives!
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    Exiled to a desolate and harsh planet, Ayr spends his days hunting giant monsters as his food source. Then, everything changes when a police officer comes and tells him his exile was revoked. After arriving in Askr he learns that a lot of time has passed while he was gone. 100 years. Everything seems to be different now, but one question remains: For what reason was his exile revoked after this long time?
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    In an unexpected turn of events, Toki, a high school boy, started dating Fumi Munetsugu, the school's superheroine. After hitting it off to a good start, they faced the next hurdle in the path of romance: a kiss.

    Completely out of his element, Toki was unable to go for it.
    The fate of the world, however, depended on it...
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    Mysterious monsters attack the people of Japan, but heroes are there to protect them with powers that run on a rate of yen per second. For Hiasa Sen however, there are much more important things to worry about, like catching sales on groceries, his many part time jobs and most importantly, taking care of his little sister. When danger approaches however, he has a secret power of his own, but it may be more trouble than it's worth.
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    After the suicide of a student named Chisa Yomoda, her schoolmates start receiving strange posthumous emails from Chisa on the web - or Wired. Among them is 14-year-old Lain Iwakura, who is finding it difficult to live with others.

    This IS a FAN-ADAPTATION made just for appreciation to the show with no lucrative purposes.
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    A mysterious syndrome turns schoolgirls into homicidal monsters behind numerous atrocities in Japan. However, nothing is what it seems and when Chika Amagi is arrested for the brutal murder of five people, a journey into uncharted, troubled waters begins!

    French / Français

    Spanish / Español
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    A collection of stories. Story 1, "Planet Love" After discovering her dad finishing construction of a spaceship, Love finds out that their family is from Planet Love. She feels torn about leaving her childhood friend, Ichi behind. Story 2, "Hug!" Tsubaki is confessed by Porky, much to his chagrin as he dislikes fat people. Story 3, "Capricious Robot" Nico feels that she is being targeted by the head of the discipline committee, Shuichi, who she finds to carry himself like an emotionless robot. Story 4, "My Dear Gian" Shizuka and Takeshi have been neighbors their entire lives. Takeshi's family has to skip town the next week, and Shizuka wants to tell him something. Story 5, "Hakka!" Hakka has no experience with love. She witnesses a couple kissing in public, the boy being a classmate of hers. She wants to know more about love and kissing.

    - BIRTHDAY SONGS 4/1 :
    The age difference between Yuu and Mizuho is one minute. But because of this one minute Mizuho went to school a year earlier and graduated a year faster. When she’s going away to Kyoto University, will Yuu be able to tell her his feelings?
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    Since she was young, Qi Qi has been burdened with an incurable disease that will cause her death before the age of 20. Despite this, she uses her genius intellect to develop robotics in order to defy her fate. However, she is inevitably unable to create a robotic body for herself before her time is up. As her vision darkens, she is not satisfied... Only to awaken again?

    Français / French
    Depuis qu'elle est petite, Qi Qi est tourmentée par une maladie incurable qui causera sa mort avant 20 ans. Malgré ça, elle utilise son génie intellectuel pour concevoir des machines afin de combattre son destin. Toutefois, elle se retrouve dans l'impossibilité de créer un corps robotique avant sa fin. Alors que sa vision s’assombrit, elle n'est pas satisfaite... mais elle se réveille ?
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    In December, Miyuki receives an invitation for the Yotsuba's new year's family gathering. However, unlike previous years, they specially added "Everyone must attend" on the invitation. Miyuki understands that "the time has come" — it is time to decide the next head for the Yotsuba Clan.
    — If she is elected, her brother will be free.
    — If she becomes the next head, she will be forced to marry someone else.
    Miyuki's heart is a mess.
    The truth of the Brother and Sister relationship is finally unveiled!? Yotsuba Keishou-hen begins!

    Adaptation of the original novel's volume 16.
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    Imagine waking to a world where every last human has been mysteriously turned to stone ...
    One fateful day, all of humanity was petrified by a blinding flash of light. After several millennia, high schooler Taiju awakens and finds himself lost in a world of statues. However, he's not alone! His science-loving friend Senku's been up and running for a few months and he's got a grand plan in mind—to kickstart civilization with the power of science!

    Russian / Русский

    Portuguese / Português
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    Kamiwazumi Jun lives alone in an old house with a shrine. As a result, people sometimes leave random things outside his house, like kittens... or an unconscious naked girl?! The woman in question claims to be a robot from the future who has come back in time to protect Jun, the future messiah. She has no qualms about nudity, and retrieves useful objects from a "9th dimensional pocket" between her legs. Once Jun has accepted that her story must be true, he also has to figure out how to work a sexy robot girl into his everyday life, which also includes explaining her to a cute childhood friend that has a crush on him.
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    A story that reincarnates as a happy <supporting> in a friend's novel, but takes on the misery of <the main character>.
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    Shiki is a human who lives in a city filled with only robots. He considers the robots to be his best friends, and always takes care of them. Then, one day, he comes across another human - Rebecca, a girl who makes videos online to become popular. And at the same time, the robots start to go crazy?

    A new manga from Hiro Mashima, of Rave Master and Fairy Tail fame.

    Russian / Русский

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