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Hiroshiman boy Onijiro "Oto" Otogi, and American girl of Fenno-Russian origin Paulina "Ponya" Otogi are 18-year-olds and a newly-wed couple in their third year of high school, only recently returning to Japan to finish their education after years of living as neighbors in the USA. Together, Oto and Ponya will learn about proper physical relations as they raid their high school life!
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The morning routine of couples in action manga. Or at least what goes on in the author's head.
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Seton Academy, a school full of animals where, thanks to population decline, there are fewer humans than any other creature. Mazama Jin, an animal hater and the only human male in his class, falls in love with Hino Hitomi, the only female human, the moment he lays eyes on her. However he soon finds himself entangled with various other creatures after he reluctantly joins the 'pack' of Lanka the wolf, the only other member of her pack.
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Two boys met on a stormy night: Tsukushi, a boy with no special traits at all, and Jin, a soccer genius. On that night, Jin drags Tsukushi into the world of high-school soccer.

It was nominated for Best Shōnen Manga at the 39th Kodansha Manga Awards.
The series was number twelve in the Nationwide Bookstore Employees' Recommended Comics of 2014.

Won the 40th Kodansha Manga Award for Shounen in 2016.
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The crossovers between a boy and a girl attracted to each other in short moments. Fell in love slowly....

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Ling Chen lived as a villain for 35 years, but in the final battle with the hero Ye Muxue, he "initialized" reset-reborn back to 17! what? Do you think he wants to be human again? Less talk! Of course, it's time to kill Ye Mu, who wasn't super powered at that time!
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Tiararose was supposed to be disengaged and exiled from the country.

“This was the Otome game I had played!” She realized on the day before the story’s ending――…….

Shall I wait for the judgment? But, I did not do anything too cruel……. Thinking so, the ending continues.

But, during the judgement――something that was not possible in the game happened. The neighboring crown prince courted the villainous daughter Tiararose.
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Living in an electric appliance store at the corner of the shopping district, Ainaga Kouichi realized a weirdly dressed, mysterious girl standing at the nearby pedestrian crossing. Apparently, she is working for traffic control 24/7 without a break, taking care of the pedestrians so they can safely cross...However, when Ainaga goes to call out to her with a fellow shopping district inhabitant Namina, she refers to herself as a ‘robot’...?!

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A "trouble comedy" about a fujoshi girl who meets a yuri otaku boy.
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This is a world of magic where magic is used for everything. But deep in the forest exists a young man who spends his time training and bulking up. He can't use magic, but he enjoys a peaceful life with his father. But one day, his life is put in danger! Will his muscular body protect him from the magic users who are out to get him? Powerfully trained muscles crush magic as this abnormal magical fantasy begins!
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Uesugi Fuutarou is a poor, antisocial ace student who one day meets the rich transfer student Nakano Itsuki. They argue but when Uesugi realizes he is to be her tutor, he tries to get on better terms. While trying to do so he meets four other girls.

Manga's Official Twitter: @5Hanayome
Author's Twitter: @negi_haruba
See AnimeNewsNetwork for the anime.

5Toubun no Hanayome is the official romanization.
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Shuichi Kagaya isn't human. He has an unnatural sense of smell, and can transform into an incredibly powerful beast... of sorts. He does all he can to avoid standing out and being discovered, but no good deed goes unpunished, and his decision to use his power to save a girl spells the end for his quiet life.
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The wacky 4-koma adventures of Katatsumuri, a snail girl who goes to school.
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"Hanako-san, Hanako-san... are you there?"
At Kamome Academy, rumors abound about the school's Seven Mysteries, one of which is Hanako-san. Said to occupy the third stall of the third floor girls' bathroom in the old school building, Hanako-san grants any wish when summoned. Nene Yashiro, an occult-loving high school girl who dreams of romance, ventures into this haunted bathroom... but the Hanako-san she meets there is nothing like she imagined! Kamome Academy's Hanako-san... is a boy!

Note: Volume 0 includes the original pilot version of Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun and the debut oneshot of Aida Iro - Dear My Living Dead.

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Masatora Akutsu has just transferred into class in Japan from a long way away - all the way from Hell, to be exact. Akutsu is a demon who's come to Earth to find someone who can motivate the forces of Hell to fight back against the invading Heavenly army. He immediately sets his sights on one of his classmates, the kind and beautiful Lily Amane, but ends up in way over his head when it turns out Lily has some secrets of her own!

Portuguese / Português:
Masatora Akutsu acabou de ser transferido para uma turma ni Japão de muito muito longe - todo o caminho desde o Inferno, para ser exato. Akutsu é um demônio que veio à Terra para encontrar alguém que possa motivar as forças do Inferno a contra atacar o exército invasor do Paraíso. Ele imediatamente coloca os olhos em um dos seus colegas, a gentil e bonita Lily Amane, mas acaba sendo muito para ele aguentar quando acaba descobrindo que a Lily tem alguns segredos dela mesmo!

Author's Twitter/Twitter do Autor: azsawa00
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Morals Committee Members, Drama Club, Photography Club, and boobs of all sizes - a full lineup of all kinds of cute kouhais! They'll laugh, tease, and even seduce their believed senpais! And they won't hold back to ask, "Aren't I cute?"

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Ichika started high school with a lot of expectations, but hasn't been able to make any friends because she's too shy to talk to others. One day in the school backyard, Yuuya - a known ex-delinquent, feared by all his classmates - approaches her, and for some reason invites her to go to a karaoke place with him...
A beautiful and shy girl and an ex-delinquent, two introverted and lonely souls, make plans after school to achieve their dreams: be able to make friends!
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"Ethics" is the path of humanity, a principle that becomes the norm of morality. It is not necessary to learn it, but the lessons are laden with the truths of life. Cool ethics teacher Takayanagi confronts his students' problems and their beliefs.

French :
"L'Éthique" est une voie de l'humanité, un chemin qui définit les normes de la moralité. Il n'est pas nécessaire de l'apprendre, mais ses leçons se construisent autour des vérités de la vie. Takayanagi, le professeur d'Éthique, se confronte aux problèmes et convictions de ses élèves.

La "ética" es el camino de la humanidad, un principio que se convierte en la norma de la moralidad. No es necesario aprenderla, pero las lecciones están cargadas con verdades de la vida. El genial profesor de ética, Takayanagi, enfrenta los problemas y las creencias de sus estudiantes.
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Sara is a student in a women-only school and has been raised protected and covered from everything. Until one day she crossed paths with a boy as beautiful as he is dangerous...

Sara é uma estudante de um colégio feminino e tem sido criada por uma mãe super protetora. Até que um dia, ela cruzou o caminho de um garoto que é tão perigoso quanto lindo...
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The perfect rich lady (big breasts) Vs. small mouse-like boy!!

Yamada Ritsu, a first year student and an assistant for the Student Council's General Affairs, senses danger approaching him. Gifted with both intelligence and beauty, the Student Council President Jinguuji Mio uses her weapons of destruction (boobs) to approach him with various methods. After witnessing that, Ritsu is convinced: "She is after my life!"

Will Ritsu's heart survive Mio's relentless attack? What are Mio's real intentions!?

From the same author as Binbougami Ga! and Sousei no Onmyouji, a sexy love comedy full of misunderstandings!

Spanish / Español:

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Yuuji is a genius at track and field. But he has zero interest running around in circles, he's happy as a clam in the Occult Research Club. Although he's only in the club for kicks, things get serious when a real spirit shows up at school! Life's about to get really strange in Sugisawa Town #3 High School!

Russian / Русский:

  • Ranked 1st in Japan's Bookstore Employees Top Manga of 2018.
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    A violent and muscular boy who dreams in becoming a national champion, unexpectedly turns into a cute girl, how will “she” achieve “her”dreams?

    Support the author on Instagram: @Jinone01

    Official Indonesian version
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    The trials and tribulations of a single father, who one day meets the reincarnation of his deceased wife, who perished a decade before.

  • Author's Twitter
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    On The night of lunar eclipse, demons cause the world to be in chaos, The child with red hair and scarlet eyes bearing Solomon’s power, shall descend—
    (The series is complete at 29 chapters)
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    Komi-san is a beautiful and admirable girl that no one can take their eyes off of. Almost the whole school sees her as the cold beauty that's out of their league, but Tadano Hitohito knows the truth: she's just really bad at communicating with others.

    Komi-san, who wishes to fix this bad habit of hers, tries to improve it with the help of Tadano-kun by achieving her goal of having 100 friends.

    Links: Author's Twitter

    Comi-san ha Comyusho Desu. is the official romanization.
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    Even in high school, Ritsu and Uta really get along, but suddenly, they have to pretend to be lovers...!?

    The real brother-sister exciting love comedy starts!!

  • Author's Twitter
  • Audio Dramas (Eng)
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    Detatched and lacking direction in life, Adam resigns himself to his day job at the cafe. There he meets the regular Chase, who is peppy, sugar-fueled - and his polar opposite.
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    The story takes place in Okinawa, where Haruka forms a beach volleyball pair with Kanata. Kanata, who couldn't handle the pressure put on her by her short height, had given up on beach volleyball already, but is convinced by Haruka to step back on the sand once again and aim for the junior tournament.
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    The life of a high school student when his hidden secret as a housewife is almost revealed.
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    Morishita Taiju was transported into another world and became a hero, after wonderfully defeating the Demon Lord, he has returned to Japan. He was satisfied with his peaceful days as he hid his power, but… Hidden yokai and people with powers start to rampage, and the (rare nowadays) academy power battle-ish hidden world unfolds!! And Now He Trains Beautiful Warriors Using Superpowers!?

    tl;dr: Isekai returner retains his OP skills after returning to Earth; discovers that Earth has more supernatural stuff going on than he expected. Gets dragged into various shenanigans, mostly via helping beautiful women around him.

    Portuguese (BR)/ Português (BR)

  • Japanese Light Novel: Light Novel (
  • Japanese Light Novel: Bookwalker
  • Japanese Web Novel:
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    The firefly by the water shines into the night, lonely but heartwarming. Four teenagers meet, each with their secrets. Trust and betrayal make an exciting youth in a colorful kaleidoscope.
    “Meeting you was the best thing to happen to me.”

    French - Français:
    La luciole au bord de l'eau brille dans la nuit, seule mais toujours chaleureuse.
    4 adolescents se rencontrent, chacun avec leurs secrets.
    Confiance; trahison; une jeunesse palpitante dans un kaléidoscope coloré.
    "Te rencontrer a été la plus belle chose de ma vie."
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    Rizu has been taking care of Souta since they were young, believing he is "cute Souta, who can't do anything by himself". But what happens when Rizu lessens her motherly-like efforts to pursue other activities? Cute Souta might do something about that.
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    The story is set in the modern day, except people with special powers have become commonplace throughout the world. H-2-ZERO follows the misadventures of Shimizu Azumi who is inconvenienced by her own superpower—but she has her sights set on becoming a hero that's recognized by everyone.
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    The story concerns the daily life of young up-and-coming mangaka living together in an all female dormitory.

    Portuguese / Português
    A vida diária de garotas mangakás vivendo juntas em um dormitório.
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    Struggling between school and his parent's constant fighting, a boy strives to go to university in order to leave his home. One day, he receives a strange message predicting that he will commit suicide in 100 days...
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    Sakuradaimon is the school's prefect. A prefect is a student who is authorized to enforce discipline. As a prefect, he's supposed to be a role model to other students, but unfortunately he's not perfect. Kohinata is one of the people who Sakuradaimon has tried to discipline into wearing appropriate school attire, but she has thusfar been disobedient.

    And so this is a story of the two interacting with one another.

    Author's twitter: @kyooteta
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    From the live action series with the same name, Vanguard, has been renewed. It features a girl named Lei Xiaoyu that has caught the attention of a mysterious assassination organization! The tsundere Wu Yue of the Vanguard was assigned to be Xiaoyu’s protector. A love story full of youth, campus life, and action?! As the plot was revealed layer upon layer, the brutal truth gradually appeared...
    • -- (7.78)
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    A kiss that has changed her fate by luck? Or by misfortune?
    A poor girl's hardcore romance that unfolds in an exclusive private high school

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