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"Sunbae, what have you been up to these last few nights?"

Taeyoung, who is living with his hobae(his buddy), Junghoon, has a problem.
He relieves himself while thinking of Junghoon every night, but can't finish.
But what is..?! While they're drinking together, Junghoon offers to lend his hand...!
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In a small provincial town filled with a spirit of preservation for a traditional performance art called, "Owara," arrives Hotaruko, a transfer student from Tokyo. When a local boy named Hikaru catches her in an awkward stance in - what was supposed to be - an empty classroom, they form a strange bond. What's more, their bond makes way for an unexpected development?

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What happens when a classmate finds out about another girl's secret yuri obsession/feelings? A yuri comedy ensues!
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Ohno Fumi is a poor 2nd year high school student. Because of her father's debts, she's kicked out of her own home and has to rely on her own connections to survive. Thus begins her life as a live-in housekeeper for a reclusive writer.
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High-school student Hasumi-chan is drawn to Khomura-sensei, a young, socially awkward biology teacher generally seen as weak and boring but recognized by her to be kind.

Молодой учитель биологии Хомура всегда ходит в белом халате и выглядит очень скучным и слабым, а так же имеет страх к нынешним школьницам, но Хасуми всегда пытается следовать за учителем, ведь тот добрый и симпатичный.

Hasumi-chan, un lycéen, est attiré par Khomura-sensei, un jeune professeur de biologie socialement maladroit, généralement considéré comme faible et ennuyeux mais reconnu par elle comme étant gentil.
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A volume collection of sweet, short and fun 4 pages manga for everyone to enjoy and adore.
(All are independent stories, done by various authors. having something cute/sweet making it "Precious". They can be read in any order since they aren't related to each other)
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Tomo Aizawa was able to successfully confess to her crush Junichirou Kubota. There is only one problem: He just sees her as his buddy. He thought that she was a boy until they went to middle school together, because her grade school was in a different school district.

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    A story about the quiet transfer student, Ogami-kun. The blood of a werewolf flows through him. One day, while Ogami-kun was leaving school as a wolf, he discovered the hidden side of Hayakawa, a classmate who normally hates his guts...

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    Yukino Suzushiro is a freshman who belongs to the Shakuyaku 'peasant' girls division at the class-based, segregation-enforcing Douwa All-Girls High School. After the entrance ceremony, she enters a greenhouse where she finds a gorgeous sleeping girl, Nobara Himezaki, who belongs to the Botan 'rich' girls school division. After Nobara bravely fends off a pervert intruder, Yukino doesn't meet Nobara again until the dorm room partners are shuffled, and she ends up being the only Shakuyaku girl in a Botan floor, with a Botan roomie... Nobara herself.

    Though starkly different, as Yukino is very dutiful and friendly, while Nobara is eccentric and quiet, the two girls find themselves becoming increasingly close to one another.

    Spanish / Español:
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    1-4) Sore wa Yappari Koi no Sei
    One day, the unlucky Taira dives face-first between the legs of the judo club captain, Kusehara! Kusehara then insists that Taira 'take responsibility' and starts to enact various perverted things to him every day!

    5-6) Sore mo Yappari Ai no Tame
    Ibuki and Kazoumi are childhood friends and they live together since Kazoumi's parents left the country to take care of overseas business arrangements and because Kazoumi's father and Ibuki's father are friends. Since then Kazoumi takes care of Ibuki, who is the spoiled-unaware type, but he wants more.......
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    A story about a guy who just wants to sleep and an annoying kouhai who won't let him.

    Serialised in Comic Rex
    Work info:
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    Sayawaki has been friends with Haburi ever since kindergarten.
    Yet she only has an expressionless face which makes her unreadable to Sayawaki.
    One day, Sayawaki asked Haburi on what's her favourite type was, and her response...

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    An adaptation of the Studio Trigger anime.

    It is said that there is a school where witches learn magic, called Luna Nova. Atsuko "Akko" Kagari was enticed by the magical performances of the great witch Shiny Chariot to become a witch herself. Can a girl with no magical skills become a true witch?
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    A story about girls playing board games after school!

    Kyoto in Spring…
    Aya is a high school girl who’s just moved to a new town.
    Miki is her shy classmate, and her first friend.
    One day after school Aya and Miki follow the committee president Midori to a specialty board games store. The Dice Club!!

    Without thinking they try out a German board game together. These girls, who are searching for fun, soon fall into the exciting world of games!
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    1-3) It Is That You Taught
    Teacher trainee Nakatsumi Tetsuya is popular with his students except for one - Sano Tomo, who seems to hate him and keeps on ignoring him. When Testuya finally talks to him, giving Sano advice as a teacher, but Sano suddenly grabs Tetsuya and kisses him!

    4) Dream Bread
    Atsushi takes over the bakery when his father falls ill. He knows he's not as good as his father, but then a foreign looking boy named Mikoto declares that Atsushi will hand the bakery to him...

    5) Inside Work
    Manager Kubou is known for his stern approach and flawless beauty. When he's asked to have friendly Miyajima on his team, Kubou doesn't expect much from him. But Miyajima is full of surprises.

    6) The Thing You Seek
    Nakatsumi stops by the bakery to pick up some treats for Tomo from Atsushi and Mikoto. Miyajima stops in for a first time visit.
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    The everyday life of a poor student, Kanenashi-kun, as documented by his classmate who has a crush on him!
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    "You guys flirt too much!!!!" They're sometimes friends, sometimes lovers, sometimes rivals!? A little bit different than normal, a mysterious male-female relationship!
    The cheerful, straightforward, curious Momo (♀) and the calm, collected, responsible Ao (♂), a tsundere (?) story of high school twins whose personalities are complete opposites!
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    Our MC finds out that his school requires him to join a club and during his reluctant search he stumbles upon an upperclasswoman attempting magic tricks in her clubroom. But Senpai has massive stage fright however and so now that she has an audience her attempts are simply comedic and usually result with her in sexual situations.
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    Kim Jihyun, who lived his life as a disreputable surgeon, gains a second chance to relive his life. He then goes back to his middle school days, and live his life to the fullest unlike before, he studies nonstop. His goal is to become a dermatologist who make lots of money instead of the poor surgeon he was from previous life!
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    Longing to be a normie, I, Renako Amaori, am finally making my high school debut after working so hard for it. However due to my communication impairment, I have a gloomy aura. And after being in the normie group day in day out, I got so exhausted and said “I can't do this anymore,” and reached my limit!

    During that time, I accidentally met the top student of our school. Perfect in face and figure unrivaled in sword and pen, our school's best high school girl: Mai Odzuka. We found in each other someone who we could open to and talk about our own troubles. What a nice friend I made, now I can surely get back on my own what I thought!

    “It seems that you, even as a girl, have made me fall in love with you.”
    “...What!” Mai suddenly confessed to me. Wait! What about our friendship?

    And so, we now have different feelings we can’t tell each other: friendship or a romantic relationship. We’re now presenting each other its benefits and put them into practice to see what kind of relationship works best for us. Will I succeed with a successful high school life…?

    Art/Manga adaptation by Monsieur, original light novel by Mikami Teren. Light novel illustrations by Takeshima Eku.
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    21-year-old Jang AnCheol has been on fast-track to success when he is cursed by a classmate he had bullied 3 years ago in high school. Now placed in loser’s body he had bullied 3 years ago, he is tasked with stopping 4 “Life Completely Ruined” incidents as well as rehabilitating his past self in order to undo the curse. How will he navigate his way through his past self and his cronies torments?

    From the author of "Lookism" and artist of "Free Draw".
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    Kang Maru is just an ordinary kid who likes what kids like and plays what kids play, But one day he was forced to watch a Football World Cup instead of an animation, simply because his father is a fan and is the owner of the TV set. At a glance of that said sports, he was mesmerized and fixated to a game of football that his heart is racing because of the intensity of that sports, unbeknownst to him he already love the game., because of this, he set his goal, and that goal is to be a football player!
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    Colour, colour, which colour do you want?

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    Mae-hwa, who had secretly been in love with Jae-won throughout high school, finally made up his mind to stop loving Jae-won and forget about him after graduation. But at the first party after entering university, he found out that Jae-won was also there! Mae-hwa tries to keep his distance from Jae-won. Jae-won tries to get closer to him. Will his hidden feelings finally be discovered? Jae-won finds out how they can get along in the future...

    Bahasa Indonesia

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  • Season 2 Raw
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    Nagi Umino was mistakenly switched at birth, and now attends a prestigious private high school. One day, he has a chance meeting with Erika Amano, an incredibly high society highschool girl who claims she's on the way to meet her fiancé, and who asks/forces him to be her fake boyfriend. Neither of them, at the time, understood the significance of their meeting for Erika was the girl Nagi was switched at birth with, and Nagi was Erika's soon-to-be fiancé! The curtain raises on a romantic comedy of intertwined fates that begins with being switched at birth!

    Miki Yoshikawa's previous works: Yankī-kun to Megane-chan and Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo!

    Italian / Italiano

    Portuguese (BR) / Português (BR)


    Spanish / Español
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    What is the experience of a campus hottie chasing the campus geek? He Fengqi transformed from a dead fat geek into a handsome guy, and was rejected by the beauty! But accidentally discovered that the beauty likes the geek! How will the campus hottie chase her? anxious! Waiting for an answer! Why does the goddess have a unique taste? Is it human nature distorted or forced by life? Read to find out!
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    Hiroshiman boy Onijiro "Oto" Otogi, and American girl of Fenno-Russian origin Paulina "Ponya" Otogi are 18-year-olds and a newly-wed couple in their third year of high school, only recently returning to Japan to finish their education after years of living as neighbors in the USA. Together, Oto and Ponya will learn about proper physical relations as they raid their high school life!
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    Zhang Luofeng is just trying to live a peaceful life - all he wants is to fit in at school and make friends! He even has a crush on Yin Qiuqiu, the beautiful but cold Student Council member. The only problem? He’s the young master of the Sui Feng Clan!
    A tale about the ups and downs of high school life, Autumn Winds is about fighting back against bullies, the thorny path of adolescent love, and, finally, the importance of letting go. Real men stand against the current and bravely fight for their dreams.
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    Hino is your average high-school student. Sakuba is an amazing, talented, honor-roll student. But when Hino discovers Sakuba's secret half-demon identity, his life becomes anything but ordinary.

    Portuguese / Português:

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    Who would've thought that rivals, the academic tyrant, Xu Sheng, and the top student, Zhao Zhan, would exchange bodies a few times and then start to like each other secretly! After many clueless situations the two became closer to each other, after they experience some funny stories and incidents, they finally understand their feelings for each other.

    ¿Quién hubiera pensado que los rivales, el tirano académico, Xu Sheng, y el mejor estudiante, Zhao Zhan, intercambiarían cuerpos unas cuantas veces y luego empezarían a gustarse en secreto? Después de muchas situaciones sin pistas los dos se acercaron más el uno al otro, después de experimentar algunas historias e incidentes divertidos, finalmente entienden sus sentimientos por el otro.
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    Xiao He, a handsome medical student offline, and both a powerful and popular player online, beats the most wanted criminal on the server- the notorious female bandit, [Tao Zhi Yao Yao]. Unexpectedly, this much disdained bandit turns out to be the former first female e-sports player, [Wei Sheng Xin Yue]! Why did she change her alias? And why did she become a bandit? Offline, the two mistakenly walk past each other as strangers time and time again. What will they be like when they finally meet again on the e-sport stage?

    Xiao He, gerçek hayatta yakışıklı bir tıp öğrencisi ve sanalda hem güçlü hem de popüler bir online oyuncu, sunucuda en çok aranan, kötü şöhretli kadın eşkıya Tao Zhi Yao Yao’yu yenilgiye uğratır. Beklenmedik bir şekilde bu çok küçümsenen eşkıya, ilk kadın E-Spor oyuncusu Wei Sheng Xin Yue’den başkası değildir! O neden adını değiştirdi? Neden bir eşkıya oldu? Çevrimdışı, ikisi kim olduklarını bilmeden defalarca yan yana yürüdüler. Sonunda E-spor arenasında tekrar karşılaştıklarında nasıl olacaklar?
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    The world is plagued with the strange illness, [Voice] that affects teenagers. But when one's feeling is disrupted, a "bunshin" or a clone will appear and it will say everything you truly feel.
    However, this illness does not pose any danger to one's life. Satsuki, a 2nd year high school developed this illness during that "incident" during her junior high school. Ever since then, Sayoi became protective of Satsuki and keeps anyone from approaching her. One day, they met Hiyama, another teenage boy who has the same illness. After meeting him, the twin's relationship started to change?!
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    Senou Natsuru is a normal high school boy. One day he wakes up to find himself turned into a girl. A stuffed tiger "Harakiri Tora" comes to life and tells him to fight as a female psychic fighter "Kämpfer". Having no idea about what's going on, Natsuru is involved in the battles against other "Kämpfer".
    "Kämpfer" is the German word for "fighter".
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    Mizuha is in a one-sided love with a college student named Ren. Mizuha's whole world revolves around him until she meets a guy named Chiaki who sits next to her and is a pudding loving weirdo, who freaks out if you insult pudding.
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    Upon enrolling in high school, Tamaki Honda joins a club for making doujin games known as the SNS Club. Joined by programmer Shiina, writer Ayame, and composer Kayo, Tamaki begins working as an illustrator for the club's next game.
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    Erika Sakura is the school's most popular female high schooler, and only met with envious gazes since she is out of everyone's league. However, she is recently interested in a certain male high schooler who can't read between the lines, Kuzumi. While having a relationship between the two is out of the question, her unrequited love will soon change in this romantic comedy. Follow this new inevitably heart pounding, out-of-contact short love comedy!

    Portuguese / Português

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    Yuuri and Keiichirou fell in love as they shared the same route to neighboring high schools every day. But it turns out Keiichirou comes from a prestigious family where his father and grandfather were both prime ministers. The family rules strictly forbids him from having any inappropriate relations with a woman until he turns 18. Can he resist Yuuri's flirting?


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    Ran is beautiful and stylish, with leading scores in her class. No boy on Earth would have the gall to try their hand with her, and no one would think that she’s so entirely innocent… except Akira. Join us in this innocent love story about Ran the “takane no hana” and Akira, whose parents own a flowershop.
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    Zhào Shì meets Luó Lìlì, a devlilish girl at his university entrance ceremony. Luó Lìlì is a Bilibili livestreamer. Zhào Shì now has to deal with his senior who teases him with broadcasts everyday.
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    Though 4th year elementary school student Aikawa Himeno has feelings for her classmate Ouji-kun, then why can't she properly express her feelings? Is she going too fast? Is he unable to pick up her cues? The story of a slightly precocious love comedy. ♪

    Russian / Русский

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