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Aizawa Kakeru is an energetic and dedicated eighth grader who serves as the manager for his school’s football team. Though he was well known for being a talented player the previous year, an accident during one of his games caused Kakeru to vow never to play competitively again. Still passionate about the sport, Kakeru dreams of one day becoming a professional football trainer so that he can work alongside his older brother Suguru, the ace of the school team who has represented Japan in international competition.

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A beautifully-illustrated story of a deaf girl and the words and feelings she want to express.
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Chitose Morishige is a 12-year-old seventh-grader without a friend in the world. Her father, Professor Morishige, built a robot companion for his daughter to ease her loneliness.

The only problem is that Ichika Robata, the android, is so lifelike that Chitose believes she's a normal human girl who either ran away or was kidnapped by her father. Ichika attempts repeatedly to prove that she's a real robot, with hilariously disastrous results.

Published in Weekly Shounen Champion.
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Aoi Ashito, a third year middle school student from Ehime, meets Fukuda Tatsuya, a "J Youth League" coach. Even though he's still rough around the edges, Ashito has such amazing potential that he gets invited by coach Fukuda to participate in his team's try-outs in Tokyo. The story of the boy who will revolutionize football in Japan begins to unfold.

Seinen sports (football) series, serialized on Big Comic Spirits. Winner of the "Best General Manga" category in the 65th edition of the Shogakukan Awards.
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Komi-san is a beautiful and admirable girl that no one can take their eyes off of. Almost the whole school sees her as the cold beauty that's out of their league, but Tadano Hitohito knows the truth: she's just really bad at communicating with others.

Komi-san, who wishes to fix this bad habit of hers, tries to improve it with the help of Tadano-kun by achieving her goal of having 100 friends.

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Comi-san ha Comyusho Desu. is the official romanization.


Komi-san jest piękną i godną podziwu dziewczyną, od której nikt nie może oderwać oczu. Prawie cała szkoła postrzega ją jako zimne piękno, które jest poza ich zasięgiem, ale Tadano Hitohito zna prawdę: młoda piękność po prostu źle komunikuje się z innymi. Komi-san, chce to zmienić, a ma jej w tym pomóc Tadano.
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The Unrivaled Father and the Strongest Daughter.
The father's powers that is hidden under the guise of an average D-Rank is..?
The story of their bonds and the storm that awaits them begins!

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Transfer Student Ga Ya appears to Grand Master High School's three super elites! Who will be the one to steal Ga Ya's heart?
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In a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, herbivores and carnivores coexist with each other. For the adolescents of the Cherryton School, school life is filled with hope, romance, distrust, and uneasiness. The main character is Legosi the wolf, a member of the drama club. Despite his menacing appearance, he has a very gentle heart. Throughout most of his life, he has always been an object of fear and hatred by other animals, and he's been quite accustomed to that lifestyle. But soon, he finds himself becoming more involved with his fellow classmates who have their own share of insecurities and finds his life in school changing slowly.

  • Winner of the 2018 Manga Taisho Award.

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    A younger, tall, conceited female kouhai doing as she pleases towards her short senpai!
    A senpai who is teased about his height and treated as a kid...but unexpectedly shows a manly side of him!
    Will their relationship develop into romance...?

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    From the live action series with the same name, Vanguard, has been renewed. It features a girl named Lei Xiaoyu that has caught the attention of a mysterious assassination organization! The tsundere Wu Yue of the Vanguard was assigned to be Xiaoyu’s protector. A love story full of youth, campus life, and action?! As the plot was revealed layer upon layer, the brutal truth gradually appeared...
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    The trials and tribulations of a single father, who one day meets the reincarnation of his deceased wife, who perished a decade before.

    Spanish / Español

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    In this 4-koma spinoff of Kaguya Wants to be Confessed to, the members of Shuchiin's Mass Media Club, Erika Kose and Karen Kino, idolize Student Council Vice President Kaguya Shinomiya. This is the comedic tale of two delusional girls who have absolutely no idea what goes on in the Student Council room!
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    A Hero is made of H and Ero.

    Retto and Hoshino are childhood friends who drifted apart from each other. One day, they're caught in a battle against a "Censor Bug" that feeds on human's sexual energy to evolve. After successfully taking down the enemy, they join a group of heroes like them, using erotic power to fight off monsters.

    Em um mundo que está a beira de um grande desastre que começou 5 anos atrás, o mundo apenas pode ser salvo por Heróis que com a ajuda de um aparelho chamado HxEros, usam o poder do Ecchi(H) e o poder erótico(Ero) para salvar o mundo de perder o tesão!
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    Sadaki Kaoru, an earnest Literature professor who comes from a prestigious academy, hides in his heart the one-sided feelings he has for someone. One day, thanks to drawing the attention of the school troublemaker ‘Shou, the informant’ his secret is revealed. In exchange for Shou’s silence, he’ll have no choice but to have sex ‘till the point of exhaustion. The day-to-day of being raped by a young student begins!
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    In a certain world, there was someone who excelled in magic combat, and people called him "Sage". Seeking the strongest combat art, he devoted himself to research every magic and combat art in existence, and the conclusion he arrived at was very cruel: "My body is not fit for magic combat." Yet he didn’t give up. He sealed his own soul with a magic art and was reborn in a far-off future, and the magic theory in the completely changed world he saw there was of unbelievably low level.

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    After the high school entrance exam, rebellious Qingjun Cao and her friends, Jingjing Ceng and Qing Yan, were lucky enough to attend the same high school... and be in the same class. In it, she meets the gentle Jia Lu, the full of life Qiyang Si, and the cowardly Haiwen Tong. Each person is hurt in their own way: misunderstood, lonely, not acknowledged... this is her spring, as well as his. Luckily, I have you this time.
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    A teenage boy who wants to die finds a yandere girl to do the job for him.
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    Aizawa Haruki, 16 years old, is in his 2nd year of high school, and likes to live efficiently. One day during summer vacation, a girl, Aizawa Himari, suddenly appears, calling him 'Onii-chan' and claiming that she's his little sister. As it turns out, Haruki's father recently remarried, and his new wife brought a daughter with her. However, since both of their parents are overseas, it'll only be the two of them living under the same roof. And for some reason, Himari seems very obstinate about spending as much time with Haruki as she can.
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    Hime Sakuragaike has secretly been in love with her childhood friend Akira Yonezawa since they were kids, but Hime only recently found out that Akira identifies as female. Although surprised, Hime offers her full support, and this is initially kept secret between them for a few years, but Akira decides to start living as a girl full-time upon starting high school with Hime. However, since Akira garners a certain amount of attention, Hime takes it upon herself to aggressively stick up for Akira whenever necessary. Not wanting Akira to be singled out as an object of ridicule, Hime decides that her only option is to put herself in Akira's shoes.
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    Their friendship seems stronger than anything. But will it resist the appearance of a beautiful student? For Nare and Minsu, nothing is less certain. No need to lie, one thing is obvious for the two friends : Nare is completely captivated by her new classmate. So when the pretty stranger tries to become friends with Nare, the latter does nothing to stop her...
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    16 year old Koganei Koito is the miko of the Takamimi Shrine. In actuality, the deity of the shrine is a hikikomori elf who was summoned to her world 400 years prior and gets spoiled with offerings like games by her worshipers.
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    A male to female ratio of 1:359?!

    Saotome-kun is admitted into a school full of gyarus and meets a delinquent girl named Hanako Kuzuryu.
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    Chu Qing is a sword expert cultivator, who 300 years ago accidentally entered the fairy world. During those 300 he began his cultivation journey. At the time of reaching the realm of eternity, it was not expected that he would instead open the hall of time and space and return to earth at the age of 17 years. But when he saw the situation, it turns out it was not the earth he once lived in, but the world was reversed between the roles of women and men. How was his journey to find a way to return to the original world, and defeat and conquer the strong women in the world ...

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    Two young girls, Love and Eunjo, dream of revenge for the world with swords in their heart.
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    Chen Fan died in the midst of divine tribulation, having reached the pinnacle of the cultivation world in less than 500 years. Somehow, despite the loss of his cultivation base, he was able to return to his youth as a high school student living on Earth. He decided to once again tread the path to immortality, armed with the knowledge he had gathered in his past life, to overwrite his past mistakes, remove his lingering regrets, and set a firm spiritual foundation that will guarantee success in his inevitable attempt to once again ascend to another plane of existence.

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    Maeda is a new student in the Teiken High School. He stutters when he's nervous and he's rather clumsy. He gets noted immediately because he hits a teacher during the entrance ceremony. Some clubs search to enlist him as they see in him a force they can use to get even with other clubs. But Maeda is a loner and has only one dream: becoming boxing champion. His first objective is to beat the leader of the boxing club. "Rokudenashi" translates as "good for nothing".

    The manga focuses more on gang warfare than boxing.
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    Blood, guts and glory! You can find it all on the rugby field. A young man is about to be introduced to the sport of rugby in this brand-new series!
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    Crown prince Cecil was so brilliant that everything in life was easy to the point of boring him, then one day, his fiancée Bertia suddenly said "Prince Cecil, I am a villainess!" Claiming that this world is the same as that of an "otome game" from her past life and that she is playing the role of the "villainess" in it, she aims to play her part well and have their engagement annulled. With that goal in mind, she sets about causing turmoil in Cecil's daily life.
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    A new teacher has arrived at a school full of delinquents. He's meek and cute as rumors appear, but it seems like his personality is a bit different.
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    Satou has been in love with his childhood friend and neighbour, Hime, ever since she and her grandfather appeared out of nowhere 10 years ago. Now a dazzling, yet mysterious high-school beauty, she makes it more and more difficult for him to confess his feelings. As the anniversary of their first meeting is nearing, will he muster up his courage to transform their friendship into something more? Or will an entirely different fate await this tightly bonded pair?

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    Annoying! Cute! But Annoying!
    Shinichi Sakurai is a grumpy-faced, athletic and quiet college student who just wants to be left alone,
    but he is frequently teased by his cute, stacked underclassman Hana Uzaki, who he has known since high school.

    Sugoi Dekai means something along the lines of "Impressively Huge".

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    Eitoku Academy has a legacy of being a school for the ultimate elite, the best of the best. And the most rich and powerful students there have formed the Correct 5 clique to maintain the integrity of their school. Unfortunately, new student Oto Edogawa doesn't have the pedigreed background of her peers and has to work part-time jobs to help make ends meet. Will a chance encounter with Haruto Kaguragi, the leader of the Correct 5, put everything at risk?
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    The Private Aichi Symbiosis Academy was originally a high school for high-class girls. When it became co-ed, the girls, out of fear, asked to be permitted to bring weapons to school. When that was enforced, a five-member vigilante corps-like organization called the "Supreme Five Swords" was also formed.
    After many generations, the five swords eventually became a group which corrected problematic students, so the academy started proactively accepting such students in order to correct them.
    Nomura Fudou was sent to that school after being part of a huge brawl. What will he do when the only options he has after enrolling are being expelled from that school as well, or being corrected the way the rest of the male students there were… by being forced to dress and act like girls!
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    Junpei is happily snoozing away during his sister's ballet recital when a male ballet dancer steps onto the stage. Moved by the strength and skills the dancer displays, the boy discovers his love for this art.

    But after a certain tragedy happens, he vows to leave his past behind and turn into the epitome of manliness. What will he do when his love for ballet reignites?!
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    He’s short, weak, and has just transfered to a new school. Kurumatani Sora is the main character in this story who loves basketball. He has been shooting hoops ever since he was little and has been trying to grow tall just like his mother, who “used” to be a basketball player. What happened to her and what Sora will do at the new school is all up to you to find out!
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    Romance, such thing cannot exist between us!
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    Two high school students, Lee Sang-Hyun and Bae Ji-Hyun, live their lives as normal high school students, while secretly hiding their true identities: Mages of Law. But on one eventful day, Bae Ji-Hyun reveals her true identity of being a Law Mage in an attempt to rescue Lee Sang-Hyun from a deadly attack from the Corruptors, but to her surprise, Lee Sang-Hyun has a secret to show of his own! Join Lee Sang-Hyun and Bae Ji-Hyun, as they make numerous sacrifices and attempts in order to fight and exterminate the Corruptors that are plaguing the world in which they live in.
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    Meeting the super unlucky boy, Murokawa Nijisuke, the life of the black-haired beauty Yoitsuji Kuroha who is a captive of the underworld changes. For the two who have begun to walk on a fresh path, a new evil has begun to move with Kuroha as their target...

    This "sequel" is just a slight title change as the series was originally intended to end at one volume. The story follows up the events of the original volume.

    Author's Twitter: @ryohgo_narita
    Artist's Twitter: @siraume_nazuna
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    Meet the adventuring school's highest honour student, Touru. Once he got to study abroad, he had a reunion with his childhood friend Nikka. However, what he thought was a girl as human as he was, she was actually a giant of the ogre lineage! Everything is mega-sized in this city of giants. His childhood friend is 100cm taller than him. Somehow his classmates are only girls. Even though he doesn't mean to, miniskirts flutter all around him. Brandish your sword and sorcery in this school-life harem story!!

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