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Tomo Aizawa was able to successfully confess to her crush Junichirou Kubota. There is only one problem: He just sees her as his buddy. He thought that she was a boy until they went to middle school together, because her grade school was in a different school district.

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    Following the life of the student newspaper reporter Emiko, these are scary stories of experiences from Miyako High School :
  • Ubawareta Shinzou (Stolen Heart) -- The school's mystery club sees the dangerous consequences of an innocent promise concerning heart donation after death between two friends.
  • Kyuuketsu Men (Bloodsucking Mask) -- A girl who wears a demon mask from a shrine for a bad-luck-banishing drama club party ends up unable to remove it.
  • Dokuga (Poison Moth) -- The science club leader creates a serum to preserve dead bodies perfectly, but it may have other unpredicted side effects.
  • Henshitsu -- A couple take shelter from a storm in a strange house with a secret that might prove to be deadly.
    -- These stories and many more are found in the two volumes of Kyoufu. [tethysdust]
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    Hayama Kao yearns for an existence that would make people notice her. Even in her final year of middle school when she confessed to the boy she liked for three years, he couldn't even recall her name.

    Now in high school, she is working as a temporary manager of her school's boys volleyball club against her will. Kao's older brother, an alumnus, currently a teacher and the advisor of the club, placed the responsibility on her shoulders to recruit Kuze Nagisa for the volleyball club if she wanted to quit being the manager.

    Even though silently observing someone as dazzling as Kiryuu in the club is the only redeeming thing about being the manger, Kao's body aches. She is at her limit and wants to quit being the manager. But no matter how much effort she puts on recruiting Kuze she simply cannot convince him to join. Then one day, she notices something that took her breath away. It was bluer than the sky, even bluer than the sea; it was Kuze Nagisa practicing volleyball all on his own.

    The blue days start from here!
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    Even in high school, Ritsu and Uta really get along, but suddenly, they have to pretend to be lovers...!?

    The real brother-sister exciting love comedy starts!!

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  • Bonus Audio Drama (Eng)
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    Hiroshi found a broken cellphone on the street and went to a shop to get it fixed. When it got delivered to his home, he got a life-sized girl instead but it is still a cellphone. Hiroshi only wants a normal cellphone that he can brag to his classmates but he can't return this one because of the expensive return fee written in the purchase contract. This is how Hiroshi discovers the advantages and disadvantages in life of owning a cellphone-girl, which he named Eko.
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    Wakana Gojou is a fifteen year old highschool boy who was socially traumatized in the past due to his passions. That incident left a mark on him that made him into a social recluse. Until one day he had an encounter with Kitagawa who is a sociable gyaru, who is the complete opposite of him. They soon share their passions with one another which leads to their odd relationship.

    Author's Twitter: @fukudashin1
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    If you blush, you lose!

    Living by this principle, the middle schooler Nishikata gets constantly made fun of by his seat neighbor Takagi-san. With his pride shattered to pieces, he vows to turn the tables and get back at her some day.

    And so, he attempts to tease her day after day, only to find himself victim to Takagi-san's ridicule again sooner than later. Will he be able to make Takagi-san blush from embarrassment even once in the end?

    English Chapters have been renumbered to their tank numbers, where applicable.
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    Ooyama Takeru, a young normal yet perverted minded guy, got accepted and now goes to a school that, unknown to him, was where combat and magic is used. On the first day, he meets again after three years: Amaya Haruko, his childhood friend, Kushiya Inaho, a girl who says she's his fiance, and Himegami Kodama, a blonde who wants to kill him. Finding out that there are many girls there that just don't like him, he is told that everyone there uses a special magic ability while using an item or weapon called a Maken. Later, he finds that no Maken is acceptable for him and doesn't know what to do, since in this school the students get into duels that showcase their magic and combat power, to which he seemingly has none.

    Portuguese / Português
    Aproveitando que agora a escola Tenbi está aceitando rapazes (a escola aderiu ao projeto co-educacional), Ooyama Takeru se matriculou achando que estaria em um harém, já que a escola só tinha mulheres. Mas ao chegar às aulas ele se viu em meio à meninas muito fortes e as aulas não eram normais… Estavam aprendendo a usar um tipo de ferramenta, chamada Maken… O que será que Takeru irá descobrir nessa escola? O que é exatamente esse Maken? Muito ecchi e muita ação nesse mangá de Takeda Hiromitsu.

    The following are links to AnimeNewsNetwork for the anime:
    Season 1
    Season 2
    Side Story 1 (OAV)
    Side Story 2 (OAV)
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    Shun, Kaname, and the twins Yuuki and Yuuta have been friends since kindergarten. It's a little hard to tell if they actually get along or not - but even as high-school students, they hang out together. Recently, they've had a new addition; a half-Japanese transfer student Chizuru, who has started to liven up the group. This manga is really just about their daily lives, which aren't particularly passionate or exciting. A tranquil and sometimes comedic story of youthful friendship...
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    Meet Harada Takumi—not even in junior high and he's the best pitcher in the region, although he's frustrated and ready to give up, because he can't find a catcher who is good enough to keep up with how he pitches in this backwater town his family has just moved to. Then along comes a kid named Nagakura Gou…

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    The second floor of the gym - this was where we always met. It was class time but of course, there weren't any classes going on up here.
    This was where Shimamura and I became friends. We hung out here – talking about TV shows and cooking, playing some ping pong...This is where we fostered our friendship.
    Leaning my head against the wall, I let out a small sigh.
    What could this feeling be? Yesterday, I'd dreamt of me and Shimamura kissing.
    Not that I'm like that. I'm sure Shimamura isn’t either. It’s not even something worth repeating myself about, but really, it’s not like that.
    It's just that when she hears the word "friend", I want her to think of me first. That's all.
    (Source: Baka-Tsuki)
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    Lucky Star's story portrays the lives of several school girls attending a Japanese high school with a very loose humor tone.

    The setting is based on the town Kasukabe in Saitama Prefecture. The female lead is Konata Izumi, an athletic and intelligent girl who, despite these attributes, is not in a sports club, and has low grades. Her laziness at school is due to her love for anime and video games and lack of interest in anything else. In other words: she's an otaku.

    The serialization began with the four main characters in their first year of high school: Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Miyuki Takara. As the story progresses, they move onto their second and third year.
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    Our nameless - and spineless - hero attracts the attention of one of his classmates, a sadistic young girl named Nagatoro. However, in between the bullying and teasing, something else begins to blossom. A lovey dovey(...?) story between a shy nerd and a S-Dere (Sadistic Tsundere) begins.

    Loosely based on doujins which were released prior to the serialization of the manga.
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    "Can't we let just one day pass by quietly?"

    The late-teen romance between Inha, who is gay and can’t take the struggle, and his caretaker Woojoo!
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    Onohara Asami is a cute, 17 year-old, 2nd year high school student. What nobody knows is that she's actually already married, to her physics teacher. Besides her responsibility as a student, she now has to take care of the household and keep the marriage a secret in school. Will she be able to do all of this and will she succeed in making her danna-sama (husband) interested in her?
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    Joonwoo hates school and has trouble making friends. The only time he's happy is when he's talking to strangers on the Random Chatting phone app. That's how Joonwoo ends up befriending a girl on RanChat who turns out to be his classmate Sungah but she has no idea about it! Will Joonwoo be able to fight his social anxiety and become closer to her in real life?
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    Zhang Nan, the young master of the declining Fu Long Clan just wants to be a normal person, but he is sent to an aristocratic training school by his grandfather. He is accidentally assigned to a female class by the teacher, and is tormented by his female peers to the point where he wants to leave school...
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    Poor Mugi Tadano! Heartbroken after his girlfriend moves away, he takes a summer job at his friend Kazuki's beachside snack bar/hotel on a tropical island. It seems like the perfect plan - until he meets Yuu, who might just be the cutest person that Mugi has ever seen.
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    “It's a very human thing to have somethin' like a dirty secret you can't tell”

    Kaoru goes to the same college as the popular model she yearns for: Reika. On campus, Reika stands out considerably shining as an intelligent, beautiful, and perfect girl. In the middle of all this, Kaoru witnesses Reika kissing another woman–––. Kaoru and Reika are in the center of it all, mixing with the love and hate of both men and women. With no way out, their campus life begins.

    French :

    "C'est une chose très humaine que d'vaoir un sale petit secret qu'on ne peut pas dire”
    Kaoru va au même collège que la modèle populaire qu'elle admire: Reika.
    Sur le campus, Reika brille par son intelligente, sa beauté et sa perfection. Au milieu de tout ça, Kaoru voit Reika embrasser une autre femme.
    Kaoru et Reika sont au centre cette histoire, se mêlant à l'amour et à la haine des hommes et des femmes.

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    Hime Sakuragaike has secretly been in love with her childhood friend Akira Yonezawa since they were kids, but Hime only recently found out that Akira identifies as female. Although surprised, Hime offers her full support, and this is initially kept secret between them for a few years, but Akira decides to start living as a girl full-time upon starting high school with Hime. However, since Akira garners a certain amount of attention, Hime takes it upon herself to aggressively stick up for Akira whenever necessary. Not wanting Akira to be singled out as an object of ridicule, Hime decides that her only option is to put herself in Akira's shoes.

    >Please stop messing with the tags. Also, please do leave this note, as there's always someone overeager to do the "right thing".<
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    "The literature department of the university that I enthusiastically entered was a garden of women. "

    Enami is an aspiring young writer to be who realized that he is lonely.
    He wants to debut in a novel-like encounter seeking a suitable heroine against his opponent of destiny!
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    Through his older brother’s experiences, Jung Yohan already knows how a gay, unrequited love can miserably end. Determined to save his club senior from that same fate, he aims to help him in his quest for love. But being a Cupid isn’t as easy as it sounds. (Snow Flower Scans)
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    Iroha Aoyagi is a normal 16 year old girl, except, she's never fallen in love. She suspects there might be something wrong with her; until she meets her classmate Kusakabe-kun who seems well-versed and cynical about matters of love. Will Iroha be able to handle someone like Kusakabe-kun?
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    Juliet Persia and Inuzuka Romio are archenemies. They lead two high school dormitories from two rivaling countries. Both factions are dead set on defeating the other to gain control over the island they have to share. Beneath the feuding exterior, however, Persia and Inuzuka long for love and peace for their budding relationship...
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    Hinako Momose isn't very good with men and had been going to all-girls' school. For Hinako, the high school that she got into is a former all-boys school with only 4 girls who got in (including Hinako). Poor Hinako is getting teased by Mizuki, a boy who sits next to her in the class and the class representative Shun gives cold glares at her. What's going to happen to Hinako's school life?!
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    All’s fair when love is war!

    Two geniuses. Two brains. Two hearts. One battle. Who will confess their love first…?!

    Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane are two geniuses who stand atop their prestigious academy’s student council, making them the elite among elite. But it’s lonely at the top and each has fallen for the other. There’s just one huge problem standing in the way of lovey-dovey bliss—they’re both too prideful to be the first to confess their romantic feelings and thus become the “loser” in the competition of love! And so begins their daily schemes to force the other to confess first!

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    Yui, Mio, Ritsu, and Tsumugi embark on their college adventures! It will take some time for the girls to get used to life away from their families and adjust to the pace of college life, but there's one aspect of their new situation that there's no uncertainty about-joining the pop music club! But they aren't the only high school band making their debut on the college scene. Is Afterschool Tea Time ready to perform alongside the hard-rocking rhythms of The Girlz?!
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    A lazy student and a straight-laced teacher. At first glance, they seem like they are on bad terms, but things get different after classes...

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    Kishiwada-kun is strong, feared by everyone and seems to have no weakness.
    He actually has ULTRA SENSITIVE nipples!
    A game he played in his childhood, Nipple Bingo, which he played with his friend Andou, led to his condition.
    Now what will happen when Andou, the only one who knows about his weakness, comes back?
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    A normal 18-year-old high school student named Ah-Min suddenly turns into a wolf one day! Join her in the hilarious adventures that await her!
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    Students are trained in the Infinite Stratos academy to pilot the weapon system (Infinite Stratos). Although it is believed that only females have the ability to operate the IS, there is one man who can. His name is Ichika Orimura.
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    A surreal gag manga featuring beautiful girls and games! A comedy manga of bishoujo and games that will keep you laughing!

    Other links:
    AnimeNewsNetwork (anime)
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    Tights... are to be worshipped! Tights... are the universe! Tights have infinite possibilities!
    High schooler first year at the height of his youth · Uechi Daia · was suffering.
    "I'm not distracted by my thoughts, but by that girl's tights! I don't want people know how bad it is."

    Girls wearing tights are too cute! The inevitable comedy begins!

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    A boy falls in love with a girl, who he witnesses urinating in public.

    Unable to confess, he is gifted with a deus ex machina when the girl suddenly transfers to his school. Never minding the coincidence, he immediately calls out to her, and is overjoyed to find out that she wet her pants the moment she saw him.

    Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to partake in their darkest, most wild urine-based fetishes. While the two engage in water sports, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of PISS.
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    Towa's always been shy around guys, despite being a total tomboy. This has crushed her chances of ever having a boyfriend, but a perhaps fateful encounter on the first day of high school might lead to love? But will it be with the surprisingly kind "angelic" delinquent, or the popular yet secretly "devilish" prince?!
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    The countdown of the human species began.
    The sun has come closer to Earth, causing radioactive rays that kill all female fetus. Some mothers even died during their daughter's miscarriage due to hemorrhage.

    Confusion reigned homo sapiens' first phase of extinction: mate competition, countries vying for a solution, families losing their loved ones. The government has required all females to take tests to collect data for research on developing a cure. Ho Su was identified as the one who is immune to the radioactive rays emitting from the sun. To prevent war between nations over her, Professor Yun has kept his founding about her immune a secret and has persuaded Ho Su's father to let him freeze Ho Su in hibernation, waiting for a time when the situation has stabilized from chaos to experiment on her for a vaccine.

    30 years later.
    It is now the year of 2042. The world has became a place dominated by males. Women are virtually extinct with their number-count in the hundreds and the youngest of the them in her forties. It has been long accepted that a wife, being a gender so rare, can have multiple husbands. Sex change to satisfy sexual desire is a growing phenomenon, although is still looked down upon by society.

    In such a disordered place where she is the only girl, Ho Su awakens.
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    Minami-ke ("The Minami Household") is a manga following the three Minami sisters, Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki in their lives at home and school. It's a funny manga that depicts how these characters interact with each other and their classmates. Although they are ordinary girls, their ordinary adventures are told in an extraordinary manner.

    Extra chapter from Today in Class 5-2 (another of the author's manga) included in volume 1.
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    Tokyo Butei High School - a special school where armed detectives, also known as "Butei" are trained. Tohyama Kinji is a sophomore student who has a unique body which activates a "super mode" when stimulated by "something." He tries to hide it from others in order to live a peaceful life. But trouble finds him when he becomes a victim of a bombing incident, where he meets the Butei High "Assault" department elite, Aria H. Kanzaki.

    Note: Chapter 94 and above (as well as the corresponding volumes) were retroactively relabeled with the subtitle "The Purple Lightning Witch" and their numbering was rebooted − so chapter 94 is "Shiden no Majo chapter 1" and volume 17 is "Shiden no Majo volume 1". Otherwise, the story continues normally.

    See AnimeNewsNetwork for the anime.

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