These manga showcase the joys and hardships of falling in love, whether a schoolgirl has an unrequited crush on her senpai, a Love Triangle occurs within a group of friends, or rivals become lovers through competition or their intense passion for each other. (Source: Anime-Planet)
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The "Flower Master in the City" comics is a large-scale network of serial comics based on the classic eponymous representative of the famous online novelist "Heart is wandering". The story tells the story of a man who just turned 19 years old. Suddenly, he appeared on a strange road and escaped from a truck almost killed him. He discovered a luxury car to take to Jianghai City whilst not remembering anything except the name Qiao Xiaoqiao
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Koyomi Araragi, a third-year high school student, manages to survive a vampire attack with the help of Meme Oshino, a strange man residing in an abandoned building. Though being saved from vampirism and now a human again, several side effects such as superhuman healing abilities and enhanced vision still remain. Regardless, Araragi tries to live the life of a normal student, with the help of his friend and the class president, Tsubasa Hanekawa. When fellow classmate Hitagi Senjougahara falls down the stairs and is caught by Araragi, the boy realizes that the girl is unnaturally weightless. Despite Senjougahara's protests, Araragi insists he help her, deciding to enlist the aid of Oshino, the very man who had once helped him with his own predicament. Through several tales involving demons and gods, Bakemonogatari follows Araragi as he attempts to help those who suffer from supernatural maladies.
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Listen up folks! I’m living my life with the demon queen!
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A cute, inevitable, warm love story between a blond delinquent boy and a black-haired serious girl.
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In a modern-day loli's home, a super handsome ancient Jinyiwei falls from the sky! Without parental care, the loli takes him as her closest person and even wants to become his bride?! Though he appears tsundere, cold, and picky on the surface, he finds it harder and harder to let go of her...

*Note: Jinyiwei (in English "embroidered military guard") were secret police in China during the Ming dynasty (see Wikipedia for more).
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The story is about a little Master, Gong Yao Ying, in order to accomplish the assigned tasks, she travels across the different periods. The stories are created after meeting with the famous historical figures.
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Cecily goes to a prestigious wizarding school and is obsessed with her brother.
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Touma Sou graduated from MIT, but he comes back to Japan because he wants to know how it feels to be a high school student. On the other hand, Mizuhara Kana is a strong girl who loves sports. Together, they are partners in solving cases that happen around them.
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Middle schoolers in a long distance love. And what happens when they see each other after so long once they got into high school...!? A mature love story.

French :
Deux collégiens qui vivent un amour à distance. Que se passe-t-il une fois qu'ils se revoient après si longtemps ?
Une fois qu'ils sont entrés au lycée...!?
Une petit histoire d'amour toute simple, sans prétention.
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An inn that you can visit where you'll find old things you thought were lost forever.

French :
Il existe une auberge où l'on peut trouver ce que l'on a perdu ou ce que l'on ignore avoir perdu...
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Once upon a time, there was a kid who fell in love with a vampire and promised to marry him after he become a man. Years later they met at a banquet, where the kid, who became a hunter, pointed at the vampire. What could've happened?

A cute funny love story between a vampire and a vampire hunter.
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During the early 20th century, along with technological advancements, scientists were able to develop sophisticated magic. The combination of science and sorcery was Makinot, circuits made from spells that were put into objects to bring them to life and even gain a personality. It was developed as a military weapon and has now spread throughout the world.

Akabane Raishin is now attending the Royal Academy to become the best in the world. Accompanied by the lovely teenage girl Yaya, who is actually Raishin�s puppet weapon, he plans on rocketing to the top of the class. However, his test scores come nearly dead last although his combat skills and determination are second to none. Raishin has to compete with the most deadliest of classmates if he wants to come out as the king.

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One day, a fourteen year-old girl was kidnapped... or so the police have been lead to believe. Actually, she tried to run away from her abusive parents and was helped by her stalker who then shelters her in his apartment. Although he considers his actions as kidnapping, the girl is happy about the situation and proposes to him, with the condition that if they are caught, they will commit suicide.

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    At Sakurazaka High School, students in class 1-A are involved in an unreasonable game called "The Friends-Eater Game", in which one of the conditions of the game is to eat specific parts of the bodies of their friends to survive. Cannibal school begins.
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    Uesugi Fuutarou is a poor, antisocial ace student who one day meets the rich transfer student Nakano Itsuki. They argue but when Uesugi realizes he is to be her tutor, he tries to get on better terms. While trying to do so he meets four other girls.

    Manga's Official Twitter: @5Hanayome
    Author's Twitter: @negi_haruba
    See AnimeNewsNetwork for the anime.

    5Toubun no Hanayome is the official romanization.
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    One morning, Kyuya wakes up to find that he's bedded a bear. That bear is Hozumi, an older man with a scruffy beard and a penchant for clinging to Kyuya and calling him "Kyu-chan". Hozumi's desperate behavior is a big turn-off for Kyuya, however, Kyuya slowly learns that there is more to Hozumi's desperation than he could have imagined.
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    An omnibus collection of interconnected short stories by Douman Seiman.
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    In the latter half of the Edo period...
    In a narrow tenement in the humid heat of midsummer, two men exchange heated sighs as they have intercourse.
    A former kagema, a male prostitute, Momoki, was picked up by Manji one rainy day.
    The times that Manji spends treating Momoki not as a kagema, but gently, lovingly, holding him as a lover, are much like a dream.
    To Momoki, those days are filled with happiness, no matter what may have happened in the past.
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    Onodera Saku posed as a boy up until the end of elementary school in an attempt to console her mother, who tremendously grieved the death of her elder brother. Seated right next to her, on the other hand, is Nishioka who grows out his hair beyond the usual length for boys and because of that is picked on. Following a conflict with his classmate he decides to cut it short. Next day he helps Onodera when her toilet bag is snatched away by that very same boy. Fast forward. Onodera no longer dresses like a boy and finally confesses her love to Nishioka, but is rejected. How did it turn out this way?
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    Yamada Yoko, a high school boy who has a movie producer father. One day, while out with friends to shoot a film that he plans to enter into a film festival, a poster of Papiko, an adult video actress with big breasts, catches his eye.
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    Yan Qi met a time-travelling white-haired monk while on a trip to the mountains, and “chose” to bring him home. Ever since she brought this odd freeloader home, Yan Qi's life has become more and more eventful.
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    Machida-kun seems like the perfect brother, son, and student because he loves people. Helpful when he needs to be, but puts himself down when he feels like a total failure. However, the people that surround his daily life are there as a reminder as to why Machida-kun needs no improvements because the people love Machida.

    Included one-shot:
    Volume 3: Ai, Aru Seikatsu
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    [Adapted from Jin Yong's novel of the same name] The ephemerality of all beings, a thousand faces with all characteristics, complicated feelings, and humans that aren't humans.

    Prince Duan Yu, having run away from home many times, is finally about to welcome a huge turning point in his life. Seeing the most beautiful woman in front of him, he brazenly calls out 'Fairy Sister'!

    This is the familiar story of 'Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils' by Jin Yong you know so well, as well as a new story!
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    Wakana Gojou is a fifteen year old highschool boy who was socially traumatized in the past due to his passions. That incident left a mark on him that made him into a social recluse. Until one day he had an encounter with Kitagawa who is a sociable gyaru, who is the complete opposite of him. They soon share their passions with one another which leads to their odd relationship.

    Author's Twitter: @fukudashin1
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    A dramatic, hilarious and timid girl caught the eye of a grim looking man. She keeps her cool despite being frightened. On the other hand, this man actually has a completely different side of him! Let's witness as this hilarious love story unfolds between two distinctly different characters.

    French :
    Une fille théâtrale, hilarante et timide a attiré l'œil d'un homme à l'air sinistre.
    Elle garde son sang-froid face à lui malgré la peur qu'il lui inspire.
    Cet homme a effectivement un côté complètement différent de ce qu'elle criot !
    Assistons à cette histoire d'amour hilarante entre deux personnages très différents !
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    "Kaguya Wants to Be Confessed to" is a manga about “the war of love and brains” between two high school geniuses who try to make the other confess. This, however, is an "ero spinoff" that’ll make you wish it were part of the main series!
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    A new serialisation from the author of Beelzebub.

    Taiga is the heir to a Buddhist temple, while Anna is the poster child of the neighboring church. Normally these two star-crossed lovers would be just that. However, one day, Taiga discovers that Anna's church has a plan to resurrect a certain French aristocrat...
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    As regular high school students Taichi and Rin disappeared in a beam of light. When they came to, the two of them were already in a world of swords and magic. Finally getting away after experiencing an attack by monsters, following the suggestion of adventurers they headed on the path towards the guild. In the guild, the two of them found out that they possessed unbelievably powerful magic. Thus the regular high school students transformed into the strongest cheats...

    Portuguese / Português
    Dois alunos normais do ensino médio, Taichi e Rin, desaparecem em um feixe de luz. Quando perceberam, eles já estavam em um mundo de espadas e magia. Finalmente, depois de experimentar um ataque de monstros, e seguindo a sugestão de aventureiros, eles seguiram o caminho para entrar em uma guilda. Nessa guilda, os dois descobrem que possuem magia incrivelmente poderosa. Assim, os alunos regulares do ensino médio transformaram-se nos cheaters mais fortes...
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    Kyoko Hori is your average teenage girl... who has a side she wants no one else to ever find about. Then there's her classmate Izumi Miyamura, your average glasses-wearing boy in school and a totally different person outside. When the two meet unexpectedly, they discover each others' secrets and develop an unexpected friendship.
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    Elf? Dwarf? No! Humans are the strongest!

    I was summoned to a different world where humans are the strongest living beings. In my previous world I was just a normal everyday salaryman, but in this new world, I seem to have become a rare existence.

    I, who have obtained the strongest power through my race, have decided to enjoy this seemingly stress-free life to the fullest.
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    Katou Narumi (19) suffers from Zonapha Syndrome, a rare ailment that stops his breathing unless he makes people laugh. He's been forced to abandon his training in Chinese kenpo and return to Japan, where he now works as a clown. The only problem: he's not very funny.

    One day he meets Saiga Masaru (11), the recent inheritor of a huge fortune, who gives him the first laugh he's gotten all day. When he realizes Masaru is being pursued by assassins, he steps in to protect the boy, only to discover that instead of conventional weapons, the assassins wield huge, eerie puppets. They soon encounter the mysterious Shirogane (age unknown), who controls a puppet of her own, and claims she was sent from France by Masaru's late grandfather to protect him.

    Their paths intertwine and diverge, splitting into two stories: Karakuri and Circus, puppets and performers, tears and laughter. The strange circus of living dolls that spreads Zonapha Syndrome, the human puppets known collectively as the Shirogane, and the puppeteers whose undying grudge set in motion both sides of this performance.

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    At first sight Jun seems like a hot vamp, however her sexy look is a complete lie.
    In reality she is a very shy wallflower. But what's even worse: She is still a virgin! In desperation, she seeks refuge in her erotic daydreams which always turn into some odd situations.
    And if that wasn't enough, she also finds out that the man of her dreams lives nearby.
    An oblique erotic comedy about the burden of lust!
    (Source: MU)

    French :
    À première vue, Jun ressemble à une bimbo, mais son look sexy est un mensonge complet. En réalité, elle est très timide.
    Pire encore pour elle : elle est encore vierge!
    En désespoir de cause, elle cherche refuge dans ses rêveries érotiques qui arrivent toujours sans qu'elle s'y attende.
    Et si cela ne suffisait pas, elle constate également que l'homme de ses rêves vit à proximité.
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    • 33,865
    • 2,551,886
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    Komi-san is a beautiful and admirable girl that no one can take their eyes off of. Almost the whole school sees her as the cold beauty that's out of their league, but Tadano Hitohito knows the truth: she's just really bad at communicating with others.

    Komi-san, who wishes to fix this bad habit of hers, tries to improve it with the help of Tadano-kun by achieving her goal of having 100 friends.

    Links: Author's Twitter

    Comi-san ha Comyusho Desu. is the official romanization.
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    Meet the cute, smug, cane-wielding 17-year-old Iwanaga Kotoko as she (very) aggressively tries to woo the older Sakuragawa Kurou and act as a mediator/problem-solver for the supernatural world.
    But why is she so fascinated with Sakuragawa Kurou?
    The truth is...

    From the author of Zetsuen no Tempest and Spiral!
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    • 380
    • 11,440
    • 3
    The aphrodisiac night retreat is a place with no menu, and the tea is made to the customer’s image by the employees. An omnibus story surrounds the overbearing masters, various customers, and the tea!

    French :
    Le café "Aphrodisiac night retreat" est un café ou il n'y a pas de carte, et le thé est fait à l'image du client, par les employés.
    Entre le patron un peu "abusif" et son employée qu'il force a s'habiller en homme pendant son service, entre les employés et les clientes de passage, histoires d'amour et d'érotisme se mélangent pour les breuvages les plus savoureux !

    O Retiro Noturno Afrodisíaco, é um lugar sem cardápio e o chá é feito à imagem do cliente pelos funcionários. Uma história geral envolve os mestres arrogantes, vários clientes e o chá!
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    • 490
    • 12,357
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    In his past life, he spent thousands of years cultivating, transforming from a carp/serpant into a dragon, but he was betrayed by the people closest to him, he died gruesomely. Swearing that he would return the favour a hundredfold, but he found there was another person behind it...
    • -- (7.56)
    • 61
    • 1,496
    • 3
    The story of an Amish boy named Theo living in America in the 1980s. Theo has travelled to a bar for Rumspringa, a traditional coming-of-age period for members of the Amish community where the adolescent leaves the enclosed religious community to take part in the outside world. There, Theo meets Oz, a man working as a waiter after abandoning his dream to be a Broadway performer.
    • -- (8.71)
    • 12,293
    • 409,428
    • 60
    ENG: A martial artist, claiming himself to be a "murderer" is defeated by a suicide attack in battle and is reborn as a first born child to a local lord. Having a fresh start, a warm family and a little sister to protect - he decides to become a better person in his new life.

    PL: Artysta sztuk walki, twierdzący że jest „mordercą” jest pokonany w walce przez atak samobójczy i odrodzony jako dziecko miejscowego władcy. Mając świeży start, ciepłą rodzinę i małą siostrę do ochrony – zdecydował być lepszą osobą w nowym życiu.
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    One day, suddenly... a night where the moon shines like never before, a boy meets the otherworldly Serin, a denizen of Chaos, only to die and become the undead. Now immortal, he can no longer exist with humans due to an ancient law... A tale of revelations that begins as he returns to Chaos, the start of a new adventure!

    Recommended reading before continuing to the main story, otherwise chapter 5 and onwards in Cavalier of Abyss will be hard to digest.
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    • 25,486
    • 5
    Falling in love with a painting while at a school's festival, Iku is able to meet the gentle high schooler who created it. She falls in love at first sight and with that feeling in her heart, decides to enroll in that high school! But, what happens when she joins the art club and discovers her gentle prince has disappeared and a sleazeball has taken his place?!

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