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Tamaki lives his ordinary live as he sees fits until stumbling upon a mirror...
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A story of love, life, and betrayal.

Set in a certain city, a would-be gangster wanting to be recognized takes on a dangerous offer, to kill a boss of a Yakuza.
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Le théâtre de A
1.Oeufs D'ange - Tenshi no Tamago
A man is asked by a young painter to be her model.

2. Velvet Going Underground
A doll becomes a super idol. Hijinks ensue.

3. Childhood's End
Alastair runs away and meets the Rabbit.

4. Bite Me Something
Allistaire followed Mr. Rabbit all the way to Wonderland. Will he be able to find him among the crowd?

5. Long Along Alonging
A girl asks a vampire to be his apprentice. But what is her motive?

6. Till Dawn
In a dark tower, a caged voice is singing until a hunted man enters the darkness.

7. Leçon un
Sequel to Long Along Alonging.

8. My Skin on My Back

9. Highland Walker
Sequel to Leçon un.

10. Perfect World
The story of a young wife whose husband is infected with a fatal disease called Flower-Blossomitis.

11. Perfect Lady
Sequel to Perfect World and drawn especially for this book.

12-13. Looks Like a Teaspoon
A boy named Allistaire is often teased at his all-boys school. One night he dresses like a girl and stumbles upon the boy who often bullies him, Simon. Allistaire runs off into a tower and as Simon runs after him, we see the sign "Welcome to Wonderland" hanging by the tower's door.

14. The Pearl Blue Story
Do you believe in mermaids? Coggy, a young boy finds a mysterious lady laying down near the shore of the beach. He brings her home to help her.

15. I Am a Piano
A piano tells the story of her life and the people she encounters.

16. Parade
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Spoilers are bad. Especially when you spoil the favorite anime to a member of the kendo club (who happens to carry around a katana). When Terada accidentally lets slip a spoiler about Hikami’s favorite anime, only bad things can happen. From then on, Terada can only try to survive the increasingly extreme measures Hikami uses to take vengeance. It can only be described as a war – a spoiler war.
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Eratarou Kamegashira is a normal guy. All he wants is to live his high school years in peace and tranquility, hopefully making a girlfriend or two in the process. However, his brother Maratarou is a gigantic pervert. Due to Maratarou's shenanigans, Eratarou has been having trouble making any girlfriends due to being associated with him. However one day, the beautiful Takahara-san asks if she could visit Eratarou. Will Eratarou be able to keep his cool and win the girl, or will his brother cause things to "heat up"? Find out in the Kamegashira Brothers!
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Yamato is the son of a human and the most powerful snow woman. One day a young snow woman named Hiori came to take him back to the village of the snow women. It is said that the kiss of a snow woman could freeze a man's heart. That's what Hiori intends to do to take Yamato back to the village. But how will Hiori accomplish her mission when Yamato, who isn't mesmerized by the usual enchantment of a snow woman, doesn't let Hiori come near him?
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"One day Mitsuya Aiji sees the door to the rooftop is unusually open. As a painter he's attracted to the blue color of the sky. A person showed up all of a sudden and falls on Mitsuya. Who is this girl? Why does she have rumors circulating around her? See how Mitsuya and her get closer in this short romantic oneshot." Source: MangaUpdates
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Wanting to be spoiled by boys, I entered a school full of boys!
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A girl from Osaka, Chisato, makes a trip to Tokyo to where her brother lives to look around the city--for Tokyo men just like in the dramas. But at her brother's home is...?
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Seven years ago, Yura found Nao washed up from the sea. No one knows who he is or where he came from. Her parents took him in, and he's been living as her "little brother" for seven years, but now that is going to change...?
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Pairing: Levi x Eren

Doujinshi where Levi and Eren are actors in “Attack of Titan” a TV drama.
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In a world where women are constantly wanting to kill themselves and insult the hard working women that work at Soapland, a single man rises up to stop them! Who is that man? That man with the super masculine form and a body of steel? It's none other than Nikutaikan-K! While he blindly rushes to their aid, maybe his first action should be to find out what is causing these women to want to die in the first place?


Em um mundo onde as mulheres estão constantemente querendo se matar e insultar as boas mulheres que trabalham no Soapland, apenas um homem pode salva-las! Quem é esse homem que tem uma forma super masculina e um corpo de aço? Esse homem é ninguém menos que Nikutaikan-K! Em vez de cegamente correr em auxílio das mulheres que tentam se suicidar, talvez sua primeira ação deva ser a de descobrir o que está causando nelas a vontade de querer morrer.
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Resource depletion, environmental contamination, desertification, and foolish wars. Mankind willingly walked along the path of annihilation. And at the end of that path, those who survived relied on the power of science and conducted endless experiments to obtain the valuable source of life. As scientists are exploring the desert's fallout areas, a child-like being is found naked on the ground and was brought into an underground survival refuge. As they analyze the child, what will they discover?
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A dialogue-less story about a boy who wants pubes.
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When adults disagree, they go to war. Why should kids do differently?
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A boy meets a girl in a world where nothing and no one moves, except for them. Why?
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Today, Japan is at peace as well...

Entry no. 24 in the 2nd Club Sunday Cup.
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A teacher for the fifth graders claims to be the king of the underworld!? Some of the students then decides to investigate him, is he really from hell?

Oneshot included in volume 9 of Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo
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On earth's last day the survivor is a hikkikomori?
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One-shot collection:
1. Datsu-Eva!
2. Okan Ghost
3. Alien Diet
4. Osoushiki Fair
5. Copper Itou-san
6. Hitomi to Goku
7. Manbiki G-girl
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New One-Shot from the mangaka of Psyren. 15 year old Eita gets inhabited by a species from space who challenges him to guess its name within five years or else he will be taken captive back to its home planet to be examined and study as a biological species from the planet Earth.
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Hanuma Kyou gets visit by the god Karma-chan. Karma-chan's mission is to solve the declining birthrate in Japan. How can Kyou help her with that?
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A boy and his senpai get kinky in a classroom after school.
This manga contains tentacle play and is not for the weak of heart. You have been warned.
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ZiQi and XiaoQiu are two people who have found true love with one another. Yet for what reason can they not be together? Perhaps heaven holds the answer.
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In a world infested with "subhumans", the lives of humans are full of danger and fear. But along with the existence of "subhumans" is the existence of "reapers" whose livelihoods are to protect humans and rid world of "subhumans". Among their ranks is one who is famous for being the true "reaper" but his identity remains a mystery.
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It's about an odd girl doing odd things.
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A father trying to escape prison and go back to his ill son, comes across a child who asks the man to be his dad, but what is a child doing in a prison?
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A boy suddenly wakes up to find out he's in the body of a High School girl. Who is she and how did he switch bodies?
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In high school, Takeru confessed to and was turned down by the girl of his dreams. He then vowed to become a number one host, just to get back at her. Years later, he was the number one WORST host at his club. While out trying to bring in girls for the club, he came across a strange "goth" girl, who agreed to come so long as she could practice doing a tattoo on him. He agreed, but, not knowing what he wanted, he left the choice up to her, his only consideration that he become more popular...but was that the right choice...?
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Biker chick loses ride in a desert sandstorm and must get it back
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An experiment goes wrong, an assistant turns into a cat.

But not to worry, it can be reversed... kind of.
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Shinjou wants to enter high school as a new man, since he had not been very popular back in Middle School. As he's trying to edge his way into society with his new look and personality, he happens to bump into Kurai Kako, a classmate from Middle School who had been just as invisible as he was. With her new look and personality, has arrived for just the same reason he has, and she's looking forward to snagging a boyfriend for high school. They'll just have to make a bet -- who'll get a boyfriend/girlfriend first?

Shinjou vuole entrare al liceo come un uomo nuovo, dal momento che non era stato molto popolare alle medie. Mentre sta cercando di ritagliarsi uno spazio nella societ� con il suo nuovo look e la sua brillante personalit� , gli capita di imbattersi in Kurai Kako, una compagna di classe della scuola media, che è stata altrettanto invisibile. Con il suo nuovo look e la sua personalit� , è arrivata proprio per la stessa ragione di Shinjou, e lei è impaziente di acciuffare un fidanzato della scuola superiore. Faranno una scommessa: chi avr� prima un fidanzato / fidanzata?
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Since they were kids, Saya has always looked up to her kind, gentle older brother, Shou. He always looked after her, put her needs first, they spent all of their time together, and ultimately he was the only one who was ever there for her. Even without parents, the two of them lived happily, enjoying their peaceful lives together.

That is, until Saya was bitten.

When bitten by a pure-blooded vampire, the one who was bitten may themself become a vampire, as was the case with Saya. She can't leave the house out of fear that she will feast, and her brother must lock her away to protect her from vampire hunters, such as himself. The only solace she has is being taken care of by her beloved older brother, whom she knows has eyes only for her, and vice-versa.

Shou, on the other hand, can't stand to see his sister in such a state, locked away in their own home and forced into solitude. And so he has made it his goal to kill the pure-blooded vampire who bit his sister, believing that in doing so he may restore his sister to what she once was. He becomes an expert at hunting vampires, driven by his sole desire to make his sister human again.

But Shou has another reason for wanting to get out of the house. Since she was bitten, Saya has become increasingly obsessed and forceful. She can't stand being mere siblings anymore, and with her actions becoming more forward and deliberate, her brother himself is having a hard time holding back.

Will Shou give in? Or will he kill the pure-blooded vampire first? And even if he does, will that be enough to stop the romance forming between the two of them?
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Silent manga.
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The same author of Blood Lad.

In a zombie apocalypse, he looks for a perfect death in the arms of a beautiful zombie girl...
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Humans may be considered at the top of the food chain, but when people are in the presence of cockroaches, they cower in fear. Who can they turn to when faced with these insects? The Gokiburi Busters, who have yet to fail to eliminate a threat!
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  • 3 story? just kidding
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Average, everyday Japanese gameaholic gets sucked into an alternate world where he has summoner powers and life keeps turning out to be like one big video game
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Colonial Operator ROCO143, Jolie, finds a paper airplane floating through space.

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