Action is about conflict. Whether with guns, blades, fists, or mysterious powers, these manga feature characters in combat - either to protect themselves or the things or people they value, or simply as a way of life. (Source: Anime-Planet)
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Aideen, the esteemed daughter of a duke and the Emperor’s direct assassin, the leader of ‘Owl.’
I gave everything to my Lord but I only received betrayal and deception in return, and death.

“I will take revenge on you. I will never forgive you even in my death!”

After taking all the blame, her life came to an end by getting her neck cut off by the guillotine.
But the moment she opened her eyes again, she realized she had returned to the age of 17.
I decided to destroy Perdi, a country that the Emperor cherished more than his life..

"You are beautiful, Milady. Especially those red eyes of yours."

The man who personally sent the order to send Aideen to the guillotine, the Prince from the enemy country, Diceon, unexpectedly began to interfere with her life!

Aideen, the woman abandoned by the Emperor had come back to life, her second life to get revenge and destroy her home country now unfolds!
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Crushing a scumbag for a single moment gives momentary satisfaction, but lifetimes spent crushing scumbags provide lifetimes of continuous satisfaction. Su Lüxia, our female lead, transmigrates into other worlds with the Second Female Lead Counterattack System, and uses elaborate schemes and tricks to beat up countless cheating bastards and bitches.

Su Lüxia: "Only a cheating bastard's tears of remorse, and the pained moans of a bitch unable to get what she wants, bring me solace."

System: "Has my host tapped into her humanity today? Nope."

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The ordinary Mikami Satoru found himself dying after being stabbed by a slasher. It should have been the end of his meager 37 years, but he found himself deaf and blind after hearing a mysterious voice.
He had been reincarnated into a slime!

While complaining about becoming the weak but famous slime and enjoying the life of a slime at the same time, Mikami Satoru met with the Catastrophe-level monster “Storm Dragon Veldora”, and his fate began to move.

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  • Anime Season 1 on ANN
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    One day, out of nowhere, a gorgeous man calling himself a River God appears before Lin Lu. This Stunning beauty then begs Lin Lu to adopt him. Urging for a contract to be made between the two. What will Lin Lu decide? And can this River God's words be believed?
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    [This is a story where the hero kills the princess.]

    In a world where the dead devour the living, it is a great honor to become an "Undertaker", beings whose mission is to grant peace to the dead and return their souls to heaven. Advancing to the final stages of the exam, an apprentice, Leon, encounters a panicked girl while on a train to the capital...?!
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    Alone in his dorm on a Saturday night, Nekomi Tech's Keiichi Morisato dials a wrong number that will change his life forever-reaching the Goddess Technical Help Line. Granted one wish by the charming young goddess Belldandy-a wish for anything in the world-Keiichi wishes she would stay with him always! Complications are bound to ensue from this; the immediate first being the new couple getting tossed out of the dorm-it's males only!

    As the hapless student and his mysterious "foreign beauty" ride around looking for a new place to stay-risking the different dangers of seeking shelter with an otaku convinced Belldandy is an imaginary woman, and a Zen priest convinced she's a sinister witch-Keiichi's still got his classes on Monday morning! How is his new "exchange student" companion going to be received on the N.I.T. campus? A little too well for normal life to ever return...

    Won the Kodansha Manga Award for General Manga in 2009.

    See the following links to AnimeNewsNetwork for the anme:
    Movie (sequel)
    The Adventures of Mini-Goddess (spinoff)
    Season 1
    Season 2 (Flights of Fancy)
    Special (Tatakau Tsubasa)
    OAV (2011)
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    Yu Ijin was the sole survivor of a plane crash when he was little. After becoming a mercenary to survive for 10 years, he returns to his family in his hometown.

    Official Indonesian
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    He awoke, and the world was changed. The familiar high school now teaches magic, encouraging students to become the greatest magicians they can be. Beyond the city limits, wandering magical beasts prey on humans.

    An advanced scientific world changed into one with advanced magic. Yet, what has not changed was the same teacher who looks upon him with disdain, the same students who look upon him with contempt, the same father who struggles at the bottom rung of society, and the same innocent step sister who cannot walk.

    However, Mo Fan discovered that while everyone else can only use one major element, he himself can use all magic!

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    'Oh Ju-Yoon' is your typical, everyday part-timer. He dies in a coincidental accident, but because of his kindness, he is given another chance to live in a new and different world. However, his future is neither as a hero, nor mage... but a creature at the bottom of the food chain, 'Brick Eater', meeting an atrocious crisis?! Surreal events! An unexpected level up fantasy!

    Russian / Русский

  • Note: Currently serialized in Bilibili (CN only)
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    Kurono Mao is a high school student who is sensitive of his sharp eyes and bad expression. No girlfriend but gifted with friends in his own way, he had been living a peaceful life. But one day, without any reason, Kurono was attacked by a mysterious headache while in the literature clubroom and fainted. When he finally awoke.......
    Swords & magic, filled with monsters, an orthodox different world summoning.

    Links: Alternate Raw
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    A young priestess has formed her first adventuring party, but almost immediately they find themselves in distress. Luckily for her, the Goblin Slayer chose that place as his next killing grounds--a man who's dedicated his life to the extermination of all goblins, by any means necessary. And when rumors of his feats begin to circulate, there's no telling who might come calling next.

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  • There are currently no English scanlations of this manga. The chapters on the net are the official YenPress chapters.
    As long as they (YenPress' chapters) are in publication they are not allowed on MangaDex.
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    The world's strongest magician who carries "the crest least suitable for battle" searches for companions to fight together. The ones fit to be his companions would be...!?
    One more otherworld "crest" fantasy gets turned into a manga!!
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    Makunochi Ippo is an ordinary high school student in Japan. Since he spends most of his time away from school helping his mother run the family business, he doesn't get to enjoy his younger years like most teenagers. Always a target for bullying at school, Ippo's life is one of hardship. One of these after-school bullying sessions turns Ippo's life around for the better, as he is saved by a boxer named Takamura. He decides to follow in Takamura's footsteps and train to become a boxer, giving his life direction and purpose. Ippo's path to perfecting his pugilistic prowess is just beginning.
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    Touya, the strongest player in the game Pandemic World Online, had won so many items that he decided to create an alternate account to store the extra ones. While playing this very game in his second account, he was summoned to another world as a character he made, where the people were merrily expecting a hero. However, when it is known that he doesn't have the title of a hero, he is discarded and replaced by another person. Now, he must survive in an another world with the account he merely used to store his extra items in.

    Spanish / Español:

  • Original Web Novel (Japanese)
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    The spaceship which Imperial Galactic Navy Officer Alan Corinth helmed was shot down by a surprise attack during hyper-space navigation.
    Completely due to freak coincidence, Alan became the only one in the ship to survive.
    The severely damaged spaceship lost its navigation capabilities and plummeted onto a nearby planet.

    Using an escape pod, Alan headed toward the planet alone.
    Thus began Alan’s quest for survival on the underdeveloped planet utilizing the symbiotic nanomachines [Nanom] within his body.
    Surprisingly, the planet was home to a thriving human civilization whose genetic code closely resembled Alan’s own.
    Even while remaining at a loss due to being thrown into a world of swords and magic, he tries to live as best he could together with his newfound comrades.

    What would Alan achieve this strange world?

    The Sci-fi Fantasy story in a Medieval setting now begins!

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  • Web Novel (raw)
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    Based on the game of the same name, a variety of authors and artists write a large offering of short stories starring the various characters featured in the game. The stories range from being lovingly heartfelt, packed full of comedy and gags or being downright evil or messed up sometimes!

    Note: These are NOT doujin. These are official comic anthologies licensed by Spike Chunsoft, the developers of the Danganronpa series.
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    Our protagonist is a college student who enjoys playing as the evil-aligned faction Arachnea in her favorite real-time strategy game. One day, she finds herself in a world similar to the one in the game; additionally, her body is now that of a fourteen-year-old girl. While things are a bit different from how they were in the game, one element has remained the same: she is the leader of the Arachnea. The insects under her control, collectively known as the Swarm, praise her and implore her to lead them to victory. In order to survive, she raises her Swarm and forms friendly relations with the elves of the neighboring forest. But after a slaver traveling through the forest murders one of her Swarm and the nearby kingdom's knights burn down the elven village and massacre its people, she prepares to launch her counterattacks in the name of revenge. However, revenge is merely a pretense for attacking the countries of this world. Her command is masterful and severe, as one who has played the game in real life...


    Official English Translation of Novel
    Webnovel (JP)
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    A hero with a production skill?? Akina Shoji, a salary slave, had a dream to open his own business. However, When he almost made his dream come true, He’s been summoned into another world with a “Cultivation” skill…

  • Author's Twitter: @zyuuitiya
  • Artist's Twitter: @akirasanba

  • Light Novel (Japanese):

  • Webnovel(Japanese)
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    The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.

    Descriptions in Other Languages:
    (Portuguese/Português, Russian/Русский, French/Français)
    • -- (8.35)
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    A young boy with big dreams ignores the neighbors who call him weak and heads to the imperial capital to become a soldier! But when the village you call home is the final bit of civilization before the last dungeon and you're descended from heroes, the word "weak" is completely relative!
    • -- (9.06)
    • 67,612
    • 1,850,391
    • 683
    Broke young man + chainsaw dog demon = Chainsaw Man!

    The name says it all! Denji's life of poverty is changed forever when he merges with his pet chainsaw dog, Pochita! Now he's living in the big city and an official Devil Hunter. But he's got a lot to learn about his new job and chainsaw powers!
    • -- (7.20)
    • 4,766
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    When I noticed it, I was transferred to the fucking social game "Abyss Calling", which is said to be the worst collection system. Stand up as a summoner in a new world to accomplish what you left behind when you were a player!
    • -- (8.14)
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    To repair the singularity of the future, the main character, Ryuka Fujimaru, will shift again to lay down a tremendous battle.
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    When the doomsday arrives, and the world gets dragged into chaos, zombies and monsters start appearing. The Earth gets turned into a game, humans become the lowest in the food pyramid, the prey for all superior beings. After struggling in the doomsday for three years, Kong Zhe returned back to the day doomsday arrived. He discovers that he has his memories of the past, but as time passes by he realizes that he has more cards to play than expected ....How will he survive in doomsday?
    • -- (7.20)
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    Kazusa Yuu, a Japanese high school student interested in food and camping, dies in a traffic accident and ends up reincarnated in the wilderness in another world. He must learn to survive in an unfamiliar environment, learn the powers he was granted and the magic of the world that is based on eating other creatures, and rescue fair maidens in distress to feed them and build up his harem.

    Portuguese / Português:
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    Digital colored version of Akira Toriyama's original best selling manga
    • -- (7.24)
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    When Qin Lie realized that dignity can only be defended by strength, he took the Predestination Astrolabe and embarked on the path to become a God. He used his blood to write an immortal saga of Demons, Gods and Buddhas, a few people transcending the three realms and seeing only inches beyond!
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    Terror has paralyzed the clockwork metropolis of Tokyo! Possessed by demons, people have begun to burst into flame, leading to the establishment of a special firefighting department: the Fire Force, ready to roll on a moment's notice to fight spontaneous combustion anywhere it might break out.

    One of the Fire Force teams is about to get a unique addition: Shinra, a boy who possesses the unique power to run at the speed of a rocket, leaving behind the famous "devil's footprints" and destroying his shoes in the process. Can the Fire Force discover the source of this strange phenomenon and put a stop to it? Or will the city burn to ashes first?
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    The worst student of Westrod Academy, the disgrace of the Blake House.
    A new soul enters the lifeless body of Frey Blake, the boy who couldn’t handle his painful life and chose death instead.

    “What’s with this body?
    I’ll have to check every little detail of it.”

    The Great Mage Lucas Traumen.
    He earned his chance at revenge by gaining the flesh and bones of Frey Blake the disgrace!
    And now begins the interesting adventure of the Great Mage who returned after 4000 years!

    French / Français:


    Official French on Delitoon
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    10 years ago, after “the Gate” that connected the real world with the monster world opened, some of the ordinary, everyday people received the power to hunt monsters within the Gate. They are known as "Hunters". However, not all Hunters are powerful. My name is Sung Jin-Woo, an E-rank Hunter. I'm someone who has to risk his life in the lowliest of dungeons, the "World's Weakest". Having no skills whatsoever to display, I barely earned the required money by fighting in low-leveled dungeons… at least until I found a hidden dungeon with the hardest difficulty within the D-rank dungeons! In the end, as I was accepting death, I suddenly received a strange power, a quest log that only I could see, a secret to leveling up that only I know about! If I trained in accordance with my quests and hunted monsters, my level would rise. Changing from the weakest Hunter to the strongest S-rank Hunter!

    Descriptions in Other Languages:
    (German/Deutsch, Italian/Italiano, French/Français, Portuguese/Português (BR), Romanian / Română, Russian/Русский, Turkish / Türkçe)

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    "In the year 199X... The world was NOT engulfed by the flames of nuclear war!"

    Bat is your ordinary college student, working several part-time jobs to get by. But all that changes once his friend, Lin, brings in a man named Kenshiro to work at his convenience store. Bat quickly grows to hate Kenshiro - but unfortunately for him, that's just the beginning of many wacky adventures... And all he can do is retort!

    This is a chibi gag manga of Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken). Taking place in a world where the apocalypse didn't happen, all the characters have relatively normal lives. The martial artists are all drawn Design Deformed (or DD), while most other characters look normal. However, this can be enjoyed both on its own and as a companion piece to the original Fist of the North Star!

    Was up for consideration for localization by SMA. However, SMA has stopped all attempts at localizing manga after December 2016.
    • -- (7.14)
    • 23,705
    • 591,975
    • 86
    There was an inn with an urban legend among adventurers. "The Inn that won't let you die if you stay there."

    Loretta arrives at the inn as part of her quest. What is the secret of the "Deathless Inn?"

    "Save Point."

    It was an inn ran by an maxed out adventurer with the ability to create "Save Points" who came from another world. He retired from being an adventurer and decided to run an inn, while training newbie adventurers. Loretta, who needs to become strong, will be trained by the innkeeper, Alexander.

    If you die, don't worry about it, just hit load!

    Isekai + RPG Save Points + POV of a Native instead of the OP Otherworlder

    WN Series Raw (12 different works):
    • -- (8.93)
    • 63,574
    • 2,619,908
    • 684
    The story begins when the gods call a convention to decide whether to let humanity live or die, and settle on destroying humanity. But a lone valkyrie puts forward a suggestion to let the gods and humanity fight one last battle, as a last hope for humanity's continued survival. 13 gods will fight against 13 human champions in one-on-one battles to decide whether humanity lives or dies.

    Persian /فارسی :

    Officially Published:
  • In Italian by Star Comics as "Record of Ragnarok"

  • Official Anime Teaser Trailer - English Sub
    • -- (7.41)
    • 10,350
    • 393,943
    • 100
    A third-rate writer that is destined to go to hell because of it's bad novel ending, got reincarnated in his own novel instead, reborn as the villainous son-in-law - Li Yu Guo. The battle of wits and courage between him and the original protagonist begins now…
    Français :
    Un écrivain de second zone, se retrouve puni car la fin de son roman est jugée bâclée par un dieu fan de l'histoire. Il se retrouve réincarné dans son livre en temps que beau-fils du méchant. Une bataille stratégique entre lui et le véritable héros commence...
    • -- (7.92)
    • 1,804
    • 27,701
    • 9
    It all begins in the forest village of Adat, where the tomboy Iremi sees the infamous mage Edermask en route to her hometown. Wanting to find out who is stronger, she sets off to challenge him with her childhood friend Enzu, a novice swordsman who is always being dragged around wherever she goes.

    Iremi and Enzu then start a journey along with Edermask, each seeking something different from their journey: Enzu seeks revenge for the murder of his father, Edermask is looking for a lost magic, and Iremi is just there for the ride. Without knowing the dangers their journey might bring them, they set sail to fulfill their heart’s desires and uncloak the mystery behind Edermask's immortality.
    • -- (8.01)
    • 4,415
    • 132,298
    • 54
    A young girl accidentally awakens a guardian spirit sealed within a sword. Together they will face many challenges in order to complete a mysterious mission given by the gods. They meet other summoners and spirits, face demons, and details about their past lives are revealed.
    • -- (8.26)
    • 24,032
    • 843,698
    • 136
    In the middle of the 21st century, the world was on the brink of World War III. But superheroes from across the globe appeared and helped bring an era of peace. With the crisis averted, the Heroes returned to their home countries where they now help with domestic matters. This is the story about the young Japanese heroine named "Shy"…

    Portuguese / Português

    Spanish / Español

    Russian / Русский

    French / Français


    Thai / ภาษาไทย

    Turkish / Türkçe

    Author's Twitter: @bukimi397
    • -- (9.04)
    • 33,982
    • 925,700
    • 261
    A man, unhappy with the work he has had to do in life, is involved in an unexpected event ...!
    He becomes a Kaijuu, a monstrous creature, giving him a new chance to achieve what he always dreamed of!

    Italian / Italiano:
    Turkish / Türkçe:
    Russian / Русский:
    • -- (7.49)
    • 1,230
    • 24,937
    • 15
    The killer, Cong Zhong Feng has always despised those who fail to keep their word, especially those first parties who keep changing their requests! When he meets a bald young painter, Cong Zhong Feng agrees to avenge her for free. Who would have expected that along the way, they would meet “a set of Matryoshka”, who is the ultimate target?
    • -- (7.66)
    • 15,096
    • 274,357
    • 44
    There are some humans capable of using magical power to manifest their souls as weapons and control forces beyond normal comprehension. These people are known as Blazers, and those who are recognized as such can undergo training at academies to become Mage-Knights. Ikki Kurogane is an aspiring Mage-Knight, despite being considered the worst student at Hagun Academy as an F-ranked Blazer—the lowest rank possible.

    One morning, he accidentally stumbles upon Stella Vermillion, a visiting princess and A-ranked Blazer who has just enrolled at Hagun, in a state of undress. As a result, she challenges him to a duel where the loser will be the winner’s slave. It seems like a surefire win for Stella, but could there be more to Ikki than meets the eye?


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