These manga are all about the appreciation or performance of music, no matter the genre, or the skill level any musicians involved. Music lives in the soul of these characters!
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Since the graduation of the senior members of the club, Takezou ends up being the sole member of the "Koto" (traditional Japanese string instrument) club. Now that the new school year has begun, Takezou will have to seek out new members for the club, or the club will be terminated. Out of nowhere, a new member barges into the near-abandoned club room, demanding to join the club. How will Takezou be able to keep his club alive and deal with this rascal of a new member?
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A cold and distant grim reaper and a rational young lady whose fates are entwined by life and death. Through his silent protection, will they be able to overcome the hardships that obstruct their songs of love?
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From the authors of Shishunki Bitter Change and Itoshi no Karin:
Sweet treats for the boys who do their best...!

Scatted with the sweets and handsome boys that girls love ☆
Though they love sweets, they just can't tell others...
A cool, elite office worker, a handsome band member, and a high school boy who would even cross-dress just for sweets...
A compilation of stories woven together by a variety of sweets boys.
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High school student Aoi Aioi lives with her elder sister, Akane, after a tragic accident took their parents away 13 years ago. Because Akane has since been taking care of her single-handedly, Aoi wants to move to Tokyo after her graduation to relieve her sister's burden and pursue a musical career, inspired by Akane's ex-boyfriend Shinnosuke "Shinno" Kanamuro. Shinno was part of a band until he left for Tokyo to become a professional bassist after the sisters' parents passed away, and he was never to be seen again.

One afternoon, while Aoi practices her guitar in a guest house, she gets startled by the 18-year-old version of Shinno from 13 years ago! As if by coincidence, the current 31-year-old Shinno also returns to the town, but he has changed drastically. There are now two Shinno's in existence, but why is the Shinno from the past present?

Sora no Aosa wo Shiru Hito yo revolves around these four individuals as they confront their inner feelings toward each other and make decisions that will affect their lives from here on out.
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Moriyama Rin was born with an incurable disease. Despite her best efforts to live a normal high school life, Shinohara Satoshi was the one who ruined it at the very end.

'I wish I didn't say I liked her.'

Satoshi, full of regrets, experiences a time leap and meets Rin for the second time.

'If I don't involve myself with her, Rin will be able to spend her short time left and end it with a smile...'
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Usa Ayano is a middle-school girl who is kinda-sorta bad at physical activities. One day at gym class, she sees another girl in her grade, Hoshihara Chika, a transfer student who muddles through the dancing lesson like she couldn't care less.

Ayano, intrigued by how mysterious Chika is, tries to approach the new girl, but gets pushed away. That is until she later discovers Chika's secret...

Uran of the "Mujaki no Rakuen" fame brings you a story bringing together youth, JCs and dancing!

Usa Ayano es una chica de secundaria que es bastante mala en actividades físicas. Un día en la clase de gimnasia, ella ve a otra niña en su grado, Hoshihara Chika, una estudiante transferida que se mete en la clase de baile como si no le importara.

Ayano, intrigada por lo misteriosa que es Chika, intenta acercarse a la nueva chica, pero se aleja. Eso es hasta que más tarde descubre el secreto de Chika ...

  • Author's Twitter: @ura_kan (potentially NSFW)
  • Author's official website: Blog (potentially NSFW)
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    Aono Hajime was a prodigy violinist until he grew jaded with playing the violin due to personal reasons. Now in his third year of middle school, he struggles to decide his academic path. One day in school, he meets Akine Ritsuko, a hotheaded novice violinist who wants to enroll in a high school with a distinguished orchestra club. When he finds himself getting closer to Ritsuko and being brought back to the world of violinists, time starts moving again for him.

    This is the beginning of a youthful drama where sounds and hearts alike resound in harmony.
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    Mukai Takumi is the head of her own Motorcycle Gang, but a chance encounter with a certain person ends up leading her down the path of becoming an Idol.

    A manga spinoff of the IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls series of games starring the Delinquent turned Idol, Mukai Takumi.

    Part of THE iDOLM@STER series.
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    On the planet Raguna, there is a music festival. With Leader at its helm, the musical group “Karriot” is brought to life by Gaia’s organ, Freya’s guitar, Seiichiro’s mandolin, and Nathaniel’s pipe…but his pipe isn’t just any ordinary pipe! The legend says of the Clausel pipe that “If you play the pipe on the night of Pavana, the moon shall be alight as the stars dance in delight.” But what does this mean, exactly…? In Masaya Hokazono’s sci-fi fantasy done in the style of legends, these mushroom man friends encounter falling stars, destroyed moons, and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth itself!
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    Apartment building manager by day and electronic music composer by night, Kiyosumi enjoys his "clean and simple" existence free from relationships and distractions. He only needs his music, or so he thinks.

    One day, he gets an unexpected admirer as a distressed female neighbor destroys both his room's window and his solitude...
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    A young Tetsuou watched a performance by Giovanni Bazonni and was inspired to become a master cellist. But he knows that living as he is in an out-of-the-way Japanese island means his musical aspirations are unlikely to be realized.

    One day, a boy named Ikumi comes to stay at Tetsuou's place. Ikumi is the sole survivor of an accident at sea, wherein he saved himself by swimming out to Tetsuou's island.

    But he makes a surprising claim: he says he found his way to safety by following the sound of beautiful cello music, and is convinced that the player was Tetsuou.
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    The man she accidentally spent a night with was a formerly wolf-eared idol?!

    "A 3 room apartment in the metropolitan area + a foreign car + retirement with guaranteed pension and savings."
    Those were the dream goals of 29-year-old pharmacist Han Sooji’s, who used to be a passionate fan of the idol group <LUPUS> back in her school days.

    However, due to several problems and a member’s departure, the group was forced to disband. Her young heart was scarred as she thought her steamy dreams were over, but…?

    LUPUS’s former member, as well as the leading cause of the disbandment, is now getting ready to return to the entertainment world.
    After meeting Kim Beomchan, aka Jackie, and spending a bewildering night together, she promised to be a reliable friend.

    She also learned about LUPUS’s unfortunately troubling past from the former members

    Sigh… Actually, this is pharmacist Han Sooji and ‘Jackie’ the traitor’s plan, ‘hope for Kim Beomchan’s safe and mishap free return’!
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    Collection of 5koma comics from the in-game comic series.

    Part of THE iDOLM@STER series.
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    Himari is a high school freshman who in the first day attends the light music club's performance at the school gym, falling in love with the singer Yori at first sight, confessing to her at the shoe lockers. Looking for said upperclassman later, she finds out that she's not actually part of the club and that she likes to play music alone at the rooftop. There, she finds out that Yori too fell in love with her.

    Español / Spanish:

    Русский / Russian:

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    Beatlyfe is a place where game freaks, music nerds, and adrenaline junkies intersect: a rhythm arcade. Join our heroes (read: rhythm gamers) as they work tirelessly to top their high scores, find the best late-night noodles, and support each other through life --- arcade culture at its finest.
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    Miku-4 is originally a doujin web comic written by an amateur writer Nagimiso. Crypton authorized him and East Press to publish this manga.

    This is a sad and touching story of Hatsune Miku, a shy android created by Crypton. She grew up with the help of the people she met during her journey and gained a human mind by the devotion of an engineer.
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    I have something I don't want to lose. So much so that these terrible feelings have grown. A pianist who attempted suicide 3 times, Juri, is taken to help her aunt at a prison where murderers who killed indiscriminately are sentenced to death. There, she meets a man named Yuu who took the lives of 3 people. A mother's antagonism--a brother's death... Together they embrace the violent rebellion in their hearts caused by the large, deep scars they carry. However, before long, they both embrace an earnest hope in their hearts. "I want to live"...

    An adaptation of a novel by South Korea's most popular female novelist, Gong Ji-Young.
    Bereits zum dritten Mal hat Juri versucht sich das Leben zu nehmen. Ihre Tante bietet ihr nun an, sie bei ihren Besuchen von zum Tode Verurteilten zu begleiten und so einer weiteren Therapie zu entgehen, an deren Nutzen sie inzwischen stark zweifelt. Im Gefängnis trifft sie auf Yuu, der drei Leute ermordet hat und dafür nun seit Jahren auf seine Hinrichtung wartet. Beide haben ihr Leben schon aufgegeben, zu tief sind die Narben der Vergangenheit, doch dieses zufällige Zusammentreffen verändert sie und pflanzt den Keim der Hoffnung in ihre Herzen. Eine Adaption des Romans „Urideul-ui haengbok-han shigan“, international unter dem Titel „Maundy Thursday“ bekannt, der in ihrem Land äußerst populären Südkoreanerin Gong Ji-young.
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    10 years have passed since Takuma lost touch with his good friend Yuki, who left for Italy to become a Cellist. Now working as a home aid, Takuma is shocked to find his next patient is none other than Yuki himself.

    Yuki is now semi-blind after an accident left him injured. His eyes are trapped behind bandages until the time he undergoes surgery.

    Due to mixed feelings about their reunion, Takuma keeps his identity a secret as he tends to the injured Yuki. But how will Takuma react when he learns that his friend was in love with someone when they were kids… and still holds a torch for that person even now?
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    A high school 3rd year student, Miyamoto Dai, whose heart was touched by Jazz, continued to play the Saxophone alone in Kawahara, rain or shine, day or night, for many years. "I want to become the world's best Saxophone player...!!" Effort, talent, faith, environment, luck...which are necessary? A tale of reaching towards his goal recklessly and sincerely begins in Hirosegawa, Sendai.

    Was nominated for the 8th and 9th Manga Taisho Award. Won the 62nd Shogakukan Manga Award for general manga. Won the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival's Grand Prize for Manga.
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    Famous idol Jin Lingfeng is said to have it all - the looks, the smarts, and the success - that is, until it's revealed he's actually a complete idiot who managed to get a perfect zero points on his test during high school. Now he has been sent back to Green University to improve his image, under the threat of being fired if he doesn't score 90 points or above on each subsequent test. And taking on the role of his remedial studies tutor is none other than the top student on campus and a bookworm who is completely out of touch with pop culture, Lin Fan! With their stubborn personalities and well-known statuses at their university, how will their daily lives go from here?
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    Yohei is in the Woodwinds Orchestra at his high school where he plays the clarinet as one of the few boys in the group. The president of the group is Azumi who also happens to be Yohei's first girlfriend. Azumi has never had a boyfriend before and the couple has many awkward moments as their relationship is still fresh. With both Yohei and Azumi acting a little shy with each other, being intimate is difficult but their love for each other makes them braver.
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    Han Sora is a 20-year old University student who is a fan of the boy band group called Destiny. She is the reincarnation of the goddess Pandora. Meanwhile, Prome is a member of Destiny, and he is the reincarnation of the god Prometheus. He wants to escape the 'Curse of Zeus' and be rid of his fear of fire. For that, he must open Pandora's box. Will Prome escape the curse?
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    A collection of surreal, steampunk-inspired short stories. Escapism through music, mechanical dolls, and dragons.
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    Enter Hikawa Naomi, son of a music critic and Ebisawa Mafuyu, a young prodigy pianist who suddenly disappeared from the music world.
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    Kinukawa Yuusuke is a second-class pianist who earns a living by playing in small clubs. Things become complicated when Fukami, a yakuza boss with mesmerizing looks, becomes a regular at Yuusuke's piano bar. As Fukami's appreciation for Yuusuke's piano playing grows, so do Yuusuke's feelings for him. Although Yuusuke knows he shouldn't be attracted to such a dangerous man, he finds himself unable to stop thinking about Fukami. And so, one night in a desperate attempt to get Fukami's attention on something other than music, Yuusuke spills a drink on him...
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    Three girls want to make a girls-only band, but they need a singer. This one cute voice turns out to be from a boy! What will happen when this boy gets involved with them?
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    Koudaka Atsurou was just standing on the bridge looking at the lights, he didn't expect to be tackled by a construction worker who thinks he's suicidal. Trying to come to terms with his estranged father's death, Koudaka contemplates the roads in life people choose.
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    Manga spin-off of The IDOLM@STER Million Live! Theater Days series. Stars the idols Yuriko Nanao, Momoko Suou, Konomi Baba, along with other idols of 765 Pro. Part of The IDOLM@STER series.
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    Jumonji sits next to a rapper girl who is also anti-social... what will they do to realize her dream of becoming a real rapper?

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    For the first 14 years of his life, Yukio Tanaka has been one heck of a boring guy. He has no hobbies, weak taste in music, and only a small vestige of a personality. He yearns for an exciting life, but his shy, and somewhat neurotic personality make him his own worst enemy. Little does he know that his life will be forever changed when he meets Ryusuke Minami, a wild and unpredictable 16-year old fresh from America, who happens to be in a rock-and-roll band named after his Frankenstein-like patched dog--Beck.

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    Part of the Kantai Collection franchise. Serialized in Famitsu. A story about Destroyer Shipgirl Shikinami picking up Jazz.
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    Tsubasa lives in a hotspring town that is about to fade away from a bad economy. He is a middle school delinquent, and is beat up at school almost every day. He has a secret, though: he is a psychic, but he is embarrassed of this fact because his abilities are "lame" and not worth bragging about. One day, however, he realizes that he can read the mind of a mute girl named Yuki.
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    Sakuma Yukari decided to start a band on her own after seeing a certain band during the Sakura High School festival, then with her best friend Shimizu Kaede, they want to join the Light Music Club only to discover that in their school there isn't a club like that. With help from Sawabe Maho, they discover there is a Light Music Appreciation Society with only one member, Satou Riko.
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    Kotani Kaboku, who lives in complete harmony with his surroundings. He couldn't help feeling attracted to Wanda Hikari, who is obsessed with dancing. Challenge yourself even if you are inexperienced to dance with her! Club activities, studies, employment, friends, love. What is really important? Is it really okay to do something as "useless" as dancing?
    (from MangaUpdates)

    Kotani Kaboku, quien vive en completa armonía con su entorno. No pudo evitar sentirse atraído hacia Wanda Hikari, quien está obsesionada con el baile. ¡Desafíate a ti mismo aunque seas un inexperto para bailar con ella! Actividades del club, estudios, empleo, amigos, amor. ¿Qué es lo realmente importante? ¿Realmente esta bien hacer algo tan "inútil" como el baile?
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    Tsukiuta SS Anthology (2015, Zero-Sum Comics) is an officially published collection that illustrates various short stories originally posted on the official Tsukiuta Twitter account. It centers around the idol groups Six Gravity and Procellarum.
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    A village shrouded in the sounds of a pipe-organ. Nothing has threatened their peaceful rest, until now...
    In the night, the notes of the pipe-organ, blended with the whispers of the wind that enveloped the city, can be heard.
    Rising and falling, [or, the highs and the lows], twittering and bellowing, the beautiful chords.
    In the workshop by the entrance of the road to the village the old man is tuning the pipe-organ. The notes of a melody that beckon us toward a peaceful night: a lullaby for the village.
    But the children did not share this sentiment. To them, those notes were the voice of the king of the wind. The sonorous battle cry that would play when the king of the wind fought. The one who protected this village. The King of the Wind.
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    Hosaka Mao's never stood out. Her father's a washed-up rock-and-roller. Her hair reminds people of Pippi Longstocking. She's nowhere near the in-crowd. The arrival of long-haired beauty Hasekura Yokiko changes everything...
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    When goofy inventor Senbei Norimaki creates a precocious robot named Arale, his masterpiece turns out to be more than he bargained for!
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