These manga are all about the appreciation or performance of music, no matter the genre, or the skill level any musicians involved. Music lives in the soul of these characters!
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The girl who changed my life is for those who never return. It is his left hand that rescues Shu in despair… ⁉︎
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Since the graduation of the senior members of the club, Takezou ends up being the sole member of the "Koto" (traditional Japanese string instrument) club. Now that the new school year has begun, Takezou will have to seek out new members for the club, or the club will be terminated. Out of nowhere, a new member barges into the near-abandoned club room, demanding to join the club. How will Takezou be able to keep his club alive and deal with this rascal of a new member?
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Having a secret crush is just like drinking a bottle of hard liquor. You clearly know that it will make you light-headed, lose your cool, and suffer. Yet, just like a moth to the flames, you endure the pain knowingly. "You stop right after having a sip of it but, as for me… I'm drunk in love."

However, inevitably, you finally sober up after being drunk. This is a story about doing everything possible just to continue having a secret crush and learning to love someone.
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A manga adaptation of the series of the same name. A collection of stories from the Love Live Sunshine cast, usually from different girls' perspectives.
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Moriyama Rin was born with an incurable disease. Despite her best efforts to live a normal high school life, Shinohara Satoshi was the one who ruined it at the very end.

'I wish I didn't say I liked her.'

Satoshi, full of regrets, experiences a time leap and meets Rin for the second time.

'If I don't involve myself with her, Rin will be able to spend her short time left and end it with a smile...'
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The star of a male idol group who has a cold demeanor, yet has no control on his fading fame and popularity. And an idol with a harmless and childlike cutesy personality on cameras, and a completely opposite persona off-stage... They're sworn enemies that always bite at each other who somehow ends up having to act lovey-dovey with each other as fan service?! Yup, smells nice!
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"When I woke up this morning there was a beautiful girl, but that was... me!?" - Idol Otaku Aisaka Yousuke wakes up one morning and realizes he's now a beautiful girl named Aisaka Yoko. Now with his new appearance and his great Idol knowledge, he will attempt to become the number one idol.
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His alternate account on Weibo got hacked. Overnight, the public persona of Yan Shuo, the 'gentle and good leader' of the popular boy group M.E.N crumbled. A certain sinister forum post: 《Congratulations to Brother Yan Shuo for becoming M.E.N's new center position! How honored to even get 4 crappy backup dancers!》
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After Jaehyun’s piano performance goes viral, world-renowned classical music professor, Kang Minwoo, takes him under his wing. This entails both a scholarship at a prestigious music school and...a sexual relationship outside of the classroom. Jaehyun hopes his special relationship with the professor will come with perks, such as an opportunity to study in Germany. But when the professor’s son, a piano prodigy, enters the picture, Jaehyun finds his plans thwarted.
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Kotani Kaboku lives by suppressing his own feelings and matching those around him. He ends up attracted to Wanda Hikari who doesn't mind how she's seen by others as she's fully immersed in dance. To dance with her, he'll take on dancing despite his inexperience! Clubs, studies, job hunting, friends, love, what is it that's important? What will happen to you if you do something as useless as dancing? No no, it's completely fine to spend your youth dancing. These two are taking on both freestyle dancing and love!

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A project to develop new superpowers is underway in Academy City. That project will turn Accelerator into a --?!

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Bubbly, energetic first-year high school student Himari falls head over heels for her senpai Yori after hearing her band perform on the first day of school. Himari tells Yori she just loves her, and, to Himari’s surprise, Yori says she loves Himari back! But when Himari realizes that she and her senpai are feeling two different kinds of love, she begins to ask herself what “love” really means…

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Gotou Hitori is a high school girl who starting learning to playing the guitar because she dreams of being in a band, but she's so shy that she hasn't made a single friend. However, her dream might come true after she meets Ijichi Nijika, a girl who plays drums and is looking for a new guitarist for her band.
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Sometimes it is not necessarily a pie that falls from the sky, it may also be a "dream". The protagonist, who was reaching the lowest point of his life, fortuitously receives an Artificial Intelligence robot that claims to assist people in realising their dreams. Can the protagonist change his fate successfully?
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The story begins with a beautiful girl, her perfectly fake smile, and the people who love her selfishly for it.

What transpires behind the scenes of the glittering showbiz industry? How far would you go for the sake of your beloved idol? What would you do if you found out reincarnation was real? The star of the show is Aquamarine Hoshino and the stage is but a mere facade. Will he manage to reach the climax before the world of glamour swallows him whole?




  • Nominated for the 14th annual Manga Taisho awards.
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    Shiori was once a guitarist in a light music club in high school. But her first live performance was dashed when her brother ran away from home with a lot of debt, to become a musician in Tokyo.

    A decade later, Shiori is now a high school teacher, leading a boring, uneventful life and paying off the debt... till she runs into the ghost of none other than a famous guitarist Jim-you-know-who.

    A story of a 27-year-old woman on her way to a music legend begins here.
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    Famous idol Jin Lingfeng is said to have it all - the looks, the smarts, and the success - that is, until it's revealed he's actually a complete idiot who managed to get a perfect zero points on his test during high school. Now he has been sent back to Green University to improve his image, under the threat of being fired if he doesn't score 90 points or above on each subsequent test. And taking on the role of his remedial studies tutor is none other than the top student on campus and a bookworm who is completely out of touch with pop culture, Lin Fan! With their stubborn personalities and well-known statuses at their university, how will their daily lives go from here?
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    Seth and his bandmates are supposed to perform on the pub's prime time, every saturday night. Sadly, the slot is always taken by Darren, a solo guitarist and vocalist who, Seth can’t help but to admit, is really hot. This starts their beef, but somehow along the way, they start to enjoy each other's company more than they think they would at first.
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    A high school 3rd year student, Miyamoto Dai, whose heart was touched by Jazz, continued to play the Saxophone alone in Kawahara, rain or shine, day or night, for many years. "I want to become the world's best Saxophone player...!!" Effort, talent, faith, environment, luck...which are necessary? A tale of reaching towards his goal recklessly and sincerely begins in Hirosegawa, Sendai.

    Was nominated for the 8th and 9th Manga Taisho Award. Won the 62nd Shogakukan Manga Award for general manga. Won the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival's Grand Prize for Manga.
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    "It's stuck deep inside me and I can't get it out of my head. Mafuyu's voice is an insane and dangerous weapon. That day, I started to feel that playing the guitar and playing basketball – both of which I liked very much previously – were becoming boring."

    Uenoyama meets Mafuyu, who's holding onto a broken guitar. The moment Uenoyama finishes fixing the guitar, Mafuyu becomes completely attached to him. However, hearing Mafuyu's song by chance leaves a deep impression on Uenoyama.
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    A small and cute 4-koma manga serialization of ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream!
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    Tough luck for Sayo, who was suddenly presented with the sight of her boyfriend cheating on her while at work. Thereafter, her boss forces a close coverage program on her, but the composer, Kobuchi Chizuru, outright rejects her! However, he will agree to do the program if Sayo agrees to be his contract lover?! An eccentric composer who doesn’t know what love is x a really unlucky girl at both her job and love life, a heart-racing lovers’ contract!

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    A young Tetsuou watched a performance by Giovanni Bazonni and was inspired to become a master cellist. But he knows that living as he is in an out-of-the-way Japanese island means his musical aspirations are unlikely to be realized.

    One day, a boy named Ikumi comes to stay at Tetsuou's place. Ikumi is the sole survivor of an accident at sea, wherein he saved himself by swimming out to Tetsuou's island.

    But he makes a surprising claim: he says he found his way to safety by following the sound of beautiful cello music, and is convinced that the player was Tetsuou.
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    She, the prodigious girl that stood at the pinnacle of the Global Martial Arts Competition, won the championship for five consecutive years, dominated the arena, and was dubbed the undefeatable king! He, a top tier superstar born into a wealthy family, possessed transcending beauty, was cold and black bellied, and had countless fans. When she accidentally reincarnated, as his fiancée, a sky full of blackmail material from trivial white formicas flying around, facing a world full of black fans, Lin Fan laughed coldly: If the whole world dissed her, then she’ll make the whole world tremble! Even if the wind blows against her, she would never back down!

    tl/n: white formicas(白富美)are slang for women who have fair skin, are financially capable, and are beautiful
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    An online comic by the genius that created the highly successful "This Gorilla Will Die In 1 Day" series, and some other series called Tokyo Ghoul, Ishida Sui.
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    Just before the completion of the Academy City space elevator "Endymion", the main characters Kamijou Touma and Index encounter a level 0 girl named Arisa. The Magicians are after Arisa, and they attack Academy City. A female leader named Shattoaura leads a unit from Academy City against the attack. Kamijou and Index learn from Stiyl that Arisa is key to a brewing war between the sides of Magic and Science. When science and magic cross paths, the story begins with Endymion as its stage!

    Russian / Русский:
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    When their high school's pop-music club is about to be disbanded due to lack of interest, four girls step up to fill the membership quota. Unfortunately, lead guitarist Yui Hirasawa has never played an instrument in her life. Ever. And although she likes the idea of being in a band, standing in front of the mirror posing with her guitar is a lot easier than actually playing it. It's gonna be a while before this motley crew is rocking out, but with their spunk and determination cranked to 11, anything is possible!
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    The cold and aloof company president only had one goal: attack the new singer Yu Nian on Weibo and become his number one anti-fan! A few months later, he announced, "We're together."

    Anti-fans: ...?!
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    Tatara Tani is an average high school first year, both in terms of grades and athleticism. He has two childhood friends that attend his school, and they're twins! The elder sister Ranko is a flashy gal, while the younger sister Yuriko is a popular idol. They had slowly become distant from Tatara, but even so he always secretly held a crush for Yuriko. One day, Yuriko suddenly asked him out on a date. This date was the beginning of a secret relationship between the twins and him!

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    One of the manga adaptations of Hypnosis Mic, The Dirty Dawg tells the story of the original four main characters.

    Evil Line Records is responsible for the original work, while Yuichiro Momose is the franchise's scenario writer.
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    Manga adaptation of the divisions from Hypnosis Microphone, Buster Bros!!! and MAD TRIGGER CREW.

    Evil Line Records is responsible for the original work, while Yuichiro Momose is the franchise's scenario writer.
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    Manga adaptation of the divisions from Hypnosis Microphone, Fling Posse and Matenrou.

    Evil Line Records is responsible for the original work, while Yuichiro Momose is the franchise's scenario writer.
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    A girl is obsessed with her favorite idol, a minor member of a less popular group, enough that she says she'd die to see her play at Budoukan.
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    Jumonji sits next to a rapper girl who is also anti-social... what will they do to realize her dream of becoming a real rapper?

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    The original Bang Dream story before everything was redone. The characters personalities here are completely different to the characters we know now.
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    Web 4-koma done by Aiai (アイアイ)
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    How certain were you that it wasn’t a dream? Was there a certain moment where you’d think ‘Ah, deja vu’. This happened to the MC who met a senior from his dreams, even though their graduation tore them apart... They met again via teleportation?! Just what is happening? How are they able to teleport and switch places?!
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    Rembrary, the deputy of God loved by all and the holy high priest.
    When I woke up while fighting against the Demon King who invaded my world, I woke up as an underrated idol in Korea..!

    Will he be able to safely adjust to the idol life and return to his original world?
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    Yue Yang, a quien el medico le habia dicho que ya no podia escuchar, una noche, en el parque de diversiones, escucho a un ''principe'' tocando el violin, de ahi se embarco en la busqueda del ''principe''
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    The continuation of Kuuden Noise no Himegimi.

    Hosaka Mao, an incredible guitarist currently in high school, has joined Altago, a rock band aiming to go pro. Mao's classmate & best friend Hasekura Yokiko has a spectacular singing voice but doesn't want to join the band as she doesn't like standing out. The newly revived Altago's first live performance was a disaster, but things have since calmed down as the band prepares for their next live show.


    ["Kuuden Noise no Himegimi" was originally serialised in Monthly Birz, a magazine that suspended operations in 2018. Chapters 1-21 were released in three volumes with Birz Comics. Another magazine, Evening, then picked up the series and the story continued from where it left off (albeit with the new name "Kuuden no Himegimi"). The first volume of "Kuuden no Himegimi" (thus technically the fourth volume in the series) was released in 2019.]

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