These manga are all about the appreciation or performance of music, no matter the genre, or the skill level any musicians involved. Music lives in the soul of these characters!
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Sakuma Yukari decided to start a band on her own after seeing a certain band during the Sakura High School festival, then with her best friend Shimizu Kaede, they want to join the Light Music Club only to discover that in their school there isn't a club like that. With help from Sawabe Maho, they discover there is a Light Music Appreciation Society with only one member, Satou Riko.
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The new stars of the era have risen!! This new era of J-POP starts with Honey Come Chatka!!

A girl born to be a diva, Sachi!
A perfect dancer with a body to match, Tayo!
An unrivaled genius on the turntable, DJ Copy and Paste!
Their biggest fans, Chakapi and Calimero!

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It's stuck deep inside me and I can't get it out of my head. Mafuyu's voice is an insane and dangerous weapon.

That day, I started to feel that playing the guitar and playing basketball – both of which I liked very much previously – was becoming boring.

Uenoyama meets Mafuyu, who's holding onto a broken guitar. The moment Uenoyama finishes fixing the guitar, Mafuyu becomes completely attached to him. However, hearing Mafuyu's song by chance leaves a deep impression on Uenoyama.
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Okano Hajime is an ordinary - or maybe below ordinary - girl who was forced to take care everything in the family since she was young, because her family was very poor. Hajime had five younger brothers, who were quintuplets, and they were scouted by a music company. Thus, the realistic yet dreamy older sister had to try harder to watch over her restless brothers and to pursue her own idol, who was in the very same company.
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After the end of the Vajra war in 2059 AD , a mysterious "Var Syndrome" suddenly appeared in various parts of the Galaxy, afflicting life forms, even gargantuan Unamushi (Eel bug) native to the planet Pipre. Result of research revealed that people who posses a special singing voice is expected to have the ability to calm the Var. Interplanetary Civilian Military Contractor: Xaos, chose the trio of female idol group "Thrones" - the candidate to start the demonstration test of the power of song: "Project Thrones". Valkyrie unit of the Xaos Pipre branch: "Echo squadron" will escort Thrones, and the novice pilot Kinjou Kaito will be ecstatic when escorting Pirika Polywanov. Kaito, knowing the sorrows and passion behind Pirika's unfriendliness, inspired him to "change" to the man who protects Pirika.
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"When I woke up this morning there was a beautiful girl, but that was... me!?" - Idol Otaku Aisaka Yousuke wakes up one morning and realizes he's now a beautiful girl named Aisaka Yoko. Now with his new appearance and his great Idol knowledge, he will attempt to become the number one idol.
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To fulfill the dream her father could not of winning the FUTURE WORLD FES, the lone songstress Minato Yukina sought to assemble a band.
From the rhythm game BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!, the story of the goth J-rock band, Roselia, is rendered in comic form by Dokuta Pepperco!
Una historia acerca de una diva solitaria, Yukina Minato, que decide formar una banda e ir al "FUTURE WORLD FEST." para llenar el remordimiento de su padre.
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In middle school, Ichinose Kimitaka taught his friends how to play basketball. Despite his experience with the sport, his friends quickly outmatched him in skill. After an incident brought on by his frustration and jealousy, he was crushed to overhear those same 'friends' discussing how they wished he'd just kill himself.

On his way to toss out his special basketball shoes, he met a girl who was just as frustrated, throwing her own dancing shoes away. She was so tall, and her hands and feet are so large, that she had been rejected from her chosen hobby of Spanish dancing. He urged her to give basketball a try, and the two exchanged their shoes instead of throwing them away.

As he enters high school, Kimitaka learns that meeting him changed that girl's life for the better, and she is now a happy, social basketball player. Will Kimitaka be able to find the courage to make new friends and pursue his own talents?
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The fun, lively days of the Chibi Garupa cast, brought to you by a wonderful group of creators!

Anthology release date: 2019/03/14
"Let's Work Your Body" by Tamekichi released as one-shot in magazine Gekkan Bushiroad 2019/02 (Chapter 19 in tankoubon)
"Chocolate Cornets Are Terrifying" by Kazawa Yohei released as one-shot in magazine Gekkan Bushiroad 2019/03 (Chapter 3 in tankoubon)
"Let's Try Doing a Cosplay Live!" by Mattaku Mosuke released as one-shot in magazine Gekkan Bushiroad 2019/04 (Chapter 4 in tankoubon)

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Kanna works at a classical music office. She has never felt strongly about anything and her relationships with men never go well. However, the moment she hears the pianist Narisawa Gai play Rachmaninoff’s Sonata, she experiences intense feelings for the first time. Influenced by this, she embraces Gai while he’s playing piano! A classic love between a music manager and a genius pianist starts now!
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Aono Hajime was a prodigy violinist until he grew jaded with playing the violin due to personal reasons. Now in his third year of middle school, he struggles to decide his academic path. One day in school, he meets Akine Ritsuko, a hotheaded novice violinist who wants to enroll in a high school with a distinguished orchestra club. When he finds himself getting closer to Ritsuko and being brought back to the world of violinists, time starts moving again for him.

This is the beginning of a youthful drama where sounds and hearts alike resound in harmony.
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Provoked by sarcasm from a perverted maestro, the troubled writer is being exploited unexpectedly...
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Shin Jaemin who lacks self-confidence and is much more timid than his peers, spends his middle school days being bullied by his classmates. If there’s any hope, it’s the new and fresh Idol group 'ROSE'. On the day of high school’s entrance, the freshman representative shows up in front of an exhausted Jaemin, who spent the previous day watching Rose’s performance videos.
That representative is 'Yu Do-Yeong', one of his favorite Rose members. And they'll involve Jae-min in very 'special' fate.
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Gilbert Lorenz knows that he will never be able to obtain the heart of an emotionless man like Sudou Kouichi. Ever since he was a child, he was loved for nothing but his music; it was as if it triggered a myseterious passion in people's hearts. At Kouichi's request, Gilbert decides once again to play the violin which he had long since given up, unable to refuse the request of the man he loves. But after hearing the sound of Elysion, Kouichi is enraptured by Gilbert's music, so much that he not only wants to dominate Gilbert's heart, but his very being...
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Piyohiko has a dream: He wants to be a succesfull guitar-player. Then this guy Jaguar shows up, and coaxes him into playing the 'recorder'. Thus ending Piyohiko's noble dream.
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After being accepted by the Melite Conservatory of Music, Taki Ren, travels all the way to the City of Music, Vienna, to fulfill her dream of becoming a composer. However, there's one problem: Melite is an all-boy's school! Her classmates are all musical geniuses, but they also come with problems!
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"It's so obvious that we can listen music for free, but all music losing its value. ─"

The near future. Drinking into the wave of progressive data conversion and flattening, digital music has been losing value, On the other hand, "live artists" expressing realistic music were reevaluated and became the admiration of many people.

Revolution to Live, Known as "LiveRevolt". In such a world, Girls struggle to win peaks at the live artist training school "Kanadegaoka Girls School". This is a story of the girls who aimed at the top of the live artists and fought with songs as the sword.
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A story about RAISE A SUILEN that is not seen in Bang Dream's Anime 2nd Season!
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This manga based on the ever popular AKB48 group.

This series is about a guy called Urayama Minoru crossdressing as a girl to participate in a female idol group audition (AKB48). The main objective is to help the girl he likes, Yoshinaga Hiroko, pass the audition. Yoshinaga Hiroko's dream is to become like her favourite idol who is in the AKB48 group. This audition happens to be her final try, so Minoru crossdresses as Urakawa Minori and takes part in the audition to make sure she realizes her dream. Hiroko got qualified eventually, however, the shocking news was Minoru was qualified as well. Thus, the road to becoming a female idol begins...
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Usa Ayano is a middle-school girl who is kinda-sorta bad at physical activities. One day at gym class, she sees another girl in her grade, Hoshihara Chika, a transfer student who muddles through the dancing lesson like she couldn't care less.

Ayano, intrigued by how mysterious Chika is, tries to approach the new girl, but gets pushed away. That is until she later discovers Chika's secret...

Uran of the "Mujaki no Rakuen" fame brings you a story bringing together youth, JCs and dancing!

Usa Ayano es una chica de secundaria que es bastante mala en actividades físicas. Un día en la clase de gimnasia, ella ve a otra niña en su grado, Hoshihara Chika, una estudiante transferida que se mete en la clase de baile como si no le importara.

Ayano, intrigada por lo misteriosa que es Chika, intenta acercarse a la nueva chica, pero se aleja. Eso es hasta que más tarde descubre el secreto de Chika ...

  • Author's Twitter: @ura_kan (potentially NSFW)
  • Author's official website: Blog (potentially NSFW)
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    A high school 3rd year student, Miyamoto Dai, whose heart was touched by Jazz, continued to play the Saxophone alone in Kawahara, rain or shine, day or night, for many years. "I want to become the world's best Saxophone player...!!" Effort, talent, faith, environment, luck...which are necessary? A tale of reaching towards his goal recklessly and sincerely begins in Hirosegawa, Sendai.

    Was nominated for the 8th and 9th Manga Taisho Award. Won the 62nd Shogakukan Manga Award for general manga. Won the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival's Grand Prize for Manga.
    Official website:
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    A compilation of one-shots about Hatsune Miku by Shirayuki Towa.
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    Due to the second marriage of her mother, lively high-school student Amamiya Matsuri becomes the younger sister of the super popular idol group of triplets "Terzetto"! Star celebrities for stepbrothers?! A forbidden secret love with a perfect prince ★
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    This is the tale of the members of a Beatles cover band who find themselves transported back in time to 1961
    -before anyone had ever heard of the Beatles-
    and decide to take the mantle of the world's greatest rock band for themselves!
    But will they dare to pursue this dream until the end ?
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    The one-shot tells a story about the late Kenji Endō, the real-life musician that was the inspiration for Kenji from 20th Century Boys!
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    A tranquil tale about two boys from very different upbringings. On one hand you have Kai, born as the son of a prostitute, who's been playing the abandoned piano in the forest near his home ever since he was young. And on the other you have Syuhei, practically breast-fed by the piano as the son of a family of prestigious pianists. Yet it is their common bond with the piano that eventually intertwines their paths in life.

    Piano no Mori won a Grand Prize from 2008 [12th] Japan Media Arts Festival.
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    I have something I don't want to lose. So much so that these terrible feelings have grown. A pianist who attempted suicide 3 times, Juri, is taken to help her aunt at a prison where murderers who killed indiscriminately are sentenced to death. There, she meets a man named Yuu who took the lives of 3 people. A mother's antagonism--a brother's death... Together they embrace the violent rebellion in their hearts caused by the large, deep scars they carry. However, before long, they both embrace an earnest hope in their hearts. "I want to live"...

    An adaptation of a novel by South Korea's most popular female novelist, Gong Ji-Young.
    Bereits zum dritten Mal hat Juri versucht sich das Leben zu nehmen. Ihre Tante bietet ihr nun an, sie bei ihren Besuchen von zum Tode Verurteilten zu begleiten und so einer weiteren Therapie zu entgehen, an deren Nutzen sie inzwischen stark zweifelt. Im Gefängnis trifft sie auf Yuu, der drei Leute ermordet hat und dafür nun seit Jahren auf seine Hinrichtung wartet. Beide haben ihr Leben schon aufgegeben, zu tief sind die Narben der Vergangenheit, doch dieses zufällige Zusammentreffen verändert sie und pflanzt den Keim der Hoffnung in ihre Herzen. Eine Adaption des Romans „Urideul-ui haengbok-han shigan“, international unter dem Titel „Maundy Thursday“ bekannt, der in ihrem Land äußerst populären Südkoreanerin Gong Ji-young.
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    Gotou Hitori is a high school girl who starting learning to playing the guitar because she dreams of being in a band, but she's so shy that she hasn't made a single friend. However, her dream might come true after she meets Ijichi Nijika, a girl who plays drums and is looking for a new guitarist for her band.
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    A collection of oneshots:

    1. Kamisama no Sonata
    A lonely ghost finds another deeply tortured soul with her love for the violin. Despite the years separating them, they both know the pain of being different which causes their bond to become stronger. But is there a happy ending for someone living and a ghost?

    2. Mahoroba no Yobigoe
    A boy she always knew from afar is about to be crushed by the train before her very eyes, but not before he looks directly at her, causing Maomi to drift and land... 2000 years into the past! Historical references to Yamataikoku and Queen Himiko.

    3. Ipaasha
    A playboy prince of a small country needs to win over a frivolous princess of a successful kingdom for the sake of his country. What he didn't expect was his feelings for the princess's timid maid. What will happen when the princess finds out about them? Will the prince forsake his country all for his forbidden love?

    4. Taiyou mo Wasure Sasete
    Saho fall in love with the chairman of a gardening club - Togusa Shui, and now she has to work hard to get his attention.
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    Manga adaptation of the anime series.

    Green Leaves Entertainment is a tiny production company on the verge of going out of business in Sendai, the biggest city in Japan's northeastern Tohoku region. The agency once managed the careers of magicians, photo idols, fortune-tellers, and other entertainers, but its last remaining client finally quit. In danger of having zero talent (literally), the president Tange hatches an idea of producing an idol group. On the brash president's orders, the dissatisfied manager Matsuda heads out to scout raw talent. Matsuda makes a fateful encounter with a certain girl...
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    A spin-off of baseball series Diamond no Ace.
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    Yui, Mio, Ritsu, and Tsumugi embark on their college adventures! It will take some time for the girls to get used to life away from their families and adjust to the pace of college life, but there's one aspect of their new situation that there's no uncertainty about-joining the pop music club! But they aren't the only high school band making their debut on the college scene. Is Afterschool Tea Time ready to perform alongside the hard-rocking rhythms of The Girlz?!
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    Morimura Yuuki, concertmaster at Fujimi Citizens Orchestra, loves music and his small, amateurish, but tight-knit group at Fujimi. His world is shaken up when a brilliant, new conductor, Tounoin Kei, is recruited to breathe life into their music and orchestra. Yuuki feels Tounoin's high demands will do nothing but chase away the members, but when he draws more from them than they ever thought possible, Yuuki reconsiders his own motives for staying at Fujimi. Obviously, the newcomer Tounoin understands Fujimi more than Yuuki ever did and even has the girl that Yuuki's been in love with for the past three years, at his feet. Nursing a wounded pride Yuuki resigns from Fujimi, but Tounoin has other ideas...
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    1) Tenshi no Heart Rhythm
    Even though three years have passed since Satsuki last saw his former neighbor Naoiki, Satsuki never forgot him. Now that Naoiki's boy band is popular, Satsuki's feelings of love are rekindled, and he resolves to see him again. A sweet Christmas related story.

    2) Tenshi no Heart Rhythm
    Satsuki has his first sleepover with Naoiki, and more of their past is revealed.

    3) Tenshi no Heart Rhythm
    The story of Satsuki and Naoiki concludes as they become closer, unsure of how the outside world will handle their relationship.

    4) I really love you, please hold me!
    Miki married Yae and adopted Nana as his son. Now that Yae's dead, father and son have only become closer.

    5) Sweet Home
    What do you do when your sex friend tells you that he has to leave the country due to his father's poor business decisions? Offer to buy him, of course!

    6) Bird
    Kotori suffers horrific abuse at the hands of his father, yet he stays out of familial loyalty. He finds refuge with his new neighbor, Hitoshi, who shelters and feeds him – but at a price. Anger and jealousy ultimately lead to tragedy.

    7) Free Bird
    Now that Kotori is free, he is able to be with Hitoshi all the time. He soon learns, however, that Hitoshi has secrets of his own.
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    Similar to the TV Anime, HIkari and Karen watched "Starlight" when they were young and promised to stand on the same stage in the future... Karen, although a sleepyhead, continues to study the path of the Stage Girl everyday! However, due to her tardiness, the selected students were subjected to the 'Legendary Training' that would make them into 'Top Stars'...? And soon... they will all be singing, dancing and taking from one another by following the mysterious audition started by Souda-sensei and... a Giraffe!?
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    Miya Nekoma made a bold high school debut in an attempt to change from her once "infamously" boring self. As a part of the change, she decided to join the school's Light Music Club, but on her way to sign up she is intercepted by the energetic shakuhachi flute player Hiyo Takemi who introduces her to the world of Wagakki, or traditional Japanese instruments. After the two attend a concert from one of Japan's leading traditional/modern fusion bands, Miya becomes enamored with the Tsugaru-shamisen, a three stringed lute.

    With Hiyo by her side, Miya delves into the world of traditional Japanese music as new acquaintances and friends help to make her dream of sharing the sound she loves a reality.
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    Yohei is in the Woodwinds Orchestra at his high school where he plays the clarinet as one of the few boys in the group. The president of the group is Azumi who also happens to be Yohei's first girlfriend. Azumi has never had a boyfriend before and the couple has many awkward moments as their relationship is still fresh. With both Yohei and Azumi acting a little shy with each other, being intimate is difficult but their love for each other makes them braver.

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