Horror manga create an atmosphere of unease. Like Mystery manga, they encourage viewers to learn more about their world... but there may be secrets that are better left unexplored. Through eerie music and sounds, visceral or disturbing imagery, or startling moments, works of Horror make you worry about what gruesome thing is coming next. (Source: Anime-Planet)
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Flora just moved to an old house, but there's already a creepy cat living there.
That's when their mysterious cohabitation began.
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Makoto is in love with his childhood friend Ai. However, every night he is plagued with a strange dream where there is a station he does not know, the curtain to a chilling suspense story of love and survival opens.

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From an early age, Xu Shenze would often get caught up in the same strange dream. Over time, the dark shadow that the dream cast over his life grew, until, one day, the shadow became real, and suddenly Xu Shenze's life as he knew it was completely torn to shreds. His parents suddenly meet a gruesome end, and all sorts of other strange and disturbing events kept on happening to him. Alone and afraid, when he hears about a supposed "dream town", he decides to go there to look for answers. In the town that is called both the "Holy Land" and "Purgatory" by its residents, what sort of terrible truths are waiting for Xu Shenze?
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Alice Fujii still isn't having much fun. She survived an assault of psychotic bug-themed assassins at her school, but all the battles, the truth behind her family, the two betrayals from false friends who ended up dead and the loss of her Kumoito knife-gun took a toll on her mental state. As such, she spends her days alone splitting open the heads of the rapist zombies who overran Japan since the aforementioned incident. The Organization wants to hire her as their new Boss, and elsewhere her allies Gokiburi and Kabutomushi are looking for her. What will become of all this?

French / Français
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Fudou Jun is a highschool teacher and takes a trip with a group of students. While there, a group of martial artists staying nearby take a strange interest in the girls.
These men are actually demons and after changing into their true form break into the cabin to rape the girls. One gets Jun and violates her.
She feels her soul being torn apart and transforms into Devilman Lady. With newfound powers and strength she kills all the demons and protects the girls from any further harm.
What are these demons and why did she turn into a hybrid of one? What does this mean for her and for the rest of humanity?
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After losing his wife and daughter in a horrific accident, Yun-Jae finds himself stuck in his routine until he receives a diary from his future self. “I can see… my wife and daughter again?” Through winning the “games” in the “parallel world,” one will receive a “prize,” and using this, he could revive his dead family… but out of all the survivors of this cruel world, Yun-Jae is the only one with the knowledge of the future. Will he be able to turn his greatest wish into reality?

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Something strange is going on in "Soil New Town." The sudden disappearance of a seemingly normal family leads the two detectives Yokoi and Onoda to the idyllic town in the middle of nowhere. What looks like a routine case at first quickly turns into a complex and deadly riddle where nothing is what it seems to be. Will the two desperate investigators manage to solve the mystery before it's too late?
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Igarashi Tohru, a college student, took a 6-month part-time job in a child care facility located deep within the mountains to take care of children for 3 million yen. However, in this remote area, sin runs deep in the work to be done.
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The struggle for survival between humanity and Parasites continues unceasingly around the world. Unfolding in the shadow of the legends of Shinichi and Migi, another battle for existence is revealed. Fukami, a veteran detective, investigates a brutal mass murder, and is unsettled by the composure of the informant: high school student Tatsuki. The source of that discomfort lies within Tatsuki's family...
The tale on the other side of the ageless masterpiece "Parasyte" begins here!
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The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization documented by the web-based collaborative fiction project of the same name. In universe, the SCP Foundation is responsible for locating and containing individuals, entities, locations, and objects that violate natural law (referred to as SCPs).

This manga summarizes the reports of the SCPs currently under the Foundation.

Based on the SCP Foundation
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A group of scattered people who were friends in high school start getting killed one by one, and danger soon follows the heroine, Kumi Aihara, as she starts suspecting that one of them could be the murderer.
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After a few years, the main character, Jinguu Masato, returns home. Due to his nature, he loves animals and he also likes to visit them. Because of this, he loved to visit the zoo since he was small and that's how he developed a close relationship with Hanayo. However, Masato gradually starts to notice some strange incidents happening in the zoo and after that, he's thrown into this unexpected world...
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dahulu seluruh dunia hidup dengan damai
namun semuanya berubah
saat bom nuklir dijatuhkan.
Hanya JK yang mampu mengendalikan
elemen cahaya yang dapat
Namun saat dunia membutuhkannya
dia menghilang

Seratus tahun kemudian
aku dan senpaiku menemukan
seorang JK muda yang baru
Seorang pengendali cahaya bernama Shion
Walaupun ilmu pengedalian
cahayaanya sangat bagus,
namun dia masih butuh banyak waktu
untuk bisa menguasai semuanya,
Tapi aku yakin,
Shion dapat menyelamatkan dunia
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The sharp strokes of plain words tell you about the horror stories that are within our reach, and the most unique stories from Chinese folk customs bring you an immersive reading experience. There are no cool pictures, no gorgeous rhetoric, only the real, mysterious human nature of those unknown worlds... Follow the steps of Sanlaoye to bring you into this world.
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A young priestess has formed her first adventuring party, but almost immediately they find themselves in distress. Luckily for her, the Goblin Slayer chose that place as his next killing grounds--a man who's dedicated his life to the extermination of all goblins, by any means necessary. And when rumors of his feats begin to circulate, there's no telling who might come calling next.

Portuguese / Português:
Uma sacerdotisa formou seu primeiro grupo de aventureiros, mas, quase imediatamente se encontram em apuros pelos goblins. E o Goblin Slayer é quem vem ao resgate – um homem que tem dedicado sua vida a exterminação de todos os goblins, através de qualquer meio necessário.

There are currently no English scanlations of this manga. The chapters on the net are the official YenPress chapters. As long as they (YenPress' chapters) are in publication they are not allowed on MangaDex.
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Yuu is a boy with very bad luck. There are countless incidents where people are held hostage, blackmailed, or involved in traffic accidents all in the span of a week or month. Such a incident occurs when Yuu gets kidnapped, as per usual, on his way to transfer into another school. The lizardmen, bring Yuu with them into the underground aqueducts. Yuu is scared and desperate to escape, but then a girl appears to save him. The girl is a non-human cat girl who can control the power of electricity and she tries to rescue Yuu, but then an incident occurs! The appearance of a very dangerous and troublesome enemy, known as "Makatsuhi" (マカツヒ), which is a monster that'll attack and kill anyone! Yuu tries to escape when the girl goes to fight the Makatsuhi alone, but then he steels his resolve and goes to try to save her, and after this encounter his life changes...

A battle manga with flashy superpowers, a gift for all!!
Featuring battles with the "Makatsuhi," the most terrifying kind of villain, that will leave you breathless!
Using new powers and constantly in opposition, the adventures of our handsome and cute heroes will keep your heart beating fast!
Publication of Kemono Giga is going on 2 years strong!
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A mysterious mansion has towered proudly over the Tokyo district of Numanakarai since the Taisho period. Those who enter either never escape, or leave having experienced horrors untold, and with the desire to take revenge.

The latest work from seasoned author Kazuhiro Fujita (Ushio to Tora, Karakuri Circus), a modern action/horror adventure.

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    Meet Asahi, a female college student possessed by a vengeful spirit without any of his memories among the living! This is the struggle of the two of them searching for his missing memories, a new-age über-stylish ghost battle manga!
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    Este protagonista, el más demónicamente fuerte exorcista. Akira exorcista de clase-S enviado de Alemania para investigar un suceso paranormal ocurrido en cierta ciudad de Japón. Dispára a las criaturas de otros mundos con tu compañero el precioso exorcista Chikage.
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    "Is this a dream or a miracle?"

    A plain and inconspicuous girl, Mari Jingyouji, was confessed to by Shiger Hanamizuki, the most popular boy in the class, after she saved him from dying in a car accident. But there is a reason why Mari is not happy. That's because, her family are all "○○○"... ... .
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    The protagonist finds himself adrift on an uninhabited island, where a mysterious family appears before him.

    🇫🇷 French/Français:
    Le protagonist se retrouve à la dérive sur une île inhabitée, où une famille s’appairaît devant lui.

    From the author of Bastard and Sweet Home
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    “R“ or rather Room 402 is the room where our illustrious female main character lives. One day which seems to be by mere coincidence her fate intertwines with that of Sasamoto, a savvy man who seems to be down in the dumps. That is until he picks up a trinket which fell from her nether regions. Prepare yourself for a story of sexual psychological horror as Sasamoto enters into a brave new world.
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    A group of high school students were spending their peaceful days freely until they have been chosen as the participants of the game where everyone is being hypnotized until they commit suicide. No one is safe from a sudden death, so what will they do to avoid their fates?
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    Qi Leren unfortunately got a black screen when he cleared the first BE ending in "Nightmare Game". On the way on the bus to repair the computer, the bus collided with a sudden truck, and the injured passengers were taken to the hospital. When he woke up, Qi Leren found out that he was lying in the empty infusion hall, and there was no one to be seen in the huge hospital…
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    Isamu doesn't stand out, and everyone calls him a "side character" behind his back. Even his passion for running doesn't get him anywhere on the track team, so he spends his nights languishing at a low-paying part-time job. It feels like everything he's holding in is going to boil over, but when people start getting infected with a mysterious illness that turns them into monsters when sexually aroused, he will have to learn how to control the urges he has pent up inside in order to survive.
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    The "dark action" story will take place a few years before the events in the original fantasy series. The prequel will center on the title character Akame, a girl bought, brainwashed, and raised by the Empire as an assassin.
    Prequel serii Akame ga Kill, opowiadający o losach Akame przed dołączeniem do Night Raid.
    miau_miau - 3 czerwca 2017
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    Zhao Yifan was transported to an alternative reality after a Zombie Apocalypse occurred. There, the surviving humans gathered together and built the "Academy" as a refuge against the zombies. However, despite the top-notch security of the Academy, it was no safer than the zombie-infested outside world. While at the Academy, Zhao Yifan turned into a mutant with the ability to absorb the powers of other zombies after he was bitten by a variant zombie. In order to protect the people he cares about, Zhao Yifan must use the powers at his disposal to find a way to survive!
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    In a strange city, there is a clinic that will treat the victims of horrific, strange, and mysterious diseases. For a price.

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    The year is 1420. A small village in the Kingdom of Bohemia is wiped out by marauding Crusader knights. A young peasant girl named Šárka is the sole survivor of the massacre. She meets up with Jan Žižka, leader of the Hussite army, and chooses to take up arms...
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    Luna Gardner is a member of the Conspiracy Research Club at her highschool. Every week, the club chooses to investigate a mysterious happening in the somber town of Poppy Valley, where they live.

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    In this game, there are 12 players with 3 werewolves - all from the same school again. There’s a diviner again, along with a new position- the bodyguard, who can protect a player per night against the werewolves. (Sequel to Jinrou Game)
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    Natsuki Subaru has reunited with Emilia after defeating the witch-faith Bishop's "laziness". The two have settled after overcoming a difficult farewell, but a new upheaval awaits them ... The long-awaited comicalization of Chapter 4 of Rezero, which takes place in a mysterious "sanctuary", has started!
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    For centuries the Ougi family has been fighting against the forces of evil under the auspices of their patron deity Karura (the Japanese Buddhist derivation of the Hindu Garuda). But when twins are born in the 38th generation, the hereditary powers are divided between them. Shouko has the spiritual abilities of the "Scroll of Heaven" and Maiko the physical powers of the "Scroll of Earth." Their personalities are just as different, but by joining together they can face any evil.
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    The Yoshinomiya Municipal High School 2nd year students embarked on what they'd hoped was an educational trip with their friends and away from family but it was not meant to be... Their ship was hit by unexpected rough seas and crashed on a strange island! The surviving students are trying to understand what happened but soon they realize they are not alone on this island and the locals don't appear to be very friendly to strangers!!!
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    Strange murders are happening in Tokyo. Due to liquid evidence at the scene, the police conclude the attacks are the results of 'eater' type ghouls. College buddies Kaneki and Hide come up with the idea that ghouls are imitating humans so that's why they haven't ever seen one. Little did they know that their theory may very well become reality.
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    After a heavy downpour, the whole city became flooded. The fish went through a mutation, its intelligence became closer and closer to human...facing off these evolved fish, will we survive?
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    Une vague soudaine de zombies a tout balayé. Calvin a eu la chance d'échapper à la catastrophe. Nature humaine, vie, avenir, tout s'écroule. Calvin parviendra t-il à survivre dans ce monde devenu hostile ?

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