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Japan’s Ministry of Health Distributes Free Sailor Moon Condoms May_Lily 69 30,028 9 days ago by deerafl
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Tsutomu Takahashi (Jiraishin, Alive) will start a musician manga series in the upcoming Big Comic Zoukan issue 6/2020 out next May 16 titled "Guitar Shop Rosie" indi_n0rd 1 52 9 days ago by indi_n0rd
A new update has mentioned that 5Toubun No Hanayome season 2 will premier in October and Bibury Animation Studio will be producing it indi_n0rd 1 72 11 days ago by indi_n0rd
Urasekai Picnic is getting a major announcement in Shonen Gangan issue 4/2020 indi_n0rd 5 131 12 days ago by AgentKuga
Viz has announced Chainsaw Man license coming this Fall indi_n0rd 1 51 12 days ago by indi_n0rd
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