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Ch. 59 - A Wish and the God of Death
Wtf !? "If she were here" ??? Really dude ? The only time that I think that the fairy made something that was not absolutely detrimental for the MC was during one fight and it didn't even help that much. Anyway I hope it becomes just another pet that ends up forgotten while MC go get a new pet
the reward for the fairy quest was to nerf their fairies

beginning to think this comic isn't good
seriously? author decided to make Yun waste her wishes on that good for nothing annoying fairy??!

Yeahhhhhh....she's really shit. Like its one thing being a prankster. Annoying in the moment but it can be fun. Its another when the pranks include MURDERING you by pulling extra mobs and not participating in the current fight to do it. Or not acting up while you gather up rare materials but then wasting all of them all at once a couple minutes from the completion of what you were trying to make wasting what could be days of effort gathering for this or that you can't gather again for some days. (Its notable she NEVER fucked with something like minor potions. She only screwed up the potion her master really wanted to make and required materials she couldn't immediately replace.) If the ONLY way you can get the prankster to be obedient for more then 5 minutes is by threatening them with inescapable imprisonment or death there is something seriously wrong. Add in that all the other crafters got fairies beneficial for their craft while hers instead causes massive damages to her income at random......she should be rightfully pissed. For that matter her 'if you were here' bit if she followed that through for about 5 seconds more it'd be the fairy showing up and shooting him in the face.....then dying or just watching her die because it'd have functionally no effect like the dozen bombs.

There were plenty of good fairies with the only shown bad ones being hers and the guy's who caused him to waste his wish. (Though given the guy....might have just been that the two had very low affection for each other more then the fairy just always being belligerent.) I'd have quite enjoyed most the other crafters fairies in different ways, though I think I'd prefer something like a earth elemental fairy (my preferred element) and for her even it'd have been beneficial if it could help take care of plants.
Whooaa. Shit-bomb. That's nasty.
> not wasting rare items
> literally wasting rare and unique items when fighting white mobs (to self-revive for example)
@Zblurth Near as I can tell nothing in SAO actually explicitly stops you from having weapons in both hand slots, and while not shown in SAO itself later games/VR worlds in the series that implement its sword skill systems just let Kirito get away with having swords in both hands and using sword skills with both...but that generally only refers to triggering "one-handed sword" sword skills with either hand, which presumably is only fair for lefties and ambidextrous types; Kirito is sort of abusing the developers' generosity there.

However the dual blades skill of SAO fame comes attached with completely new sword skill animations with their own triggers, attack movements, and intended uses, which essentially makes it a distinct specialized "class" of sorts, or as near as you can get in a game with no class restrictions. Limiting it to a single player in the world is ofc a questionable game design choice (as are a lot of other things about SAO) but I believe it being a separate skill in general is fair.
@Redice yeah that common in Asian story telling, that does not mean that can't piss me off every time
And yeah i totally agree with you about the challenge, but in MH you can go try again just after, you get information the more you fight, collect track of the monster, there you got one shoot and 3 time the death penalty
I would say some story do get the MMO aspect at least in the player interaction, but rarely they do get the video game part
A video game is limited, from the input device to the time you can put in it, and well game design is pretty hard to do

Now most VRMMO remove the limited part of a video game but still keep all the limited game design and limite them even further for story sake (gold award to SOA and the fact you need a dual welding skill to ... use your second hands even VR game at the time already let you use 2 hands)

one good find is "Kono Sekai ga Game da to Ore dake ga Shitteiru" it's not in a MMO (it's isekai btw) and that one of the rare isekai that actually use the video game system more than "YEAH WE GOT LEVEL SO THE MC DO NOT NEED TO LEARN TO DO ANYTHING" (it piss me off so much a skill system in a real world)
Well it use it because it's a niche video game full of bug and with a cult following so it's good pass time to read
the webtoon "RPG" (cool name i know) that is also great when it come to player being ... well player
If anything you can get from your reward feels like a waist of the effort put into getting said reward, that is indeed a truly crappy reward... For the MC the ACTUAL reward was not having the fairy around anymore, and he promptly squandered it away...
Honestly, I kind of like the fairy of mischief:

    1. Free monster aggro means more loot, which also means more material for item creation.
    2. Messing with recipes while mostly negative, does mean there is a small percent chance of getting a rare good item.
    3. The personality is lively and fun, this makes it a lot more enjoyable to play with. This is even more true of you go along with the pranks some.
    4. Its a slice of life game. If everything just goes according to plan then it would be boring. There is a reason the phrase, "Variety is the spice of life" exists.
Wow, so many complaints toward the fairy of mischief. Guess the author/mangaka failed to make her likeable enough before this chapter.
@Dragou This is a game were the NPC's had an AI so advanced that they can interact with the players no matter the situation, move in patters so random that it feels like they have true free will, speak accordingly to what is being said by the players and other NPC's, they are even able to analyze their surroundings and decide how to act based on 'their own wishes' (like picking certain items to change a potion or casting an aggro spell at some random mobs), and what you find odd is that some random Boss spawn in a mid level zone? (something that some MMO's really does) and that the devs were too slow in resolving a problem involving Pk's going too far? (Again, something that many MMO's devs do too some times, even WOW had has those issues). I think logic in game mechanics is the last thing we should ask from this manga.

Well, as you said, you like the story, so let's get what we can of this and let it be.

In another note, I, on the other hand, find it odd that only Jun though about trying to keep his fairy. Many players of MMO's and most games in general are hoarders by nature, at least game wise. If they were given something many will most likely try to keep it or recover it if lost. At least I know I will try to get my fairy back.
Yun, you are a moron. -.-
@Tecroach What have you done? Do you even know why he was sealed to begin? The world is doomed!!!

The fairy is back, I like her too but I hope she stops being a pain so frequently.
@Nep he is annoying to find too if your party already strong enough to beat him XD
In the light novel the prank fairy is more endearing with how annoying she is. Plus there's times when she helps out, albeit in a way that ends up like a slight prank. Also MC just really got attached to watching her eat sweets if I remember correctly.
Okay, but why though. I mean really, this fairy has literally been nothing but a major pain in the ass at best and actively malicious at worst, how do you have ANY positive attachment to her at all?
The last frame.
This smile... Must to protect!
Reminds me of the Grim Reaper in Persona 3 whose sole purpose is to annoy the hell out of you.
@sjmcc13 If it doesnt matter anymore it makes you wonder the whole point of the boss, but ok that is explainable, but yun tried to run away and blocked him and like it appeared he ran quite far and the boss still gave chase. If it has a gimmick, the gimmick should be possible to identify, otherwise it is crap design. Like a dragon with a reverse scale ... that is something people can note as a weakpoint, but if that scale is at the base of the wings on top of a 20m high flying dragon you cant expect the people to see that. The next is that even the best top player dont stand a chance against the reaper and then this boss appears at lower to medium level areas?! Together with 3 day punishment ... REALLY shitty design.

The next is the situation with pker ... even if it is freedom of players, when they go to far for several days, then it is something where devs at least need to say a warning. The start of harassing crafters is 1 point and already borderline but still something where I say ok, but then the mass killing, extortion and taking freedom of other players away (with sleep and so on) is not that far from kidnapping and THEN it is a point where the devs need to react in any form. Like I said at least giving a statement and user even wrote them complaints, but there was never a reaction. It may be solved, but that was only "plot convenience" ... but ok that is something I accept.
Still the devs should have reacted even before that. They had enough time for it.

Then at the end again the Fairy: If my memory serves right, her fairy pulled mobs without any reason, changed receipts that basically caused dmg to items and so on and even "destroyed" with that valuable ressources, is still something that is really bad. Other fairys are not like that. Still there I say that the MC still likes all of that somehow makes him quite the M. But again design wise it is a really strange decision, because it wasnt even mentioned anywhere that he has a another positive point from having her as a fairy. Because everyone can only have one and the others like the sleep fairy are have much better use, it is quite strange. Maybe it would be less bad if it wouldnt do things like the above mentioned things like random pulling mobs.

Dont get me wrong, I somehow like this story even for this flaws and so on, but I will still complain about such big mistakes.
PS: I even really like that the MC is a crafter and not some broken build fighter. Its kind of refreshing.
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