Grade School Student Succubus

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Ch. 6 - About the caretaker
Thanks for the clarification :)
Wasn't sure if there was some language barrier thing.
so I see your series best girl has officially arrived in this chapter? Thank you for another one.
@dule333 That was intentional. All the names are puns of some sort, and Ririsu is no different. Her name is written as ็œŸๅคฎใ€€็†ๅˆฉ็ด  but read as Maou Ririsu.
If you know anything about anime and manga, you should be aware that Maou, when written as ้ญ”็Ž‹, means Demon King. Ririsu is indeed a take on Lility, but with the characters for "reasoning", "benefit" and "one's nature".

Maybe I should have left the kanji in the translation as well.
@YamiryuuZero I think the name of the succubus in this chapter should be Lilith instead of Ririsu, IMO, nice work though :)
Here it is, chapter 6! I don't know about you, guys, but I think I am improving.
I want to study more about tones to make sure weird artifacts don't come up again when exporting the files. Hopefully we'll see a jump in quality for the tones for chapter 7.

Aside from that, a friend of mine taught me about Amazon Shopping Lists and advised me to get my tablet via that, instead of waiting for more supporters to come.
I am not sure about that, though. While that would solve the problem of acquiring the tablet, since some may be fine with a one time donation instead of a subscription, I'm still not sure about having others buy the product for me.

Let me know what you guys think about it. I do want to get better tools so I can improve my art without fighting against the hardware, but I don't think it's fair to ask for donations this early on.

Update: This week is being a busy one for me, so i haven't been able to start chapter 7 yet. I drew this when I found the time, though:
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