Dungeon Meshi

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Vol. 10 Ch. 67 - Curry II
That was rough to watch.
ooh... This was a really sad chapter... :(
Theory: Winged Lion is freed and asks what Laius desires. Laius thinks for a bit and then says "nothing." He's saved Farlyn, he's had fun adventuring with his friends, he doesn't really want the responsibility of running a country, and his dream of turning into a monster isn't as cracked up as he made it out to be.

The lion asks him to reconsider. Laius thinks some more, and says... "I wanna find out how demon tastes like."

Cue epic final battle, then they eat it.
Less than a week away freon next chapter, can't fucking wait.
... this ... this was not okay. I need a moment.

Like Laius is growing to be such a capable human but at what cost??? The weird monster lover human is now gone and have to accept parts of himself that he never liked and grow past that.
Like when he lovingly stroked Faryln hair and then without a hesitation just straight up asphyxiated her. He can't hesitate anymore because last time that happens, a lot of people got hurt. It's stupid character growth like this that makes this manga so good but I'm so sad because things are now like serious with real consequences
While all this goes on, Thistle suffers several aneurysms over his reorganized bookshelf, courtesy of Marcille.
October 15th...? Ahhhhhhh
poor farlyn, poor laius having to kill his own sister
amazing how dark the funny cooking manga is getting
She looked so cute and innocent eating that meal, I'd have a mighty hard time working up the courage to kill her.
next issue on october?? that still so far away ๐Ÿ˜ญ
the plot thickens
Laius, are you sure about what you're doing!?
Damn this manga goes from zero to guro real fuckin' quick.
page 23 :
- laios : after eating curry , your mouth is dirty , i will wipe your mouth with this cloth .
or :
- laios : the air is getting chilly , i will wrap this warm scarf around your neck .

then a brother wrestles with his nak*d sister , OMG , this sounds so wrong .

what are the mad magician and the lion doing behind the closed door ? i bet it is some crazy sh!t , like :

- the lion becomes a perfect , 100% demon ,

- or they are having $ex , lol ,

- or their bodies fused and they became a chimera .

- or the mad magician is already a bloody corpse , he was killed by the lion .
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Ice fuckin' cold, Laius.
page 2 : the strongest monster already appear in chapter 3 and chapter 42 .

page 10 is so erotic , she kisses and licks ... a spoon , then she shoves it in her mouth , lol .

page 11 : i recognize :
- kamehameha , or hadouken from street fighter .
- Cossack dance / hopak .
- the promotional poster of this : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturday_Night_Fever

in some panels , laios 's face looks like the face of a pretty girl , lol .

the blog of the lady mangaka , http://nisiryu.blogspot.com/ , she gives some extra lores about dungeon meshi , i hope someone will translate them soon .

some characters love their curry with mild or spicy flavors :

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how many more times will the sweet lil sister die? will she die a final time at the end, to stop whatever the lions planning and save laius too?
i can't wait for all of this.
@AAA1 I'm also hoping it will get one more volume. But you have to remember sometimes Author can solving a fight just in 2 chapters.

Remember when the first time monster Farlyn facing Kabru's team, Laius's team, and Samurai's team?? I'm actually surprised that the Author can make it quick just in 2 chapters and come out with a resolutions plus not dragging it up longer (which is a good thing).
@Syanindita i think this could be longer when farlyn changed back but marcille got succumbed to the demon
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