A Wife Who Heals with Tights

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Ch. 21
uh hakua, that's very counterproductive
As a weeb this is my reaction : https://tenor.com/view/anime-love-cute-smile-gif-15836771

"There is now only a small matter regarding a 21MB credits page that could be possibly viewed by some as bordering on slightly excessive when viewed in a certain light."
Yea this is true, well I made that page in a high res meaning its high in file size. I tried to scale it down but if I do so it will look pixelated to some extent so yeah I couldn't resize it to a smaller res. If I save it as a jpg colors will look bad (14mb tho), so I went with a compressed png which resulted in a 24mb png file.
I will try to scale it down as much as possible if that going to happen.
Thanks (Yea Network bandwidth yati yata). LOL
@rinji i talked with paath and he said he'll let me pick up tights so i said that its been resolved in an extra page when i uploaded a chapter but later on i found out that he doesn't have the authority to make that decision so i removed that page i also still have a screenshot of our conversation on discord to prove this
@Eidetic_Paarthurnax @MrOGZ Well, I suppose it's good that you have your overzealous, if slightly rebellious, fanclub under control and not spamming the place with competing releases just to spite you. I really like the artistic style of the mangaka, brief though the content is, and this is a really cute follow-up to Arigatights. It being presented here in a relatively drama-free environment going forward is an excellent side-benefit. There is now only a small matter regarding a 21MB credits page that could be possibly viewed by some as bordering on slightly excessive when viewed in a certain light.

And when I say "some", "possibly", "bordering on", "slightly" and "when viewed in a certain light", I actually mean it seems to be very excessive when the entirety of the actual content being released doesn't cumulatively reach that size...
Well yes the I lied because I wanted to trap him in a way to delete it from MD because
1. The chapter is wrong.
2. Poorly done redrawing/Cleaning (Bruh If applying the nearest color to a bubble is called cleaning imma clean 10 pages within 10 minutes).
3. Wrong af translations.
4. revenge (lol not really but whatever).

Yes I did that to remove the page (He did so).
If his problem is with us he should have done smth else other than giving readers badly done and false chapters.
He is a 15 year old dumb kid who doesn't know what should be done at the right time.
Bedis if you are reading this grow up kid.
@Rinji We have came to an agreement that he will no longer snipe us, so yeah the mess is fixed.
@Eidetic_Paarthurnax iirc, he mentioned in the Gal series (that he also sniped) that you’ve reached an agreement on the series. Was this a lie as well? As his ”translations” seemed to have been taken down.
Let me correct both of you.
This guy name "bedis" was a toxic person in our Eidetic Discord server, so moderators banned him, as a result he sniped this manga that we were doing.
It's not like that "I" care about it but MrOGZ was "passionate" about this because of tights lmfao.
So yea this "bedis" guy doesn't have a translator nor a proofreader, so most of the things said in his "scanlations" were wrong and etc.
So ye,
We don't want drama or anything so we are going to continue what we did till today, and forget about him.
It wasn't a fight or anything.

-The friggin dude who cleaned this page, and the one who made this drama "thing" a mess.
@Yawnz some translation groups decided to fight over a 3 page manga just to satisfy themselves. Like there are no other mangas that are waiting to be translated.
What's with all the multiple same chapters?
thanks for the chapter