Ore ga Watashi ni Naru made

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Vol. 1 Ch. 7
You are mistaken about me mistaking.
I am well aware of the two group's skills being vastly different, why do you think I bother reading the same chapters over again when the new and better group releases their version?

Thanks for the reply, that does make things much easier to understand, makes perfect sense to me that a Translation group with a Discord server would go by what their users want. Now I know about when to expect an actual continuation of the story ^^
I learned to embrace that term rather than get defensive about it xD

About Akira's mom:
She's doing what she thinks is best for her son/daughter
It's pretty clear that both Akira and the mother are not in the same page at all
While Akira is trying to get used to her new girl life, the mother still thinks (rightfully so) that Akira hates her new body.
And Akira doesn't talk to her mother probably bcs she's scared of what she would think
They need to sit down and talk about it someday, but that is up to Akira since the mother doesn't think she is doing anything wrong
I'm seeing that my previous comment can be misleading, I meant that Mom's kindness is misguided and that she doesn't put much effort into trying to read Akira.
Akira is in the most fragile situation they have ever been so it's understandable that they're constantly scared of what to say and what to do, poor kid is traumatized.
I think it'd feel weird for them to proactively say anything on the matter, but I wish Mom would at least try to understand if her kid is changing or not.
As we have seen so far Akira is much more confident with Grandma and I think that a parent should be able to see that and wonder why or could talk to Grandma and have her ask questions and whatnot about Akira since it's quite apparent that Akira feels uncomfortable talking to Mom about most stuff, especially since back then Akira would just straight up say what they had in mind.

I'm sorry to anyone who's reading my comments if I end up coming across as ranting, maybe I'm expecting too much from this manga or I see my situation in this and I get frustrated.
@Astra_Starwalker, you are mistaking a crappy translation (which the group has in it's own name, ffs) with a proper one.
And as with any other TL volunteer project - you can only wait or help the TL team, there is no other way.

@gomichandesu, you are spot on the things on their minds. I hope more people would try to think about others circumstances.

@urugiru, godspeed, whatever you are </gender_identity_joke>
It seems like Akira still continues to be indecisive about her long term goals and accomplishments concerning her sexuality and gender expression. What with her being pulled in opposite directions, that can't be for her ultimate good. Mom seems to want Akira to move toward a strong, rugged boyhood image, perceived by Mom for Akira's own good(?), whereas Rumi and all the other girls in school want Akira, who definitely has the potential, to become one of the cutest, most feminine, and mildly and covertly sexy girl in school.
@gomichandesu Yes I completely agree with you. The author intended to make opening up to her mom into a major milestone in the story, and so the mom is just supposed to be acting obliviously in the meantime. She doesn't intend to be causing harm.

@Astra_Starwalker We're following the wishes of our most engaged readers on our discord. You'll see new content after we've caught up, which means two more chapters on the volume side.
I'm just confused, it seems this manga hit a dead-end at some point, and just keep getting the same chapters translated over again, instead of newer chapters being translated and uploaded.
I get that there's this whole "pre-serilization" and "serialization" thing going on, but when will we start seeing some actual new content?
idk, I haven't gotten the impression Akira's mother is like, inherently dismissing them. Akira has been wishy washy on the experience so far (and understandably so), at this point I don't think it's clear to them how they want to identify yet. There's still a part of them that's clinging to their past identity as a boy, whether that's just because it was all they've ever known and therefore is "easier" or because they genuinely want to go back I can't really tell, but it's obvious they're not 100% on board with being a girl at this point in the story. They're certainly coming around to the idea and showing interest in exploring it, but these inner thoughts aren't being conveyed as clearly to their parents as they are to us as the reader.
I think mom is just trying to be supportive with the mindset that she thinks Akira wants to be a boy and be treated as a boy but has to do "girly" things for the sake of fitting in and not having a terrible experience like they did at the last school. She could turn around and show her true colors later on in the series, but as of right now I don't get the vibes mom is being malicious, she just doesn't know the full story like we do.
I wanna kill her his mother so bad... But again, this problem do exist because people refused to understand ones situation plus Akira is kinda passive.
@ringo_juusu Don't worry. The mother I'm sure would better support Akira if she understood the evolving situation. But it is also on Akira to be honest with her mom. You can't expect the mom to be a mind reader.
If you think about it, the offer at the end of the chapter could allow Akira to be whoever she wants to be. It is a judgment-free school where everyone can be however. So Akira could be a guy or a girl, it would all be fine.
Gosh I feel bad.
Mom keeps making me feel bad and Akira can't just say stop it, I wish she'd pay more attention to how Akira feels instead of assuming nothing has changed.
This is way too real for me and I just wanna cry and throw up.