Suijin no Hanayome

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Vol. 3 Ch. 12
When there's a love triangle trope, if there are two (or more) men coveting for a woman's heart they'd usually be chivalrous & one would always be friend-zoned to the end. If there are two women coveting for a man's heart, it'd be a poisonous snake pit until one of them died in prison or by a sword or sent to a faraway monastery to become a nun. But of course, these two possibilities are just cliche examples of the trope haha but both play out to follow gender stereotypes.

Personally, I'd just let the god have his way, as he's a god. He even blessed the Boi to be her protector when she's in distress, at first. He gave him a lot of leeways to be Asahi's companion. Sometimes, it's depicted in many fictional works that fickle gods are ambiguous beings that will give the humans a chance to be together, as they'd fare better that way, if these gods fancy so. If Suijin-sama ends up letting the Boi be with Asahi in the end, then so be it, but as gods' brides it's not always possible to take back or undo the role, as the gods would always claim the women to be by their side till the time's up/till the brides are given immortality & stay by them till eternity. Once she's claimed she won't be able to go back either, but let's see how she'll bargain about that with Suijin-sama.
God is jelly.
I would truthfully much rather have Tsukihiko and Asahi over than her being with the god... and they're not even implied... haha...