Suijin no Hanayome

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Vol. 2 Ch. 8
Hmmm. Will this be a story where the controlling abusive guy learns to give up the woman he is causing pain to another man? I mean that would be a really mature story. The Water God gives up and lets Asahi be happy. That would be nice.

Also, in this age-up Asahi doesn't look too different. The other guy, yes, he looks completely different. Asahi on the other hand has eyes almost as big as her younger self and almost the exact same face shape.
That God is so childish.
Why did he argue with a child?
We all know you have the power.
It would take a lot for for that water ass to redeem himself...
I get really sad at these stories :( Like you go to an Isekai but with no way home, and many years have passed without even seeing your parents. With the exception of asshole parents who don't give a shiet about you, if you parents truly cared about you, I would really be heartbroken without seeing them and time passes in that world too.