It's Not Meguro-san's First Time

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Vol. 5 Ch. 32 - That sounds great
Thanks for the translation.
Man I was just thinkiing "she probably smile when thinking of Koga" and sure enough next page it happened lol. I love it
Uhh, I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty sure the author is a woman. You can tell by the drawing style and framing alone...
That "but keep your boyfriend's name in your heart" killed me ROFL xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Edit: reading the comments im almost surprised that "NTR" was ONLY mentioned 7 times (i lost count about how many people was talking about cheating related stuff, tho) in the 62 comments before mine. Almost...
Kids, you really should stop reading so much hentai. Its rotting whatever you have inside your head.
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@guyjean I think that is not a subplot, i think that's the plot, that's meguro's character ark who, to me, is the actual protagonist of this manga. I think she still has lots to deal with, like finally letting go what happened in her past and dealing with the choices she is making right now (the problem of growing and then facing the changes that come with it), and facing the man that represented her past will be the end of the manga. But i'm not an author, i'm just a guy talking in a comment section so i can be wrong like 90% of the internet.
@Kami_Nana Tsk! Tsk! Such prejudice. You can bet all you want, but you'd lose your money. But I won't discuss this with you anymore because your pre-conceived beliefs don't align with reality, not even in the real world. Men are disgusting pigs ruled by their pricks and when all their blood raises the flag there's not enough left for their brain to allow it to think rationally, and thoughts of bro-code and friendship fly out the window.

If I am wrong in thinking this will follow the typical clichéd storytelling plot, I will admit I was wrong. But if you are wrong, will you actually admit it? I doubt it.
@FredFriendly You used a Shoujo manga as an example? A manga written by women that doesn't really understand friendships between guys. :/ I also find it hard to believe it was completely out of character for those kind of stories. I also bet this guy was an asshole to his "friend". A good friend like this guy won't do shit like that. Any guy that's gone after his friend's girl was NOT like this guy. They're two-faced from the beginning. This guy's being a wingbro from the beginning. If he was an asshole we would have seen signs of it already.

I thought everyone acknowledges Gal Cleaning for the shit it is? Why would this mangaka want to ruin his story in the same or similar way. Just because one does something doesn't mean others have to follow suit. Judge and speculate based on the author's own work...not other author's works. Otherwise anything could happen...this could become a paranormal hentai psychological thriller out of nowhere. :/
FredFriendly There's an unwritten, unspoken bro-code to never go after a bro's girl...even in manga...

Hahaha!!! You say that yet guys who are like you have described this dude, indeed, gone after their best friend's girlfriends. A classic example is where the male lead's best friend does something very much "out of character" and makes very innappropriate advances towards his best friend's girlfriend because he has fallen in love with her. Let's not forget that mangaka are perfectly capable of writing something that no one in their wildest dreams could have expected. Need I remind you of Galโ˜†Cleaning!?
@samura1jack Nah, I'm sure it's just because they've read too much NTR/Netorare and now it's tainted their expectations.
@FredFriendly There's an unwritten, unspoken bro-code to never go after a bro's girl...even in manga. Doing so is just an asshole move and shows the so called friend doesn't really care for or respect the other guy. This guy is a bit a playboy...but he's not an asshole to Koga, either. That's what people mean when they say it won't happen. This guy isn't a piece of shit to his friends like Koga...if he does something, it would be out of character...or reveal he's been two faced all along(with no hints or foreshadowing, an "asspull").
Anyone realized that the author copypaste Meguro's smile at the last panel from the previous panel (the one where she welcomed Koga)
A 'mature' kiss? Like a kiss with your pp's?
I honestly doubt he'll try something if anything he will protect her in Makoto's name
Hard to tell from just this chapter, but looking at our ML's friend here, I have a feeling he won't try anything. Since his first thing was to bring up ML to make her smile. I have a feeling he'll be someone that worries for ML and gives Meguro some emotional development?

I mean, just my guess. Cause I think the drama between ML and his friend would be kinda shitty, writing wise.
Just fucking try and hit on her. TRY MOTHERFUCKER

It wouldn't surprise me if he skipped the flirting and went straight to (attempted) assault, justifying it with the rumors he's heard about Meguro being an "easy girl".
Everyone is worried about the guy hitting on meguro, but by now i feel meguro has enough common sense to not fall for them. The only way i can see things happening now is if it is forced, which would take this manga in a direction no one would like. No one wants another gal cleaning.
Have people forgotten that this guy was a friend of Koga?

Right, I've forgotten that it's an unwritten rule agreed to and strictly adhered to by all manga authors that they never write into a series a scenario where a friend falls for and tries to take a girlfriend away from one of his friends. How silly of me to think that a manga author would ever create such a character.
You're hired
Hey guys I think I've just got a diabetes.

i'm gonna step in here since i've recently gotten out of one of these relationships.

it's... a very problematic statement to make there man. couple of things i want to say, and even if it's just a glib statement, someone may take it seriously and i really don't want anyone else to go through what i had to. going into a relationship with that kind of mentality can very easily lead to a toxic relationship which will just end up hurting both sides.

i'm gonna be genderless here since this applies to any side.

1. you should never enter a relationship for the purpose of changing who someone is. you should never enter a relationship thinking that 'oh, i don't like this, but that's okay, i can change that'.
be it habits, views, hobbies, past issues, whatever. never enter a relationship hoping to change, heal, or whatever the other person.

2. don't think of someone as 'broken'. that's demeaning them. that's disrespecting them. you see someone in a wheelchair, you don't think of them as broken.
sure, you acknowledge their disability. but it doesn't mean they're any less of a human being for it. same as someone with social/mental issues, or past trauma isn't any less of a human being.
they don't have to be 'fixed'. they have their issues, and what they want to do about them is their call. sure, you can give them support, maybe offer choices, etc. but ultimately it's their call.

don't go in with some sort of hero mentality that you're going to save or fix them. it's a trope which i always cringe when i see in manga frankly, that the girl has to do nothing because the guy will save her.
a relationship should be about mutual respect and support. not something to satisfy a hero complex.

3. say you're in a relationship with someone who has past issues, and you want to support them, maybe help them resolve them.
it is not your call as to when or how you those issues will be resolved. again, you can offer your support and understanding, but ultimately it should be on the other person. and if you can't be in a relationship without the other person addressing those issues, that's perfectly fine. that's understandable. but you should not try to 'fix' someone.

4. say the person wants to address their issues. or maybe they don't. being in a relationship with someone struggling with past trauma or addressing it can also be very difficult. it's not what you see in manga. it can be massively draining. it can change you. and at the end of it, the person may be the same, but you've become a shell of your former self. never stick with the hero complex thinking that you need to save or fix the person. if it's affecting you and you don't see it going anywhere, end it. end it before it destroys you.
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